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Gut Reactions: Week Three

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Gut Reactions: Week Three

  • Packers gave this game away.
  • It would take a special back, I mean a Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson, to do anything with the run blocking the Packers are providing at the moment.
  • Speaking of the running game, McCarthy needs to stop trying to "specialize" his run calls and just use his regular gameplan. Whenever Brandon Jackson has come in for Ryan Grant when Grant has been injured, he's done well. This piecemeal crap is horrible.
  • Aaron Rodgers had his best game of the year. He did a fantastic job of taking what the defense gave him all night long.
  • Two dropped interceptions, one by Collins, one by Woodson, loom large.
  • Sam Sheilds was picked on early but for the most part it looked like the rookie held up well.
  • The special teams was beyond horrible tonight but I'm not ready to say Slocum should be fired, especially after how good they looked the last two weeks.
  • Lots of rookie mistakes tonight. Some by rookies.
  • If I see another 3 man rush on third and 15 or more I am going to scream.
  • Earlier today I Tweeted that the Packers were the better team, and that we now needed to see if they would play like it. They most certainly did not tonight. All the same issues, all the same problems from last year. But this is still a 2-1 team. Lots of season ahead.
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Andyman's picture

Agreed on all fronts. A sad display of football out there tonight for the most part.

seekr's picture

Penalties = Game Lost

TheMills's picture

Jeez, where do I start. Two picks nullified by penalties, Jones pretending this is 2007, a FG blocked, Tim M with the worst punt ever (returned for a TD), Tauscher playing like he's 45 years goes on and on. Yet, we still should have won. Just trying to find a silver lining. Gotta go, the Jim Beam is calling me after this one....

jay's picture

Penalties kill this game. I stalled a drive that produced the blocked FG. It took away a TD pass. That's potentially 14 points right there. Masthay's punt that hester returned was NOT a bad punt (Hester backpedaled 10 yards to catch it). The coverage was terrible, that was the problem.

MTcheddar's picture

The kick was bad....he out kicked the coverage! More hang time when kicking to Hester, or kick it towards the sideline!

MarkinMadison's picture

Agreed. That was a phenomenal punt. Hester was backpeddling. It was so high that you could not see the top of it on the camera. It was his best punt of the night by far.

thepretzelhead's picture

No...he outkicked his coverage. And that pass punt to Hester... was the worst kick ever.

cole's picture

I'm pretty sure the duck he kicked earlier in the night was much worse.

seekr's picture

The Bears didn't win this game, Green Bay lost it.

jack in jersey city's picture

agreed. i said the same thing on the live blog. i hope this game is our wake up call

Guardix's picture

Right, i agree. It's easy to' di that when you loose game, but true. IT seemed to' me the Packs were afraid to win the game. But we have amazing players!

Erdie's picture

Take away 1 penalty on 10 different plays and you have a Packer win.

Good thing we have the Lions next week.

bucky's picture

Somebody needs to lose their job after tonight, if only to show that people need to be held accountable. Fortunately there are plenty of candidates, starting with Mark Tauscher, Daryn Colledge, James Jones, and Mike McCarthy. Since it won't be McCarthy (although quite frankly he is ultimately responsible for this hot steaming mess of a performance), I suggest that Tauscher be made the fall guy.

foundinidaho's picture

As is often the case, I agree with Bucky. Veterans should not make these mistakes, coaching be damned.

nerdmann's picture

MM is routinely responsibly for these hot steaming messes. Remember how we went 4-4 last year and were embarrassed against the Queens? Remember the year before that? Has there ever been a year where MM's teams showed up consistently before week 8? It's just getting old for me.

thepretzelhead's picture

Season doesn't start until November for champs.

royd's picture

One part of me is disgusted/mad with the way the packers played today. The other one is just saying "it's hard, but it was a road game. They wouldn't have beat us if they didn't commit those stupid mistakes. It's week 3." ...

nerdmann's picture

Insert those comments into any of the first 8 games last year. Hell, any year under MM.

