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Gut Reactions: Week Fifteen

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Gut Reactions: Week Fifteen

  • Packers just laid their first egg since they played like they never got off the bus in Detroit last year.
  • More concerning than the loss are the injuries to Bryan Bulaga and Derek Sherrod. Sherrod's injury in particular looked very bad.
  • Yes, the Packers missed Greg Jennings - but if they simply catch the balls that are thrown to them in the first half, they probably win this game.
  • Off day all around. Mike had a hot Ryan Grant - and refused to ride him. That may have more to do with Rodgers' calls at the line, but it was clear early on that Grant was running well between the tackles.
  • The defense was out-coached and out-played. No two ways about it.
  • The Chiefs did a great job using the screen early, which made Capers adjust and go to a passive zone - which gave Orton a ton of open windows when they went to a dropback game in the third quarter. The Chiefs were one step ahead of Capers nearly all day.
  • Speaking of the defense - the defensive line without Ryan Pickett is B.J. Raji and a bunch of guys. And pretty pedestrian guys at that.
  • You'll hear a variation on this theme after this game, which I agree with to an extent - better to lose now than in the playoffs,
  • The Packers went 364 days between losses.
  • Not that it mattered, but if I was McCarthy I would have kicked away rather than kick onsides.
  • Marshall Newhouse was brutal a lot of the game. He played well for a stretch there in the 3rd quarter. Rodgers holding the ball didn't help him any.
  • The Packers can still clinch homefield advantage tomorrow with a 49ers loss.
  • Overall, a disappointing day. Time for the Packers to get healthy and get ready for the Bears.
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dennis eckersley's picture

that sucked all around.

jack in jersey city's picture

yep. the only thing good about today was our punting and red zone defense. everything else was shit.

jack in jersey city's picture

one thing's for certain- it will be a VERY short postseason unless we get cliffy and bulaga back

Nerd's Laptop's picture

If I'm being protected by third stringers, I'd consider getting the ball out quickly.

cow42's picture


and this defense is bad.
they got flat out pushed around today.
passes to tight ends, running backs, and 3rd receivers will be the death of this team.

shoulda been 27-14.

packers' offense minus jennings looks a lot like the bears'.

finley is bad.
nelson is a very good number 2 receiver.
the line is a disaster.
they should have brought cmiii on the trip. maybe he woulda helped disrupt orton.
as depressing as it was, watching hawk get dragged for 10 yards by a 3rd wr was pretty entertaining.
i have never seen a punt and two missed field goals all on the same drive.

funny how one super ugly loss can make a team that had just won 19 straight look flimsy.

poor effort.

i hope the steelers win just so we don't have to see rodgers behind a line of newhouse, eds, wells, sitton, lang. he would get killed.

rest ...

if this team makes it as far as the saints... it's gonna be a blood-bath. n.o. will get into the 50's. not sure the packers will be able to get there.

i keep hearing ron wolf's voice saying... 'fart in the wind, fart in the wind,fart in the wind,fart in the wind,fart in the wind,fart in the wind'.

can't wait to see good-bad-ugly. i can't, for the life of me, think of a single 'good'.

packeraaron's picture

Ryan Grant was good as was Rodgers. But I agree, tough game all around.

lebowski's picture

Rodgers wasn't helped by drops, but he held the ball way too long way too often, had several poor throws, kept throwing bombs when they needed 7 yards (again), and HAS to learn how to slide. But 'Good' options aren't abundant.

PackersRS's picture

Agreed. Bad day by Rodgers.

packeraaron's picture

How so?

Idiot Fan's picture

His throws just didn't have the characteristic accuracy that we've grown accustomed to.

PackersRS's picture

Because "he held the ball way too long way too often, had several poor throws, kept throwing bombs when they needed 7 yards (again), and HAS to learn how to slide".

Not pinning the loss on him (had this discussion regarding the 08 team, where IMHO Rodgers more than did enough for them to win double digit games). But the level he has achieved, that he's capable of play, it's a bad day, drops and OL nonwithstanding

Nerd's Laptop's picture

GOOD: Masthay. Grant. Cobb.

eqfan592's picture

Sorry, but I think you're being just a bit overly pessimistic, especially about the defenses chances against NO. And if there is one team that can outpace NO's offense, its Green Bay's hands down.

cow42's picture

n.o.'s offense is the best in the league. hands down.

