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Gut Reactions: Packers 33 49ers 30

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Gut Reactions: Packers 33 49ers 30

  • Nothing about this team feels good after that win. 
  • That's a sloppy, undisciplined football team. 
  • Mike McCarthy has a lot of soul searching to do over the bye week. 
  • The defensive line was pretty much pushed around all game. 
  • You can tell Rodgers was frustrated with Jimmy Graham's bad habit of drifting inside the hole in the zone. 
  • Actually, you can tell Rodgers is just frustrated. With the offense, with his knee, with himself. Everything. 
  • That said, Rodgers is an absolute warrior. Hell of an effort from him tonight. 
  • That bad drop by Aaron Jones will keep him on the sideline for way too long. 
  • Nice bit of redemtion from Mason Crosby. 
  • What an incredible play by Equanimeous St. Brown.
  • Reggie Gilbert was just atrocious trying to set the edge tonight. 
  • Kyler Fackrell actually played a solid game. 
  • There was one Nick Perry defelction toward the end that I'm pretty sure would have been a pick six by Martinez. He had a perfect read and jump on it. 
  • Speaking of the defense, they look worse than pedestrian. 
  • Really liked the bootleg stuff McCarthy used in the first half. 
  • But guess what? Once the 49ers adjusted, the Packers had no counter. 
  • I need a drink. 
  • Go Pack. 
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dobber's picture

One of those games where you just don't know how to react. Happy they won, frustrated by how they played for the bulk of it. SF clearly wanted it more, and a dumb Beathard INT (on a Hundley-esque duck) was about the only thing that seemed to save this defense.

Time to get some sleep...

Idiot Fan's picture

Well, an ugly win is better than an ugly loss I guess.

Minniman's picture

Whats that Lombardi quote - paraphrased here - winning, like losing is contagious.

Many will bemoan how this W came about, but without the Defense making a stop and the o-line eventually holding the front, and rookie receivers making big catches , and Crosby kicking the goals....... A-rod's heroics would have been for nought...... so a win is a win.

Sure, in 2 weeks LAR may man-handle the Packers......... but not today freddie!

CAG123's picture

No it was more than that this defense has done what it’s always done in the 2nd half (well besides that Vikes game) which is put the clamps on opposing offenses the way they stepped up is the reason this is the leagues best 4q defense last years model would have blown now we just need them to do this for 4 WHOLE QUARTERS! lol

Idiot Fan's picture

Also, I'm not entirely sure that the INT was that important. It was 3rd down, and if it had fallen incomplete, they probably would have punted and been happy if they pinned us at the 10 yard line, which the INT did anyway. The main difference would have been the time associated with a punt play.

Edit: Obviously, King being there to make a play was important. I just don't think it was a terrible play by Beathard. It was basically just a punt on 3rd down when he was under severe pressure.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Give some credit to Pettine for dialing up the safety blitz with HHCD. He was completely unblocked and hurried the pass. Glad Pettine didn't send Tony Brown to avoid the roughing the passer penalty.

Nick Perry's picture

Tony Brown is a idiot. 2 STUPID plays in 2 weeks. Time to go.

Minniman's picture

Tony Brown does have form in college being a bone-head. I'd say he's well and truly on his last chance. I hope for him that he clues in quickly.

Coldworld's picture

2 very questionable calls against him in my view

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Last night's flag was justified (except for the fact that the zebras never called a hold or block in the back on a SF KR or PR....Or run or pass?)
But last week's call was BS as Brown said nothing.
I saw way more taunting last night from both sides.

Refs are subpar all around the league. They're very consistent.

Klincker's picture

Frankly, it feels a little empty. Did we get lucky with the 49ers not executing at the end? Did the defense really take a step in the clutch? Why could we move the ball so well at the end but not during the middle of the game? McCarthy going for it on 4th down instead of the FG, that could have been a disaster move. We have to rally hard to beat the 49ers?? Lotta questions, but, hell, a win is a win.

Oppy's picture

Going for it on 4th down instead of taking the FG could have been an absolute disaster, i agree 100%.

With the way the 49ers were moving the ball on us most of the game, trailing 23-30 in the final minutes of the 4th Q sure felt like it was probable that the 49ers would probably add a FG, making it a ten point game... or even if the D managed a stop with time left, put pressure on the packers to either score a TD and make a decision on playing for OT or gamble on a 2 pt conversion for all the marbles. I would have taken the FG making it 26-30 and put some pressure on the 49ers to score a TD to ice the game.

As it turned out, after the failed 4th down attempt, the Defense somehow flipped the switch and forced three straight 3-and-outs, and Rodgers and the offense got their heads out of their asses and won the game. Make no mistake, the outstanding play of the defense in the last 7 minutes was the only thing that gave the offense the multiple chances they needed to score and win the game.

Since '61's picture

Oppy - no question the defense came up when it was needed the most. but let's face it Capers defense would have probably folded and allowed the 49ers to run out the clock at that point. Having said that the defense does not get a pass for another really poor effort in the first half. Thanks, Since '61

Oppy's picture

I agree, '61.

Overall, it looked to be one of the defense's worst performances. They were simply being marched on for all but the last 7 minutes of the game.