John's picture

Come on guys, a superbowl team does not play like this. The penalties just killed us, and the penatlies at crucial times and the bone headed plays. If A-Rod does not get that intentional grounding call, maybe Jones does not fumble. Also, Darren collage cost us a TD.

The Packers sucked tonight, and I am pissed at this team, they are better than this. The Bears should send the Packers are thank you card for the gift the Pack gave them

jack in jersey city's picture

we aren't a superbowl team this year but i think we're an nfc championship team. next year will be our year!

thepretzelhead's picture

Like to think you are wrong...but with ten talented rookies on the team, a year may be needed. Packer Nation has to lay off our front office to let this develop.

glorious80s's picture

There might not be a next year with labor/mgmt troubles looming.

mark's picture

On the plus side, that game is over.

NickGBP's picture

"Lots of rookie mistakes tonight. Some by rookies."

Great line.

AdamOBOD's picture

Couldn't agree more on the running game. The Lynch rumor annoyed me a couple weeks ago, but could it be time to make the call?

Cuphound's picture

What do you bet that McCarthy talks about fundamentals tomorrow? I could choke.

foundinidaho's picture

If he talks about pad levels, I may fulfill my threat to go to Green Bay. Just kidding. Sort of.

LACheez's picture

If Packers played every snap to win, they would. They just look like they think they are going to win no matter what sometimes and that's what kills them. Oh, and the penalties. Let the week of depression begin...

DBH's picture

I was stunned by the timing of some of the penalties. Flags called back a touchdown pass and two interceptions. Go stripes!!!

This team will get it turned in the right direction. This game will serve as the kick in the pants that will get them revved up to destroy for the next few weeks. I just wish the heartbreaking loss that should serve as a turning point weren't against an undefeated division rival

Scott's picture

How is no one else looking at the fact they didn't let them score at the end? It ended up with :08 seconds left down 3. I would have much more took around 1:40 left down 7. Messed up time management again. I don't like to rip MM, but this upset me.

gratif's picture

dont forget another failure of a challenge

thepretzelhead's picture

That was a tough one. Kuhn was right on top of the play and saw it clearly...and jumped with anguish. Only way to understand that challenge is if they thot Jennings (bear) had been out of bounds and came back in.

Jack's picture

I am just bewildered by how bad this game was. There are no excuses for the shoddy play by the Packers. None. What happened last week in practice? On the flight to Chicago? Last night in the city? Today in the team hotel? Did someone keep them up all night with booze and hookers? I'd rather know that happened than consider the alternative--that maybe this team isn't nearly as good as everyone thinks.

dilligaff's picture

Same problems as last year, offensive line, special teams, and penalties.

The Clay Mathews sack that was flagged for a 15 yard face mask penalty sums this game up.

Our offensive tackles can not run block, so going and getting another RB will not change things a whole lot, but we do need a running back that can hit a hole with speed.

Chad's picture

That was a tackle on positive yardage, not a sack. But still notable.

PackRat's picture

Having watched every tortuous play in slo- mo what I said last time still holds. Aaron Rodgers deserves a medal for the way he has continuously picked up the shoddy play of the OL. Tauscher got tossed once again. He "whiffed" three times, bailed out twice by AR breaking it to the outside. He got called on a couple of holds that easily could have been 5 or 6. Clifton did play better this week but it only looked like he was trying to survive, not exert his will. I have never been critical of Wells (I have a soft spot for short-armed former wrestlers) but he got tossed around today and really couldn't help. Strikingly, I don't recall seeing Baluga or TJ out there. So that either means they were there and were noteworthy for not being noticed (a good thing for an OL) or they didn't get any snaps, even to give Tau and Clif a breather. College needs a college--just count the number of times he "rubs" a DL only to whiff on the second guy he is supposed to attack. It's almost like he didn't want any part of Urlacher.

