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Gut Reactions: Preseason Week Three

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Gut Reactions: Preseason Week Three

  • Aaron Rodgers' stick throw to Finley down the seam on his final drive of the night, where Finely's head wasn't around yet and the defender was in great position, is the type of throw he never used to chance. That's a championship throw right there.
  • Frank Zombo and Sam Shields made the 53 tonight.
  • Jason Chery didn't make the 53, but he will get a long hard look on punt returns next week. That was a fantastic display of both speed and vision on his return for a touchdown. And with Blackmon looking anything but special, the Packers need to see what they have.
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Andyman's picture


Mr. Bacon's picture

Zombo is going to be the next Aaron Kampman. A hard worker who for some reason is able to outmaneuver a fatty.

fhornplayer83's picture

LOL... thanks for the laugh. ;-)

DaveK's picture

I can't see how Harrell makes the 53. It would be one thing if he could play when healthy but he was dominated against Seattle and did nothing tonight against back-ups. They are thin at DL but you have think they keep someone else that can contribute more.

Oppy's picture

Harrell did nothing? Beg to differ.

He was getting consistent push throughout his snaps, and was a heavily contributing factor in the play that resulted in Zombo stripping the ball from Manning's grasp and into the arms of Francois.

Harrell's bull rush on that play flushed out Manning, and Harrell's grab at Manning's jersey may not have come soon enough to get the sack/tackle, but it certainly took a half-step away from Peyton and caused the QB to panic a bit..All that taking up time and drawing attention away from Zombo who made it all the way around from the opposite end, culminating in the strip.

Just because the only time the announcers mentioned Harrell's name was when he was on the ground, doesn't mean he did nothing.

aussiepacker's picture

totally agree.

bill's picture

here here... if he makes it through camp, hes on the roster period. to much upside.harrell could be beastly with some real reps in a game lets take the chance...agreed...let me hear it

greenbowlpackerbacker's picture

Rogers + Finley + Woodson + all the rest = many victories

coreyb's picture

Mr bacon that comment was hilarious

Nypacker's picture

I agree with you on Frank Zombo but I'm stil not sold on Sam Shields yet. Sure he had the nice pick at the end of the game, but against the starters he was getting beat pretty bad. IMO he needs more opportunities with the starting group to show any potential that he may have. Other than that I'm like him as a gunner on special teams. I don't know if he's ready to get return duties but he can certainly make tackles when it counts.

Nathan Zacher's picture


Shield had great coverage of Garcon right away in the second half and that was with Manning throwing. There was one other time I saw him a little slow on a drag route across the middle, but who wasn't tonight. I honestly thought he was probably our best cover guys tonight. Manning shied away from Woodson so we didn't get to see much from him, but Tramon was horrible and consistently was beat. Not saying put Shields at RCB, but I think he moved to our #4 when Harris is back for sure.

Nathan Zacher's picture

Wow, must be late - ignore the bad spelling and poor grammar! You know what I thought I meant I said.

Keith's picture

Didn't see the game, but Chery needs to be given serious consideration based on what I've read. I hate to say it because I've always loved Blackmon, but we may have to part ways with him to keep Chery.

FITZCORE1252's picture

On D, I was pleased with our Bigs collapsing the pocket. The pressure only got to Peyton a time or two, but I have to believe the return of Cullen, Clay and maybe even Brad will lead to that pressure getting home more often. Neal's a player.

"Rodgers to Finley for a TD" = something we are going to be hearing a lot of.

Would Rodgers have went for 300 and 5 in the 1st half if 85 were playing? No really, that's a serious question.

All in all, the positives FAR outweighed the negatives.



Oppy's picture

I expected Neal to have a good, sound performance, but I didn't expect that beast to be running rampant on the field.

It didn't take long before Neal was demanding double-team attention from the Colts' starting O-line.

Scariest thing about Neal's performance? I have a funny feeling that most of what he achieved was through raw physicality alone. Imagine what he may have in store for the opposition after a few years of Trgovac coaching him up and getting his technique refined.

thepretzelhead's picture

"Williams was horrible" - against Wayne and Manning...who ain't been? Man how easily some sit on their butts and move only their fingers to spit out words like "horrible".

PackerAaron's picture

Agree somewhat here. If you have Woodson on the other side, Williams is going to get the majority of throws in his direction. He is fine more often than not, though he committed a cardinal sin of giving up inside leverage on the Wayne TD.

PackersRS's picture

Williams is fine against most #2 and #3 Wrs.

But the way Capers played this D, with Harris, he put Harris on the opposing #1, and let Woodson roam.

Williams cannot cover a #1. Not a quality one.

PackersRS's picture

Jason Chery = Desmond Howard?

Nononsense's picture

Heres my list of players who made the team and a few that cut themselves or out due to new guy taking his position.

Shields (of course) Bush out

Zombo Guaranteed Obi out

Newhouse (he plays LT) Barbre out or switch to DLine.

Crabtree in D.Lee out

CJ Wilson (good pass rush potential, think Cullen Jenkin in a year or two.) Harrel/Wynn out

Peprah in till Bigby gets back

and last but not least

Chery in Swain out.

D Colledge value has never been higher, now is the time to consider trading him if ever. Bulaga takes LG Spitz backup and Newhouse backs up Clifton.

Tarynfor12's picture

I have said before to trade D.Lee and I'm glad others are agreeing,not because he 's bad but Crabtree is future and can hold his own.Maybe we trade Lee and add Bush for a little(very little) spice to the deal.We may not want to rush that Colledge thought just yet.Neal is the deal for sure,package Wynn and Harrell in a trade also.

Tarynfor12's picture

Oh yeah,Zombo a keeper but is there any way we can adjust the cameras' to make him have a"I thought you'd be Bigger" look to him.

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