Bearmeat's picture

This team is currently a combo of old/unathletic/hurt/not good anymore. (The Remnants of the 2014 Packers) And young/talented/athletic as hell and stupid. In equal measure.

Right now, it's not a playoff team. They got lucky as hell to win a game they absolutely deserved to lose, and unless something changes during the bye, they're going to be exposed during their next 5 games.

I maintain what I said earlier: MM deserves to finish the season, but he'd better finish it in the divisional round or later, or he needs to be finished.

PS: ARod was not good for 3 quarters tonight. Then he was ridiculous. Again. Glad we won, but tired of the rollercoaster.

CAG123's picture

He was great in the 1st and 4th

Bearmeat's picture

True. Thanks for the correction.

Jordan's picture

Rodgers played well for 2 quarters and was lackadaisical for the other 2 quarters. What else is new? ;)

Rodgers was commenting after the game that he was listening to whether or not the cheers for Crosby were sarcastic or genuine. Doesn't Rodgers have more important things to focus on during the game than to psychoanalyze cheers?

I used to be convinced that McCarthy was a big part of the problem, but now I'm starting to think that instead of hiring a new HC, they need to hire a shrink for Rodgers.

flackcatcher's picture

(sigh.....) They won. That's good enough for me. SF threw a lot of unscouted looks tonight, Packers did adjust second half. Man they went after Brice hard. Got to go back and watch on the all 22, so much unseen on TV coverage. GO BREWERS!

Summer_PackerBacker's picture

Defense was atrocious tonight, perhaps we miss Mo Wilkerson more than we thought we did? Definitely missing Alexander and Breeland, Tramon doesn't have it in the tank against young speedsters, though he seemed to play well against Garcon mostly. I thought King for one had a really great game, they stayed away from him almost all night like he was a no. 1 corner. Brice is terrible, there is no way Josh Jones cant be just as good, I have hopes for adjustments in personnel during the bye week. Aaron played poorly tonight again for the most part like Bearmeat commented, he isn't seeing the field like he usually does and he missed some wide open receivers in the red zone multiple times. He has to get that together or the offense is screwed, that and his happy feet pocket antics.

4thand1's picture

Put Tramon on the other teams old WR.

Coldworld's picture

If I were to move Williams it would be to safety IF we get Alexander and Breeland fit.

Rak47's picture

Correction! The defense was atrocious for the first half. The 49ers scored a grand total of 6 points in the second half as the defense gave up two FG's in the third quarter. They got even stingier in the 4th quarter giving up zero points, forcing two punts and recording an interception on San Frans 3 possessions. Rodgers was brilliant down the stretch but if not for the defense he doesn't get the chance, literally on the King int. Pettine was masterful in the second half while getting lambasted by Shannahan in the first half.

Summer_PackerBacker's picture

Very true Rak and a good positive outlook, which is always refreshing so early in the season. The tape will be one heck of a learning session over the bye from that first half though. Also am I the only one who thought the gameplan was pretty solid tonight? By no means am I a McCarthy supporter, he is very much what I think of as an average/slightly above average playcaller, but those quick reads and strikes over the middle absolutely diced up the niners, up until 2nd down and there was a major tendency to flop, be that on him or the offense itself. This team just needs to find consistency overall.

Rak47's picture

I agree SPB, the quick rhythm passing game is just what the offense has needed to get into a rhythm. Although I still would like to see Aaron Jones tote it more. I am a huge Pettine fan, not since the late great Fritz Shurmur have I seen a Packers defensive coordinator make consistent second half adjustments that shut down the opposing teams offense. And Pettine is doing this basically with smoke and mirrors, an underwhelming OLB group and two liabilities at Safety in Brice and HHCD. Can't wait to see what he can do once Alexander and Jackson develop and he gets some safeties and OLB's.

cpheph1's picture

HHCD made some plays...big forced fumble.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Agree with your synopsis, Aaron. Thank you..

Keys to the comeback:

1) D stops the 49ers TWICE at the end with key interception by King. Exactly what we drafted him for....running with speed guys and defending tall receivers.
2) Sherman's hold on Adams when Rodgers was sacked.
3) Rodgers to Adams...again....and again....
4) Rodgers scramblng for 20+
5) St. Brown with a Jordy-like catch to put us into field goal position.

Idiot Fan's picture

I have mixed feelings about that flag on Sherman. I mean, he did grab him briefly, and it probably was a legit penalty, and obviously it really did help us. But I kind of hate watching football these days because after every important play I'm looking around for a flag. Yet again, a flag essentially decided a game (or contributed significantly to the outcome). I'm not arguing about whether or not it was a penalty. It just seems like everything is a penalty these days, and when refs decide to throw a flag is deciding outcomes.

ballark's picture

It was a penalty on Sherman but not egregious. What helped was the savvy move by Adams selling it, that he swung his arm wildly to get free is what I suspect drew the flag.

Ds300916's picture

Guys we won. Seriously can we just enjoy a win regardless of how it comes about? We can complain tomorrow, but right now lets marvel at Aaron Rodgers' magic because theres at least 28 other teams that would kill to have him.

Tarynfor12's picture

SF (Garropolo)-no
That's 10 so I think not.

