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Greg Jennings Agrees to Deal With Minnesota Vikings

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Greg Jennings Agrees to Deal With Minnesota Vikings

Former Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings. Photo by Corey Behnke of Cheesehead TV.

Darren Sharper. Ryan Longwell. Robert Ferguson. Brett Favre.

And now, Greg Jennings.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Jennings agreed to a five-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings Friday, becoming the latest player in a growing line of former Packers choosing to join Green Bay's NFC North rivals.

Jennings, 29, fills a massive hole at No. 1 receiver for the pass-starved Vikings.

He'll join an offense that includes the NFL's reigning MVP Adrian Peterson, an emerging tight end Kyle Rudolph and spotty quarterback Christian Ponder. Receiver Percy Harvin was dealt to the Seattle Seahawks for three draft picks this week, creating the need for Minnesota to get aggressive to replace his production.

While the Packers were believed to be in the race to re-sign Jennings, a trip to Minnesota that included dinner Thursday night with head coach Leslie Frazier, general manager Rick Speilman and defensive end Jared Allen and the ensuing facility visit Friday sealed the deal.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, the deal was for five years and $47.5 million, with $18 million guaranteed.

Jennings, a former second-round pick of the Packers in 2006, caught 36 passes for 366 yards during an injury-plagued 2012 season. Each represented new career-lows. From 2008-2011, however, Jennings averaged over 70 receptions and 1,150 yards and was named to two Pro Bowls (2010, 2011).

Jennings exits Green Bay ranked seventh in franchise history in receptions (425) and receiving yards (6,537) and fifth in touchdown receptions (53).

Zach Kruse is a 24-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covers prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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The poster formerly known as Bearmeat's picture

Not a shock. But it still sucks.

Now we need to add WR to the list of DL/S/RB as immediate upgrades needed. Crap.

Minnesota: Where old Packers go to die. Screw them.

rica's picture

we did fine without him for 8 games this year. pack will be ok

James's picture

I agree. The Pack will push ahead with some great receivers on the roster! For those #29 fans, they can always watch him on the sidelines or at the bottom of the stat list for receptions, because he's easy to cover. :)

Stroh's picture

We do NOT need a WR! If one is the BPA maybe draft him, but we don't NEED a WR. Nelson, Jones and Cobb along w/ Finley gives us more than enough recieving targets!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree that we don't 'need' a WR. However my only question is what happens if Nelson, Jones, Cobb or Finley gets hurt? I like Boykin, but I do think the Packers need to add depth with skills to the position.

I'm not saying draft a WR in the first round but I think they should add a WR in the draft.

Stroh's picture

Rounds 3-5 sounds fine w/ me. Another body w/ some talent that can be developed is fine. But WR is not a need. Most teams think Nelson, Jones and Cobb makes WR a strength.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree with you. Its not a need. But i do feel we need to take a WR in rounds I would say 2-5 if they are the BPA... At this point they NEED a RB, alot more then WR.

mark's picture

I absolutely love that DeAndre Hopkins kid from Clemson. If we draft him I will not be mad.

Stroh's picture

Never draft Clemson guys. Name the last one that amounted to anythhing. They turn out lazy players nothing more. Wouldn't draft him in the 3rd, much less the 1st.

devil doc's picture

CJ Spiller came from Clemson, and would have gladly welcomed him over the group of our current RBs.

Stroh's picture

Thats one... from what? The last 15 yrs? I stand by it nonetheless.

GBFaninCA's picture

Don't forget about Boykin!

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Juck Fennings.


Mojo's picture

I knew the Queens wouldn't let him out of town without signing. It will be interesting to see the terms.

Hope Jordy holds up. Y'all know he still has a problem with his knee, aina hey?

jmac34's picture

Why is it always minnesota?

I bleed Green More's picture

Minnesota thinks Green Bay is their farm club.

Stroh's picture

Their desperate to try to keep up w/ the Packers. No matter who they sign from the Packers we get the best and cheapest years and they sign them for the most expensive and least productive years.

This changes NOTHING!

