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Gut Reactions: Week Ten

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Gut Reactions: Week Ten

  • Packers roll yet again, this time over what can only be described as a pretty bad Vikings team
  • Charles Woodson and the defense have clearly been reading their press clippings
  • Rodgers proved a bit human with all his running in the first half. There was one play in particular where he had Ryan Grant available right in front of him where Rodgers chose to run instead - for all of 2 yards, subjecting himself to an unnecessary hit. It was clear McCarthy not only spoke to Rodgers about this at halftime, but he also called a series of plays with a designed checkdown where the running back naturally had a blocker in front of him.
  • Jordy Nelson - beast.
  • Tramon Williams was a blanket all night. Whoever the Viking sent at him, he had it covered. Really good game from Tramon.
  • Nice to see Clay Matthews get on the board for a couple of sacks.
  • There's no question that Woodson's words after the Chargers game about the defense had an effect on Capers, who dialed up more unique pressure looks tonight than he had all season. In particular, he was using corners and safeties in combination with his regular linebacker dogs that was very effective.
  • The fourth down conversion after the short scuffle with Jared Allen, where Rodgers hit Finley with a beautiful back shoulder throw, was a total "eff you" from the Packers to the Vikings.
  • That said, directly after that play, the offensive line played like they had a lobotomy for about a quarter and half.
  • Speaking of the offensive line, I really don't like the inside pressure being allowed by Josh Sitton. I expect it in a way from Lang, just because he hasn't played as much. Seeing Sittion give up those kind of plays is unnerving, just because he was clearly the best offensive lineman coming into the 2011 season.
  • On the touchdown where Rodgers was able to scrammble to his left before hitting Nelson in the corner of the endzone, he also had another receiver screaming across the back of the end zone Just a great job on the scramble drill from the wide receivers.
  • We saw the good from Randall Cobb - and we saw the bad from Randall Cobb.
  • How about old man Driver tonight? Grandpa can still go up and get it.
  • C.J. Wilson had one amazing play where he arm tackled Adrian Peterson for a short gain...while being blocked. Just a hell of an effort from the young man.
  • Bring on the Bucs.
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Scriptura's picture

This makes me happy.

Bucs. You dead.

Matt's picture

"On the touchdown where Rodgers was able to scrammble to his left before hitting Nelson in the corner of the endzone, he also had Jennings screaming across the back of the end zone Just a great job on the scramble drill from the wide receivers"

Are you sure that wasn't 89 (Jones) that was open at the back of the end zone?

packeraaron's picture

You might be right. I'll need to look.

Ian's picture

Thought it was Gregory Jennings.

ebongreen's picture

I remember it being Jennings as well.

BubbaOne's picture
Kendra's picture

Nelson was at the back pylon. Jennings was right in front of him at the front pylon.

pbmax's picture

In regards to Caper's blitzes, why use all the creative blitzes tonight? Why not wait for the Lions or Giants?

FITZCORE1252's picture

Is that a serious question? God I hope not.

mike's picture

It just might be

SpiderPack's picture

I don't believe it was only the blitz's so much, I think it was the energy & maturity of the players on defense, they are growing into it. Wood was the complete incarnation of a wild animal on the field tonight. As were Clay, Tramon, & even C.J.Wilson (on 2-3 plays).

Tim Backes's picture

I just keep waiting for Rodgers to have even just a "good" game, not an unbelievable one, and it isn't happening. We're unbelievably spoiled right now. Nobody's ever played the position as well as Rodgers is right now, except mayyyybe Brady in '07.

Honestly, I'm in awe. haha.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I truly hope everyone got to see the postgame interview with #12 and the Monday night boys, if not...

Steve Young asked #12 "hypothetically" if the Pack was 12 or 13 and 0 and had the division locked up if #12 thought he and the others would be playing in "meaningless" games... #12 looked at him with a wry smile and replied... I don't believe there are any meaningless games. I said it a couple weeks ago, if this team gets to that point I don't think McCarthy's the kind of coach that would stop a good thing because of injury risk. Also, I said players like Woodson would riot... sounds like Aaron would too.

Quarless jumped off the screen at me with his blocking. Super impressed with that kid. Hope I'm wrong but I think this is #88's last year in the G&G.

I've tried to text into 'G&G Today' several times in the past but it always tells me that I need to subscribe or something... F that. Somebody, Anybody, do me a favor and let Billy "Chicken Little" Johnson have it tomorrow, I'll be listening as always. "Oooo, I'm Bill Johnson, the queens scare me. They have Jared Allen and Adrian Peterskin... I wanna pick the queens, but Crosby will kick a game winning FG at the end. Just warning you folks, this could be a bad game for the Packers" Direct quote (not really, but close). Pffft, grow a set Billiam!

