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From the Press Box - Week 2

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From the Press Box - Week 2

Should this just be called this Apocalypse Friday? It sure seems like that among Bears fans and given the complete meltdown Jay Cutler had, well, maybe it is. Listen this is Cutler, it's who he is.

For some of it, you can't even blame him. Really, I know, I was surprised to type it. However when your offensive line plays like they did Thursdays, a quarterback should be allowed to shout at them.

Now, when you shoulder bump them, it's descended into farce and needs to stop, but even Cutler's post-game comments aren't that big a deal. Ask him about if he envisioned the type of night he had and you get the snarky answer you deserve. What did you expect? He was supposed to say 'Yeah I had this nightmare once'? Maybe a sense of humor is the way to go, but that's not Cutler and never has been. Ever.

It's like that frog and scorpion story. You can't be that shocked by the results when you know the nature of the person or thing you are dealing with.

Maybe Cutler could be more mature—certainly he rattles easily as we saw once again Thursday night and as long as that happens and as long as the offensive line struggles, teams will come at him and provoke him.

You have to figure he's super-frustrated to begin with. He bought in. He bought into new offensive coordinator Mike Tice's jibber-jabber about having the talent in the offensive line already. All off-season I was told by Bears fans (and Cutler in interviews) that all was well.

Now it looks like this.

Cutler bought in and it turns out that, much like the yearly OMG DEVIN HESTER IS GONNA BREAK OUT! nonsense, these were just words with no basis in reality.

Heck after the beating he took Thursday night, it's shocking this didn't descend into a replay of this clip.

Tyrion would be Cutler if Tyrion were less cool. Actually it's too bad Joffrey didn't get one shot in because the reality is, Cutler is Prince Joff and Webb would have slapped him around just like Tyrion.

Anyway, I cut Cutler a bit of slack. He got beat down and then had some idiot questions lobbed at him. Really, media, do you normally throw gas on open flames?

How does that go then?


Another week is set to start and before we get to the games, let's take a new look at who we think too highly of and who we're missing out on.

Overrated: Robert Griffin III

This is not to say that RG3 isn't going to be spectacular, nor that his game against the Saints was anything other than that. Let's pump the brakes a bit though before we carry him in a palanquin made of gold to Canton.

One good game does not a career make any more than one bad game does. Andrew Luck, Brandon Weeden and Ryan Tannehill aren't busts based off on bad game either. (well, maybe Weeden)

Griffin had a fantastic game but that's all it was—a single game. Let's let the season go before we crown him as an elite quarterback.

This is the fallout from Cam Newton's success, and a tendency to run a story into the ground.

Let's talk again after the midway point.

Underrated: Denver Broncos

I don't know if I buy the Broncos and Manning 100% yet but it's hard to ignore how good they looked against Pittsburgh. With the Steelers playing the (allegedly) red hot Jets this weekend, we'll have a better gauge on who they beat. Of course they face a tough Falcons team themselves.

Still, a lot of people—myself included—have thought the Broncos didn't have what it takes to make the playoffs.

In a wide open division, with an offense and defense which looks pretty good? Maybe we're way off.

Overrated: New York Jets

Yes, the Jets fan thinks his own team is overrated. It's not that I don't believe the Jets are more talented than we gave them credit for.

Just not this good. The questions we had about the offense are still there because ultimately as good as the offense played, the Bills were just awful.

Like the Broncos, the Jets hit an allegedly bigger test in the Steelers. The Steelers are a question mark as well after their loss to Denver but the defense is still solid enough to test this Jets offense.

Underrated: Shea McCLellin

Lost in the collapse of the Bears offense and Jay Cutler's latest tirade was the very nice game rookie Shea McClellin had for Chicago. One tackle, three assists and one and a half sacks are a solid statline but he was playing well even when not on the ball or ball carrier.

This has the makings of one helluva defensive line. McClellin was overshadowed by the bad but he was a huge source of the good and could be for a long time.


With a big win by the Jets and a colossal stumble by the Giants, one would think the NYC media had enough to talk about.

Gary Myers says no.

Myers, of the Daily News, quotes an unnamed source that if he remains a backup, Tim Tebow will ask for a trade.

I just recorded a video for B/R on this, but due to time, I wanted to cover this here so I can fully articulate the vague beauty of this piece.

The thing is, a lie or myth is most effective with an element of truth to it. Tebow was a National Champion, won the Heisman, was a starter in the NFL not a year ago and led his team to the playoffs. It is not only entirely believable he'd ask for a trade if he was a backup at year's end, it's almost inconceivable he wouldn't.

So Myers wrote a wildly unsubstantiated conjecture piece with a believable core to it and it is suddenly 'Tim Tebow wants a trade'.

We have no idea what Tebow wants. We know what some random man or woman 'in the league' thinks might happen. That's all.

Let's not forget two more salient points.

First, nobody wanted this guy last spring save the Jets and Jaguars and the deal almost died because of a few million dollars difference. Five teams started rookies this season. That's five teams who waited until the draft to deal with one of the single most important areas for an offene rather than take Tebow.

Keep in mind also that while Jacksonville allegedly went after Tebow, they didn't kill themselves to do it. They went with a very (at the time) shaky Blaine Gabbert, while the Vikings went with an equally questionable Christian Ponder and the Cardinals went with whatever it is they have in the backfield there which my mind insists on blanking out to preserve my sanity.

Maybe it's Cthulu.

So nobody is killing themselves to get Tim Tebow. The market has spoken and it's not really interested.

Secondly, we're a week in. Sanchez might not last three more games. We have no idea. The concept that anyone is worried about requesting a trade now is insane. It's likely not even something Tebow is focused on.

Maybe he leaves, maybe he doesn't. Next time the Post wants to paint the Jets as a circus though, maybe they should draw themselves in as ringleaders.

Before I go, want to remind you the Hard Count will be back next week (I had a school conflict) and please check out my new NFL Chalk Talk feature here at CHTV.

And now, Packer fans who come here—I got you something. (language NSFW in parts)


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Cole's picture

Good read. I just don't think anyone outside of new York gives a damn about the jets. The media forces it down our throats.

paxbak's picture

That is a bit of a sub plot. Many of us wanted Shea on draft day and we ended up with Nick Perry. I would say that so far Shea is up 1-0. To be continued...

PackersRS's picture

You're basically counting preseason.

Bearmeat's picture

You've got to give Perry time. He's learning an entirely new position that is WAY more complicated than McClellin's role with da bares.

That being said, McClellin gets washed in the run game far too easily. He's not a DE - he's a better version of KJB. A pass rushing specialist.

Tarynfor12's picture

If I recall,it was Cutler who said to the media "Good Luck" in reference to the GB secondary against his now'huge'WRs with total neglect and absence of 'ANY' respect or worry of the opposite to occur after our poor play against the Niners.

Throw gas on the flames...yes...and a couple of refilled tanks to boot.

Bearmeat's picture

Silly Bears fans and their silly annual August optimism.

Seriously, the Bears have had exactly FIVE playoff seasons since 1991. And, aside from 2005 (which I would argue was the best Bears team since the 80's), they posted an 8-8 record or worse the following year.

They've never had the depth to keep up if any injury happened to a core player. They've had the same "plan" for over 20 years! "If we can fill 2 holes with Free Agency and makeup the difference under the salary cap by shorting another position group we'll be able to catch up to Green Bay!"

Newsflash Bears fans: The NFL in real life doesn't work like Madden.


doc j's picture

Don't let him hear you. It's Cthulhu.

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