CSS's picture

$100 says you've only seen them play the Packers and nobody else. More box score bravado, I see.

fish/crane's picture

masthay was good....

cow42's picture

wife's from n.o. i watch every game.
pay me.

CSS's picture

Doesn't mean u watch, painfully obvious u don't understand. Pay me, easy money. Unless your plastic wife needs patching, then keep it....

jmac34's picture

you realize the Saints lost to the Rams right?

Bearmeat's picture

Cow - just be quiet.

I realize you are a GB fan, but you smell like troll right now.

There is a place for calling a turd a turd. This day proves it.

The Packers are beatable. Every team in the NFL is.

HOWEVER - they ARE the best team in the NFL, and it's not close.

Think of all that had to happen today for the Packers to lose:

1. 3 out of 4 of their OT's out - including both probowl starters.

2. The Best WR on the team out.

3. The best run stuffing DL on the team out.

4. The best run stuffing LB on the team out.

5. The best safety in the NFL out.

6. 5 sacks. 6 drops.

7. A bad non-call fumble into the end zone by the Chiefs.

8. For the first time all year - no turnovers created by the D.

9. The Chiefs going for broke with all sorts of trick plays. Aggressive playcalling.

And they STILL barely lost. Except Collins and Sherrod, those players are all coming back soon.

IMO - not likely to happen again. I (and 99% of GB fans) did want to go 19-0. But we'll "settle" for the Super Bowl.

Bearmeat's picture

"They just laid the first egg in 364 Days."


I wanted 19-0. The team was capable of it - but not if they don't show up. That gets hard to do week in and week out when everyone is gunning for you. The Shower Crennel took after the game is evidence of how much every team wants to beat GB.

They were outplayed. Out coached. out desired.

I need a beer. Back for a better result next week.

eqfan592's picture

I'm not as depressed as I thought I would be after this game. I hope this game makes the team get pumped up for the remaining games in the season. Offense really has a reason to be mad at themselves today, just waaaaay too many dropped passes. Worst game out of the team all season, and they were in it up until the end.

Anyway, enjoy the win, KC. Packers are on to bigger and better things.

Barutan Seijin's picture

It looked hopeless without Bulaga. Agree that playoffs will be short & bitter without quality play from the tackles.

JJB's picture

No chance vs the saints in the playoffs

eqfan592's picture

Sorry, but I don't buy it one bit.

Bearmeat's picture

You are a tool. In case you didn't know.

Bearmeat's picture

Oh - and you're wrong too. GB laid an egg today. If it happens again, they'll lose to any team on the schedule. But it's not likely.

eqfan592's picture

+1 to Bearmeat.

Norman's picture

No chance? Get real. If they play the Saints in will be at Lambeau and the Saints are not a good road team. The sky is not falling.

Idiot Fan's picture

Wow, JJ, straight from trolling the live chat to trolling the site? Don't you have better things to do with your time?

packeraaron's picture

<em>No chance vs the saints in the playoffs</em>

The one in Lambeau? Where the Saints lost last time? Right.

cow42's picture

different teams.

passing offense - edge saints - they drop the ball less
rushing offense - saints - no contest
rushing defense - saints - i don't know the stats but gb is crap
passing defense - saints - see 'rushing defense'
special teams - saints - sproles is ridiculous

yes, i'm negative all the time. but i really do not see where the pack has an advantage.

what does the pack's def have the most trouble with... passes to te's and rb'. watch the saints... that's all they f'n do.

eqfan592's picture

You lost me with giving the passing offense edge to the saints.

cow42's picture

qb's are even.
wr/te/rb receiving skills - saints all day every day.

PackersRS's picture

Confident enough to make another bet, cow?

Idiot Fan's picture

Hopefully, if it comes down to the NFCC against the Saints, the media will agree with you and keep saying how the Packers can't beat the Saints.

eqfan592's picture

+1, Idiot Fan!

stinkdaddy's picture

"I don't know the stats..."

Then how do you know which is worse?

Saints D: 87.9 opponent passer rating, 20 TDs given up vs 7 Int, 7.3 Y/A, 57.7% completion, 4.9 yards/att on the ground

Packers: 76.8 rating, 23 TD vs 27 Int, 7.6 Y/A, 60.1%, 4.8 Y/A on the ground

The Saints are also worse in the red zone.