Big fog's picture

I would've been okay had it been any other team. But it just had to be the purple little brothers across the border. And now I gotta see purple 85 jerseys. Our only saving grace? He gets to catch passes from Ponder or Cassel. That my friends, almost makes it worth it.

devil doc's picture

Purple #15 jerseys, hes now wearing his college number...not that it matters, just sayin

Rocky70's picture

WR goes from strength to so-so.

Not excited about Boykins or Ross or another draftee. --- Oh, well, I guess this is what rebuilding looks like.

Jay's picture

If you want to see rebuilding, observe a team with a different shade of green: the Jets

Stroh's picture

Hell look at the vikes! They don't have squat except Peterson! Signing Jennings changes nothing for either team!

cow42's picture

it may not change much for the vikings but the Packers without jennings are not as good as the Packers with jennings.

so things have changed for the Packers.
they are not as talented as they were last year.

but SF is (and getting better).
and SEA is (and getting better).
and ATL is (and getting better).
and CHI is (and getting better).

Stroh's picture

Nelson Jones and Cobb still makes one if the best WR grouos around. I Dont think it changes much for them at all. Jennings is a very good wr but we still have quality recievers and Finley. Not having Jennings didn't slow the passing game last year.

devil doc's picture

WRs take time to develop, its rare that you see guys like Julio Jones or even AJ Green. I think Boykin is going to be a great asset, the more the kid plays the better he will get. Look how raw Cobb was as a rookie and how he progessed in year 2. Watch out for year 3!!!

Denver's picture

I guess now we'll get to see what had a greater effect on his success, him or the guy throwing him the ball.
Hopefully it's the latter....

Walty's picture

One of Jennings' strengths was as a downfield receiver. Ponder's deep ball is pretty lacking.

Bob Tundra's picture

Exactly! Ponder can't throw deep very well, so look for short passes to Jennings. Cap the ends of the O Line to stop Peterson and cover the short pass and the queens are done.

Evan's picture

Good. Now use the money to tack on a couple years to Jones and Nelson.

Derek's picture

Can't wait to see how much they overpaid him. Good luck picking Ponder over ARod as your QB.

Bryce's picture


mike's picture

same thing farve did.

The poster formerly known as Bearmeat's picture

No. GJ was about himself and his pocketbook. You know, normal job stuff. Favre was about sticking it to the Packers Brass.

Completely different.

markinmontana's picture

Agree with Bearmeat- both sides knew the score for a long time- the Packers wouldn't sign Jennings for the money he could get on the FA market, and Jennings wouldn't take a huge pay cut just to stay a Packer. There was no drama, no retirements/unretirements, and neither side dicked the other around (at least publicly).

Stroh's picture

I don't think Jennings has any animosity to GB at all. Least if he was smart he shouldn't. THey got him a SB ring for Gods Sake, he should be heaping praise on the Packer organization. If he's not. F the freakin hell outta him!

KurtMc's picture

GJ is a class guy. I just would have rather seen him at GB or any other team other than viqueens.

Nick perry's picture

Wow, you knew when he stayed from Thursday to Friday he wasn't leaving without being signed. I know everybody loves Ted but other than managing the cap I just don't see it. The Packers made it a struggle most games last year playing the 2nd or 3rd weakest schedule. Hope Ted has some tricks because I think they're really going to struggle this year and we already knows what capers defenses are like after he stays 3 years or more with a team. If you didn't know look it up. Canty? Nope. Jackson? Nope. Jennings? Nope. But hey he kept Robert F who's a terror on special teams! Common Ted, your going to need more than Raji, Matthews , and Rodgers.

StorminNorm's picture

This is sad to me, Jennings was the heart and soul of the offense after Rodgers. Iam so sick and tired of Thompson sitting and doing nothing.

Stroh's picture

Feel free to go rout for the viqueeens! If your not a real Packer fan we don't want you anyway!

Stupid FA fans... Don't know Ted Thompson from Daniel freakin Snyder!

Jamie's picture

This is just fradulent. 2nd or 3rd weakest schedule? Maybe to the preseason prognostigators, but we ended the season with a top 10 tough schedule. Oh, and not to mention several key players went down to injuries. Please name another team who could deal with that?

