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Five Surprising Players from the Packers' 2013 Season

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Five Surprising Players from the Packers' 2013 Season

Here are five players who surprised during the otherwise disappointing 8-7-1 season from the Green Bay Packers:

1. DL Mike Daniels

The most obvious player on this list, Daniels entered 2013 as a rotational pass rusher for a deep defensive line and ended as the front seven's most consistent and disruptive defender. In fact, there's a strong case to be made that Daniels was Green Bay's best defensive player in 2013. Despite playing just over 550 snaps, Daniels finished tied for the team lead in sacks (7.5) and quarterback hits (six) and was second in hurries (27). His 41 overall disruptions were second behind only Mike Neal (46). At Pro Football Focus, Daniels led the defense in overall grade at plus-22.4, which was over three times higher than the next best player (Tramon Williams, plus-6.6). He also graded out as the team's best against the run and rushing the passer. Daniels, a fourth-round pick in 2012, has Geno Atkins-like potential.

2. RB James Starks

Back in August, some wondered aloud if Starks would even make the Packers final 53-man roster. A season-ending knee injury to DuJuan Harris ensured at least one more year in Green Bay, and Starks made the absolute most of it. He played in 13 games—tying a career high—as the primary backup to Eddie Lacy, a role that now looks ideal for the once injury-prone back. He responded with 493 yards on just 89 carries, good for a career-best 5.5 yards per carry. One could actually make the case that Starks deserved a bigger role on offense. Over 99 total touches (including 10 catches), Starks broke 22 tackles—or one every 4.5 touches—and averaged 3.0 yards after contract. Lacy, on the other hand, averaged a broken tackle every 5.2 touches and 2.3 yards after contact. Starks, who averaged 7.3 yards per carry against Chicago and San Francisco to end the season, will be an unrestricted free agent this spring.

3. DB Micah Hyde

Drafted into a cornerback group that included Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Casey Hayward and Davon House, Hyde wasn't expected to be a major contributor in 2013. Not many fifth-round rookies are, regardless of the positional depth. But by season's end, Hyde had become a fixture on both defense and special teams. He played nearly 500 defensive snaps and generally held up well, despite covering the slot on just over 200 passing plays. He finished as Green Bay's third-highest graded defensive player at PFF. On special teams, Hyde returned 24 punts, of which one went 93 yards for a touchdown, and 22 kicks, with a long of 70. He also made seven special teams tackles. A position switch to safety could be in his near future.

4. WR Jarrett Boykin

A year after clawing his way onto the final 53-man roster, Boykin made himself into a valuable asset for Green Bay's depleted passing game. He opened the season as the Packers' No. 4 receiver but quickly became a much bigger part of the puzzle, as injuries to Randall Cobb and James Jones opened the door for opportunities. Despite not catching a pass until Week 6, Boykin finished the season third on the team in catches (49) and receiving yards (681). He even produced without Aaron Rodgers, catching 33 of his 49 passes and two of his three touchdowns from Seneca Wallace, Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn. He could slide into a much bigger role in 2013 if Jones leaves in free agency.

5. OT David Bakhtiari

It didn't take long for Bakhtiari to go from the relative comfort of a redshirt rookie to being thrown directly into the fire. An unfortunate ACL tear suffered by Bryan Bulaga in the Family Night scrimmage forced the fourth-round pick into the starting lineup at left tackle, arguably the most demanding of all positions on the offensive line. All things considered, Bakhtiari put together an impressive rookie campaign. There were a few clunkers—most notably at Cincinnati and at Detroit—but the Packers couldn't have asked for much more from a first-year player who really could have used a redshirt season. Bakhtiari played well enough for the Packers to consider keeping him there and returning Bulaga to right tackle. He'll need to add some weight and strength to take the next step.

Honorable Mentions

Evan Dietrich-Smith: During his first year as the unquestioned starter, Dietrich-Smith vaulted himself into the top half of NFL centers. He'll be an unrestricted free agent in March. The Packers need to keep him around.