Matchups are one thing, but fact-free I don't know the stats but I know what my gut says stuff is... come on now.

cow42's picture

when i bring up stats i get bashed for being a 'stat guy' who's 'missing the actual play on the field'.

when i don't bring up stats i get bashed for not 'being factual'.

i get it.

you will disagree with me if anything i say is not rah-rah packer.

as long as i know where i stand.

packeraaron's picture

Cow - you are the King of the Strawman.

Tommyboy's picture

Cow - the Packers played poorly. The Saints have a good offense. Is it possible the Packers lose in the playoffs? yup. But maybe take a breath. Don't be that guy. Writing off the Packers...the 13-1 reigning super bowl champions is a little over-the-top. Just breathe. You wrote off the packers against the Lions and they won. I'm not saying the Packers have nothing to worry about - they absolutely do. But this isn't the end of life as we know it. Chill.

stinkdaddy's picture

Or in other words, no matter what you say it's someone else's fault when you're wrong.

andrew harman's picture

i love reading cows posts.. they are hilarious and very inaccurate our defense is very good.. we held the chiefs to field goals the whole game until the end. with the offense going 3 and out the whole time.. last year our defense gave up a lot of yards... just like this year.. but they were stout in the redzone and forced turnovers.. they look exactly the same and in my opinion gave the packers a real chance to win the game.
the offense was flat and out of synch. but no team is going to look perfect every game. we had to have a down game. and we still almost won. i think the packers thought this was going to be easier than it was. and thats okay. cause it will serve as a wakeupcall.

anyone who thinks our defense is terrible DOES NOT watch the games. honestly think our defense plays great most of the time.. if you get 2 picks a game what more can you ask for?? really! and the play where hawk got dragged by a 3rd WR every player would get dragged in the situation he dove and made the tackle. dragging will happen. still dont understand the hate wagon for hawk

Tommer's picture

You do realize the Saints had a pedestrian performance last week in Nashville and nearly lost to a rookie QB, right? They are a good team, but they are mere mortals outdoors on grass. And their defense is not nearly as good as KC's.

ted of bill and ted's picture

@ cow....i would probably side with you if it was a game in a dome. outside the dome...the saints are completely different, and the stats back that up. in lambeau in the cold, i think the packers still retain the edge

Bearmeat's picture

There is a difference between pessimism and delusion based on fear. Cow seriously leans toward the latter.

It's rather annoying - if I didn't know better I'd say he was a Vikes fan.

Cow: Seriously - please listen to reason. And if you can't, go away.

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Did you see the Saints on the road in Sealtle last year?How great are they in cold weather?How many drops will they have ?

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

Finley needs to ride the pine until he gets his head out.
This loss wasn't on the defense, but it's clear they can't win a game for us either. They gave up much more than "garbage yards" today. I think one reason they were "a step ahead" of Capers is that we don't have the guys to get it done. Dom is doing it with smoke and mirrors.
Grant looked good.
Masthay was a beast. 74 yard punt? Wow!
Jordy was jinxed today. Seemed like every penalty called on him was bull.
I don't like these ugly injuries we've been experiencing the past few years. This year isn't as bad as last, but we've definitely had our share.
This loss has been building for some time. We've been overcoming drops and suckage with big plays, which didn't come today. Is weather a factor?
Replace Jennings with Cobb. I know he doesn't run perfect routes like Jennings, but he may not have to. Dude's explosive and unlike everyone else, he was getting it done.

Brandon's picture

To clarify, you only mean while Jennings is injured, right?

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

LOL, yes thank you. Although, as he develops in the future, he may have a shot to unseat Jennings.

PackersRS's picture

What was that all about? They kept making penalties up.

Not an excuse by any means, but the refs should be ashamed of themselves.

There was also a touchback not called when Pope fumbled the ball.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

88 catches the ball and we beat the Chiefs AND the refs.

PackersRS's picture

A lot of things could've happened better and we win, if the OL blocks, if the WRs catch, if Rodgers has another of his monster games, if the D causes the turnovers they usually do...

Not making excuses. But the officiating was terrible and did influence the outcome of the game.

