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Packers: 16 Titans 20

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Packers: 16 Titans 20

James Starks, Scott Tolzien & Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

Brad Jones, Jordan McCray & Punt & Kick Returners

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Proudly Served at Lambeau Field

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coreyb's picture

My favorite play was probably Starks TD

TommyG's picture

Was the NFL trying out a new compound of glove or ball??? I can't recall ever seeing that many fumbles in a game.

Beep's picture

Didn't see the game, but just saw BC tweet that Brad Jones graded out highest by PFF?

RCPackerFan's picture

I didn't think he played badly either but I didn't think he was great either. It looked like he got lost on the TD.
I will say that I was impressed with Barrington. I thought he was physical and seemed to be in the right spot most of the time.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah Daniels lost gap control but at the same time Jones just couldn't find the Greene. He just looked lost on that play. Also I still don't understand why shields shifted to the S spot and Ha Ha shifted over to the WR.

I saw Barrington in one a number of plays. I liked what I saw overall. Sometimes the players that aren't noticed play the best.
Example I didn't notice Sherrod and he played pretty well.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I missed parts of the game, making food and such. I commented on another site last night that I thought B. Jones played okay, and that Daniels had not proved to me that he can be counted on against the run. I am sure that Daniels can be the disruptive pass rusher, but am waiting for him to show that he can be a complete rather than a situational player.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Somehow PFF loves Brad Jones. He is an aberration in their system.

DraftHobbyist's picture

It's just evidence to how useless PFF is. Brad Jones was pretty bad. He didn't fill gaps instinctively and played slow.

lucky953's picture

#62 Jordan McCray: really awful. On one pass play he took a stutter step forward and the DT blew past his outside left shoulder. Gerhart tried to slide but our QB was trashed. I thought, "What is this guy doing?" I looked him up. Soon thereafter he was knocked 3 yds into the backfield. Poor guy is out of his league. He has the lateral movement of an ice cream truck.
Good call Aaron!!!

lucky953's picture

Also I thought Brad Jones completely blew the TD run: prematurely committed inside on a very bad read.

lucky953's picture

"rushing to condemn someone you don't like" Huh?
Actually, I like linebackers who can read the game and make adjustments. The idea is to keep the other team from scoring. If Daniels got pushed inside, then obviously there was no "gap" for Jones to fill. Make a play where it needs to be made.

DraftHobbyist's picture

I couldn't agree more Lucky.

Nopainnogain's picture

as hard as it is for couch-jocks like you to believe, there is more to playing defense in football than see-ball, get-ball. different players have different assignments to fill depending on what their keys tell them. please google "linebacker cross-keys" and at least try to educate yourself.

packeraaron's picture

Brad Jones was bad. PFF needs to reassign a grader...

Nopainnogain's picture

or maybe you need to re-assess your football knowledge and try to educate yourself on defender responsibilities before acting like an expert.

L's picture

@Aaron Nagler

Why did you put Brad Jones on the Bad list when there were much more deserving players?

packeraaron's picture

Because he was bad.

Duke Divine's picture

Time to be that guy again!!

UGLY: Either or both Mashed Potato Mike, Chase Rettig for 4th and 1 play call of a ONE ROUTE OPTION!! No play action, no roll out, just a snap and fade toss to Dorsey (not RANDY MOSS). I'm fine with them lining up man on man and getting stuffed on a 4th and 1 run or play action fake of a run with multiple route options, but for Mashed Potato Mike and or Rettig to LIMIT all options on the possible game winning play to one prayer of a quick fade without the likes of a Moss type receiver as the target was not smart! The percentages for that play to work have to be terrible! Line it up and run it down their throats! STOP with the constant out coaching yourself and impose some will!!

jmac34's picture

yeah because running it worked so well the first two times....