Jamari Lattimore: Once a college defensive end, Lattimore successfully transitioned from outside to inside linebacker with the Packers. He's athletic and unafraid to hit. He probably wouldn't start on a good defense, but he's proven to be a more than capable backup.

Chris Banjo: A late add to training camp, Banjo impressed enough as a reserve safety and special teamer to make the final 53-man roster. While he may not be a long-term answer in the defensive secondary, Banjo did become a core member of the special teams. His nine tackles on that unit trailed only Jarrett Bush (12).

Zach Kruse is a 25-year-old sports writer who contributes to Cheesehead TV, Bleacher Report and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He also covered prep sports for the Dunn Co. News. You can reach him on Twitter @zachkruse2 or by email at [email protected].

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denniseckersley's picture

solid list

Brandon's picture

I like all your mentions and moving Hyde to safety might be his best long-term position. But the number one guy I would have put on this list was Mason Crosby. As bad as his 2012 season was, he wasn't good this preseason either. Though he won the training camp battle, I expected him to struggle again at some point during the season and force the team's hand to make a change. Instead he was almost perfect and had his best season. It was an amazing, unexpected turnaround.

RC Packer Fan's picture

yeah, I agree with this list.

For me too, Micah Hyde was a surprise as a Return man. He wasn't as dynamic as some, but he was sure handed and really did a nice job.

THEMichaelRose's picture

Although he was a 2nd round pick, Eddie Lacy exceeded expectations. I'm not sure if I was surprised by it. But, lots of folks on here were thinking he'd be part of a mix, perhaps behind DuJuan Harris, or alongside Jonathan Franklin. But he took over the #1 job, trucked people, and was 2nd team All-Pro.

James Starks is rightfully on this list, and should be ahead of Lacy. He was 4th or 5th on preseason depth chart. Beat out Alex Green, avoided the injury plague, and had some really big runs.

Both of these guys' "surprising" performances were definitely boosted by 1. the play of EDS, Sitton, et al, 2. McCarthy's willingness to pound the rock, and 3. Aaron Rodgers' injury - encouraging McCarthy to pound the rock.

Morgan Mundane's picture

I was surprised by:
1. Mathews and how his play has continued to subside since the superbowl season. Scary!
2. Burnett, Hyde, Hayward, Richardson and Bush. I am totally surprised one of these guys even made it to the NFL yet alone the packers.
3. James Jones. I could not believe how he went from a break away wide receiver to a guy an old lady with a hand bag could keep up with. The last five games he had people all over him like they were glued on.
4. Starks and how he stayed healthy and looked very good, too bad MM didn't notice.
5. Ross. Could not catch a punt return for his life until he put in a pro bowl performance with the Lions. I think he wanted out of GB.

4thand1's picture

I'm surprised you don't give up you troll. You suck as usual.

Bugeater's picture

This made me smile.

billy's picture

Why is anyone with a critical opinion considered a "troll"....if we all agree that everyone on the Packers is the best player in football, the coaches can do no wrong and there is no need for any critical discussions why bother even having a forum??
some you guys wouldnt say shit about the Packers if you had a green and gold mouthful...

RC Packer Fan's picture

There is a difference between coming and disagreeing with something, and intentionally trying to start arguments.

Read every one of Morgan Mundane's posts. There is nothing positive ever from his/her posts.

Most of the crap is stuff to start arguments.

Stroh's picture

Did you even read his comments? It SCREAMS of a Troll!

The TKstinator's picture

As a side note, you can order a "mouthful of green and gold" on NFL.COM for only $19.99.

Whether you choose to talk with it in your mouth is entirely an individual matter.

GrnMachine's picture

+1. Who IS this illogical toolshed?!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I'm NOT surprised that your post is negative.

Here is your way to prove your not a troll...

