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From the Press Box: Super Bowl Edition

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From the Press Box: Super Bowl Edition

We're here, at the end of all things....well all things NFL season.

The 2013 Super Bowl is upon us, the culmination of a journey for not just two teams but all of us. It started back in April with the NFL Draft, then OTAs and Training Camp, preseason, the regular season, playoffs and now here we are—New Orleans, Niners, Ravens.

Perhaps some of you aren't all that interested in the outcome—this is a Packers site, of course and they're out of it. The spectacle of a Super Bowl is more than just the teams though, more than just the game.

The game itself is big of course, but the GAME is more than the sport.

Crazy how that's happened, huh? How the product on the field has become so much better (I recall far too many craptastic Super Bowls from the 80s and part of the 90s) but the focus is almost not the game.

How can it be in New Orleans?

Of course, it's more than the site of the game, it's the gathering of media and fans around it, which has grown to enormous proportions over the last decade.

It really struck me this year as I followed our own Aaron Nagler and Brian Carriveau as they ran the table down in the Big Easy—there is so much focus on things that aren't the game, it's amazing.

Which makes me look ahead to next year's Super Bowl, taking place in chilly New Jersey (with supporting events throughout NYC) and how that might affect the hoopla around the game itself.

Sure, there's a ton to do in NYC (not so much around the Meadowlands) but with the usually frigid climate, will there be less outside noise? Will we see less Beyonce press conference notes and interviews with wackadoos in the street and just general mayhem?

Will it be more about the football?

I suspect it won't, but I'm very interested to see what flavor next year's game brings. There's a part of me who hopes against all hope that it is a huge success and it opens the doors for Lambeau or Soldier Field or other long overlooked but historic football venues to get their shot.

There's another cynical and larger part of me which is pretty sure that success or not, those stadiums are likely to never see a Big Game again in our lifetime.

I think that's a shame, as I think weather and football (even Super Bowls) go together like chocolate fudge, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sprinkles (or jimmies) and some other chocolate thing.

But the Super Bowl is about much more than the game, and has been for some time.

And for some people (and media), nice weather and comfort is as big a deal as the game as well.

We saw the bitching in Dallas. I've already seen complaining on Twitter about New Jersey.

But let's hope it's such a rousing success we get some more cold weather football.

The way God (as well as Lombardi) meant it to be played.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for!

Drumroll please.

My pick for the Super Bowl.

I've actually thought this was going to be a close game since the end of the Conference Championships, but my pick stays the exact same as it was the Monday after that—the San Francisco 49ers will win this game.

Ultimately, the 49er offense is just too tough to stop and the age of the Ravens' defense will hurt them over the course of 60 minutes.

This isn't about the pistol or the read-option—not totally. Because those schemes are just a portion of the overall offensive playbook. During the playoffs we've seen the Niners shift gears between and within games.

A defense prepares for one thing, and San Fran comes out with something else. The defense adjusts and Jim Harbaugh alters the offense again.

There's just too much to stop.

I especially think the combination of Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick (with a dash of Lamichael James) is going to wear on this defense and by the end they'll be gassed.

While I do think the Niners' defense—especially the secondary—will have a rough time with Joe Flacco and the Ravens' offense, ultimately I say the Niners outpace the Ravens 31-27.

Got a pick for this weekend? Make sure you throw it down in the comments.

Last thing this week (and then we shift to full on Draft nonsense from here on out), but we say goodbye to Donald Driver who called it a career this week on Mike and Mike over at ESPN Radio.

I thought it worth a comment, since we're here on a Packers site—but Donald Driver has always struck me as one of the most professional receivers I've ever seen.

A hard worker, productive for much of his career and clearly willing to put the team first, I couldn't imagine a better player in the locker room over the course of his time with Green Bay.

Classy to the end, I wish him well in whatever comes next—which as far as I am concerned, should be an easy walk into the Packers' Ring of Honor.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and we'll see you next week as we shift to the NFL draft.

Meanwhile—Dracula the musical!

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MarkinMadison's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, but every player whose name is up at Lambeau Field is in the NFL Hall of Fame. Also, there are some Packers in the NFL Hall of Fame who are not on the "Ring" at Lambeau. I don't think anyone really believes that DD will make it into the NFL HOF. In this era there are just too many good receivers. As much as everyone likes him, I don't really believe that we will see his name up at Lambeau anytime soon. I don't think there are any rules on this, but if he is going to be up on the ring then he is going to have to do something extraordinary for the team off the field. I think that he is totally prepared to do this, but it is going to be a ways down the road.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I remember them talking about that on G&G-Today... I believe that is what they said about the R.O.H.

And agreed, DD has no chance for the H.O.F. especially with some of the WR's who have better #'s, that still aren't in.

andrewgarda's picture

you are both right. learn something new every day!

Evan's picture

I can't wait for the cold weather Super Bowl next year - I hope there is a blizzard. That said, even if it's a huge success, the Super Bowl will never come to Green Bay.

Denver's picture

Denver is trying to get a Super Bowl and if it were to be held this Sunday the weather would be pretty good (60ish and sunny).
But it would still be a crapshoot. If the weather is bad next year in NJ then they can probably forget about ever getting one out here.

Evan's picture

Denver would be cool. So would Chicago (if they ever get their field fixed, that is). Minnesota is a fun city, though it's like -10 there today. Seattle should get one. Hell, I think any city besides Green Bay and Buffalo would be fun Super Bowl cities.

markinmadison's picture

I'd go to Denver if the Packers were in, regardless of the weather. Powder and football. Both make me happy. :-)

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Big on the Booger Sugar, eh?

I woulda never thunk it Mark! :-)

packcruiser's picture

Being realistic, GB does not have the support needed for the SB. Hotel space, restaurants, air lines, considering the volume of people, everything involved, just don't see it happening.

markinmadison's picture

Probably right, but I Appleton is close by and even Milwaukee is not far. Something could be packaged if the NFL was seriously willing to consider a snow bowl. And the Packers field is fantastic, but I think most people want to go south in February if we have the vacation time and the cash.

andrewgarda's picture

well and nobody is going to stay in NJ for next year's Super Bowl. They'll be in NYC.

I don't know how easy it is to get around in WI or GB without a car, so that's a different issue.

But it's a painto get to an from Metlife even on a train so, we'll see I guess.

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