And that's one of the reasons I really like our chances against anyone at Lambeau. Refs are homers.

mocheeseplease's picture

I know this is academic but I think the onsides decision was absolutely the right call. With onsides, you have two different ways to get the ball back: recover or stop on D. With kicking deep, only way is to get a stop on D. The difference in field position will most likely be negligible because of the fact it was a 5 pt game. KC would have been in a prevent no matter where GB started and wouldn't have tightened up until we got to their 30-40 anyways. Not to mention Crosby has been pretty good at onsides, I know a lot of the ones he converts are "surprise" onsides, but seems like he always gives us a chance to recover.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

They ran the clock out on us anyway. What difference does it make what their field position is when time runs out?
Onside was our only chance, imo. Jordy needs to execute that.
Another bogus penalty on Jordy Nelson.

jack in jersey city's picture

i agree on the onsides call. our D couldn't stop a nosebleed inbetween the 20's

andrew harman's picture

our defense is definitely best in the red zone.. so the onside is the right call.. have a better chance getting a stop with a shorter field with how our defense plays anyways

Chedderheader's picture

Absolutely a chance vs NO. They are 2 teams trending in opposite directions but Pack will get home field and Saints not good on road and outside ( Lambeau in January anyone.)

eqfan592's picture

Again, sorry, but I don't buy it. How is this single game a "trend" at all? We crushing the Raiders last week (as we should). This game was a trap game against a desperate opponent, with us being extra cautions with several injured players. This was KC's super bowl. I think some of us really need to gain some perspective.

eqfan592's picture

Never mind, I read that as "absolutely NO chance against NO." I apologize. please ignore my post. lol

glorious80s's picture

It's the little things, the sloppiness, creeping up. Missed tackles, dropped passes, QB holding on to the ball. The offensive dry spells. the mounting injuries. There is a feeling of things slippping away.
Next two games are largely irrelevent, homefield advantage won't help much except for home cooking.
Trent Dilfer mentioned that in weather conditions the GB passing game gets bogged down, heavier ball, harder to throw in tight situations, more drops etc.
Might be better to rest starters and view these last two games as preseason tuneups.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

Gotta figure the Saints are worse in weather than we are. Then again, I don't like the idea of facing Sproles. We had Nick Collins last time...

andrew harman's picture

the trend comment still bothers me you cant say were trending down all losing one game.. wait till next week before u make that claim

Bob Hagen's picture

Did Capers have a defensive game plan for today's game? It seemed that everything the Chiefs did was successful. Bad tackling, no pressure on Orton all day and messed up coverage by our secondary made for a pitiful showing by the defense. Now add the poor offensive display with Jordy's penalties and Findley's cement block hands and the Packers were doomed to go down in defeat. All of this on top of the fact the Packers were playing for homefield advantage through out the play-offs. It makes me wonder if their hearts were in the game at all.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

They may have just assumed they'd win today, but I think this defense is lacking the players to get it done. And yes, I'm referring to Mike Neal.

eqfan592's picture

Something to keep in mind is that Capers didn't has as much to go on to study for in this game given the new head coach and new QB. Add in the desperation factor for KC, and the fact that this, in the grand scheme, was not an overly important game for GB, and you have the makings for a rough day indeed, as it turned out. Still, all the packers had to do was not drop so many passes and they likely win. They beat themselves in a big way today.

stinkdaddy's picture

It isn't as though the Chiefs installed a whole new scheme in a week, and Capers already planned against Orton for the Denver game. I'm not sure those two hold much weight.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

We catch some normal passes, and drives continue, we get time of possession and the defense isn't even on the field as much.
The D didn't take over and win it for us, but they didn't cost us the game either.

andrew harman's picture

we held them to only field goals all day... we are stout in the red zone. never have been good making stops in the middle of the field

Idiot Fan's picture

I'm still hoping against all common sense that he's saving up the good stuff for the playoffs.

Idiot Fan's picture

There are definite silver linings to this loss. I can't say I wanted to lose, but it does remind the team that they are mortal, and that the O can have an off day, and that drops really can cost a game. I like this team better when they are pissed off.

I'm much more concerned about the health of the O line that I am about that performance.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

Players who've been in this situation before have said that a loss here is the best thing that could happen to the Pack. I agree with that, but you know what? I wanted the undefeated season.
And another thing is HOW this team loses. They never lose because they're not as good as the other team. They always self destruct in some sickening way.