ScaryGary's picture


Tarynfor12's picture


ScaryGary's picture


Tarynfor12's picture

Was..he's riding more on reputation and that which you seen tonight in the end, won't be available in two weeks and beyond.

Spud Rapids's picture

riding on reputation... he marched them down the field 80 yds with no timeout... sorry you're not even close on this post

Ds300916's picture

NE would take 7-8 years of Rodgers over 2-3 more of Brady, KC ill give you, LAR you think mcvay wouldn't rather have Rodgers than Goff?, NO same story as NE. PHI i will also give you. NYJ, Rodgers > Darnold enough said there, Pit big ben is starting to treat the offseason like Brett Favre put Rodgers with Brown and Juju and that offense will lead the league, Sea would you rather pay Wilson 20 mil a year or Rodgers?, SF perhaps they're ok with Jimmy G but ACL's can be unpredictable, and Finally SD has the same situation as NE and NO but ill give you them just you can have a third team.

RobinsonDavis's picture

Thank you Ds!

Tarynfor12's picture

I have no words other than the one's that most here abhor even though true. I will say this...I said I'd gladly lose my money bet if the Packers showed any forward improvement but I wouldn't hold my breath. I didn't hold my breath and I'll be cashing in a nice win with the 9.5 points I bet on last Monday.
This team would have been down 28 points easily vs the Rams tonight by half time.
Patrick Swayze says. again...." You ain't see bad yet but it's coming." Only this time it will be against the Rams and the Pats...a two for.
Demand more and please...leave the kool-aid in the packet..don't drink any more.
: )

PatrickGB's picture

Technically it was “Flavor-aid” that they drank at Jonestown. And Patrick GB thinks that “Bad ain’t that Bad”. Maybe not good, but not as bad as Some have said.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Tonight my green and gold kool-aid was spiked with vodka to make it through that game..

Rebecca's picture

I'm so proud of you for congratulating yourself on being right half of the time. Keep up the good work.

Wenis's picture

This team will continue to regress as long as Mashed Potatoe Mike is running the ship.Rodgers prime years have already been squandered and with an incompetent coaching staff that is beyond reproach it won't get any better.

Going to work on getting the pad level up right Mike ?

ScaryGary's picture


Jonathan Spader's picture


JimR_in_SoCal's picture


packerfan9507's picture

Go Pack

Summer_PackerBacker's picture

Good on the Star Wars quote, but poor judgment to pull this opinion out now when Rodgers is playing some of the worst football of his career. I honestly felt like I wasn't watching Rodgers for 3 out of 4 quarters, he locks in on one person, he doesn't adjust well to the play, he looks confused in the pocket, and he took unforced sacks. How is any of that McCarthy's fault? Also, given that Monty and Williams played very well, how can you get mad at Jones's usage? He rushed plenty, then dropped an easy screen when they needed him. That's a killer, and it deservedly earned him less playing time in passing situations, not to mention his whiffs in pass pro. Taryn talks about drinking the Kool-Aid, geez people need to stop making up false problems in games when they don't exist. Get down on him when he deserves it then and only then, like against Buffalo or the Bears 1st half. Don't be complainer sheeple *bahhhhh*

Rebecca's picture

How do you expect A Jones to improve if he gets maybe 10-11 snaps a game, or has 2-3 killer plays and then oopsy play and he's back on the bench? As some have pointed out, this team is rebuilding whether we want it that way or not. Like Aaron said, this team is undisciplined and McCarthy is responsible for that. Plain and simple.

Since '61's picture

Rodgers threw for 425 yards and made perfect throws to D. Adams on the game winning drives in the 4th qtr and yet your comment is that Rodgers doesn't look good. Try to remember that he is playing on one leg with a very shaky OL. Thanks, Since '61

4thand1's picture

I'm too old for this shit.

olejnic's picture

Not playing Aaron Jones is reason enough to fire McCarthy

Nick Perry's picture

Not sitting down with Pettine and coming up with the logical conclusion that Brice is TERRIBLE, PATHETIC, and easily the WORST safety in the NFL is a close 2nd.

I mean even if Josh Jones is as bad as Brice, how much worse could he really be? At least we know he can blitz and play around the LOS.

My God, REPLACE Brice Monday morning and hope whoever replaces him is even one blown coverage better per game. That would mean one less TD per game.


Barazinho's picture

The RB's averaged ~5 yards/carry last night, as a group. I would say continuing to play Brice is worse.

Barazinho's picture

And Rodgers had over 10 yards per carry. They need to pound the rock with him much more...

Tundraboy's picture

Funny,same old problems,D, special teams and MM, but all the players MM has to almost be forced to play we're the ones that stood out, Jones ,ESB, and MVS. I'll savor the win and the last minute or so, along with Kings interception and Clark's play,but I'm not expecting this team to go far. Too much to fix.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Monday's game highlights what is good and bad about the Green Bay Packers. NE has an awful defense, but LAR looks balanced and powerful. I often wonder if GB just plays down to the level of the opponent. At least our adjustments, when they get made, seem to work.