Duke Divine's picture

Im fine getting stuffed if that was the case after a run. And the previous runs netted more than 3/4 year whcih what was needed. At least fake a run and roll out... or run more than one route for options.. They really limited themselves to a low percentage play for the win. Only needed a 1st down, not 6 at that point... Overall I liked what I saw from the team as a whole. Its encouraging that the two things I am bitching and knit picking about is a guy who never practices punt returns all cap goes out to field punts and Mashed Potato Mike over thinks on the last play. Can't wait until Saturday! In the meantime F*%# the Cubs!!

Bohj's picture

The best way to evaluate talent is to set up plays in one on one situations like that last pass to Dorsey. Unfortunately he was double covered and Rettig isn't ready to go through other reads, especially when the coaches are telling him to throw it to Dorsey. I'm sure they were trying to see if Doresy would be clutch in a situation like that.

Expect vanilla play calling out there for all of the preseason. They are evaluating matchups. Scheme doesn't give you matchups. Schemes are trying to find the mismatch. We wont be doing that until the regular season......and that will be mostly Rodgers at the line of scrimmage. Just enjoy preseason for what it is: a good look at dudes trying to make the roster.

Duke Divine's picture

Agreed 100%. Just knit picking as the arm chair coach I aspire to be. Stroh, couldn't the same be said for the offensive line in the clutch pushing open a hole on a 4th and one as it is for Dorsey to come up with a tough catch on that crappy play call?? You can't tell me that everyone in the organization didn't want to end that game with a game winning drive. It would have been a nice cherry on top of a pretty good performance by a lot of young guys. The depth on this team looks much better after one preseason game than what I remember last year which consisted of the Packer 2s and 3s getting pushed around all 4 exhibitions. I'm pretty excited!

Bear's picture

I know all the plays aren't run in preseason, but I sure would like to see some screens and swing passes.

Secondly, I don't understand when watching some of the other games this weekend there are some teams that play smash mouth football and make aggressive tackles. We in turn drag the player down or are lucky to trip the runner up! Is it how we practice tackling or what??

Bear's picture

They hit in the seattle game...........guess seattle didn't get use to it!

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I just want some of that beer.

4thand1's picture

LMAO. Its a scrimmage, or practice. PRACTICE? DID U SAY PRACTICE? ITS PRACTICE MAN, PRACTICE. People getting worked up over PRACTICE. Wait for the real thing, then vent your asses off.

DoURant's picture

I had high hopes for Raijon Neal going into TC, and after seeing him play, I think he has a legit shot at making the team over Harris. He should have been mentioned in the "Good" along with Sherrod

Evan's picture

Making the team? Sure.

Over Harris? I doubt it.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I have been a big supporter of Neal since they signed him. But I don't see anyway he makes it over the used car salesman.
I do think there is a chance that they keep 4 RB' s. Probably not a great chance but a chance.

Speaking of Harris, I thought he looked really good in the game. He will provide a really nice change of pace to Lacy and Starks. He brings a lot of quickness and shiftiness that Lacy and Starks don't provide.

packeraaron's picture

I only get three spots and didn't want it to be all offense in the Good. Neal was def deserving.

DoURant's picture

If you had 3 spots, then you chose well, I thought Tolzien played very well, and defensively, I thought Jumal Rolle had some nice plays, but he has a lot of guys ahead of him, and barring any injuries, he would be hard pressed to make the team.

Evan's picture

Odds that Rolle makes the roster over Goodson?

Increasing by the day?

RCPackerFan's picture

Right now I think his odds are better then Goodsons. Goods on looks raw but has really good athleticism, as was shown on his pass break up. He looks like a player to me that would benefit from a year on the practice squad.

I was impressed with Rolle for the most part. Wouldn't it be great if he became the next Truman Williams.
Packers have had some good success with undrafted corners (Williams, Shields). Hopefully it will continue.

Point Packer's picture

I've never been a Brad Jones fan. The definition of a "no impact" player. Was really hoping that he would be relegated back to where he belongs, as a back-up, this season. Of course, that's not going to happen. So we get to watch another year of him getting the crap kicked out of him at the LOS. And then watching "speedsters" like Shonn Greene fly past him. Great..

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