PackerT's picture

Bulaga did get in for a handful of plays and Lang was inactive again, which I dont understand, it was obvious Tauscher needed to come out of that game.

Idiot Fan's picture

Suzy Kolber's interview with Cutler after the game was priceless. She asked him how it felt to lead the game-winning drive. He got about 65 yards in penalties, had one INT dropped and another INT wiped out by a dubious PI flag*! That's Montana-esque right there!

*I think that most of our penalties were legit tonight, but that last PI was frustrating. The DB and WR were both looking at the ball, and the two of them were tussling together. How is that defensive PI?

Scott's picture

And the way the rules are...if the ball is tipped there is no PI behind how is there PI behind a pick????

thepretzelhead's picture

How can Burnett turn around to look at the ball when he's being mauled by the receiver. NFL entertainment needed to give Bears a lot of help.

nerdmann's picture

Mike McCarthy's team continue to consistently play down to their competition. Especially early in the season. They'll let loser teams hang around all year and stumble through the season until week 10, then they'll start to look loosely like professionals.
I disagree on Slocum. Yeah, they've had two decent games. Well, one and a half let's say. In what, two seasons?
Agreed on Shields. Cliffy and Tauscher need to take a seat.
I like Shields. I very very very much liked the way the offense rode the time of possession. When we do that, I think it puts Rodgers in the zone, and he plays better. Wish they'd keep doing that, but I doubt they will.
I like the way the defense played. Yeah, they had lots of penalties, but I like their aggressiveness. Freak events nullified multiple interceptions. Lots of pressure on the QB too.
They shoulda let the Bares score at the end and got the ball back with 1:50 left.
Also, is it just me or is MM just getting way too cutesy with the red flags? It seems like he's trying to calculate greater strategies into his use of the replay requests. Like using it as a timeout or whatever. Just use it for replays, MM. If you want a timeout, call a damn timeout.
This thing with MM's teams never showing up until week 10 is really disheartening. Losing confidence in him as a guy who can get it done.

Idiot Fan's picture

I agree for the most part, though I would rather be playing our best ball after week 10 than at week 3, assuming we haven't played ourselves out of contention.

I thought Zombo did a good job getting pressure, since the Bears were double- or triple-covering CM3 to make sure he didn't beat them.

nerdmann's picture

I'd like the team to show up on a regular basis and play like professionals for 60 minutes a week.
Agreed on Zombo. He looks to be what Poppinga was supposed to be.

PackRat's picture

The defense gave up very few points. While they did get the ints, they didn't force the key turnovers to blow the game open. Blame Capers for sitting back at the end.

As far as the DBs, you get what you pay for (rookies) except in the case of Collins (real all-pros make the INT, don't experiment with in-game piledrivers and make their presence in a game felt--see CM3 for reference). The difference between Woodson last year and this year is the fortunate turnover--a microsecond of difference. I hope the full screen replay shows a wide open field for Derrick Martin after the INT. His decision to run it out started a series of bad field position transitions, if I remember correctly. Burnett and Shileds are learning, playing good technique multiple times but getting sorely toasted at least two times each.

As for the LBs, another great gtame by Barnett. But don't get me started on how horrible a game Chillar had, how little confidence MM has in Poppinga as a LB and how many of AJs "tackles" occurred after significant games (8,6,5,5 and 7 yards for the first five!).

Lee reportedly wasnt on special teams. Quarless was definitely not a factor. Derrick Martin was assinine with his block in the back.

Jones mad some great plays early with YAC but had two real idiotic plays. Despite a similar right sideline play where he transferred the ball to his right arm, he obviously didn't on the fumble. But as dramatic was his passivity on the end of the first half hail Mary that ended up in an AR int. He did nothing to fight for or tip the ball depsite being in a position to do so.

