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For Your Consideration

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For Your Consideration

The below was forwarded to me from a friend of a friend, etc. I love it and have humbly submited to Jeff Blumb and the Green Bay Packers.

On November 1st I say:

Import the Norwich (Ct) Free Academy marching band for a half-time show.  Norwich, Ct is the birthplace of Benedict Arnold.

Encourage all fans to wear flip-flops despite the potential cold.

Delay the start of the game while the Packers install Ray Rhodes in the Packers Ring of Honor.

Retire Don Majkowski’s # 7.

Invite Italian actor Luca Lionello to sing the National Anthem. Luca played Judas in Passion of the Christ.

Set fire to the luxury box once used by the Favre family during games.

Show a video replay of every interception Favre has ever thrown

He wants game on…he’s got game on.

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mrj's picture

The Packers are an organization with class, not a petty angry child who is mad when he doesn't gets what he wants.
You know who I'm talking about.

packeraaron's picture

...but they're still great suggestions. ;)

Holly's picture

I think that forcing Brett to change in the visitors' locker room will set the right tone for the game. That, and the absence of fanfare when he comes out. No flags and theme song for you, sir.

retiredgrampa's picture

Much of the hype will disappear for the game in Lambeau if the Pack beats the Vikes in the Dump. Of course, NFL mogels hope otherwise.

packeraaron's picture

No way. Favre coming into Lambeau as a member of the Vikings will be huge even if both teams have losing records. It will be off the charts.

keeley2's picture

I'm thinking I won't be able to stand the site of #4 showing up at Lambeau. Packers may want to hire extra cleaning crews to mop up the barf when he hobbles out onto the field.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I still like the idea of everyone balling up their #4 jerseys with some kind of weight inside so they can be thrown on the field when he comes out of the tunnel. Better yet, the Packers can collect everyone's #4 jerseys and leave them in a massive pile as he runs out of the visitors tunnel

Jayme's picture

The one thing I'd like to see: Retire Favre's jersey that day. This would effectively say "We're over you." Then just play the game.

PackersRS's picture

DO IT. Topic by topic. All the offenses from the organization to him should be indirect.
Jayme: NEVER retire brent's Jersey OFFICIALLY. Instead, do it unnoficially. This way, he'll be in the same situation he put us through the years. Every offseason, instead of the favre watch, there'll be the #4 retirement jersey watch.

Stock Lemon's picture

They should retire his number and then unretire it.

Or, Durant Brooks would look good in No. 4... Give it to a scrub like it's not a big deal.

PackmanAZ's picture

IF any of Brett's Passes end up in the stands... Whoever catches it better throw it back.

Franklin Hillside's picture

PackmanAZ, that's a Chicago tradtion, that stuff doesn't fly at Lambeau.

Mr. Optimistic's picture

And Packer fans are classy?

packeraaron's picture

Come on Franklin - what about last season when that fan in the front row spiked the ball back at DeAngelo Williams when he was trying to give it to a fan - that was priceless...

Aaron Rogders's picture

You think Favre will try a Lambeau Leap?

Franklin Hillside's picture

Yes, that was good, but the throw back is tired. Plus, I thought you hated baseball?

Jeff's picture

You think Favre will try a Lambeau Leap?


He'd get swatted down like that aforementioned football.

Andrew's picture
joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

this is all fun, but i have to say - the most perfect reaction would also be the most difficult, something i've only heard at a significantly-sized entertainment event once or twice while there were entertainers present.

complete silence.

think about it. put yourself there for just 5 or 10 seconds of silence and 20 or so seconds on either side of his announcement of normalcy and crowd noise and viking-booing. it'd be the kind of thing that would give you chills, even watching on tv. the broadcasters would be dumbfounded. babies would start crying. the elderly would look around confused and grumble. cats and dogs living together. some paranoid schizophrenic in blaze orange would freak out and yell "goddamned sorcerer and his brain freeze!" or something similar. and then they'd introduce some other guy in purple and everyone would go back to their beer as if nothing had happened.

i say they do 'renovation' on the visiting locker room that week and put the vikings in a trailer in the parking lot. don't even let the schmuck in the building until we absolutely have to by nfl rules. and then get him the. hell. out. of. our. house.

ACDC84's picture

"Or, Durant Brooks would look good in No. 4… Give it to a scrub like it’s not a big deal."
That's freaking great!

ACDC84's picture

I gotta say I will be pretty disappointed in my fellow fans if I don't hear a lot of loud booing during that game.

Jack Stark's picture

This Dickipedia entry needs updating!

Oppy's picture

I'd just be happy if instead of "We Love you, Brett!" signs that the usual suspects display, they'd read:
"We love(d) you, Brett!"

PackerBelle's picture

Oppy it should be "We loved you Brent"

Oppy's picture

Thanks for the icing on the cake!

budman1's picture

Yes thats a really good idea mayor that will really make rogers feel welcome.

james's picture

how about a standing ovation for making green bay relevant in the 90s, and then fire ted thompson for tossing out one of the greatest qbs and going on a smear campaign to tarnish brett's name

DJ CHAWLA's picture


packeraaron's picture

james - you're right. Ron Wolf, Mike Holmgren, Reggie White...none of those guys helped make Green Bay relevant again. It was all Favre. Give me a freekin' break.

smanske's picture

I think we should show the man the respect he deserves. He made our lives worth living and for that we owe him everything! Wedges off to you Brett! Pass the antifreeze!

joe's picture

Okay guys your blaming the wrong person go after your owners and coaches who ran him out after his best statistical season, hoping the legend would willingly sit on the bench. Makes sense thats why the vikes are 6-0. We have the talent to be there but when we turned him loose we lost our leadership!

joe's picture

Puck the fackers!

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