I love all of these armchair general managers deriding Ted Thompson not two years after he delivered a Super Bowl, drafted dudes like Randall Cobb, and continues to have his staff poached by other clubs.

Seriously man, you sound like such a whiney little kid.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

The whole "toughest/weakest schedule" thing is just that.....a thing. A thing for people to write about. Anyone can be beaten on any given day in the NFL. The margin for error is very thin. The Packers were defeated by the Chiefs in 2011. Schedule means nothing. How you play against your schedule is everything. How you match up against your opponent is more important than some arbitrary ranking cooked up by pundits.

Evan's picture

5 year, $47.5 mil, $18 guaranteed.

No. Thank. You.

JimTalkBox's picture

Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah... no.

BoxStuffer's picture


Not at that price.

jeremy's picture

I'd rather see that money go to Dumervil. Not that that will happen either...

JJB's picture

Everyone in the division is getting better. Good chance the Packers miss the playoffs this year.

Evan's picture

Swapping Harvin for Jennings is a lateral move at the absolute best.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I'd actually say they (vikes) are a bit less talented now between the two receivers.

Evan's picture

I'd agree. I was trying to be as impartial as possible.

Add in Winfield and they're clearly a less talented team now. But, whatever. Chicken Littles doing their thing.

dawg's picture

GJ had a problem w/ separation as of late, and has a fear at the slot at age 30, his body language showed so past 1.5 yrs.
Love the queens over spent, now just have a Db smack him in the mouth, and he folds! Read em and weep!
He will make plays, BUT not worth what he got!
PLUS, whos gonna throw him the ball?
He went for the money and the qeens fell for it--love it!

BLACK HAWK's picture

Agree...and older as well

Stroh's picture

Bears, Lions and vikes always win the offseason... Funny thing is the Packer ALWAYS win the regular and post season! LMAO

dawg's picture

Agree-Look at Langs tweet!
Hats ans shirts for signings!

Lou's picture

Remember the Bears were going to coast to the Division win according to all the "experts" with Detroit a close 2nd. The Jennings deal actually was a positive for the Packers, show me one team that would take him over a young Percy Harvin who is not only a better receiver but has a huge special team impact. The net is the Vikings this week down graded their #1 WR position and put their future cap in jeopardy. We can now sign the best QB and LB in the NFL to long term deals, WE WIN.

Chris Davis's picture

Thank you Lou...Well stated!

Pack12's picture

Look at the bright side we resigned Robert Francois! LOL

cheesewhizzer's picture

I have nothing but respect for Greg Jennings. I just don't know if Ted Thompson has a viable plan for improving this team. He has lowballed and let so many FAs get away that I've lost confidence as to where he is headed. If he has no intention of signing FAs well then reup Rodgers, Matthews or Raji but don't just sit on your hands Teddy. Show us you still have a pulse Teddy. Do something or give your job to someone who has the cojones to improve our team!!!

Vrog's picture

You are clueless

trvs's picture

He got his money, he can build his brand in a larger city and he will get booed like crazy when he comes to Lambeau. Good riddance and Go Packers!

Bryce's picture

Peace out Greg Jenning$. When you wear purple, you're dead to me.

Bob Tundra's picture

We'll never forget you, Craig!

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


GBPDAN's picture

The pack is better off spending 9m on a physical trench player then on jennings. Dumervil would be nice adition. Come on ted, quit sucking.

Stroh's picture

Love to see Dumervil and Matthews off the edges! Doubt it happens, but that would be RE-Dick-U-Less!

dawg's picture

I thought the same thing, but it won;t happen?

Evan's picture

Can Dumervil play OLB? He's, what, 5'11", 260.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I thought that's what he's been the last few years in Denver. No?

Stroh's picture

Part of it anyway. They flipped from 43 to 34 and now I think they're a 43 team again. IIRC his best year or 2 was a 34 OLB.

Evan's picture

Ah...I didn't know they kept switching around. I thought he was a 4-3 DE.

Not that it matters...he'll probably end up in Seattle.

(Only half joking.)

