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Gut Reactions: Day #3 of Packers Training Camp 2015

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Gut Reactions: Day #3 of Packers Training Camp 2015

  • Ty Montgomery looks like he is going to be a swiss-army-knife of an offensive weapon. He flashed a few times and showed some nice hands. He had some bad drops his last year in college, so here's hoping this early work builds a foundation for more success in that area. 
  • Corey Linsley put Jayrone Elliot on his ass at one point...then helped him up. The kid is strong as an ox. Packers fans should thank their lucky stars Ted drafted him. 
  • Speaking of Linsley, at one point in today's practice he dropped down and did what looked like 25 pushups for no reason whatsoever. Just to do it. 
  • David Bakhitiari had one bad rep in the half-line drill when he got caught lunging with his head down. He's a good football player, but those are the types of plays that pop up a few times a game that stop him from being a great one. If he can find a level of consistency, he can make that step. 
  • The pads coming on didn't stop Ladarius Gunter from continuing to be noticed. The guy keeps turning heads.
  •  Eddie Lacy had a great double spin in one half-line drill. 
  • Standing in line for drill work, Adrian Hubbard and Julius Peppers actually look quite similar. Then you watch them each do the drill, and Hubbard's stiffness compared to Peppers' fluidity is absolutely striking. 
  • Mike Daniels was in mid-season form, both on the field (he flashed in both drills and team) and with his mouth. He was giving the offense lip all day long. 
  • Just a quick note that it is incredibly overwhelming to be walking around Lambeau and have people come up to me and say "I love CheeseheadTV!" It happened at least 10 times today. It means a lot. 
  • Thanks for checking out all our coverage of the opening of Packers camp. The team is off tomorrow and we fly back to New York, but this has been a blast. 
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Allan Murphy's picture

Love cheese head tv but one thing i don't like is the games people play banding me from blogs and comment on cheese head tv .

FITZCORE1252's picture

God bless you, Allan.

Jersey Al's picture

Allan, if you were banned, you wouldn't be commenting here...

LeagueObsrvr's picture

Damn straight on Corey Linsley! That young man's going to be an All-Pro.

tm_inter's picture

I love CheeseheadTV! It's the first website I turn to to read Packers news.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Same here. It's CHTV, Bleacherreport and then Packersmix

FITZCORE1252's picture

Daniels... Daniels.

The TKstinator's picture

But I've never been a big fan of those who yap constantly.

Nick Perry's picture

IDK... With the luck Thompson has had drafting D-Linemen I'd take a few more "Yappers" if they all played like Daniels does.

LeagueObsrvr's picture

Yappers are fine, as long as they can back it up. I like Daniels because he loves the game and plays with passion. Every good defense has an emotional leader that inspires those around him to rise to the occasion, and for the Packers, Daniels is that guy...

The TKstinator's picture

Love of the game: check!
Passion: check!
Inspirational: check!

It's just a matter of personal preference and style, I think. I also know that these guys gotta be who they are. I am all for aggressive, mad dog, swarming defense. I just really never did like the "verbalizers" is all. But that's me.

cpheph1's picture

Daniels is going to get a very, very nice contract...and the Packers have a lot of cap space for 2015. Last resort is the franchise tag in 2016. IMO he is the guy to build the DL around and I believe that is the plan.

2017 is a monster FA year with three starting & one reserve OL contracts are up (Sitton, Lang, Bak, & Tretter)...and Eddie Lacy!...Peppers, Datone Jones & Boyd, Micah Hyde, and Sam Barrington. Eddie is a franchise player type and would be less expensive from a cap perspective.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I was just thinking yesterday: say we win the SB this season and Raji + Daniels played major roles in the defense getting to SB and winning. Could we afford both?

cpheph1's picture

If I had to bet, I'd say no but there are some other players in the potential mix too: Casey Hayward, Perry or Neal, Don Barclay and even Sean Richardson.

Ted has some tough choices to make regarding the cap...and he'll need a nice sized carry-over amount into 2017.

NewNikeShoes's picture

If I were TT, I'd draft a decent amount of guards(3-5) in the next 2 drafts just to be safe. Can never bee too careful these days.

cpheph1's picture

I concur with your thought regarding the highly likely need for a starting guard for the 2017 season because Sitton, Lang, and Bak will be FA and Ted won't be able to keep all three...and keeping two could be challenging too unless they don't have to use the franchise tag on Lacy.

I've said it before & I'll say it again, 2017 FA is going to be rough because OL (potential) situation...and the rest of the guys I'd like to keep. I think Peppers can play until he's 40+...I would resign him. I think Elliott has potential PT in some speciality packages because he may be the 5th guy at OLB. I also think Elliott is the 6th LB overall and key ST player.

I don't know if they have the replacement guy at guard on the roster. I'm also not sure how Tretter fits in i.e., is he a center, guard, or tackle?