Come up with 5 positive surprises for the Packers 2013 season.

billy's picture

Rock on Homer boys!!!!

steven's picture

Bite me, you guys are just stupid, ignorant people who get their kicks off being ignorant to random subjects, on random websites. Casey Hayward was a star his rookie year. He was in the running for defensive rookie of the year, although i doubt you know what that is you troll.

Archie's picture

#1 surprise - Pack found a running game and a stud RB

#2 surprise - Pack found a new starting LT - Bakhtiari

#3 surprise - TT found a center (EDS), maybe two (Tretter)

#4 surprise - TT found a DL - M Daniels

#5 surprise - Boykin will be a Packer for a long time

#6 surprise - Hyde is a keeper!

Not bad for a down year. Maybe Tolzein is our QB2 of the future. Datone Jones needs to pan out but at #280 he seems more like a 4-3 DE. Lattimore and Mulumba could be big finds too. I'd go after two Ss and put the pressure on Burnett. Find a way to keep Shields. Get a dynamic TE and lots of D!

Sven's picture

Right on Archie! I agree.

Tarynfor12's picture

I was always a fan and extreme supporter of James Starks even while most wanted him cut and cast off due to the injury problem.Its a shame that his next best years will be the benefit of another but I hope he gets to stay.

The growth of Jarrett Boykin is why I was in favor of NOT keeping Driver last season for sake of a farewell tour that gained nothing from his presence and kept Boykin from being even further along than he is now.

Baktieris' play this season was huge for the undertaking he needed to overcome.He boosts the confidence level in the overall OLine for the Packers perhaps to the level of Clifton and Tauscher days with the return of Bulaga regardless at this point which side each might play.Yes,some are still looking at Sherrod but honestly right now,he should only be considered as a thin coat of icing on the cake at the T spots.

GrnMachine's picture

I usually have no qualms with your posts Taryn12, and even agree with moat of this one BUT Jarrett Boykin will be just fine. For all Driver had done for the Packers (leading the franschise in just about every statistical category for receivers) he deserved his farewell lap.

Jordan's picture

Driver didn't deserve a farewell lap. Nobody deserves a farewell lap when you have a 53 man roster. Driver basically extorted the money out of the Packers because he said he wanted to play one more year. Fans would have been outraged if he would have signed with Vikings on a one year deal. And Ted Thompson knew fans would have been outraged and blamed him for not handling it properly. And Driver knew that. He's no dummy.

I'll bet TT is kicking himself for doing that because the first thing Driver does is back-up Jennings with some idiotic comments of his own.

Sven's picture

Agreed the NFL is a performance game. And last year we could have used more performance. Instead we had Driver watching games.

I am a big driver fan, and dont think his statement was meant to support Jennings over Rodgers, but that how it got spun. His grammar wasn't perfect, and the press pounced on it.

Still i prefer to see roster spots used on guys who the coaches will put in games.

Jamie's picture

I don't really understand all the love for EDS. Was he better than Jeff Saturday? Absolutely. But Saturday was also an undersized, 3-4 years past his prime corpse of a center.

I thought EDS was blown off the ball way too many times to warrant him being resigned over a handful of other players, and the only reason he could be resigned is down to the fact that aside from Tretter who played zero snaps after breaking his ankle, we have literally zero alternative options.

Evan's picture

PFF rated him the 8th best center this season, for what it's worth.

Stroh's picture

Don't know what EDS you were watching... BUt I thought he played very good Football all season. Never once got the impression he got blown up or didn't belong on the field.

Boykin was not a surprise at all. I was looking forward to seeing more of him. Next year he'll likely make James Jones an afterthought.

Only thing Starks was ever missing was health. He did pretty much what I figured he would.

Now if we can just get some guys on D to step up and become playmakers full time. Daniels and Hyde are nice stories, but we need Datone to be a full time player and take over Daniels role.