RC Packer Fan's picture

Dumervill is made for OLB in the 3-4 Scheme. I believe thats how denver used him in the past.
I would love to see the Packers try to sign him. I highly doubt it would happen, but it would add a much needed piece to the team.

I believe Nick Perry can be a good player, but why not give Capers another proven pass rusher.

Pack12's picture

It won't happen. TT's adversity to free agency is like Dracula's to the sun.

Hoops24's picture

He just sold his soul to the devil. Good luck with that joke of a franchise

KurtMc's picture

TT had plenty of chances, even a rent a player for a year on the D line.

Its clear little be be done to improve our team. Bank the $$ and do what?

I'm all for not going spend crazy or stupid as some (fins, colts, but c'mon. Avrvil, Canty or Bennett didn't break the bank, Goldson maybe, but we could use safety help here.

I sure hope the Offense can score like 47/game because our D is going to 25th or worse.

viscapackers's picture

From an on the field perspective, this is a neutral move for GJ. Yeah, his QB will stink, but with AP and Rudolph, he has complements, but not competition for the ball. He'll get more targets next year, even if many of them are at his feet. I can see him averaging 75 catches a year during the first three years of the deal. He'll be eating up 9% of the Queen's cap space, which is a lot for a guy who doesn't drastically alter the field. Clay, Peyton, Rodgers, AP, Megatron, etc. those guys shift the field, but GJ has always been an exceptionally solid player. I've loved him and currently (though not for long) own his jersey. From 06-2011 he was nothing but class on the field. From the MNF performance vs Cutler and the Broncos in 2007 to the genius plays he made in the SB, he was fantastic. Last year, he was feeling sorry for himself and not choosing his words as carefully as he had. He wanted to move on. Other than Week 16 vs the Queens (audition?) and Week 15 vs the Titans (who didn't have a great game?), he was mediocre. Injuries? Maybe, but I also think there was some pouting.

From an off the field perspective, if I'm GJ's agent, I dissuade him from doing this. Look at the marketing agreements he raked in by being a pro bowl receiver in Green Bay. I know that AP has been pretty well marketed, but he's one of the greatest ever. Vikings have very little national appeal (studies have calculated that the Packers have nearly 6 times as many fans nationwide as do the Queens). Those marketing dollars are pretty valuable during the tail end of one's care

Stroh's picture

Every Packer we let go is always an audition for the viqueens. They take our players after we've gotten the best and cheapest year, and they pay for the most expensive and least productive years!

The more things change the more they stay the same!

madtork's picture

Remember the triangle of power in MN.? Think Speilman is the only one left. He sees himself as TT lite. He drafts so so and makes dumb FA moves. GJ will make his plays and flash his smile, but I think you will see him shaking his head and rolling his eyes more then ever. Pressure is on Ponder now.

ay hombre's picture

Good stuff.

jack in jersey city's picture

i love greg and wish him well but i wish nothing but bad luck for his new team

dawg's picture

Yeah, GJ said J-Allen persuaded him, IF Allens hardon for the Packers, makes you to join , over a MVP QB, good fu*kin luck! Ha!

cow42's picture

would have loved to have kept him but no way can i fault tt for not ponying up that kinda' coin. 47 over 5? wow. didn't see that comin'. looks like 85's agent did a good job of getting the queens to bid against themselves.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Watching his press conference, he said he was "looking for change". For whatever reason, he wanted out of GB (my guess is too many weapons, too few balls to satisfy) ... That being the case, he now wears purple. He can blow out his knee tomorrow and I wouldn't feel bad for him. All the lip service about wanting a good QB was just that... It was all about the $$$. I ain't hating, but... He's now the enemy. Maybe that's bad, but eff it... Green and Gold... Ride or Die BYAAAATCH!


BLACK HAWK's picture

Amen brother!!!

Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

I'm with you on this one, Fitz. Loved that guy, but I hope his career fizzles out and dies in MN.

I would not have felt that way if he went anywhere else, minus Chicago and maybe Detroit.