Tundraboy's picture

More adjustments is good.

mrj007's picture

At this point, just glad they won and was entertained. Not expecting much from this point on. Way too much expected of this team based on the lack of talent at key position groups. You just can't dress a pig.... It should be an entertaining 8-7-1 season. Go Pack Go!

Chuck Farley's picture

WOw are we on same page. I actually had frisco winning if they kept passing like maniacs. They had this game and blew it really in the last two possessions.
Ya the next five games will not fair so well for them and no playoffs in their future. Way too little talent. Adams wont always be getting a number 26 to cover him all night.

Rebecca's picture

SF has a huge fumble problem and that has killed them often this year. Another rebuilding team with an aggressive defense. I wish the Packers had that.

ScaryGary's picture


Chuck Farley's picture

Two observations. The young coach of frisco isnt very good. Their last two drives were wasted. He was unprepared to run out the clock and manage the game.
Why throw for 25 and an interception when a short 8 yard pass would have put the team in field goal range, Lucky for the pack he wasnt very good tonight,
Second, Rodgers can thank his stars their best safety got hurt at the halfway point and number 26 had to come in. It was a feast. Not so much Rodgers and Adams being good but more so number 26 being lost.
Next five games will not be so easy. This team is not going to the playoffs.

Tarynfor12's picture

Agree...SF snatched a loss from the hands of victory. Although, the Packers certainly did their best to do it first but failed in the end by not keeping in step with the beat ourselves mantra.

LeotisHarris's picture

You couldn't find a Patrick Swayze quote rather than using all those cliches?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

The coach didn't throw that ball the Backup QB did.

NitschkeFan's picture

Packers offense came out with some different looks and had a very good start. Then.... the 49's adjusted. And for the next 3 quarters the Packers couldn't respond. Late 4th quarter heroics were nice, but why can't Philbin/MM make in game adjustments?

The defense was just putrid. Yes a couple of late game stops, but 3 1/2 quarters of awful.

The O-Line stunk too. Really quick pressure on Rodgers on maybe 20 of his drop backs.

Winning is of course better than losing but it is hard to see a way for this squad to be anything more than a .500 team.

stockholder's picture

Red Zone: Kendricks lines up outside of ADAMs. Whats with that?

WisconsInExile's picture

That was scheming to get Sherman off his scent

Tundraboy's picture

Well put Ray.

PeteK's picture

You hit on main problem ,O line including TE stink.

PatrickGB's picture

It was nice to win. 3,2,1 bye week go and get better.

Spock's picture

I'm hoping it's 3,2,1, Go! Go, Pack, Go! :)

Lambeau West's picture

I think I'm going to have a scotch or two then go to bed.

stockholder's picture

Rodgers effort Stunk. 3rd down efficiency Stunk. How can a guy hit MVS and refuse to go to him as the game goes on. Adams sold a lot of jerseys. That a BOY! Graham held on. But let's look inside Rodgers Head. Adams open? Throw it away. Graham open? Throw it away. Grahams open I can throw it. Adams open? throw it away. Seriously this guy was not gutsy. He wasn't a warrior. He's only looking for Adams and Graham. The warrior was Martinez! I wish we could clone him. He was the MVP of this game. He made play after play, to keep the packers in it. Crosby saved his job tonight. I wish I had confidence in A-Rod. Seems he wants Cobb and Allison more. To bad I thought the rookies answered some questions this game. The problem is still Arron.

Jonathan Spader's picture

After that 1st flag was thrown on Jones' TD pass I was worried that your doom and gloom prediction was coming true ...

Cwilly's picture

We get it you hate Rodgers but the team lacks talent period. Rodgers didn’t play good at all today but neither did the o-line, defense or anyone else. This team is lucky to be where their at. Theirs no pass rush and frankly their coach is awful. Rodgers bailed this team out for years but he isn’t the same player so now we deal with the fact the franchise wasted another qb just as good as Brady.

stockholder's picture

No, I don't hate Rodgers. Don't hate Adams either. I want them to do as well as they can. But let's not over rate them. Rodgers is not getting that Ball out! He's targeting a player. ADAMS! / GRAHAM! If a player bails out a team it still DOES NOT GIVE HIM A FREE PASS. Especially when his making the top pay in the NFL! The 49ers gave the packers all they could handle. Martinez stepped up. Watch the Film and this guy refused to lose. And let the 49ers control the game for a win. Just a great performance by a ILB, ( that the packers have lacked since Bishop. ). He is the packers best LB now.

cpheph1's picture

Blake is definitely IMO an above average ILB and he had a very good game. He still has upside too! He’s the defensive play caller. He’s a pretty good blitzer.

Tundraboy's picture

Agree on Martinez ,he came to play. Clark as well. Need more of that,every week. Hard to see that happening on any consistent basis. This is a rebuilding year.Oline is a mess.

TheBigCheeze's picture

...there should never be a "rebuilding" year.....that's ALWAYS play to win....N O W !!!!!!!!

Mojo's picture

The defense was astonishingly bad through most of the game. On pass plays it appeared there were no defenders in the area most of the time. Easy pitch and catches all over the field for SF. No pass rush, coverage was bad, yet the run D might have been worse.

