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Final "Chips Report" for the 2013 Green Bay Packers Season

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Final "Chips Report" for the 2013 Green Bay Packers Season

I know many of our readers enjoy the weekly "Chips Report" following games, so I wanted to do a year-end edition in which I looked back at each game and tallied the results.

After doing so, I admit, the results of this exercise were mixed.

A few words about doing the "Chips Report":

In a nutshell, I try to identify players in the immediate aftermath of a game who played the best and who played the worst. In other words, this isn't done after film review.

And a note on methodology, I typically give two blue chips for outstanding play, two red chips for a good but not great performance and two cow chips for the performances that stood out in a negative fashion.

It's a flawed process. I don't always single out individual players. I'll pick certain units or positions if they collectively played exceptionally well or particularly poorly.

You'll notice below that I gave Josh Sitton an individual cow chip for a poor performance Week 1 of the season, but there were other times where I gave the offensive guards or the entire offensive line either a blue chip or red chip.

Josh Sitton will have a low individual grade, but that's not a distinction he really deserves. In fact, he was one of the best players on this Packers team for the entire 2013 season. And just as a side note, it's probably harder to judge the play of offensive linemen than almost any position with nearly no individual statistics to really judge a player's performance.

I also try to identify players who had the best all-around game or worst all-around game, not unlike does in grading players on every play of every game.

For example, it wasn't easy to entirely pass on giving Aaron Rodgers a blue or red chip for his NFC North-clinching performance Week 17 of the regular season against the Bears in which he threw the game-winning touchdown with less than a minute in the game.

But Rodgers also had two interceptions and a fumble that game. My thinking is that there were players who were more deserving that didn't make so many mistakes.

With that being said, here's the results of my tabulations from highest to lowest. I gave plus-two points each time a player received a blue chip, plus-one point for each red chip, and minus-two points for every cow chip:

  1. Running back Eddie Lacy +12 points (five blue chips, two red chips)
  2. Wide receiver Jordy Nelson +11 (five blue, one red)
  3. Cornerback Tramon Williams +7 (three blue, one red)
  4. Kicker Mason Crosby +5 (two blue, one red)
  5. Wide receiver Randall Cobb +4 (one blue, two red)
  6. Running back James Starks +4 (one blue, two red)
  7. Wide receiver Jarrett Boykin +4 (one blue, two red)
  8. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers +3 (two blue, one red, one cow)
  9. Linebacker Clay Matthews +3 (one blue, one red)
  10. Cornerback Sam Shields +3 (one blue, one red)
  11. Cornerback Jarrett Bush +3 (one blue, one red)
  12. Defensive lineman Datone Jones +3 (one blue, one red)
  13. Tight end Andrew Quarless +3 (one blue, one red)
  14. Punter Tim Masthay +2 (one blue)
  15. Linebacker Jamari Lattimre +2 (two red)
  16. Wide receiver James Jones +2 (two red)
  17. Run defense +2 (one blue, at 49ers)
  18. Offensive line +2 (one blue, vs. Lions)
  19. Quarterback Matt Flynn +1 (one blue, one red, one cow)
  20. Defensive lineman Mike Daniels +1 (one red)
  21. Cornerback Micah Hyde +1 (one blue, one red, one cow)
  22. Linebacker Mike Neal +1 (one red)
  23. Defensive lineman Johnny Jolly +1 (one red)
  24. Wide receivers +1 (one red, vs. Redskins)
  25. Offensive guards +1 (one red, at Lions)
  26. Linebacker A.J. Hawk 0(one blue, one cow)
  27. Defensive lineman B.J. Raji 0 (one blue, one cow)
  28. Cornerback Davon House -1 (one red, one cow)
  29. Guard T.J. Lang -1 (one red, one cow)
  30. Guard Josh Sitton -2 (one cow)
  31. Fullback John Kuhn -2 (one cow)
  32. Linebacker Brad Jones -2 (one cow)
  33. Linebacker Nick Perry -2 (one cow)
  34. Tackle David Bakhtiari -2 (one cow)
  35. Tight end Ryan Taylor -2 (one cow)
  36. Quarterback Seneca Wallace -2 (one cow)
  37. Return specialist Jeremy Ross -2 (one cow)
  38. Safety Jerron McMillian -2 (one cow)
  39. Offensive tackles -2 (one cow, at Giants)
  40. Secondary -2 (one cow, vs. Bears)
  41. Tackling -2 (one cow, vs. Redskins)
  42. Safety M.D. Jennings -3 (one red, two cow)
  43. Running back Johnathan Franklin -4 (two cow)
  44. Tackle Don Barclay -4 (two cow)
  45. Tackle Marshall Newhouse -4 (two cow)
  46. Safeties -4 (two cow, at 49ers, vs. Eagles)
  47. Safety Morgan Burnett -6 (three cow)

So what can we glean from this information?