Idiot Fan's picture

Well, to be fair, they are more talented than at least 95% of the teams in the league, so if they lose it is going to be because of them failing to play to their capabilities.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

Maybe but third string Olinemean and backup LBs don't cause Finley to be dropping passes and killing drives week after week. It just feels like this was building up for awhile, and today it finally bit us in the ass.
LOL, to restate, if we lost because of all the injuries or something, it wouldn't be so bad.

glorious80s's picture

Lost an opportunity, though, for something very special that may not come this way again. There'll be regrets.

JJB's picture

Atleast the saints have a defense. Packers couldn't get pressure on the QB and KC has the worst oline in the league

stinkdaddy's picture

You mean the same D that gives up +10 points on the QB rating, has 1/4 as many picks, and gives up more yards per carry than GB?

Sure thing. Looks like someone needs to stop checking total yardage.

PackersRS's picture

Hey. Let's look at the bright side. At least they got their christmas shopping done this weekend!

davyjones's picture

Grant was averaging 5+ ypc. There were a bunch of good reasons to ride him--
1) recievers couldn't hang onto the ball
2) nasty looking swirling winds
3) we were out of offensive linemen and couldn't protect AR
4) might have helped keep that awful looking D off the field

Don't know if it was AR or MM, but someone didn't seem to adjust to the situations all that well.

Jim Hurly's picture

I, for one, am glad the roof finally caved in on our team. It needed to happen before the playoffs, and on the road against a non-conference opponent was the best way for it to happen. Now, what we need to see is improvement in the next two games as we approach the playoffs. Specifically, the blocking from the tackles, and the lackluster pash rush. The next two games will go a long way to determining the state of mind of our team in the playoffs. We needed to lose one, people. I'm glad we can forget about all that undefeated talk.

jack in jersey city's picture

this is ridiculous

Oppy's picture

I would have liked a perfect season as much as the next guy... but to say Jim's comments are ridiculous is... ridiculous.

Nothing makes a team work harder and re-focus than a reminder that you can't just show up on sunday and walk away with a win.

This game is going to remind the Packers that for all the talent they bring to the field, if the other team wants it more and executes better, they won't win.

PackersRS's picture

Wrong, yes, ridiculous, not at all.

jack in jersey city's picture

ok, it's flat out wrong! :)

BTF's picture


D looked a bit gassed 2nd half. Not suprising wih the TOP 1st half. Chiefs had a good gameplan and executed it well. Drops killed us though AR was not at his best.

Challenge now is how we respond. I have faith in the coaches and players but worried about the 0-line now..

Norman's picture

Just be glad we don't have New England's defense. Just gave up 167 yards rushing in the FIRST QUARTER!

fish/crane's picture

KC's franchise is saved from a fire and the Packers march loss win

Brian's picture

It's amazing. The pack loses one game after winning 17 in a row and all of a sudden they're in trouble?

They had a bad game. Deal with it. No reason they can't run the board the rest of the season.

stinkdaddy's picture

It's absolutely ridiculous. Was there anyone who came into this season saying, "Man, I'm going to be so disappointed if they don't go 19-0 this season" ... ? The Pack drops one game and suddenly the sky is falling and it's time to start running down our guys on Twitter. Give me a break.

You know what's important? Getting a bye. Winning the Super Bowl. The first is already in the bag and the second doesn't depend on 16-0. The absolute worst-case scenario for the rest of the regular season is that the only team with a better seed is SF -- oh no, Rodgers in warm weather! We're doomed!

Judging from the reaction it seems that a lot of fans think it'd have been more important to push Bulaga back in so we could get the W today. We had a bunch of fair-weather jackasses get on Twitter and start trashing the players after a single loss. I didn't realize some folks' braggings rights were more important than the season.

Oppy's picture


I agree with you for the most part, except for one thing-

The packers O-line health with Sherrod out, and Bulaga down, could so completely destabilize the Packers offense that.. Well, it might be a reason they can't run the board the rest of the season.

Let's hope Bulaga's injury isn't serious. The Packers don't have anyone but Lang to play RT otherwise, and I don't think we want to see EDS on the field next to Newhouse at this point.

stinkdaddy's picture

I'm not getting where winning out even comes into the picture now that 16-0 can't happen. We don't need to run the table, and there's no sense setting up for a disappointment if it doesn't happen. Only thing that's left is homefield advantage and all we need for that is a win against the Hanie Bears* or for SF to lose any of three remaining games.

Worst-case scenario for playoff seeding is Rodgers in California for the NFCCG. It isn't as though mild weather is some horrible affliction he'd have trouble overcoming. Chill, people.