Except for the FG's the ST's sucked too. Crosby kicking short set up the Niners past the 25 time and again. Just kick it out of the end-zone - if he can. No return game on punt or KO's. Penalties on nearly every kick return we have. In fact, we actually had a holding penalty on a kick Ty Montgomery downed in the end-zone.

Despite this they win thanks to a spectacular display of clutch QBing by a noticeably hobbled ARod late in the fourth and great route running from D Adams.

They win a game they should have lost, but lets face it - the rest of the season looks very dour after this one.

CJ Bauckham's picture

I noticed he was noticeabley hobbled until he decided to sprint up the middle for 15 yards, lol

Jonathan Spader's picture

Why is everyone so critical of the ST effort? The Packers forced a turnover on ST that helped give us an early lead. Scott was still booming punts. Nagler mentioned that Scott used to do kickoffs in Alabama and the Packers should consider using him over Crosby for that. There will ALWAYS be flags on ST for holding and illegal blocks in the back. That's true for any team in the entire NFL frankly I'm more surprised when there isn't a flag on a return or a high play in general.

Spock's picture

ST was fine except for that idiot Morrison. He and Tony Brown need some "anger management" time. Take away their stupid penalties and field position would have been WAY better.

TheBigCheeze's picture

wow.....what nonsense you spew......

TheBigCheeze's picture

wow.....what nonsense you spew......

Holecrap's picture

Had to work pretty hard tonight to beat a very talented 1-4 team with 8 key players out, 4 were stars.
I've seen enough tonight for me to beleive the rest of the season will be long and hard and they will not make the playoffs.

Kyle Graham's picture

I’m just happy we won. Win by 1 or win by 100 a win is a win. It all looks the same in the standings. We will improve with breeland, Cobb, Alexander, Allison, and possibly kumerow (when he’s off IR) coming back. I see a lot of positives from this game.

1. Rodgers is so amazing. We don’t deserve him.

2. Mvs looked good once again.

3. Jimmy Graham has arrived.

4. Kevin King looked great.

5. Kenny Clark and Blake Martinez were monsters.

6. Ty Montgomery showed some life.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Are Cobb, Allison, and Kumero that big of an upgrade over MVS, ESB, and Moore? Maybe a slight upgrade so far but ESB and MVS have looked good in limited action. I think the return of Alexander and anything Breeland can contribute are more important. Not arguing what you're saying just asking how you feel about our current WR state.

Tundraboy's picture

You are right.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Jimmy Graham has only 1 TD.
M.Lewis has not had 1 pass thrown
to him. We suck in the RED zone.

A teams is going nowhere just kicking FGs.

Phil Bacalzo's picture

At least it was a better fan experience than the one Bear fans endured yesterday.

Grandfathered's picture

Morison was a Captain tonight and he got us two special teams penalties tonight

WisconsInExile's picture

I’m keeping this one in perspective. The Packers were missing their #2 and #3 receivers, and managed to get some invaluable reps for three rookie receivers who have developed surprisingly quickly. That depth will be awesome later in the season, and should set them up for a great sophomore season.

Defense was feeling the loss of Wilkerson, but we already knew that run defense was going to suffer, and it did. Credit SF with good offensive line blocking and decisive runs. We were also down our starting CB and minus our newly acquired Pro-Bowl caliber CB, and still hung in there. Let’s hope Pettine can solve the Brice problem soon though. He makes this secondary look worse than it is. Seeing King getting back to his pre-injury form is very reassuring. I like our young trio of CB’s a lot. Hope we get Alexander back for the Rams.

I live in San Francisco, and these 49ers are not as bad as you think they are, or their record shows. Richard Sherman is still the real deal, and this Packers offense figured out how to neutralize him. They have arguably the best deep threat in the league, and surprise, they also have a backup with enough arm to keep him a threat. It helps that the Packers edge rush is middling, but in the second half they managed to keep him from setting his feet when we clearly was winding up to go deep.

Was this a Packers clinic? No, but it had its moments. Holy hell what an amazing last minute of the game. The Packers offense has been weak in the 3rd quarter for most seasons since 2012. Unless you’ve just started following the Pack in the past two years, or have repressed those memories of frustration, you aren’t surprised by this—disappointed, sure, but not surprised.

The Packers are starting slow, like many other seasons. It’s a team still finding its identity, and that’s okay. They’re still in good enough shape within the division, and there’s lots of play ahead. Rodgers summed it up perfectly in the post game ESPN interview: this is a team that’s about to find out what it’s made of. I, for one, am content to enjoy the ride and see where it goes. Hopefully, we make it to week 17.

pacman's picture

Get Rodgers the same shrink that Crosby spoke to during the week.

What happened to the Rodgers that would carve up a blitzing team? He's holding on to the ball too long and this win will only reinforce that.

I feel like it's the old Lynn Dickey days - if we put together a few good games, we might make it to the playoffs and then you never know!

Grandfathered's picture

With Dickey, you already knew

Oppy's picture

Lynn Dickey led offenses > 2018 Rodgers led offense

and it's not even close.

In fact, based on what we've seen so far from Rodgers in 2018, I'd rather have Lynn Dickey at his peak under center right now... without pause.