MTPack's picture

OK, have to admit GJ to the vikes stings but thought he wasn't coming back to the Pack. Still had a bit of hope lately he'd come back. So essentially it's Finley over GJ now? Youth, but no heart or class. The bigger picture is I just don't see the Pack getting to the SB through the draft only. Don't get me wrong TT is a very good GM, but I think would be a great one if he could pull the trigger on just one or two proven vets in key areas (admittedly, not WR). Have to trust TT has a plan, but the playoff losses the last two years makes me want to see at least some change in building the team.

Idiot Fan's picture

I like GJ and think he would make our team better, but does anyone think we should have paid more than the Vikes did in order to keep him? I sure don't.

Mojo's picture

Kind of an interesting beginning to FA and personnel moves. I can't complain because I said before all of this I viewed only a handful of players as untouchable and that the Pack needed to revamp the roster. Regardless of whatever spin anyone wants to put on it the Pack are weaker TODAY than they were at the end of last year. But we have a long way to go. There are a ton of FA's still out there. Plus the draft. I'll have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

The TKstinator's picture

Ted will not overpay. Be patient, Packer fans. How many big money free agents are actually thought to be worth it at the END of their contracts?

Mojo's picture

Another thing that's frustrating is trying to evaluate certain players who were injured and how they might fit in going into September. Do you draft a LT? If so what do you do with Sherrod? Is Perry any good? Is Bishop going to be the same? How about Smith? Bulaga? Is Benson through? Do you count on Cobb, Jordy and JJ to make it through the season uninjured, with currently little depth behind them?

There are a lot of unknowns with this roster.

Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

This sucks, but whatever. I would guess - only guess - that TT offered something in the two year range, but GJ was looking for a longer term deal. I admire GJ, but this proves what we've all always known - at the end of the day it is almost always about the money and rarely about loyalty. Yes, there are a few - Donal Driver among them - who are truly loyal to a team and its fan-base. Jennings is a class act, but even his true motivations are dictated by cash. The NFL. Humanity. Whatever. We'll beat them twice next year.

trvs's picture

Packer fans take their relationships with players very seriously. This in part is what makes the "Packer Nation." On the other hand it can make for awkward situations when a player jumps ship.

I don't think TT is sweating any of this, but it sure puts more pressure on the front office to produce results. We have an amazing group of talent that really just needs to stay healthy and ball the fox out next year.

As a fan I just have simple needs. Win games, especially against the NFC North and grab another Lombardi.

Also, with the cuts of Jennings and Woodson we will see who actually steps up between Finley, Jones, Tramon, Burnett, and Hawk. These players have to perform at a high level for the Packers to continue to be competitive.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

GJ wasn't cut. Juss sayne...

trvs's picture

your right.... the "departure" of GJ and the cut of Woodson. At least you read my comment.

madtork's picture

TT never sweats, he's always medium cool. You know when he is on the practice field, the sun goes behind a cloud and the birds stop singing. Viva! Silver Fox!

Jay's picture

So...on the bright side...def 3rd round pick coming next year

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

You never know, could snap a leg in camp. Do comp. picks start in the 3rd, or 4th... I thought 4th.

Alex's picture

Start after pick 32 in round 3. So I guess you could say Round 3B?

MarkinMadison's picture

Break it down and this is a win for the Packers.

Vikings go from Harvin (missing lots of time with headaches and attitude) to Jennings (30 and starting to show it). Sounds like a wash from the Vikings standpoint.

Packers lose their #1 receiver, but see above (30 and starting to show it), and they have three proven receivers still on the roster, so that's a wash for the Packers as well.

GJ passes on $10M/yr from the Packers (allegedly) and ends up with a 5-year deal averaging just over $9M with the Vikings. The devil's in the details but it sounds like it was probably a wash for GJ from a money standpoint in the end. Vikings went from paying Harvin big $ to paying GJ big $. Wash for the Vikings as well.

Packers DON'T spend $9M+ a year on a receiver that they can live without. That sounds like a win.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

does anyone know if chasing dumervil is a real possibility? could we realistically afford him? seems his agent and denver really dropped the ball, from what i understand the broncos took a 5 mil cap hit due to their little mix up and he may just cost too much now to re-sign...would love to see him in green and gold!


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Are you new? Ahh, no.