Point Packer's picture

I thought EDS brought some much needed "nasty" (whatever that means) to the O-line and center position. I too thought he had a great season and wasn't surprised to hear PFF graded him out as 8th best center in the NFL this season. I really hope we don't lose him to FA in the coming year. He could provide reasonably priced stability at the center position for the foreseeable future.

Phatgzus's picture

Same sentiments on Boykin-when he caught that 4th down pass vs. The Vikings last season I had a feeling he was gonna be pretty darn good.

Larry Starzz's picture

We have to some how sure up our defense. Aaron will Aaron along with Eddy Lacy and Jordy Nelson and Randle Cobb we need a bonified pass rusher and a good opposite side linebacker to Clay Matthews the secondary seems pretty solid we just need a pass rush

larry valdes's picture

The secondary look pretty solid larry I'm not sure if you are serious or you dint wash any game, stop drinking whatever you are.

Phatgzus's picture

"The secondary seems pretty solid we just need a pass rush." Good one, pretty sure you got that bass ackwards (granted the D needs to get more consistent pressure with 4 man fronts).

BTW, fir future reference it's "shore up","somehow"-one word-and "bona fide".

Sven's picture

Agree on the secondary. Pretty good, but a safety short, maybe Hyde can be that guy. I think fixing the Lbs and DL is much higher priorty. Too many QBs had lots of time to find an open reciever.

Maybe a real compliment to Matthews, who I see as a major disappointment. Missing games hurts the team's chances of success. He plays very hard, but hurts himself in the process. See games vs Bengals, Lions, and Steelers. They should another clay to fill in when he is hurt.

RunAndHyde's picture

Starks ..period. He took his opportunity and ran with it (get it?). Every time he touched the ball this year you almost expected a 6 or 7 yard run or better. He blew me away all year....I hope he stays.

BradHTX's picture

While Morgan Mundane was blasted for it above, I actually think it's equally interesting to discuss the players who were surprising for all the WRONG reasons. Here are mine...

5. Matthew Mulligan: When they brought him in as a FA in the preseason to be a blocking TE, I was intrigued. While Quarless's blocking was the best of any of the TEs pre-injury, we have yet to see him return to form, and I thought Mulligan would be a valuable new tool for the offense. I was kind of surprised when he got cut, though I admit I didn't watch the preseason games closely enough to see why.

4. James Jones: After leading the league in TDs in 2012, it was really disappointing to see him fall so far back to earth this season -- the QB carousel notwithstanding.

3. BJ Raji: You can talk call Raji a fat, lazy tub o' lard, or defend him for being played out of his natural position, but what you can't say isn't surprising is a player that is about to enter free agency seeming to show so little effort for an entire season. Some have suggested he seemed to be playing to avoid injury. Maybe. But is that showing your potential future teams AND the team whose $8M offer you left on the table anything resembling a work ethic? Not a very smart strategy; I think he actually probably hurt his negotiating position.

2. Morgan Burnett: Prior to this season, Burnett fell into the "Hasn't yet lived up to potential" category. After this season, one seriously questions how much potential he has. I still think with a decent partner across from him, he will be better, never great but in the serviceable-to-good range. But damn... this season was just frickin' painful to watch.

And finally...

1. Aaron Rodgers: No offense, Aaron. It's been 21 years since Packers fans had to experience a QB not starting a game due to injury. It was probably a good reminder to us of how lucky we've been, but dude -- please don't do it again. Really. We mean it. Thanks.

4thand1's picture

What kind of fan never has anything positive to say? Does a true fan blast every move "his" team makes? Criticism
is fine when and where needed. Mundane isn't a Packer fan, if he is he's one miserable bastard. What he is, is a troll that loves to stir shit up. He's probably cow, although to be fair to cow, he actually does have a few good things to add.

BradHTX's picture

My intention, 4th, was not to either defend or criticize Morgan Mundane's points in his comment. Some of them were valid, and I didn't agree with all of them (the blanket comment on the secondary sucking, including Hayward, was egregiously unfair).