Since '61's picture

Oppy - Lynn Dickey was a very good QB but he is no where close to Rodgers. Dickey never won an MVP award and will not be a HOFer. Rodgers is a first ballot HOFer if he stopped playing today. Thanks, Since '61

Oppy's picture

There's no question about any of that, Since '61.
However, I'm talking about 2018 Aaron Rodgers, who has perhaps played 4-6 of the 24 quarters so far this season at anywhere near an all-pro level.

The other 18-26 quarters (including OT) have been pedestrian to questionable so far.

Yes, the leg influences results, but there's too many other details that don't have to do with mobility at this point to give Rodgers a pass. Right here, right now, Aaron Rodgers is not playing like the Aaron Rodgers you're talking about. There is time for him to get it together, and I expect him to. But thus far? Rodgers has been brilliant with his back against the wall in very limited time, but his play has mostly been not notable to below average in 2018.

Since '61's picture

Oppy - fair points. Let's just hope that Rodgers comes back from the bye at 100% and returns to his true form. One thing about Lynn Dickey that I can't say about Rodgers. Dickey had James Lofton. Imagine Rodgers throwing to Lofton. Now that would be something to see. Thanks, Since '61

jh9's picture

Aaron Rodgers saved the baby from a burning building.
MM should sign his paycheck over to him.

Oppy's picture

Hey, Aaron (and the offense) pulled his shit together the last 2 minutes of the game, but let's ignore the mediocre to poor play the other 58 minutes. On the other side of the coin, the defense sucked for 53 minutes, but they pulled it together for the last 7 by holding the 49ers to all 3-and-outs or turnovers and gave Rodgers and the offense 3 more attempts to score after failing on 4th down from the 3 yard line.

jh9's picture

My question is, was it the coaching or the inherent talent, competitiveness, and adrenaline responsible for the turnaround?

I contend that it is the later. And I will argue that has been the case for all the MM era, including the SB in 2010. The coaching has been poor (Dom Capers) or mediocre (MM).

A coach in any sport has the responsibility of getting the best performance out of the talent they are given. Do you honestly believe MM is getting the most consistent, best performance out of Aaron Rodgers? I don't.

Since '61's picture

Do you honestly believe that AR would be more consistent if wasn't playing on one leg behind a shaky OL? 425 yards and 3 TDs, no INTs. What else do you want from a guy playing on one leg? Do you know or understand what you are watching? Thanks, Since '61

jh9's picture

Do you know or understand what you are watching? Who do you think you are? Thanks, jh9

Since '61's picture

Someone who is trying to figure out what you are expecting from a QB playing on one leg, behind a shaky OL and trying to break in rookie WRs.
Under those conditions I'll take 425 yards, 3 TDs and no Ints every week.
I'm guessing that we have different expectations and perspective on what is a good, if not great QB performance. No worries. Thanks, Since '61

Jordan's picture

Well, first of all, Rodgers is not playing on one leg. He was removed from the injury report prior to the game.

I'll try to be nice and educate you. Go to Packers dot com and look at the injury report. If you look at "Game Status" on Friday (or Saturday) nights, and don't see anything listed in "Game Status", that means the player was removed from the injury report.

Since '61's picture

Maybe you should take a little education. First watch the game. If you do that then you would know that Rodgers was playing with a lineman's knee brace. He wasn't playing with that kind of a brace because his knee is recovered. Yes he was removed from the injury report but that does not mean that he is not injured. Also, the broadcaster discussed his injuries throughout the game and he was asked about it during the post game interview. Finally, I'll give you a free one, Brett Favre played with injuries for most of his career and he was rarely on an injury report.

You may have also noticed that Rodgers missed some practice last week. After you've learned up a bit you can come back and try again. In the meantime thanks for playing. Since '61

cheesycowboy's picture

yes, much resemblance of the Cardiac Pack...

4thand1's picture

WTF best describes this season so far. I mustva said it a 100 times this game.

MikeHoncho's picture

Enjoy this win because with this upcoming schedule, there might be some dark times ahead.

4thand1's picture

AR said it after the game, we'll see what we're made of after the buy.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

18 called runs in 70 offensive plays (25.7%). Aaron Jones had 8 carries for a 5.1 yard average and Williams had 6 for a 4.8 yard average. Monty had 4 rushes for 12, but one looked a lot like a pass (it was a 20 yard lateral) that went to 2 yards and a TD.

We were ahead for a time and never more than one score down. That's just GB football now.

NJMagic's picture

That D is desperate.... desperate.... for even average safety play. Jones clearly is making mental errors during the week, but how much worse could he be than the current crop??

HHCD is a mystery... Passive, out of position, but seems to be making one key play each game...

Jonathan Spader's picture

He's the Nick Perry of safeties.

ballark's picture

*great INT by Kevin King- getting his head around, quickly locating the ball, then maintaining the catch
*cant believe Brown’s late hit, one week after the taunting play
*Jones works, then we go away from him (one drop should not keep him on the bench-not saying it won’t, just saying it shouldn’t)
*rodgers needs to escape the pocket or get rid of the ball. 6-7 mississippi is no good and he’s been doing it all year
*4th and goal and you throw the fade? to a rookie? Not sure if that’s mccarthy’s call or Rodgers, but I hate it all. Both the play call and the target.
*mccarthy’s worst game as coach of the packers
*for all the ugly, packers are leading the north and should be 4-2
*as maddening as tonight was, it was also fun as hell. Enjoy it.