Tarynfor12's picture

Greg Jennings Football Career Things To Do Created When He Was a Little Boy!

1)Get drafted by a great ORG..GBP..Check
2)Have great QBs throw me the ball...Check
3)Become famous and open other paths..Check
4)Win a SuperBowl...Check
5)Get as much $$$ by age 30...Check

This list hangs in every WRs mind and very few are able to achieve it's contents.Good for you Greg and like you...I'm moving on and feel it's the best thing for both you and the Packers.

Pack66's picture


Sour Grapes from all you Cheesedouches...gotta love it...

Turn on your heroes....what class!

(Jennings is going to light it up in Minny this year!)

And Fitzcore, maybe Rodgers will snap a leg this year too, under that shoddy "protection" that TeeTee gives him...

Face it..the Pack is on the way DOWN this year....

markinmadison's picture

Please. Not everyone here is thumping on GJ. He wants his money, no problem. But Pack is going down? Way too soon to talk about that yet. Free agency has a ways to go, draft has not even warmed up. Vikings look no better than last year yet. Bears are gaining a LT and losing their LBs. Lions have made too many moves to even get a grip on yet. Write back in five months.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Hey JJ, ya dum-sum-bitch... How the hell ya doin!? For the record, I'm not wishing GJ ill will, it's just that he now dons purple, so if something unfortunate were to happen, I may chuckle, That's all.

Wiscokid's picture

Let's put GJ aside for a moment and discuss Pack66. Your mother must be very proud that managed to raise a bouncing baby troll.

Blow me you tool.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


Bob Tundra's picture

Maybe it will be AP who will snap a leg this year. All that pressure on him to carry the team, and all. Just sayin'..

Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

I'd stand applauding if Adrian Peterson was carried off on a stretcher. I hate the Vikings. And I could give less than a shit about their players. GJ included.

Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

I take some of this back as this comment was under the influence.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Lol... Been there!

Cole's picture

Let's say they were going to give 85 7-8 mil a year, hell, give that to dumervil. Have Perry rush on 2nd and third downs, he's strong enough. Draft: ogletree, tavon Austin, datone that order

The TKstinator's picture

So last year, after Philly won the Super Bowl....oh, wait. Never mind.

GreenBaySavant's picture

agree. But, there is trying to buy one like Philly did and then there's letting all of your depth go and not trying to fill huge voids while the clock is ticking on your stud QB.

I can see not signing Jennings, but not attempting to fill those HUGE voids on defense are concerning.
Remember those SF and NYG games?

GreenBaySavant's picture

I already counted Jennings as gone a while ago. But the departures of woodson, walden, crabtree with the possibility of others (which are not cornerstones but are depth) coupled with the fact that he hasn't (and does not usually) signed any FA's leaves me concerned for this upcoming season. If he intends to address all of these needs from the draft (LT, RB,DL, LB are the big ones)and bargain basement no name FA's, we will have a longs season. Yes, we will still be competitve. But no Lombardi.

I would like to see James Harrison and possibly Peyton Hillis. I think they will still be around for a little bit and their $ will be lower.

To not sign anybody decent and address strictly through the draft constitutes rebuilding and wastes valuable time.

Glorious80s's picture

Do not mind TT building from the draft. Problem is GB lets good players go FA with out much return. Notice Vikes got three draft choices for Harvin, 49ers got choices for Smith and then picked up A.Boldin for a 6th.
Getting into the playoffs every year is great, but leaves GB in a low draft position. Over time, attrition sets in with less chance for cornerstone replacements. Not good for a draft-oriented team. A Sherrod type injury sets the plan back further. Plus TT is facing competition from smart (and some former GB front office) GMs.

trvs's picture

I think that is a valid point about not getting picks for these departing free agents. Right, we will probably get a compensatory pick for jennings, but not until next year.

If TT saw this happening all along... the lack of interest from 85, the no lambeau leap on his final touchdown, the idea of wanting a change of scenery (which MN is not, climate wise) then he should of traded him earlier in the year.

Pay em or trade em... and let's have a healthy season, eh?