*or the Lions, but obviously that's less of a gimme

Ken's picture

The truth is that the Packers have been in trouble all season. No pass rush to speak of, a history of two stops and a successful 3rd and long, a missing run game for most of the season, and key injuries. But, wins came despite the troubles. As the hallowed St Vince said, "the best defense is still a good offense". And that's been true all season. But, dropped balls-particularly Finley's, a porous O line and the lack of confidence in the run game led to a lackluster offense and we lost. I also have to wonder if MM got overfixated on his plan and couldn't adjust to the run game actually working for a change. There's been evidence of tunnel vision in the past-maybe it struck again. Here's hoping the injuries get healed up, Finley finds his hands, and someone finds a pass rush scheme that actually works

Mojo's picture

Not too concerned other than lack of pass rush and o-line injuries. I knew the Chiefs would be fired up with the new coach.

Need to regroup and get healthy. I think they'll be fine.

lebowski's picture

More than anything, games are won or lost in the trenches. Our trenches (lack of pass rush and o-line injuries) ain't looking too good right now.

Mojo's picture

I think they can get the o-line fixed in time. Not sure about the pass-rush though. We could still win without a great pass-rush, but it sure would make life much easier if we had one.

lebowski's picture

I am not holding out hope that Clifton's going to ride in on a white horse for the playoffs. He was getting shoved into the backfield all year until he hurt his hammy anyway. Newhouse should be better than he is by now. Sitton will be dealing with ankle and knee injuries until the offseason, just needs to gut it out. Sherrod's done. EDS... eh. That's some serious patchwork

BrianD's picture

This is one one game on the Packers' schedule that they can afford to lose. If you had asked me during preseason which game I would have liked to lose over all the others, I would have chosen a week 15 loss against a non-conference opponent on the road.

NoWayJose's picture

Huge reason that the Packers lost this game:

Forced 0 turnovers.

The whole team relies on the turnovers. The offense to get momentum. The defense to put the fear into the opposition.

The Pack can win without turnovers, of course, but this team really needs that in a close game.

Bearmeat's picture

+1. This is dead on.

Rich Beckman's picture

I did not understand why the Packers did not use all three time outs on defense at the end of the first half. They ended up with the ball, one time out, and 47 seconds. They went into the locker room with that one timeout.

Probably would not have made a difference, but they would have had at least a minute and 15 seconds to work with.

An undefeated season would have been great, but if they win the Super Bowl, who cares if they lost a game on the way?

The rest of the season is at home until Indianapolis.

Seems there must be a bit of irony that Orton played great beating the Packers while the Bears qb sucked going down big to the Seahawks.

Idiot Fan's picture

MM didn't call time out until the D actually stopped them on third down. That says that he was afraid that the D wouldn't stop them, so taking timeouts would only help the Chiefs. Can't say I blame him.

MarkinMadison's picture

No turnovers today for the defense at all. First time that has happened in a long time. The Chiefs did not need to get one dimensional. The Packers never stopped their running game, so the D-backs could not sit on the pass.

The offensive pass interference calls against Nelson were ridiculous.

Newhouse was very, very bad. Got manhandled all game. I won't go so far as to say it was his fault that Sherrod got hurt, but it was par for the course today that it was his assignment who took out Sherrod.

BubbaOne's picture

I had the Packers winning but not covering the spread. I felt we could be going up against a perfect storm...
Pack coming off dominating game.
1st game w/o Jennings.
Pickett, Starks, Saine Out.
KC is one of the toughest venues to play.
The emotional lift of KC changing coaches.
KC is a good team missing a QB; enter Orton.
New play caller for KC; Capers had no film.
KC top ten pass defense &amp; good pass rush.

nancy jay's picture

Good grief. It's a 53 man roster. How can 3 or 4 players lose a game. T-E-A-M!

Mojo's picture

Makes MM's decision making much easier against Lions if the Pack gets the number one seed either this Monday or next Sunday.

The Lions game could be very weird.

Nerd&#039;s Laptop's picture

The Lions could be looking to take cheap shots against Arodge.

stinkdaddy's picture

Maybe time to throw out a sacrificial Graham.


jbovegas73's picture

+1B ... lmao!