Idiot Fan's picture

I still can't figure out what Chillar was doing on Hester's punt return. He was right there, and Hester ran right by him. It looked like Chillar just decided he didn't feel like tackling him.

MTcheddar's picture

I think we found a good rotation of outside linebackers: #52, Zombo and Jones. Shields should turn out to be a solid ball hawking CB. Sure hope our back up tackles are ready for a lot of work next week, the starters looked like crap. College had a couple holds, one called at the wrong time...but it was a hold regardless. Rodgers looked great, as did Kuhn (after all, he is a fullback). Jones...Jones....Jones....Crap...wrong time to fumble! I think we found a punter, now we just gotta get him to put hangtime on it and not go for distance!

Chris's picture

Sloppy game all in all. The good things the Packers had until this point were still good (AR - Finley connection, QB pressure, YAC of the WR group, chances for INTs) and the bad things were still bad (penalties, special teams play, OLine crappy run blocking).
So what did we learn? Not a whole heck if you ask me. Luckily the Lions come to Lambeau next Sunday, that should shut up the nay-sayers again (or if they lose it will inflate a lot of things around the Packers community).

andrew's picture

we actually did play well on all fronts except for the penalties.. if u take away all of the penalty calls we win this game by 20 points. easily.. rodgers looked great.. but you wanna knwo who didnt?

BRANDON CHILLAR! yalls golden boy.. got beat by olsen for the td and got the pass interference on olsen late in the game at a crucial moment
some coverage specialist we got there.. not..
also in the run game.. his pursuit to the run was atrocious..

overall this was a game lost because of mccarthys lack of dicispline in his players.. if we disciplined clifton and tauscher for the rookie mistakes this game ends different

zombo and burnetts penalty are understandable since they are rookies.. but burnetts penalty was not interference if you ask me.. i saw no grab he put his had up near theWR arm because the WR was pushing burnetts facemask... should havenot been called

Chris's picture

If the OLine does not hold Rodgers might have been sacked 5+ times and out of the game or season, so you can't really argue that the Packers would have won the game.
Chillar is what he is: The 4th LB on the roster. I don't know if Hawk would be a better 3rd down pass defending LB, but I highly doubt it. So who do you suggest the Packers play instead of Chillar in these situations? There just is noone else on the roster who would be better.

andrew's picture

haha im not saying that we have someone better.. but everyone seems to love chillar he got that big pay check.. yet does not deserve it at all... no one wants hawk to get a new contract adn he does deserve it...
sometimes i feel like im the only one who sees chillar for what he is.. thanks for lettin me kno im not the only one

dilligaff's picture

Really none of our ILBs had a good game, Barnett did not make plays, Hawk was in on some things, but did nothing on his blitzes. Chillar got beat, but I don't see anyone on the team that could player better in those situations.

LACheez's picture

has Chillar ever looked good???!!!

Scott's picture

Also when Collins picked that ball off that should be the same a a tip right??? And a tipped ball can't have PI. There was a interception in front of the PI so it should not have been called.

Morli's picture

but the contact took place before the ball was tipped.
tough call, but it's somewhat acceptable in the end.

DAWG's picture

Campen and Slocum-should be axed!!!!! Penalties,Bears starting field position, OL, suck-suck-suck, etc. I see Lions and Packers fighting in the basement.

PackerT's picture

Speaking of Offensive Lineman....Giacomini has signed with Seattle.

PkrNboro's picture

I've been searching...
...but can't find any info.

I've heard everybody rave about his physique/potential -- but I think he's a turnstile, much the Barbre.

you gotta link to your source ?

DaBears's picture


Green Bay SUCKS....they will always choke when it matters!

Aaron Rodgers...Mr dink and dunk benefits more from YAC than any QB in the NFL....

He's Trent Dilfer-like....

The "Annointed Golden-Boy" can't win football games when it matters...

Get ready for more disappointment, Fudgers.. let the EXCUSES begin.