Which two of Bak, Sitton, or Lang do you want? How much do you want to pay in real money and how do you allocate it for cap purposes?

NewNikeShoes's picture

lol Peppers playing till 40+, he certainly looks like he will, but the life of an nfl lb is hard. he'll probably retire soon. the guy gets hit on a daily basis more than most of us do in a lifetime.

Lacy will probably sign to a 4 yrs. 22-28 mil with more guarantees the lower the the contract.

as for o-line, hmm. this is what I'd do: make sure I have atleast 2-3 trustworthy guards on the roster, then ask sitton and lang if they'd like to come back on 3 yrs 16m deals with the ability to cut them after the 1st year. planing for every contingency is being smart.

Bak, probably a 4 yrs. 20 mil deal, but only based on what I've seen so far. could easily go higher if he plays well.

I know I might get a bit o hate for this, but I'd trade Hyde(if Ty becomes a great returner). The guy's a good player, and a great punt returner, but Ty might eventually do both. Probably to Dallas for a 3rd with the ability to go 1st in 2016.

cpheph1's picture

Peppers "probably retire soon" is an interesting & I define soon differently.

Your WAG on a Lacy contract would be nice for the Pack.

The OL is going to take a hit...I think your Sitton & Lang proposals are way too low plus getting both extended probably isn't going to happen. Having 2-3 trustworthy guards would be nice.

Bak will probably get at least $30m over 4yr based on what he's done so far, his potential, and the position he plays.

Regarding your Hyde trade hate from me because I'm still LOL.

NewNikeShoes's picture

I dunno Bak isn't really commanding of 8+ mil salary YET.
He does have to potential to get the contract you stated tho.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I suspect that Bakh would command more than $7 million per year today if he were a FA, or even in an extension if he had one more year. The 17th highest paid LT currently gets $7 million/yr. I would guess that he'll get $8 million or a bit more in another year, and if he improves his run blocking then we would be talking completely different, and bigger, numbers.

It will be interesting to see what TT does with Sitton and Lang. They already are the 5th and 14th highest paid guards in the NFL, respectively, but they will be around 29 years old when they become FAs. Since OGs can play into their early to mid-30s at a high level, my guess is that it depends on health, particularly Sitton's health, and TT will structure the guaranteed part with care.

I wonder more about Lacy than some others have suggested. Too early really to say much, but I would hazard a guess that another concussion or two would really give TT pause. The circumstances of Lacy's concussions are a bit different from Abby's, but we know for sure that he had a concussion during the Washington game and a 2nd concussion against Seattle. It appears that he did not have a concussion in college.

NewNikeShoes's picture

If I were TT, I'd draft a decent amount of guards(3-5) in the next 2 drafts just to be safe. Can never bee too careful these days.

TheLegendary52's picture

Aaron, and everyone responsible at CHTV, thank you so much for the live coverage of the first three days of Training camp. It was an amazing experience! I know that you guys are headed back to NY, so the video coverage will no longer continue, but I do hope that you do continue with the live blog coverage. Reading the "play by play" and conversing with you guys (and gal) has been so much fun.

jh9's picture

I agree with Legendary52, but there’s something I would like to add. Aaron, when you’re doing the live interviews you are able to get the information you want the audience to hear, but you’re able to do it in a light-hearted manner. You’re informative and entertaining in a most natural way, and that’s not an easy thing to do. I look forward to more of your interviews this season.

PackerAaron's picture

Thanks very much. Very nice of you to say.

Bearmeat's picture

Yep. Echoing comments above. CHTV rocks. Thanks guys.

Nerd's picture

It's a classic site.

4thand1's picture

TT and the Packers scouts can sure pick o-linemen, wtf can't they get a stud or 2 on the d-line? Cheeseheadtv rocks, great job guys.

Nick Perry's picture

The great mystery right? Thompson should try to draft them in either the 4th or 5th round. Look at the starters on the Packers that have come from those 2 rounds. Incredible!!

cpheph1's picture

They have one stud in Mike Daniels...number two?...not so much unless Datone gets it together. Maybe Raji reappears?

I think the keys to the defense is in the various combinations they could do with their LBs & DBs. I don't think they'll use 3 or more DL on the field very often. They could start the season with 52 players because of Jones.

Imma Fubared's picture

So how do the young blood of the defensive backfield look so far. The trip to any super bowl or playoffs for that matter rest on their shoulders.
Teams will be gearing up to test our weakness, two new guys with zero experience in coverage.

Bearmeat's picture's awful early in the season for trolls to appear. Shouldn't you be over on the Minny blogs proclaiming your annual off-season championship?