My intention was simply to point out that analyzing the players that surprised for negative reasons can be just as interesting an exercise as Zach's original premise, analyzing those who were pleasant surprises. These five were my surprise disappointments.

That said, I do think that some here might throw around the term "troll" too lightly. Someone who is pessimistic by nature and generally posts comments that are negative about the players and coaching staff isn't necessarily a troll, just as someone whose comments are generally positive and supportive isn't automatically a "homer." And they can certainly be a sincere and passionate fan of the team. A Bears fan who comes on the board and deliberately picks fights, for example, is a different story. I don't have the ability to magically discern the true feelings and intentions of Morgan Mundane, or Cow, or others, so I choose to treat their comments with respect even when I think they're wrong.

RC Packer Fan's picture

There is a difference between being negative about something and making up stuff to start arguments.

There are a few posters on here that continuously post stuff to start arguments.

There are some here that are more negative about stuff. That doesn't bother me as much as the first one.

I agree with you that the word Troll and Homer get thrown around way to much. I get called Homer all the time, because I am positive about my team.

Cow at least comes back and responds to what other people say to him. Morgan, rarely responds. To me the biggest Troll here is Morgan. I don't consider Cow a Troll.

zeke's picture

It depends on how you define "troll." The most common definition is someone who posts something strictly for the sake of provoking a reaction. They are generally easy to spot, and even easier when they admit to it.

BradHTX's picture

Points well-made, RC.

MarkinMadison's picture

Cow admitted at the end of last season that he was simply being negative for pleasure.

Morgan is also a troll.

I have no problem with Brad's post.

Phatgzus's picture

James Jones had a career year in terms of yards, and he was significantly injured on two separate occasions.

I wasn't expecting much from Mulligan, so not really disappointed there.

Take those 2 off and add 2 out of House, Hayward, Finley (if we're counting injuries), and even Pickett.

Sven's picture

Mulligan getting cut was tragic. He ended up going to he Patriots and helped than establish a much improved running game. If the NFL network reshows the playoff game against the Colts, look for #88, that Mulligan. He is in their opening holes play after play. I think the Packers missed out on a great run blocking TE.

jeremy's picture

"A position switch to safety could be in his near future."

I really doubt it. But a nice article none the less.

fish and crane's picture

I'd be curious what Hyde has to say about playing safety. The CHTV pundits seem to think he can't play safety because he's too slow, too small, too...whatever...or somehow he will be too valuable as a corner?? Confusion on the future of this exciting and smart football player.

Stroh's picture

Hyde's best position IMO is Safety. He doesn't have prototypical size, but he's not small. 6' 197 is basically the same size as Woodson. Most Safeties (Collins excluded) run in the 4.5's which is what Hyde runs, and he has the one trait that will allow him to be a good productive player and that's decent quickness. Besides any of that, he is a willing tackler. I hope they make the decision to move Hyde quickly. He needs the entire offseason to learn to play Safety. And he can still fit into the dime role perfectly.

BradHTX's picture

Hyde actually did play some safety at Iowa, so he wouldn't be starting from scratch, either. But, would he ultimately be better as a second-year pro transforming to safety than a rookie high-round draftee who's played it for years? Might be, but he might still be more valuable staying as a CB if Shields is lost in free agency. Thoughts?

WKUPackFan's picture

People who follow Iowa have said Hyde's stint at safety didn't turn out to well. Nevertheless, he seems to be a natural fit. In addition to the other positives you guys mentioned, Hyde seems to have the field vision and football smarts so necessary to play FS or SS. Plus, it seems he may just be tad slow to ever be a top notch CB.