PackerAaron's picture

Always choke when it matters? So it didn't matter when Rodgers hit Jennings to beat the Bears opening week last season? Jesus man, come with some stronger stuff than that. We actually like football here...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Hey jeenious,

What has Cutler ever won/done? Sure he leads the league in chins for a QB, but... If I recall his time in Denver, they had like a 3 game lead with 4 to play (don't quote me, but it was along those lines), and he couldn't get it done.

The GBP had a franchise high 18 penalties and it took every last one of them for you bums to SQUEAK out a W. Cutler was outclassed by A-Rod and that is indisputable.

Enjoy it bare fan. You will find it to be a fleeting sensation.

This is our division, THIS YEAR. Believe that.


dgtalmn's picture

Penalties, geez we are looking like the Raiders of old. I'd say that is the one major error I saw, well 18 major errors.

david's picture

At some point, TT must hold McCarthy accountable for the inexcusable challenges. Tonight, it cost us 45 seconds which the Packers could have used. Isn't there anybody up in the booth that can advise McCarthy to stop wasting the challenge? It is beyond stupid at this point.

Chris's picture

As I always say: Put a 11 year old Madden Junkie right beside the coach. He has one responsibility: Call timeouts and challenges. :-)

lebowski's picture

All I can say is TJ Lang must be really, really, really bad.

JimR_inDC's picture

"The special teams was beyond horrible tonight but I'm not ready to say Slocum should be fired, especially after how good they looked the last two weeks."

I'm ready. I've been ready since early last season. Two good games from special teams isn't enough for me to jettison Slocum. Oh yeah. And Campen.

dilligaff's picture

But why remove Lee from special teams and insert Quarless. If it is not broken, don't try to fix it.

I am sure there were other changes, but that is one that I am aware of.

thepretzelhead's picture

Good catch. Trying to move Lee out I guess. Heaven knows we need more rookies and fewer vets.

JimR_inDC's picture

I meant two good games aren't enough for me to keep Slocum. Not enough sleep = unintelligible writing.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Is James Jones from Chicago? I bet if he were strip searched one would find a "BEAR DOWN" tattoo somewhere on his person.

He single handedly cost us the game in Chicago a couple years back, and really killed us tonight.

If he would indeed be a #1 on some teams, TRADE HIM. Sure he flashes, but his propensity to give the ball to the other team at the most inopportune time is just unacceptable. UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTABLE. I believe his contract is up after this year, unload him now and get something for him. Year 4 for James, I just don't see it.

Somebody should be held accountable/made an example of after that sloppy excuse of a performance last night. James Jones is as good of candidate as any.

Buffalo could probably use a #1 WR. Just sayin...

On the plus side, I felt going in that we were the better team and nothing changed my mind last night. But you can't win with repeated shotgun blasts to the foot, no matter the opponent. I still think we're a 12-13 win team, and the class of the division, but that can't happen again.


P.S. Times like these I really hate having so many bare fans for friends

FITZCORE1252's picture

Oh, and can anybody tell me why 85 didn't come down with that bomb? Watch it again. Inexcusable! Love me some 85 but I just watched his post-game locker-room interview... look in the mirror Greg, it starts there. Gotta make that play.

Chris's picture

So true, I was screaming at the TV (first joy when the pass sailed and I saw 85 near it, then disgust as he dropped the ball).

Ruppert's picture

Hard to say anything that hasn't been said. Penalties (discipline) and Special teams are two areas that are supposed to be correctable with proper coaching. Yet they destroyed us last night, just like a handful of games over the last couple years. This HAS to fall on coaching. Maybe MM is just cut out to be an elite OC, but an average head coach.

And if you're Aaron Rodgers, how do you feel right now? Dude played fantastic. How can he do a postgame interview without looking PISSED? The rest of that team should feel absolutely ashamed of the way they let that guy down.

JoePackersNYC's picture

Bottom line is this:

For a great team, this is a wakeup call, a slap accross the face that should humble them.