NewNikeShoes's picture

ey man, whatchu talking about, the vikings are the greatest team evaaaaaaarrrrrr, as evidenced by 0 superbowls

DraftHobbyist's picture

I think Mike Pennel looks pretty good again. I could be some very important Depth as he is the only other player on the team outside of Raji with a true NT body. I've always found it difficult to take a whole lot away from DL's in practices, though. I like to watch the skill positions more closely in practices and the big guys during the preseason games more closely, at least on the defensive side of the ball.

Matteogb4's picture

As always great read

bart's picture

Aaron-Thanks for the update.

Jersey Al's picture

Thanks for the CHTV love. This is the only place I would have even considered merging with and it's because of the amazing things they do while still being a "fan" site? Aaron & Corey kill it every time. I mean, LIVE interviews from training camp? What? Show me one other non Team-sanctioned site anywhere that does that. I'll wait...

Jersey Al's picture

Aaron - great observation on Hubbard - you saw in person the exact reason why he wasn't drafted.

4thand1's picture

size isn't everything.

cpheph1's picture

Do you think Hubbard makes the 53 or PS?

Nick Perry's picture

Hey Al I didn't hear what Aaron had said about Hubbard but it appears it wasn't good. Had high hopes for him but hey it's still early.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

What Aaron wrote is in the article, as follows: "Standing in line for drill work, Adrian Hubbard and Julius Peppers actually look quite similar. Then you watch them each do the drill, and Hubbard's stiffness compared to Peppers' fluidity is absolutely striking."

Nick Perry's picture

Oops, thank you. Guess I missed it.

egbertsouse's picture

It's great to have real football news again. There are only so many Bert Farve stories that I can take.

More, more more!!

chugwater's picture

I still remember trying to get through the summer of 2009 searching for any kind of Packers fix I could get before the season started. I surfed iTunes Store and stumbled onto Packer Transplants Live. Would listen to it constantly while mowing the lawn in the sweltering Texas heat. That's when they still replayed sound bites from the Packers radio broadcast during the show. (They were always gigging Wayne Laravee for standing them up too.)

Nicely done. Appreciate all that you do.

DraftHobbyist's picture

Nice gut reactions. Some of mine:

1) #11 Larry Pinkard (WR) didn't drop any balls out of the jugs machine for PR/KR practice that I saw. I also watched him beat blockers easily as a gunner on at least one play. I recommend keeping an eye on him.

2) Raijon Neal is dropping 2-3 balls per day from the jugs in KR drills. Not good.

3) At QB, I think Tolzien looks to have regressed. On rollouts, his footwork is all off and he's throwing some ducks. In the pocket, he's constantly throwing high. He's holding the ball for a while as well in some of the team drills. Tolzien also looks robotic in footwork drills. (It's really ugly.)

#6 Matt Blanchard, on the other hand, is looking very good. He doesn't have the arm of a Rodgers or Hundley, but he has precision, high football IQ, footwork, can move around the pocket, etc. He's going to turn heads in preseason and the battle will likely be between him

4) Myles White continues to be the guy that catches the ones he should but never makes a great catch.

5) Just eye-balling it, LB Joe Thomas looks bigger than that 227 lb listed weight to me. I could be wrong on that, though. I've always really liked Joe Thomas and if he did bulk up, he could make some noise in the preseason. He always seems like the forgotten one.

6) I don't really watch the top players that closely, but Eddie Lacy outworks every other player in camp. That much is obvious. And no, he doesn't look fat.

7) Ty Montgomery uses his hands very well. I like that. Jeff Janis continues to look like that athletic guy, but will he have the mental aspect down this time? It's hard to tell in practice, but he's making some good catches and looks smooth.

WKUPackFan's picture

Excellent observations DH, thanks!

MarkinMadison's picture

The Packers need LaDarius Gunter to pan out so that they have one corner who matches well with larger receivers.

Samson's picture

Haven't been here in ages. --- However, reading the comments, this is still the same pi$$hole it's always been. -- I see Stroh/DannyDS is back with a new ID. -- Hilarious!! -- See you next year.

lou's picture

Excellent gut reactions. Yes, Linsley has turned out to be a blue chipper from day one and pancaking people at the NFL level is not something you see often. As a kid the best example I ever saw was Gale Gillingham, he had 2-3 per practice, word around the league was Gillingham was the only guy Butkus had his head on a swivel for. Also enjoyed the Hubbard - Peppers comparison, that is why if people get a chance they should see a practice session, seeing is believing. It's great to see that training camp rosters are still passed out otherwise the rail birds would keep asking, "who is that". Howie Blindauer a local business man started the tradition (on his own dime) in the mid-1960's.

DrealynWilliams's picture

=( I keep seeing Vines of other team's practices/camps.

The TKstinator's picture

With Tarzan swinging from them?

NewNikeShoes's picture

"Looks like Tarzan, swings like Jane"

yyyyy's picture

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