MarkinMadison's picture

"it seems he may be just a tad slow to ever be a top notch CB"

WKUP you've hit the nail on the head. Hyde will not get faster with age, either. I'm not overly concerned by some failed moments at safety at Iowa either. Part time play at any position could be confusing. Let him focus on safety. He may or may not be better than a high round draft choice, but the Packers need depth regardless, and I don't think Burnett's starting position should be declared safe at this point.

Stroh's picture

If we lose any of our CB's then I would probably keep him there, unless they end up drafting a CB fairly high that is. Either way IMO his best position in the NFL will likely be Safety. Not really worried about Shields tho. Thompson and Ball will find a way to get him signed.

As for Hyde's college stint at Safety it was only a game or two and IIRC he didn't have the whole offseason to prepare for it. Was just thrust into the position kinda last minute. Not worried about him learning safety if he has an offseason to learn the position and prepare himself.

The TKstinator's picture

Of course, Richard Sherman is "slow" too...

steven's picture

The fact that the packers have two rookies in the last two year that have been nominated for rookie of the year speaks volumes about our scouts performance. And both second rounders at that! For everyone condemning our GM just remember. He picked Rodgers, while no one else really wanted him. The dude knows what he's doing. Has he messed up? yes. But I personally wouldn't want any other gm in the league. I want a safety, d line, mlb in the first round. Would be happy if it were made to upgrade those positions. There is also talk about the packers becoming a 4-3 defense. THAT could be interesting. I personally would love to see what Mike Daniels would be capable of as an interior pass rusher in a 4-3. And as Vic Ketchman said "Matthews would fit perfectly in a 4-3 as a strong-side linebacker. He has the rush and cover combination that would allow him to excel at each, and the 4-3 would offer a rush-and-cover disguise I believe would make him an even more effective rusher". I would tend to agree with this statement. It could give matthews the chance to be used in a multitude of blitz schemes. But as Vic also suggested, to make the 4-3 work we would need a true MLB which is what I would love to see in the first. Safety second, and d line 3rd. Expert thoughts?

madmanJack's picture

then your talking about a new DC and MM has already said Capers isn't going anywhere.

steven's picture

Wrong. Dom capers coached a 4-3 in jacksonville and going into the final month was on pace to set the points allowed record. It was the number one defense. And capers said he was gonna adjust to personell

Stroh's picture

That was a hybrid 43/34 that he used becuz his team had been constructed as a 43 D for a few years as a way to transition to a 34. Not unlike the Packers are now for a true 34 D, and would probably have to go to a hybrid to transition back to a 43. They could use a hybrid defensive scheme if they wanted, but I don't see Capers doing that either. The 34 D is here to stay IMO.

Archie's picture

Someone needs to tell TT that he's drafting 3-4 personnel because he keeps drafting 4-3 types. Only TT would convert a DT to an OLB.

Sven's picture

It is true. TT has been gathering 4-3 players Perry and Jones are great examples of this as are Worthy and Daniels. Personell wise they do seem to be just an MLB away.

At the same time, Capers has used Perry and Neal as OLB. He alao did this with Jones in the 9ers game. Which does not seem like the thing to do with guys that you will want to drop into a three or four point stance in the future, but that is far beyond my football knowledge.

It would e fun to see them bring out a 4-3 unexpectedly.

Stroh's picture

Sven... Everyone was screaming for Thompson to draft a 34 DE instead of a 43 DT for the past couple years. He finally does, Jones played 34 DE at UCLA and now everyone is saying Jones is a 43 DE. LMAO

Jones is a 34 DE having played it in college. Also his production pass rushing was as an inside player, not as a DE. He doesn't have the burst to get the edge rushing from outside. He is perfectly suited to the Packers 34 D.

BTW Archie... Using Neal as a 34 OLB was a genius move that paid off in spades!

pooch's picture

Can u imagine picking Vernon Davis over Hawk,huge blunder.We could of gotten a player of Hawks stature in the 5th or 6th round

The TKstinator's picture

Could of
Should of
Would of

(All those "of's" should be "haves")

Wow, your hindsight is really, really good.

