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Green Displays The Good & The Bad

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Green Displays The Good & The Bad

Rookie running back Alex Green got his first action of the preseason last night and showed why the Packers selected him in the third round of the draft this past April on one beautiful play seen below:

On the flip side, Green also displayed the area he most needs to improve in if he does not want his appearances during the regular season kept to a minimum.

Green actually does a good job recognizing the stunting lineman (It could be argued that Lang is late getting over) but does a terrible job of squaring his shoulders to the defender. This is a common mistake and is obviously correctable. But you simply can't have him back there allowing hits on the quarterback in McCarthy's scheme, which counts on the backs to keep the QB upright almost as much if not more than catch passes out of the backfield.

As most football fans know pass protection is a common issue with rookie running backs, especially when they come out of a wide open offense like the one Green was in while at Hawaii. We saw this same issue with Brandon Jackson during his rookie campaign - and Jackson went on to become the best pass blocking back in Green Bay's backfield before leaving in free agency earlier this summer.

Green is exciting and dangerous out in the open field. Unfortunately, right now, he's just as dangerous to whoever is lined up at quarterback for the Packers. Until that changes there's no way the coaching staff can trust him with more than a handful of snaps in a regular season contest, if that.

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David's picture

I think he's doing great considering the amount of time he's had to familiarize himself with this offense. No OTA's and only a handfull of practices to work with. He'll be just fine. Isnt the current RB coach a former OL coach? Not to mention, Edgar Bennett is still around.

PackersRS's picture

"(It could be argued that Lang is late getting over)"

Right now I don't feel the least bit comfortable with what we have in the LG spot. I know it's just preseason, but the only reason anyone is declaring Lang the winner at LG is because Sherrod has been even worse.

I can't believe that there's the possibility of the Packers sorely missing Daryn Colledge...

Jake's picture


I'm also very worried about it.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I have always observed that Colledge was a good-to-better pass-protector, in a pass-first offense. I also observed that he was always available, never missing PT or practice. However, I have been in agreement with most that his price could not be met. This is the NFL, and the seasons move on. We'll see how the Packers adjustments work out.

Bearmeat's picture

You could also count on Colledge to blow up at the worst possible time. Whether an untimely hold or false start - or just flat out whiffing.

I think Lang will be better than Colledge by halfway through the season.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Come down off that ledge my friend. Everything will be fine at LG, trust me.

What would Ol' Jack Burton say... I don't know, but I just watched Big Trouble in Little China, and I'm sure he'd say something great and then ride of in the Ol' Porkchop Express. What a classic.

PackersRS's picture

I hope you're right. I'm not competent enough to project TJ Lang. I can only talk about the little I've seen. He had shown some promise before, but nothing that indicates he can be a solid starter in the league...

PackerAaron's picture

"I can’t believe that there’s the possibility of the Packers sorely missing Daryn Colledge"

I've only been warning you guys about it for the last year.

cheese5's picture

slow down

FITZCORE1252's picture


jeremy's picture

Colledge had his share of misses and was beaten badly by none other than CJ Wilson on a couple of snaps. He played no better than TJ Lang, especially considering he was not being jerked around moving from LG to LT every other series.

Colledge has his upside but he is not worth 5 years 27mil, let's move on.

PackerAaron's picture

I agree he's not worth it - as do the Packers. The point is, people have wanted to get rid of Colledhe for years and I have said he's much better than fans give him credit for. Better the devil you know, etc.

Now, fans have gotten what they've always wanted and -surprise! - it's not as easy to replace him as they thought. Yes he has his faults, which have been amply noted. But not noting his many strong points as well does him, and fans, a disservice.

PackersRS's picture

Never thought it would be easy to replace Colledge. What I did think is that Colledge had hit his ceiling, which was as an average starting LG.

While it's ideal to have a ready replacement for every departed player, and TT has done an excellent job in that department, it's impossible. You have to take risks sometimes and project players.

While I do not see a ready LG to play in this team, and I don't know if any of these guys will develop soon enough to not jeopardize the offense, and while I don't trust this coaching staff with handling the OL... I was going somewhere with this line of thought...

Uhm, in TT and MM I trust.

Jersey Al's picture

with regards to lang sliding over, this is the same play that occurred in the Browns game, except it was Sherrod in that spot and he recognized what needed to be done.

Of course, Sherrod has shown he is not quite ready for prime time, but he has those football smarts and awareness I don't see in Lang. So what's the answer at LG? there may be no choice other than Lang, but do I like that as the long-term answer? No, I don't.

PackerAaron's picture

Lang looks slow in recognition, no doubt. But in every other area, from first steps, to leg bend, to the punch he gets on guys when engaged, I feel Lang is way ahead of Sherrod. The rookie is just not a guard.

Jersey Al's picture

can't disagree after seeing more of them both. But Lang looks like what I thought he was - just a backup.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Green can clean that up easily enough. And fellas, TJ will be fine... if MM ever lets him settle in as "the guy".


Mojo's picture

Yeah, Lang has to see that stunting lineman much sooner. He was in good position to stop him but stayed with the first guy too long. And boy did Green do nothing on his block. Flynn should have had much more time.

Matt's picture

lets just do what we did when this was allen barbre. bring tauscher back.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Ol' Fitzcore and the Porkchop Express here...

Mark my words, This time next year nobody will be worried about the LG spot, Teeej will be GOOD. Don't underestimate what being named "the guy" will do for the kids confidence, right now he's in limbo and probably questioning himself, once he knows the job is his you will see a consistent LG. He just needs to know the organazation believes in him. You heard it here first, Teeej = GOOD. Watch.

And if not, disregard this post.


Bearmeat's picture

agreed completely

Oppy's picture

The check is in the mail

Oppy's picture

Tauscher is a RT, not a LG..

But, since you brought it up, it's very possible if Tauscher gets his shoulder right and can pass a physical, the Packers could conceivably resign him as a back up at RT.

That would alleviate a ton of pressure on the OL.. Cliffy/Newhouse at LT, Lang/McDonald/Sherrod at LG, Wells/McDonald at C, Sitton/McDonald/Schlauderhoff at RG, Bulaga/Tauscher at RT..

Then Sherrod can mostly practice at LT for a year..

DAWG's picture

I agree, give Lang some reps, he'll out do what Collage did and better it in his run blocking! The coaches at some point have to pick who it is they want to stick with, and stick by IT!!!!
Camp is WELL under way, better figure it out soon!
A-Rod can't afford one/two more concussions like last season!!!!

Jim Hurly's picture

I personally think Lang will be OK, as will Sherrod at LT in a year's time. Missing the OTAs didn't help these guys at all. Lang's going to be a better run blocker than Colledge ever was, also.

Hawaii boy's picture

At Hawaii, we run a one back offense, four wide receivers and with no tight end, the running back's first priority is to block, not run or catch passes. The running back cannot get on the field if he can't block. Green will be a really good blocker b/c that is how he was trained at Hawaii. The fact that he rushed for over a thousand yards last year is amazing b/c we hardly run the ball. That's how good Green is.

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