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Gut Reactions: 2014 Preseason Game 1 vs the Titans

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Gut Reactions: 2014 Preseason Game 1 vs the Titans

  • Joe Thomas, Rajion Neal & Josh Boyd were on the Butcher's Bill. 
  • One thing I noticed on Twitter tonight was a lot of "Here we go again" by Packers fans in regards to injuries. Yes, here FOOTBALL goes again. Look around the league. Everyone is dealing with injuries. 
  • Hard to get a read on much of anything tonight, other than Demetri Goodson's breakup of a deep ball in the endzone and Korey Jones' interception were probably the height of their respective Packers careers. 
  • I totally get why Mike sat Rodgers. With so many young receivers looking to get on the same page with QB1, I'd have played him. Yes, every retort you're about to make in the comment section, I've heard. Several times. I would have played him a few series. 
  • I didn't really notice Mike Pennel much at all when I was at Packers camp last week. I definitely noticed him tonight. Very active up front, albeit against backups. 
  • Good for Rajion Neal. Still doubt he makes the team, barring injury, but he put some good stuff on tape tonight for the 31 other teams. 
  • Safe to say the Davante Adams As Punt Returner experiment is over. 
  • I'll have more next week when we get to see a bit more and when I'm not up on the Cape on vacation. :) 
  • Go Pack. 
















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Nerd's picture

Yeah Pennell and Neal showed something. Neal could make the PS. Can he return punts?

jmac34's picture

I think the Rettig experiment needs to also end. I just don't see much talent there

Nerd's picture

He's as good as Aaron Rodgers in the 4th quarter!

4thand1's picture

Usually AR has the team up by a couple of scores going into the 4th. Would you rather have him throw picks and having to bring the team back from behind all the time?

MarkinMadison's picture

I thought HaHa showed something too. Looked good on the pass breakup.

4thand1's picture

Give him a break stroh, it was one play. His 1st live action. Jennings and McMillan would have gotten beat AND not recovered.

Tarynfor12's picture

Jennings and McMillan weren't 1st rd picks..the amount of praise HaHa got immediately after being drafted needs to be weighed with his showings more than those mentioned as defense of his play.

Bear's picture

Boyd has a lot of work to do......Had a very poor outing~

Charlie M's picture

Did josh Boyd get injured?

Spiderpack's picture


I love your work and I love your creation here at CHTV. But you missed something. Clinton-Dix's breakup at the 2:00min warning 1st half, after he had already been beat, was everything we wanted to see from him as a 1st round draft pick. That made me so happy.

PackerAaron's picture

Dude. There are a million things I "missed" - have at it.

Spiderpack's picture

5 Blue chips just for that one play. No safety did shit like that last year ever, at any point.

RCPackerFan's picture

I have said before that Neal is a guy that I think could sneak onto the 53 man roster.
After tonight I still think that and I think he did improve his chances a bit. I'm not saying he will make the roster but I think he could.

Harper is what he is. Intriguing but very inconsistent.
I hope to see all of the Wide Receivers step it up a bit actually. I understand that tonight's game was played in a monsoon but I still want to see someone step up and take the 5th and/or 6th spots.

I like overall what I saw from Ha Ha.

I like what I saw from Tolzien. I like forward to seeing more from him.

I really liked seeing Mathews and Peppers switching sides and moving around a lot. Gets me a little excited to see what Capers has planned for Seattle.

DraftHobbyist's picture

-It's funny. I Tweeted to Nagler about Pennel when Nagler was at practice. Pennel was good at Family Night as well.
-I thought HHCD was very up and down. He got burned and missed tackles, but he recovered and had at least one pass breakup as well. He seems like a guy that can grow into being really good.
-Raijon Neal hurt is knee as did Thomas so those guys are big losers from tonight. Quarless was also a big loser with his big drop. Adams was a big loser with 2 dropped punts, but it won't put his spot on the 53 in doubt.
-I thought Dorsey was up and down. He caught some balls but he didn't come back to the ball or fight for it like he should at times.
-Sheppard and Perkins both had troubles getting calls, so I doubt either one makes the team. They are probably fighting for PS spots.
-Rettig has a lot to work on, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was really happy with the way he stepped up in the pocket. He missed some throws but he made a lot of good decisions.
-Rolle obviously has to be happy with that big strip.
-Hubbard did not look good to me at all. I was surprised by how unimpressive he was.