They should fire Ted and hire you to replace him!!

pooch's picture

Your right,was drooling over Davis instead of slow linebacker in big ten,i should be GM.How about Klien now playing with Carolina,played high school ball 12 miles South of GreenBay,stud at Iowa State,tons of pre draft write ups,went 5th round,now starting for Carolina,watch him Sunday.

The TKstinator's picture


pooch's picture

Was no hindsight,guy I was begging ted to draft

The TKstinator's picture

Still waiting on the 2014 busts.

Phatgzus's picture

Pooch(stop)speak likea telegraph message(stop)please learn proper grammar(stop)

The TKstinator's picture

Also, while you've got a minute, why don't you tell us RIGHT NOW who the first round busts are GOING TO BE in the 2014 draft. (NFL, that is, in case you don't understand.)

Thank you SO MUCH!!!

zeke's picture

Justin Harrell?

The TKstinator's picture

Whoa, good thought, zeke!

I think that Harrell kid is going to be a stud, but I can't wait to get pooch's expert analysis.

(I just made myself laugh because "analysis" has the word "anal" in it!!)

pooch's picture

Now that Packers front office has been gutted quality of team slowly going downhill.A.H. next to leave

zeke's picture

What would you say Alonzo Highsmith's greatest strength is? Any weaknesses?

Archie's picture

Anybody TT drafts if he plays defense!:)

Hawk was too tight in the middle at his Combine - I would have much preferred Greenway (LB) who went to Vikes in mid 1st rd and has had a much better career. Count me in the Vernon Davis camp once Mario Williams was off the board. After VD, Jay Cutler was my guy. Did not like the other QB - Vince Young.

AROD was the biggest no-brainer pick of all time. I had little doubt we would pick him when he was there. I have to admit, Nick Collins was an unknown to me. Then again, I don't have a limitless budget to study everybody in the draft. I would put my 100 top draft picks against TT's any day of teh week. I have far more experience - I've been following the NFL draft since mid-60s.

zeke's picture

Can you imagine picking any player drafted in 2010 who has since been cut over Sam Shields? Every GM who passed him over should be fired.

This is fun.

The TKstinator's picture

I'm with you, brother.

It is fun being SO MUCH SMARTER than everyone else!

MarkinMadison's picture

Right, because you NEVER try to act like you are smarter than everyone else.

The TKstinator's picture

Finally, SOMEBODY gets it!!

The TKstinator's picture

Ok all bs aside:
What I object to is fans making rash, emotional, obvious, hindsight-aided "observations" and suggestions while simultaneously declaring the "stupidity" of the coaches and management. At least I am smart enough to realize that there is a TON of stuff I don't know about the sport I love to follow. For a fan to REALLY think MM and/or TT are "stupid"...really shows ignorance.
Hey, we all want GB to kick ass and we get wrapped up in it. I get that. But in my view, a fan does not have to trade "passion" for arrogant ignorance.
Just my 1.5 cents.
Now please continue to rock on

The TKstinator's picture

Oh, and enjoy my caricature of brilliant observations below re: SEA vs. NO and tell me that isn't EXACTLY the kind of crap that bugs you too!

Phatgzus's picture

Except Schneider, 'cause he's just the besteat most infalliblest.

Phatgzus's picture

Yup, and the Falcons could have had Brett Favre instead of Lincoln Kennedy, Barey Sanders or Troy Aikman instead of Tony Mandarich, or the 49ers Aaron Rodgers instead of
Alex Smith.

Life just ain't fair is it?

Phatgzus's picture

Interesting points, the D-line does seem better suited to a 4-3 and CMIII would be excellent in any schemes. That said there's only 1 ILB projected to be of first-round quality-C.J. Mosley, and he's projected in the top half (of course that could change), and I believe many think he's better suited to a 3-4; but as Vic always says "Players not plays". The rest of the ILB class is pretty weak-a couple of 2-3 rounders and 4-7 rounders each.