9-0 Bitches!



FITZCORE1252's picture

And Bill Johnson (I know you secretly come here)...

When "WE" play "OUR" best, nobody can stop "US"!


Mojo's picture

Agree Fitzcore on both B. Johnson and Quarless. Quarless just looks a lot bigger to me this year and has a mean streak. Regarding Johnson, just turn down the sound until Wilde comes on.

Also, glad Aaron acknowledged Tramon. I noticed too his blanket coverage. Having T. Williams playing that way will go a long way to shoring up the secondary.

mark's picture

I liked that Quarless highlight they showed from earlier in the year where he wrecked Allen, then got open and caught a 1st down. I missed that play, or at least the first half of it, the first time around.

Listen, hell of a job by the defense tonight. Giving up 7, which came off a muffed punt? Wow. All night, people making plays, buzzing around the ball. The Vikes weren't terrible tonight, it's just that the Pack was that good. The tools are there for this defense. We have the playmakers. We have Capers.

If this defense has turned the corner as tonight suggested? Dios mio NFL, dios mio...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Tonight, Quarless had a seal that allowed Starks to turn the corner, it just jumped out at me for some reason. The kid has good hands, but his blocking from yr 1 to 2 has really developed exponentially IMO.

And yes, if that is the case... Dios mio. If our D can play "consistently" like they did tonight from here on out... with our O... goodnight Irene. Ballgame.

Chad Toporski's picture

LOL... glad to see someone else was as irritated with Bill's rambling about this game as I was.

bomdad's picture

Peterskin! +1

Skeeter Jackson's picture

No reference to Starks being pretty effective tonight? Are you still carrying the same anti-Starks chip on your shoulder you had last year, pouring cold water on those of us who were excited about his potential?

Aaron Nagler's picture

Right. That's why I wrote a huge post saying Starks should be the starter and that Grant should only be used when Starks is tired after Week Two.

Give me a break.

PackersThad's picture

Give you a break, Nagler!?

Bish please!

Get at me when you create your own website and podcasts AND commit countless hours of your time to bring Packers fans together and provide comprehensive Packers news...

Give ME a break. I'm out of here...

:drops mic:

davyjones's picture

I also thought Desmond Bishop had a helluva a game--really good in pass coverage and a key in holding AP to 51 yds.

Did you notice how many tackles D backs had in this game?? (other than Woodson who was up on the line a lot). Check the stat line--they had very, very few. Must mean the front 7 did a remarkable job!!

Bearmeat's picture

Now THAT'S our D!!!

First complete ballgame all year gents.


PackersRS's picture

Not to say I told you so about the defense after that Woodson speech, but...

Jake's picture

Yep. The second I watched that interview with Wood in the locker room after the SD game, I knew things would pick up. He was so disappointed, I've never seen him look like that in any loss we've had, much less a win.

It will be a sad day when Woodson decides to retire. Despite what people say about his play now a days (which I still think is great), just having him on the field and in our locker room makes this a completely different defense.

Bercovici's picture

Favorite play of the game was the one where Woodson stood up Peterson 6 yards deep. How many corners could take on AP one on one and actually drive him BACKWARDS?

hobot's picture

i think the next step is for aaron rodgers to take a knee in the victory formation, stand up and scream "are you not entertained?! ARE. YOU. NOT. ENTERTAINED?!?" and then chucking the football and storming off the field. We're just about at that point.

JerseyCheese's picture

Good to see: Clay Matthews get his sacks so some people can take a week off from the bashing. "But he's not winning his 1-on-1's." "He must be hurt." The man is having an excellent season in all aspects. Stats don't tell everything but STILL good to see him get some sacks so the nay-sayers will BELIEVE he's having an ok year.

packeraaron's picture

<em>Good to see: Clay Matthews get his sacks so some people can take a week off from the bashing. “But he’s not winning his 1-on-1?s.”</em>

Well, it's good to see him winning 1-on-1s! :)

Bohj's picture

I just wanna beat on the drum all day........

PackRat's picture

Most underrated portion of the year is how good Rodgers (and MM) are at knowing where the pressure is coming from and avoiding it. I can't think of one game where our OL was better than their DL. You live in fear of Newhouse getting blown up on a play, TJ forgetting to get out of his three point stance or Sitton to turn his hips or drive like last year. I think Sitton is quietly nursing a knee or back injury.

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