  • Generally, the list does a generally good job identifying players from most-reliable to least-reliable, although offensive linemen are more often noticeable for poor performances than good ones.
  • Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson simply don't have bad performances. They're probably the MVPs of the 2013 season.
  • Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and Randall Cobb probably could have been much higher on the list had they not missed so much time due to injury.
  • Safety and offensive tackle were the obvious weak spots on this 2013 Packers team.
  • The safeties had a collective rating of -15 (not including the secondary as a whole). It's obvious the Packers need an upgrade at this position.
  • Offensive tackles had a collective rating of -12, mainly due to the play of Don Barclay and Marshall Newhouse.
  • Assuming Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiari man the tackle positions next year, Don Barclay is a backup, Derek Sherrod's health improves and Marshall Newhouse leaves in free agency, the Packers should be in much better shape at tackle next season.
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Michael from Winnipeg's picture

I was hoping that it would be a final analysis of Lay's vs Pringles.
Oh well, there's always next year.

Evan's picture

Blue: Kettle Chips
Red: Pringles
Cow: Lays

RC Packer Fan's picture

I don't know.. One of my new favorite chips is Lays Honey BBQ.
That for me alone pulls Lays above Pringles.

Derek in CO's picture

Old Dutch Dill Pickle are my blue chips

Evan's picture


RC Packer Fan's picture

Lays Dill Pickle are pretty good.

Sir Cheese's picture

Hey Michael, glad to see a fellow Winnipeger on here!

Point Packer's picture

MD Jennings got a red chip?

D B H's picture

What circumstances lead to that unlikely outcome?

Jennings should have been in contention for a cow chip in almost every game.

Blue Chip: This team fighting back from adversity

Red Chip: A lot of backups stepping up to fill in for injured starters.

Cow Chip: The two safeties who defied the odds to avoid significant injry, but still sucked all season long.

Point Packer's picture

And managed to achieve a remarkable stat of 0 interceptions from the safety position for an entire 2013 Green Bay Packer season. Incredible.

The defining moment of MD Jennings season was his attempt to pick up that fumble after the Hyde strip in the 1st quarter. All the opportunity to make a play and then complete and utter failure.

Burnett's defining play, as Brian mentioned on today's Railbird, his inability to even get a hand on the TD pass to Davis, despite being in perfect position.

If anything, changing the personnel at the safety position next year will save my Packer watching comrades the surely annoying verbal railing that I gave the TV on a weekly basis on the behalf of the Jennings/Burnett combo.

Evan's picture

Here's hoping TT pulls a Sherman and drafts a safety in round 1, 2 and 3.

(Half joking)

EDIT: That was actually

Point Packer's picture

LOL. Forgot about that.

Got to think he snags one in at least one of the three early rounds. But hell, I thought he'd do last year too. Who knows.

Living in Pacific Northwest and watching a number of Seagull games through osmosis, its stunning to see the contrast between our group and what Seattle has with Earl Thomas and (insert opposing safety here).

Nononsense's picture

Well at least Wolf was able to trade one of those DBs from that draft year, Fred Vinson for a little known fumbling RB named Ahman Green who turned out to be pretty good.

Phatgzus's picture

Insert name? You mean Kam Chancellor? Holy shit, man, you watch Seachickens games and don't know Kam Chancellor?

Al Fresco's picture

Now that there is funny. Thanks I needed a laugh. Two guys who did not get injured and still sucked. Not sure which two that was its so confusing?

fish and crane's picture

Is Burnett fat? He needs to get in on a yoga mat or something...he looks so stiff and played liked one..

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

But in all seriousness, I always read your "Chips Report" after the games, Brian. Excellent work. Please continue it next season.

Al Fresco's picture

I agree, Love the chips report, thanks for the work. Keep it up. Think about one after the draft. I hope one is blue.

The TKstinator's picture

Wouldn't RIGHT NOW be a perfect time for a Chips Report on the 2010 draft?

TommyG's picture

1. Bryan Bulaga
2. Mike Neal
3. Morgan Burnett
5.1. Andrew Quarless
5.2. Marshall Newhouse
6. James Starks
7. CJ Wilson


Point Packer's picture

One Blue Chip: Bulaga

Three Red Chips: Quarless (because of his pre-injury play), Wilson (only because he was a 7th rounder), Starks

Three Cow Shits: Burnett, Neal and Newhouse

Overall draft grade: C

RC Packer Fan's picture

I like looking at the chips after each game. But its really kind of telling when you look at the whole season what the players got.

OL numbers are miscued because they rarely get rewarded for good, and only get noticed when bad.