For a bad team, this is par for the course.

I think the Packers are a great team, but I'm interested to see how they come out of the gates on Sunday. Should be very telling.

And Fitzy is right, how can you survive when you keep blasting your foot off with a 12 gauge.

Still - I believe in this team. Go Pack Go!

nc packer backer's picture

Just a horrible night of football, made worse by the announcers. What game were they watching??? ESPN has destroyed Monday night football. I'm disgusted by the whole thing.

andrew's picture

most of the announcers anymore have no idea what they are talking about... if there is a flag they are told to agree with it.. they get fined sometimes for saying the refs made bad calls

dilligaff's picture

The anouncers at times where just plain lost, they should be in this weeks ugly. They maybe worse than fox.

cole's picture

This game felt like the NFC championship last year. We were the vikings, totally dominating the saints, yet still lost because our own stupid mistakes, not turnovers but penalties and dumb mistakes.

Tauscher should be benched. Plain and simple. He is horrible this year.

Bulaga has to be put in on the line somewhere. I would put him at LG, and put in Lang at RT. Honestly, Lang can't do any worse than Tauscher.

Jennings should have caught that bomb.

Quarless should have caught that TD.

Can't believe Crosby kicked another one out of bounds!

That PI penalty on Burnett cost us the game. BS call all the way.

McCarthey needs to pull his head out of his ass. Why do coaches not just let the team score? You really think Gould will miss a chip shot extra point field goal??

Bright spots:

Rodgers looked amazing.

Finley played great.

Defense as a whole play pretty well. When Neal comes back we should be very good.

Zombo played well.

Jenkins played well.

Jones played well I thought, except for that inexcusable fumble. He's held onto the ball like it was flag football or something.

Really we should have won by two or three touchdowns, but killed ourselves. Hopefully they use this game as motivation to come out and murder the next four games.

thepretzelhead's picture

Well said. It shall be done- but with Kuhn at fullback please.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Jones played well I thought, except for that inexcusable fumble. He’s held onto the ball like it was flag football or something."

Yeah, are we just gonna keep living with that? Is his upside worth it? This is year 4, I'm ready to cut the guy loose. 4 years in we shouldn't be worrying about fumbles, he should be at the top of his game. He's a liability in crunch-time, it's been proven time and again. PERIOD.

PackerMan's picture

You could tell it was going to be "one of those nights" right away. I was just waiting for the major F-up of the night and Jones came through with that. Then McCarthy seals the deal with a stupid challenge that had no chance in hell of being overturned.

Ryeguy812's picture

I gotta think that Bulaga and/or Lang could hold the Bears just as well as Clifton and Tausch. I know we feel like we owe these veterans for their past body of work, but the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" league and our two starting tackles haven't done anything in 2/3 games. Just one of those things where it comes down to the old "Just win, baby" make the changes and get going.

RickyBobby's picture

yup - if lang, newhouse, spiz, and bulaga are all worse than tauscher, clifton, and colledge then the future of this team can't be too bright.

screw it - my line next week would be...
bulaga, spitz, wells, sitton, lang - LET'S SEE WHAT WE GOT!

PackerT's picture

I dont believe Lang, Bulaga and Spitz are any worse than Clifton Tauscher or College. I think Bulaga and Lang should have been in there already. One thing about McCarthey is that he is very loyal to his veterans even at the expence of losing, hence his statement from yesterdays PC..."Chad Clifton is our starting LT"...its just a matter of time before he has to make the move to Bulaga and Lang....IMO

hoogus's picture

I don't think the Packers should have won this game or that they gave the game away. Give the Bears some credit. This year's Bears are a better team than last year's. They were able to knock the Packers off their game. With a few exceptions, (Finley & Rodgers) when pressured, the Packers played poorly. The O-line penalties happened because the line was losing the war of the trenches. If you can't play your game when pressured, you won't win these kind of games.

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