Tommyboy's picture

The only thing I disagree with is that the Packers should have kicked deep. It's not an easy call by any stretch, but I liked it. The way I see it, you have to make them go three and out either way. The only difference is field position, and if you stop them, you'd have enough time to travel the distance. At least this way, you had a shot at just recovering the ball. Also, the Packers did a good job of not breaking most of the day, but all they needed to do was bend to lose here - and they did.

mattyboy's picture


Anyone mentioned how idiotic it was to defer the opening kickoff?? That set the tone right there. Not good coaching today. When you are away, put the ball in the hands of your assets, not let a new coach ride his game plan against your bad D. That game cost MM his coach of the year--not that I or he really care about that, but still...

PackersRS's picture

Been defering the kickoff all season. Even before that. Pretty sure it was the case throughout the playoffs last year.

But now it was the deciding factor?

mattyboy's picture

Yeah. But did we do it in the Superbowl? No, boom. roasted. Kidding, but still, not the right thing to do.

PackersRS's picture

I don't remember if we won the coin toss or not, but the Steelers received the ball on the opening drive, so...

Cheddarhead's picture

The Packers defered the cointoss in the superbowl as I predicted

Tommyboy's picture

We defer every time and I endorse that strongly. Getting the ball in the second half, once you're already in the flow of the game allows you to perform more like you practiced. If we come out defensively and stuff them, that sets the tone, too. I don't think that was a coaching mistake. Even if it was, I wouldn't rank it in the top 5.

Cheddarhead's picture

I think the wind had something to with it too

KurtMc's picture

We we witnessed is the same as all season with our 31st ranked D. The difference is the O can't score +20 or 30 &amp; bail them out.

ADMIT IT - If KC wan't so inept, the score should have been 14-0 to even start.

Every week, the opposing has the same game plan aginst Capers over aggressive rush, clearing the middle of the field letting the QB dink &amp; dunk for 7-12 yards. It's like prevent D for 4 qtr's.

Rarely did we jam the receiver at the line, drop LB's or a D lineman back or play an extensive Nickel.

How do you explain the WR wide open every week?

2nd - Rogers. What is up? Several times he refused to throw short, opting for the long pass, held the ball way too long resulting in poor throws. Granted, he was getting heat, but he has to adjust too.

3rd - MM play calling was in question all day long.

Glad the pressure is off for undefeated season, but lets regroup &amp; figure out how to position for the SB run.

Bears &amp; Detroit will be gunning for us. Hold On Pack. XLV + 1

Joel's picture

would they sign a free agent tackle to hopefully add more depth to the line?

KurtMc's picture

Would love to see a TE out an extra Tackle/Guard signed, but who???? Hello Mark T, are you home?

'Cmon Ted, we NEED the depth on O line

EP's picture

I think Finley was a major cause of the offense not being in sync. Aaron kept trying to go back to him to spark everyone but Finley's drops were depressing. I think the best way to let Finley know he needs to get his act together now is to start an OCCUPY FINLEY movement.
Register your displeasure with his performance in a respectful and professional way by contacting his agent Blake Baratz at The Institute of Athletes.
I know some will say he knows about his performance, but my past 30 years of dealing with individuals that have an enourmous go is that only an avalanche of input changes their perspective and effort. We actualy need him till the season's over, hopefully not one &amp; done in the playoff's. After the season TT can make his decision.
Blake can be reached at 646-302-7287 or by snail at 3600 Minnesota Dr Edina MN 55435. Blake is also on Linkeden and twitter. I'm not aware of his email. Remember if you contact Blake use respect. Agents talk to their money trees often.

KurtMc's picture

Hasn't Finley been dropping all year, including training camp? I am not a WR coach, but something is up with him?

Who leads the team in drops as a % of targets?

66Mesa's picture

To answer your question on drops...Finley leads the team numerically and %wise....

cow42's picture

i'm tired of being negative all the time.

i understand that this team has just gone 19-1.

but all year long i've had a funny feeling that this isn't going to end well.

there are a lot of ways to win a title, but it seems to me that this team is not good in some crucial areas... they don't have a good offensive line. they don't have a good defensive line. they don't get to the qb.

i have a hard time believing that they can rely solely on rodgers being otherworldly, and the defense getting a bunch of turnovers.

if either of those things don't occur, there's going to be trouble.

maybe i'm wrong. maybe they can ride that formula all the way to a title. maybe this is what the nfl is now. maybe -in my old age- i haven't yet caught hold of the fact that 'winning in the trenches' is a thing of the past.

when i watch the packers i see a finesse team. a group that will run around you or trick you or out-scheme you. i don't see a team that will run through you or pound you or do things to you against your will.

last year was different.
at the end of last season this team would come up and hit people in the face.

i don't see the same physicality. this is the root of my negativity.

we shall see how this all turns out but i have a funny feeling that their fate is a 20-17ish type loss to a team that sticks to it's game plan, takes care of the ball, and proves to be more physical.