The TKstinator's picture

I'm watching Seattle vs New Orleans right now.
On third and four trailing 13-0, the Saints RAN the ball and only gained one yard.
Horrible playcall!!!
Then, they went for it on fourth and the pass was BATTED DOWN!
Brees is way too short to be an effective pro QB.
I thought Sean Payton was supposed to be such a "genius"?!?!
Does he not even know Brees is short!?
What an idiot!!

Then Seattle ran up the gut for no gain.
Horrible playcall!!!

These teams suck.

Carry on.

4thand1's picture

By George, you've got it. You can be a great troll some day.

Sven's picture

I am with you on Brees. They got him as a free agent, so it was already obvious that he was too short for the NFL. It is the GMs fault, they should gone and gotten Vick out of prison instead.

If they were smart they would have picked up Russell Wilson to replace Brees that guy is a stud. That's why Seattle won.

Point Packer's picture

I'm not and have never been sold on "the Hyde at safety" theory.

4thand1's picture

Yeah, he's been with the Packers for so long. DUH!

Jordan's picture

Is that all you do is comment on every one else's comments? You decide who's comments are good and bad? Troll or non-troll. They must all pass the 4thand1 troll bridge?

Would love to read your (positive and negative assessment) of the team.
Maybe you should write an article for cheesehead tv since you're so knowledgeable about football and the packers.

4thand1's picture

Nope. Its not all I do. Can't stand the heat, stay outa the kitchen. I just like giving back.

Point Packer's picture

All I've heard since we drafted Hyde was speculation regarding his ability to transition to safety. Since his drafting, I have never bought it as a being a viable option. That's roughly a year. Not sure what is wrong with my original comment, you big fucking deuche tard.

Arlo's picture

4thand1 envisions himself as the roughest, toughest 'troll cop' on the internet. The reality is simpler. He's a complete fool who knows little about football & even less about the Pack.

4thand1's picture

And your an asshole. I know a lot more than you think.

The TKstinator's picture

Ok, now it's halftime.
Jimmy Graham was only TARGETED ONCE in the first half!!
(And he didn't even catch the pass!!!)
Stupid, stupid, stupid!!

Later, Seattle kicked off, and the ball reached the endzone.
Then, some IDIOT named "Darren Sproles" (who appears to be even SHORTER THAN BREES) ran it out and ONLY REACHED THE FIFTEEN!!

So, cut that midget, and fire WHOEVER THE IDIOT IS who coaches NO's special teams. Heck, more like special "needs" teams!!

Being SO BRILLIANT is indeed a curse, but it's one I must bear. And it SUCKS!!

4thand1's picture


Phatgzus's picture

Brilliant analysis! Couldn't agree more! Although, I would like to point out that the QB's name is spelled "Breeze".

The TKstinator's picture


Ron from ct's picture

How about running both 3-4 and 4-3 like New England does

The TKstinator's picture

Or, would that put too many men on the field??

BradHTX's picture

Nice. Bellicheat would find a way to do it if he could, no doubt!

Phatgzus's picture

We do that so often as is I figured is part of some brilliant strategy by Capers. Mediocre talent? Stick more of it out there.

4thand1's picture

Earl Thomas is 5'10", cut him now.

The TKstinator's picture

Short players got no reason to live.

BradHTX's picture

I see what you did there...

The TKstinator's picture

Thank you.
I throw that stuff out there hoping that somebody does!

Phatgzus's picture

Easy there...Newman!

gando's picture

We'll lose both Starks and Jones to FA for sure as the needs of the many will outweigh and out pay the needs of the few. We could use a speed dude to replace Jones and a reliable TE. That;s all Aaron needs,a TE that can catch, he'll get it to him. Harris coming back will make losing Starks a little easier and Franklin will have to step up. Can Ted actually find a speed dude to stretch it up a bit?

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