Glorious80s's picture

Right. What happens with Finley if he delivers this year and wants top money with the big three set for cap eating contracts? Presume TT is thinking ahead, but the team is losing players, creating more holes to fill in one draft.
Also, other teams' GMs are aware of TT's knack for finding talent in the bushes. Might be harder to do this year.

MarkinMadison's picture

This is why I think the Packers should trade Finley right now. Get a decent pick or two for him for this draft, because I don't think they will be able to afford to keep him after this year.

But I generally don't agree with your thougths about the draft. If you ranked his first-rounders they probably go:

Rodgers A (24)
Matthews A (26)
Bulaga B+ (23)
Raji B (9)
Hawk C- (5)
Harrell F (16)
Perry IC (28)
Sherrod IC (32)

TT's top half picks (Harrell, Hawk and Raji) been somewhere between a bit disappointing to busts. His cornerstones (Rodgers and Matthews) both came near the bottom of the round. And Bulaga may yet turn into a Pro Bowler. Jury is still out on Perry and Sherrod.

Glorious80s's picture

Teams like GB which rely on draft and develop, primarily, must maximize their draft picks particularly when they have low round draft positions.
And mistakes or bad luck injuries make this even more important.
The coaching staff has to develop those players, and maybe accelerate the process to get them on the field faster since the team does not rely on top tier veteran FAs.
Meanwhile they're losing some important veterans of their own due to free agency that have to be replaced. And GB gets little or no return.
It's a constant process with a window in which they have players on favorable rookie contracts.
You may be right about Finley. It's a difficult balance to maintain - who to keep or trade and when.

Andy's picture

If Finley delivers this year we can win another Superbowl?

Players don't last forever...

GmanB1984's picture

I don't mind letting GJ go, however, AR is in his prime and maintaining/building thru the draft every year approach doesn't necessarily help AR win another ring. At some point the Packers need to realize that you cannot be the youngest team in the league and win. AR is now the oldest player on the roster. There is no team that wins the SB without locker room leadership/playoff-winning experienced players. It is great to build thru the draft but at some point the team must keep good veteran players around AR or they will find themselves in another Favre situation-36 year old man-of-a-quarterback surrounded by 23 year olds

Andy's picture

All young Packer players will be one year better. Maybe not every player, but as a whole, the team will be better. Our young players are on the rise, older players are on the decline.

We will be better because the Packers will be more experienced as a group.

How many rookies become Superstars? Do you want the "to be" stars cheap or the expensive "has been" stars?

Although, it would have been fun to have Jackson...

Pack66's picture

GmanB1984 says:

March 16, 2013 at 2:26 pm

I don’t mind letting GJ go, however, AR is in his prime and maintaining/building thru the draft every year approach doesn’t necessarily help AR win another ring. At some point the Packers need to realize that you cannot be the youngest team in the league and win. AR is now the oldest player on the roster. There is no team that wins the SB without locker room leadership/playoff-winning experienced players. It is great to build thru the draft but at some point the team must keep good veteran players around AR or they will find themselves in another Favre situation-36 year old man-of-a-quarterback surrounded by 23 year olds

GREAT POST, GMAN...I said the same thing when the FAVRE was in GB, but the TT IDOL worshippers will stone you for such heresy...You see..they seem to think that their beloved TT walks on water and to contradict him is a mortal sin.

They will never see...even when your prediction comes true and poor AROD goes without getting another ring. You see, Vince and Lord God TT can not be questioned..

Youth and Cheapness trumps all....

Never shall thy go through Free Agency to help the team...Hallalujah...Hallalujah..all praise Lord TT, Priestess of the High Draft and unrealized potential...


Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

What's it like riding in one of those short busses?

Is it as weird and lonely as the Viking Super Bowl case?


GmanB1984's picture


Point Packer turned Jeff Query's picture

See previous post re: commenting under the influence.

Andy's picture

Brady hasn't won the SB for many years (2005?) Dallas hasn't won since the 90s regardless of all their spending. The list goes on.

It's hard to win the SB no matter what you do. Odds are the Packers won't win one for a while. But as long as they get to the playoffs more years than not...I like their chances.

