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Former Packers QB Vince Young Files for Bankruptcy

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Former Packers QB Vince Young Files for Bankruptcy

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, former Packers quarterback Vince Young filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection:

Attorney Brian Kilmer of Houston filed the petition last week in a Houston federal bankruptcy court on Young’s behalf, listing Young with estimated assets between $500,001 and $1 million and liabilities between $1,001,000 and $10 million. No specific details on Young’s assets and liabilities were immediately available.

Over the last year, Young, 30, has been locked in a pair of lawsuits stemming from a $1.8 million loan obtained in his name during the 2011 lockout.

Young played for the Packers for three games this past preseason.


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jeremy's picture

Do we really consider Vince Young to be a former Packer? I'd think you'd have to be on a 53 to be considered...

PackerPete's picture

Yes. He was under contract with the team. Harsh how he could go through his rookie money so quickly though...

Phatgzus's picture

Yeah, but he never got paid-he was essentially no more a Packer than the thousands of kids who go to the team's football camp.

jeremy's picture

No regular season roster, not a Packer. Sorry Vince.

Jamie's picture

I mean, really??

Evan's picture

5 year, $58 million contract with $25.7 guaranteed just 7 years ago. Now he's bankrupt. Insane.

RC Packer Fan's picture

very much so.

Give me $1 million and I almost can guarantee you that in 7 years, I will have close that $1 million left, if not more.

Its insane how these players have absolutely no knowledge in how to spend money.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Evan, You would think, getting $25 mill, sooner or later, you'd have the house paid for?? On the other hand, $25 mill turns into $12.5 mill real quick. Did he go through a Divorce?? If he did, that $12.5 mill went to $6 mill. I don't know his situation, but it's hard to have any sympathy for the guy. It's hard for me to believe that anyone could go bankrupt earning that kind of money, but when you see Super Bowl rings in the Pawn Shop, apparently it happens to a number of players.

Point Packer's picture


LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Point Packer, You can't compare today's salary's with those of years ago, but to some degree it's all relative. When you think about kick off or punt returners, you think about Hester, Sanders, certainly Desmond Howard, & maybe a couple of others. Regardless of stats, Travis Williams needs to be mentioned in the same group. I went to the LA Championship game in Milw. They'd barely kick the ball off the tee, they were so afraid of his returns. I could be wrong, but I believe he died Homeless on the streets.

WKUPackFan's picture

Travis Williams was so exciting to watch as young boy that I still see him through a child's eye. Some of you who are astute in Packer history may know his story. I did not other than vague references, and the mention of Travis possibly dying homeless prompted a Google search which quickly revealed an in depth SI article from 3-11-91 about the difficulties he faced after football.

The only good part of the story was that Travis did not die homeless. His children had persuaded him to come in from the streets and he was living with his two youngest children in his parents' dilapidated old house at the time of his death. The tragedies he encountered are too numerous to repeat, however they included the deaths of four people close to him in less than two years. Essentially, he suffered from major depression and slowly killed himself through self neglect which he simply could not control.

Football is a brutal sport. The players and fans cherish toughness as an ultimate virtue. That same quality can act as a deterrent to seeking or accepting the help people (players or fans) desperately nerd. Depression is also somewhat of a silent disease. A clinically depressed person may appear quite normal in a familiar public setting, while all the time be suffering through a private hell. It may sound cliche, but chances are we all know a family member, friend, or co-worker who may be afflicted. What appears to be aloofness, lethargy, or just plain old laziness may be something much more serious.

If you think someone you know may have this illness, please seek professional guidance on how to approach that person. Depression cannot be overcome through self will power. You may be saving a life.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

WKUPackFan, Thanks for the reply, & Very Well written. I too was a young man when Travis played, & remember him well. IMO, he was The Best There Ever Was. I wish we could find someone like him again. We've had a couple of Good returners over the years, but none like him. If he's not in the Packer HOF, I think he should be. As you said, He sure was exciting to watch!!

WKUPackFan's picture

You're welcome LVT, anytime.

Phatgzus's picture

Agreed, that was beautifully articulated.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Does anyone know?? Is Travis Williams in the Packer Hall Of Fame?? He sure was one heck of a return specialist. I remember 1 game he ran back to back kick off returns for TD's. I wonder how many have done that? Few teams would even kick off to us. They would squib every kick. Don't know what happened to him, but seems to be a pretty sad story.

Phatgzus's picture

Just Googled "Travis Williams Packers Hall of Fame" and according to Wikipedia, he is in it. Some incredible stats as well-4 KORs for TDs as a rookie and an astronomical career return average of 41.06 yards.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Phatgzus, Thanks for the reply. I saw him play. He was incredible. I'm a Packer fan, but I'll argue he was the Best. His career stats don't really tell the story of how good he really was. It got to the point, when teams just simply would not kick the ball, not even away from him. I personally never forgot him. I'm glad to hear that he is in the Packer HOF. Anyone who remembers him, would call him Special. He Really Was!!

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