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From the Press Box - ON VACATION SUCKAS Edition

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From the Press Box - ON VACATION SUCKAS Edition

Before I get started today, some holiday greetings.

Merry Festivus and a Happy Hanukkah... or Chanukkah..... or Chanukah....

Well at least I can spell Kwanza.

Wait, there are two 'a's?


Well, I'm not really leaving but I will be in Alaska next week (flying tomorrow actually) and with all that is going on this week and with no recording equip next week, there will likely be no Hard Count the next two weeks. There might be a down and dirty one but don't be surprised if I flake.

On the other hand you'll get another of these to round out the year.

That's next week. Let's look at what caught my eye this week.


Dear NFL,

I really, really appreciate the gifts you guys have given me this Christmas. While I already had many Mark Sanchez interceptions, I didn't have so many Bradford sacks, so those may come in handy. And who expected an effective Alex Smith? Not I! Of course I am also thankful for Aaron Rodgers, Arian Foster and the extended warranty on the Hakeem Nicks—glad I haven't needed it!

And thanks for the Doctor Who DVDs. How did you know?

Most of all, I am thankful that you woke up and joined the rest of us in the 21st Century by announcing you and NBC would be streaming the Wild Card games and the Super Bowl online!

One would think this might have happened a long time ago—I mean CBS has streamed the entire NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament (March Madness I believe it is called) for years now. It's sort of surprising it took this long for the biggest sporting event of all to go live online.

I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything. It's just, you do realize how many people absorb their content online, right? One would think you could make a whole lot of extra cash by selling special online ad space. And it's not like the technology isn't there. I know people overseas can watch all the NFL games online and live.

Can I suggest something? Maybe next year don't lock yourself just into verizon. Other phone companies have smart phones you know. I think I have CBS's number somewhere. They can help you design a sweet streaming IPad app.

Anyway, like I said, I don't want to sound ungrateful. It's awesome you got us this, plus you know the whole 'not locking out the whole season' thing. (I know it cost a lot so pass my thanks to the NFLPA too since they helped too.)

It's a start at least.

Plus, while you didn't put a Favre in my stocking this year, you did send a Tebow and I think he's more interesting anyway.

Happy Holidays!



After the Colt McCoy mishap, where he was sent into the game after he clearly was out of it post-James Harrison hit, the NFL did two things.

First, they ordered the AP to delay posting of game images like this one for sale  online in case a team like the Browns decided to lie about their quarterback's fitness again.

Did I say that out loud? Damn.

Don't mind me. I just complain when I see people actively making it possible to slip embarrassing stuff under rugs. I get you want to control the image but to do this smacks only of people covering their rear ends.

I can't see another reason for doing it. So it bugs me.

Call me crazy.

Second, and more importantly, the League has announced that a “certified athletic trainer” will attend each game, with the goal of assisting the teams and the medical staffs regarding concussion evaluation and treatment."

I have to say I agree with the PFT article—this is a good first step but the league needs to listen to the players who are calling for an independent neurologist. Also, these trainers have, according to the article, no ability to pull a player from the game.

So what if a team doc disagrees with a diagnosis? What's the penalty if they put him in anyway ala McCoy last week?

Like I said, it;s a good first step. Any step is a good step. They need to do more.


For those paying attention to things in places other than Green Bay, here is the Playoff status of everyone in the NFL. I like that if you look at the actual link to that article it ends in the word 'false'.

Quick thoughts on key games with playoff implications this weekend:

Giants vs Jets: Neither team is out of the playoffs with a loss per se, but it gets ugly with a loss.  Victor Cruz wants Eli to throw the ball at Darrelle Revis. If they make it into the playoffs, his next brilliant plan is to let Drew Brees try to beat the Giants with his arm. Can the Jets recover after the drubbing of last week? If they want into the playoffs, they'd better.

Eagles vs Cowboys: The Eagles have to win to have their continued slim playoff hopes stay breathing. They also need the Giants to lose to the Jets so they are in the odd position of cheering for a team they just destroyed. Dallas will also be cheering for the Jets so at least they have that in common. Philly suddenly decided to play so this game could go either way.

Chiefs vs Raiders: The Chiefs are another team suddenly playing well. I guess Haley's beard was cursed after all. They have a slim shot to make the playoffs if they win out. The Raiders have a better shot if the Fighting Tebows lose against the Bills. The Raiders can win this if Carson Palmer isn't in a giving mood. It's Christmas though.....

Packers vs Bears: The Packers want to seal up home field advantage for the playoffs and the Bears are just trying to squeeze in. A loss coupled with a win by the Lions and Falcons and the bears can set their tee times. The Packers have the 49ers nipping at their heels so a win here would lock up their number one spot.

49ers vs Seahawks: Seattle is no easy place to win, just ask New Orleans. The Niners have to win to have a shot at home field and the number one seed. They also need help from an abused and hurt Bears team so good luck with that. Like the Bears, Seattle needs to win to keep pace with the Lions and Falcons.

That should do it. I'll be back next week LIVE (sort of) from Alaska, riding moose and rasslin' polar bears or something.

While I'm gone, enjoy this.

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dullgeek's picture

Re: internet streaming of playoff games, I'm not opposed to the NFL doing this. I'm glad that they're going to offer it as an option. I just wish they'd offer it all season long.

But the NFL has offered live digital streaming of all playoff games for several years now. I get them via an over-the-air antenna directly into my TV and my local FOX, CBS, and NBC broadcasts. Getting that content online is rather poor quality compared to what I already get for free via an antenna.

I realize that not all people live in locations conducive to receiving OTA HDTV. And for those poor folks, internet streaming is a nice backup. But it's a backup.

PackersRS's picture

What? The NFL DOESN'T stream live games through the internet?

Then... who's doing it?!?

Merry Christmas/ to everyone. You diehards are awesome. Including non-Packers fans ;)

Bohj's picture

Not sure why you don't get more comments here, but I enjoy your articles and your takes. Go Jets. Don't want to see the Giants in the Playoffs.

PackersRS's picture


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