Coldworld's picture

This was not MMs worst game. Not by a long shot.

Rebecca's picture

too many to count?

Oppy's picture

There is something wrong with Rodgers outside of his knee.

I'm glad we won tonight and yes, Rodgers made it thrilling at the end.. but Rodgers put a lot of terrible throws out there on the field. Throws over WRs (even to Graham, a 6'7" target). Throws behind WRs when there was ample room to lead them (Adams for a TD catch at the back of the endzone- could have been disasterous). Short throws to open WRs deep (MVS catch would have been a touchdown if caught in stride, but he damn near had to stop and wait for the ball to get to him).

Starting to wonder if the collar bone has hampered Rodgers long term based on the mediocre to poor throws he's been putting on film all too regularly.. but then he plays out of his mind and makes stellar throws in short bursts during crunch time.

What gives?

croatpackfan's picture

I believe his peripheral vision become fuzzy. So his throws with no certainty that he saw all he needed. So, he hesitate. From hesitation comes poor throws. That's my opinion...

And my last comment on this game this week. I will let many of you, "true fans" to spit your poison over every person on Packers team and organization. I just do not want to participate in that type of "supporting" team I'm fan of...

CJ Bauckham's picture

I think (mostly hope) he just needs time? He didn't play for half a season, a whole off-season, and then basically the whole preseason. That's alot of time off. He still makes some crazy great throws, so the ability is there. I think Woodson may have been a little right in his pregame comments that he still isn't comfortable putting his weight onto that bad knee when he follows through. I thought I saw that a couple times. I noticed he had no problem doing it when he threw the last td to Adams, though. Did they give him the same drugs from the bears game again in the 4th quarter? Hopefully it will start turning around soon; it being six weeks in and we have a bye to give him some extra practice time and rest

Jonathan Spader's picture

Oppy Nagler and Ryan Grant were talking about Rodger's poor performance on the watch along YouTube show. They said that Rodgers just didn't trust anything he saw. He's looking right at wide open WRs and doesn't trust what he's seeing. He wants to make a play and just holds onto the ball too long. I don't think this is his only problem but I can see how it's a contributing factor along with the knee issue.

PeteK's picture

That's what happens when a QB with a knee injury has the pocket collapsing around him. The blocking was horrendous ! All night linemen and TE's were missing blocks. I still feel that we will play very well as we always do after a much needed bye week.

Lphill's picture

Good experience for the young receivers , still too many incomplete passes , I think I read somewhere that Breeland has safety experience this might be the plan , after the bye week the Packers are relatively healthy and should have all their receivers back , I would like another big body for the D line rotation . Packers will play up to the competition I think we will be surprised.

BigCheese2's picture

Was just mentioning that Breeland is an intriguing prospect for safety. Has speed and amazing ball skills. He could plug and play well as long as getting up to speed doesn’t take him too long. If we are being honest, he could probably look at the playbook for one day and give both HHCD and KB a run for their money.

ReaganRulz's picture

Why is it that our defenders are always so slow and can’t run down any run sweeps? It is like this EVERY year. Every time another team runs a sweep, all you see is green grass and no Packer defenders near the runner. So frustrating that we remain the slowest team in the league x 100.

Rebecca's picture

The SF punter had a very good game. Reggie Gilbert is back to looking like a practice squad/ training camp prodigy. At least Nick Perry is athletic enough to tip a pass once in awhile.

The defensive has a very difficult time getting off their blocks. Martinez, Clark, and Daniels were solid as usual. Martinez is what we had hoped for from many before him, too bad he doesn't get much help from the dodo's around him.

Rodgers looks better statistically than his game play shows 60% of the time. This team shut out the Bills, how did that happen? This team is consistently inconsistent.

More and more this team resembles the NY football Giants.

Keek's picture

Why isn't Montavious Adams playing?

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't care what happened during the game the end result was the most important part.

With 3 minutes left down by 7, how many people predicted us to win by the end of the game?

Great finish to a sloppy game!

But either way the only thing that matters is the end result!

nostradanus's picture

I am just going to enjoy the WIN for the next two weeks and................


Packer fan in SWIN's picture

This team is basically unwatchable......porous defense and the O waiting for the real A-Rod to show up. Good to get a W as that sure beats an L but really the team should be 2 - 4.

Should be results
Bears. L
ViQueens. W
Redskins. L
Bills. W
Lions. L
49ers. L

So 3-2-1 is a bit misleading......

Sorry for an initial negative post but man o man these guys are hard to watch.....hoping Alexander and Bre get back on the field soon and I have lost all hope that Aaron Jones will get an equitable opportunity to tote the rock......

jww061356's picture

It seems we are sliding from mediocre to bad.....I've never been a Fire McCarthy guy but when you lose control of the team, when it is undisciplined and your QB only plays great for stretches, then....we need to re think what the hell we are doing. And what we are doing won't allow us to compete with the big boys.