Glorious80s's picture

TT has acquired FAs if not the high profile ones and done OK, as has been stated.
Relying primarilly on the draft is not a bad thing, especially to keep costs contained. That's reality.
The issue here is that they have to maximize their draft choice options when having to consistently draft in a later postion. Also, they have to keep the core players they've spent time and money developing. If they can't, ala Jennings, a trade has to be worked earlier in the process.
It's a fine line, for sure. GB's problem seems to be that they let too many FA go with out getting compensation for replacements.

MLecl0001's picture

I maybe the only one, but I am not concerned about free agency activity or lack there of from TT. I am actually looking forward to this season and all the new young cheap faces that will be joining the squad.

I dont know maybe its just me but I like it when a player pops up out of no where. When a player succeeds past expectations. I find it funny people gripe so much about free agency yet they forget where we got most of our star players from.

Draft and Develop, its the never ending supply of good cheap talent.

GmanB1984's picture

This team would be completely different if Cullen Jenkins would have be resigned 2 years ago. But b/c the Packers didn't, they become the worst defense in NFL history in 2011 (now owned by the 2012 Saints) and one of the worst in 2012. Sometimes in business you have to risk money to make money (aka: win). Obviously, I'm not saying to sign everyone but at some point in order to win another Superbowl TT must sign veteran playmakers. Much like he did with Charles Woodson. Like Ron Wolf did with Reggie White, Keith Jackson and Andre Rison.

Andy's picture

Hindsight is a fans greatest weapon.

I liked Jenkins too, but we kept the right players to go 15-1...

Bob Tundra's picture

I work in Minnesota and have not heard one word from queens' fans about the Jennings deal. I have to go to Packer blogs to read what queens fans think. Tell you what I think: GJ's agent skewered the queens with this deal! Jennings better be ready to run short routes since he will be playing with Ponder and Cassell as his QBs. Our DBs should be well versed in how to cover GJ.

trvs's picture

Yeah my MN friend is pretty upset with the signing. Seems to be the only one who actually hates the idea of signing Packers. He likes the rivalry between the states and wished they would keep it that way.

On the other hand seeing Tramon, Shields, or Hayward cover GJ will be a very interesting story next season. GO PACKERS!

A Hayward pick/six while covering Jennings would be glorious.

Lucky953's picture

We all know there are no bargains the first week of FA. Look at what Baltimore had to do to clear cap space after signing Flacco. Once you've got your franchise QB, you have to keep him and that's very expensive. I'm more concerned about the loss of scouting than I am about the FAs who left. How many of us were hollering for TT to draft Jennings in the first place? With AR & CM to pay, you've got to find the next GJ (like they found Cobb). We have to expect BIG improvement from the second and third year players. That's how this system works. Overpaying for aging stars usually ensures you will NOT be competitive in 2-3 years.

Andy's picture

Agree Lucky. Let the young guys grow. Aging stars can take a team backwards.

Nonofyourbusiness's picture

The same people are always on here talking about who can do what and who can't. Draft a wide receiver here or there? We have wide receivers outside of Greg Jennings . You all need to take time and review some tapes of some players. Boykins may not have speed , but I can gurantee you he can catch balls, run routes, read the defense, and play as well as cobb, Nelson, and jone. Sports is about heart and determination. People said the same thing about victor Cruz, now talk. Never under estimate the heart and determination of a player. Speed doesn't make your better than anyone lose. Determination, work ethic, and heart does.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I personally have high hope for J.B.... This year! Something tells me TT and MM do too.

GBFaninCA's picture

Congrats Greg, you deserve the money...sux it has to come from minnisota tho.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Money definitely talks. Guess that "QB will be a large part of the decision" thing was all BS, huh Greg? Have fun playing with Ponder!

devil doc's picture

He not only turned down the Packers offer, but he turned down the chance to play with Brady as

Pack66's picture

Cool...Maybe the FAVRE is going to come back to Minnesota to hook up with Jennings and beat the Pack's ass 2x this year, AGAIN!!!

That would be cool...

dawg's picture

Cobb did away w/ GJ--Nuff said, and GJ didn;t approve!

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