I'm going to have to watch the replay to learn more about the lines. I was a bit surprised that I didn't have more takeaways from the first watch through. Maybe it was the rain.

4thand1's picture

I see why theres a 53 man roster. 30+ of these guys suck.

4thand1's picture

A lot of guys were mishandling balls in the kicking game on both sides. The conditions were brutal. It was the 1st scrimmage, Adams will get another shot.

DrealynWilliams's picture

First off,let's keep in mind that this is only 1 game and the conditions weren't pretty.

- I'm looking right about this Flynn situation. Some of you need to stop pretending. We're NOT comfortable with him as the #2.

-I'm looking wrong when it comes to Chris Harper. He makes a play and then takes 2-3 steps backwards.

-I kind of understand trying Adams as PR. He's elusive. He looks more like Greg Jennings than James Jones (as many would compare him to). I can't wait to see Adams with Rodgers in ideal weather conditions.

-Hyde fielding punts > everyone else. Hyde fields punts effortlessly.

-If Starks runs like that throughout the season I don't care who the #3 back is.

-On that screen to Bostick he showed some nice burst. I hope to see him more at WR/H-Back than TE. I'd rather see R.Rodgers & Quarless in a 2-TE set.

Imma Fubared's picture

Starks better enjoy his time in pre season. MM will run Lacy all day long while Starks warms the bench rather than keep his backs fresh and EXPERIENCED.
All I know is the Vikings D did looked skilled and polished for their first game. There version of HHCD covered his guys like a blanket, made crushing tackles, had a sack and looked anything but a rookie. and AP did not even play. His backup looked awesome. Big fast powerful.

4thand1's picture

Stay in Minn. You suck. Glad you showed your true colors. 1st game, lmfao, you don't know shit.

zeke's picture

"All I know is the Vikings D did looked skilled and polished for their first game."

This is why there are laws against incest. So sad...

Rustyweezee's picture

It's only one game. extra roster spot is starting to open up. If the situation stays the same going forward, Tolzien is #2 QB and there's no reason to keep Flynn. I know fans have an attachment to Flynn, but in the business of the NFL, performance trumps emotional attachment.

At RB, we need to look at Neal with the 1's & 2's. After last night, I'm leaning toward keeping him over Harris. It could be decided otherwise because Harris might be a really good KR, and he's also a change of pace RB, whereas Neal is a more like Starks. But Harris isn't much of a factor without good blocking, whereas Neal has power enough to turn a negative play into positive yards.

Harper's gone. Might as well release him tomorrow. I want to see Janis, but it looks to me like Kevin Dorsey is making a good case for himself. Myles White? Meh. Gillet made a couple plays, but don't see a future there, either.

Heard plenty about Jayrone Elliot in practices. Against the 3's & 4's last night, nothing. Same for Hubbard.

PackerAaron's picture

1. The only way Neal makes the team is if one of the top 3 backs is injured. Certainly possible.

2. Elliott and Hubbard got 6 snaps each. You're a better man than me if you can tell much from that.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Oh yea,

Mike Neal = pressure,pressure,pressure and no finish.

If we can get a dominant/consistent push up the middle things could really (and I mean really) get scary for opposing offenses.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Damn skippy.

I wonder if he'll be the 3rd down obvious pass "specialist" since Peppers will likely be the starter.

4thand1's picture

WTF, the Pack had 44 sacks last year, good for 8th overall. They should get 10 to 15 more this year.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Yea,the problem wasn't getting to the QB. It was being consistent and finishing. I wonder where we ranked as far as QB hurries/pressures

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