Booner's picture

Ever since 2011 this teams defense has been bad! I don't see a big improvement over the Capers era! Managements poor performance in the draft has cost the Packers. Poor decisions on the few players that they have signed in free agency have pushed the Packers down even further. Time for a change! Murphy and big Mike need to Go!

Since '61's picture

Gut reactions:

Another poor 1st half effort by the defense. They made CJ Bethard (Who?) look like the second coming of Johnny U in the first half.
Where is the pass rush?
Aaron Jones does not get enough carries again.
Defense made some stops when it mattered the most in the 4th qtr.
OL was very shaky
Aaron Rodgers played great again on one leg.
Our trio of rookie WRs looked good and made some nice plays to contribute to the win.
Welcome back Mason Crosby.
Good time for the bye week. Enjoy. Thanks, Since '61

Oppy's picture

Man, we are worlds apart on Aaron Rodgers' performance in this game.

I saw so many questionable throws, decisions, and overlooked options.. I felt like it was an overall negative game from Rodgers, despite a good start and ultimately, the final two scoring drives inside of 3 minutes which were "vintage" Rodgers.. Just a lot of iffy QB play in between.

I don't deny Rodgers inherent greatness, but if he doesn't get it together soon, this will start feeling an awful lot like the roughly 18 game stretch of sub-par play we saw from Rodgers that nobody wanted to admit was happening until after he "was back" a few seasons ago.

Since '61's picture

Oppy - AR threw for 425 yards, 3 TDs and no picks on one leg, behind a shaky OL and breaking in rookie WRs. Under those conditions I will take Rodgers performance every week. Did he miss some throws? Yes. Has he been inconsistent? Yes.

I think how we view ARs performance is a matter of expectations. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for now. Hopefully he'll be 100% after the bye and the OL will be better. Then we can see where he's at. Until then Viva le difference!!! Thanks, Since '61

Old School's picture

8) Stop making excuses for Rodgers. Everybody on that team is making mistakes, including him.

8) We chose to get rid of Jordy and bring in Graham three rookie WRS. Allison and Cobb out so Rodgers is throwing to lots of guys he doesn't have a lot of game-time with, or even practice. We don't get to complain about things that happened because of our choices.

8) The defense kind of infuriates me, but they do make stops when the game is on the line. SF had 24 at the half and finished with 30. The defense repeatedly gave us a chance to come back. That's something we rarely saw the last several years.

8) Other than the Rams.....which still look pretty beatable to me.....I don't see any NFC team that I'd say is better than us right now. New Orleans is 4-1 but their defense couldn't stop a fat lady from getting an extra piece of cake.

8) The rocks that are being thrown at Brice by some of the fans......he's out there because nobody else is better. Not Jones, not anybody else. He's UDFA covering a guy 1-1 way downfield.....why are people surprised when that ends badly for us at times.

8) If I were running the show......I'd put Tramon back at safety with Dix, and I'd play King, Alexander, and Jackson underneath in the nickel.

8) ALL the Packer OLBs did a poor job setting a hard edge. IF we don't do better against the Rams, Gurley is going to have a big day. I'm not going to bag on Matthews, but just rewatch the game and focus on him every play. If you think he had a better game than Fackrell or Gilbert, think again. And Perry, with three pass deflections, was our best defender agains the pass last night.

Oppy's picture

I watched the game at a friend's house last night and we both were flabbergasted at how horrible Clay Matthews was. Consistently putrid would be a fair assessment. I actually believe the penalty situation has wormed its way deep into his head; he's playing to avoid penalty on a down-to-down basis at this point.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Well Oppy, You're starting to Win me over, but you should have stopped with "we were both flabbergasted at how horrible Clay Mathews was. Consistently putrid would be a fair assessment". The penalty situation has Nothing to do with it. That's why I posted last week that he should be fined $45 Million Dollars, for impersonating a Linebacker the last 3 years.

I will give Credit where Credit is Due. Mason Crosby had a Good game. Not Great, but Good. IMO, none of his kicks were Clutch, not even the 51 yarder, but they were all Clutch to him, so Good Game Mason. I still wouldn't want $1,000 riding on a 45 yarder off of his foot.

I don't normally disagree with Tayrn. She knows teams Much Better than I. We have both been successful for different reasons. I'm trying not to bet anymore. I don't bet teams. I bet lines. I don't care who is playing. As I've said many times, it doesn't matter how many points they put on GB, people keep betting them. Yesterday was a Good Example. The only 10 they covered was on Buffalo after Buffalo killed the Vikings. Jacksonville, the only team I bet this year, beat NE, & I'm not sure they won since. I'm glad I got off of them.

I'm trying not to bet anymore. I have more important things going on in my life right now. I wouldn't write off the next 5 games. I may very well be wrong. We'll find out, but yesterday may have finally got the money off the backs of GB, with the tough schedule coming up. Like I said, it doesn't matter who GB plays, it's where the money is according to the line.

Finally, like it or not, I don't know if it was or it wasn't, but that Flag controlled the outcome of the game. I don't expect you to believe that.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

P.S. R.I. P. JT

saltandpeppers's picture

"Nothing about this team feels good after that win." Damn, that's your first reaction after that win? I was so happy and thrilled! Packer fans (and media) are depressing. That's a great win in my book. I love this team's fight!

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