PackersRS's picture

When has this team overpowered anyone?

packsmack25's picture

Clifton will be back for the playoffs, and Bulaga looked to be just fine. The o-line will be fine. This team will be playing at home til Indy. The only team that would scare me there is the Patriots, if only because it would likely be a crazy shootout, and Brady gets all the calls that Rodgers should but doesn't.

stinkdaddy's picture

This is a ridiculous argument. McCarthy's team doesn't "impose their will?" So all season long when Rodgers has been throwing the ball all over the yard, it's been because the other teams decided not to stop him? How do you get more physical in the passing game- commit OPI more often?

It sounds like your actual complaint is, "This air raid/WCO hybrid system is not a power running system." No kidding.

Tommyboy's picture

Again, there are problems. It's the "sky is falling" rants that maybe need to be brought down a notch. Every team has weaknesses, the Packers included.

One thing positive to take away from the last two games, though...are the Packers finding a running game? I thought that was one of McCarthy's biggest mistakes today, not being patient and letting Grant continue to break into the secondary.

(The biggest mistake was not challenging that fumble. I thought it was touchback when it happened right away. It was such a crucial ruling, it was worth the challenge/timeout in my mind).

bkshimada's picture

Agree. Mistake not running Ryan Grant more. It seems to me that Grant always seems to get better later on in the year. Good sign for the playoffs perhaps with the colder weather? Although, I would be more comfortable if we had more depth at RB since injuries have hurt that position.

packsmack25's picture

Flukes happen.

Afrenchpackerfan's picture

The only thing that makes me laugh today is the people that were thinking Mike Neal is a savior!!! The guy is just a swing backup as the scouts were thinking...........

A loss at week 14 is not the end of the story... The only goal is a win the first Sunday of February!

BTF's picture

How about not expecting Neal to be a saviour but not writing him off 4 games into a return from serious injury...

KurtMc's picture

+1 on Neal. A back up at best and I am a Purdue guy. I really wanted Neal to make it.

31st ranked D. The rest of the league has caught up with Capers.

Hard to imagine that only the loss of Jenkins &amp; Collins have had such a effect?

BTF's picture

D is 15th in points. Leads in picks. It's not a great D but not a terrible one either and this loss was not on them.IMO.

FITZCORE1252's picture

If anyone was curious as to what would happen if our Offense didn't show up and our Defense didn't get a take away, there you have it.

Forget the Franchise tag... Finley can just go away.


Bugeater's picture

Everything's gonna be fine! 364 days between losses! I'll take that ANY time.

The next streak starts Christmas day. Here's to the NEXT 364 days!

Church's picture

I want to see some variance in the pass rush..teams are shifting help over to the RT side to deal with Clay but our D coordinator doesn't seem to have him rush the gaps instead of the edge all the time.

Definitely need some d-linemen and maybe an OLB who can generate a pass rush on the opposite side of Clay in next years draft.

chris's picture

Starting with the Lions game we have provided the blueprint for teams to beat us. Each week (exception last week) this blueprint has improved for the opposition. With the inability to cover TE's and RB's week in and week out we will never be able to make it to the super bowl. I have no doubt McCarthy will improve the offense from what we saw today, but how will he light a fire under our zombie defensive coordinator Capers? I think in essence that this is the problem, McCarthy is willing to change his schemes and Capers is not. This is the reason you can see Dom Capers' defenses for which he has coached fall in rankings year after year which usually lead to his termination to the job.

lebowski's picture

In all fairness to Capers, he's working with a D-line that has one impact player, and a linebacking corps that has one impact player. Next year's draft HAS to bring OLB and DE upgrades.

Cheddarhead's picture

I think we will be fine. One loss is no reason to jump off a bridge. If we get healthy for the playoffs we'll be fine.
Remember all dome and fair weather teams have to go through GB in January. Had we forced one or two turnovers, and a few less drops the game would be different.
XVL here we come!! GO PACK GO!!!

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