The one that is really telling is the Safety position. That really tells all.

Derek in CO's picture

Brian, we love the chips report. this is a simple and quick way to see our weak links. The eye popping thing I see at the bottom of the list = tackling, safeties, safeties, safeties, safeties.....cannot argue with that.

cLowNEY42's picture

Taking a look at next year's defensive roster is a bit scary...

SS - gotta let Jennings go... leaves only Burnett (AREA OF MAJOR NEED)
FS - gotta let Banjo go... leaves only Richardson (AREA OF MAJOR NEED)
CB - gotta re-sign Shields... means the entire group's back + Hayward
ILB - re-sign Lattimore, dump Francois & Aiyewa... leaves only Hawk, Jones, Lattimore (AREA OF MAJOR NEED)
OLB - dump Neal... leaves Matthews, Perry, Mulumba, Palmer (AREA OF MODERATE NEED)
DT - dump Pickett, Jolly's prob done (inj)... that leaves Boyd (AREA OF MAJOR NEED)
DE - dump Raji... leaves Daniels, Jones, Worthy... yikes

-Can Richardson be a starter? Can Burnett?

-Are Hawk and Jones good enough?

-Can one of Perry or Mulumba become an actual starter?

-They may have to re-sign Raji... no way they can only have DL group of Boyd, Daniels, Jones, Worthy, rookie(s).

-Can D. Jones become a starter?

Bigb's picture

Do you wanna dump francois because of injuries? I get that, if so, but his play has been pretty good from what I've seen otherwise

cLowNEY42's picture

I think they need to add a starter there.
If they only keep 4 at the position, I'd put Francois 5th out of Hawk, Jones, Lattimore, Rookie, Francois.

Derek in CO's picture

how about Hawk, Lattimore, Francois, CJ Mosley, Free Agent?

Sir Cheese's picture

I would love to see them get Mosley, guy is a beast. I think they would need to trade up to get him though, I have him ranked at #8 overall in the upcoming draft.

The TKstinator's picture

Where can I find the Sir Cheese mock draft?

Barutan Seijin's picture

Francois is a special teams contributer, too.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Are you referencing the "can't judge a draft until 3 years have passed" adage? If you are, then it's the 2011 draft you want to evaluate.

Have at it:

1 Derrek Sherrod
2 Randall Cobb
3 Alex Green
4 Davon House
5 DJ Williams
6.1 Caleb Schlauderaff
6.2 Ricky Elmore
7.1 Ryan Taylor
7.2 Lawrence Guy

I'd say that's 1 Blue Chip (Cobb) and bunch of bit players & ex-pro footballers.

cLowNEY42's picture

That's REALLY bad.

BradHTX's picture

Cow, good thoughtful post. You're better analyzing the roster than predicting season records... *nudge*

I actually think that with players coming back from injury and two key additions, this defense can go from atrocious to acceptable-to-good (barring a recurrence of this season's type of injurypocalypse, of course). Draft a beast ILB to replace Jones, and bring in a FA safety who is capable of QBing the secondary.

Resign, in order of importance, Shields, Raji, Neal, Lattimore. And Jolly, if he can come back from his injury. Let Pickett retire, he's done; Jennings, don't let the door hit you in the... Never mind, you'd find a way to miss it.

Burnett was extremely disappointing this season. But he's shown ability to play decently in the past, when he had Collins calling the shots. I think he's just not the guy to be in charge; make him the #2 guy, and he might not be a difference maker, but he might not be a liability anymore.

Raji moves to NT, his more natural position. With health and another year of seasoning for Datone Jones, hopefully he becomes more of a factor on the DL, which we know takes time to develop in the NFL.

Suddenly this Defense roster doesn't look so bad (primary backups in parentheses):

DL: Daniels, Raji, Jones (Worthy, Boyd, Jolly)
OLB: Perry, Matthews (Neal, Mulumba)
ILB: Hawk, Stud Rookie (Jones, Lattimore)
CB: Shields, Williams, Hayward (House, Hyde, Bush)
S: Burnett, Competent FA (Richardson, someone -Banjo?)

Is that likely to be the best D in the NFL? No, but there's genuine talent there, enough to be a decent unit that doesn't soil its pants every week. Add a couple more critical stops each game and sprinkle in a few turnovers, and I think 3-4 games this season would have turned out differently -- including yesterday's. And that's a Packer defense I could live with.

Bert's picture

I wish I could be optimistic about the "players coming back from injuries". fact is that we have a few guys (CM3, Bulaga, Finley, Sherrod, Neal, Perry etc.)who have a history of injures and thinking they will come back and play an entire season might be wishful thinking.

Point Packer's picture

2011 Draft Class:

One Blue Chip: Randall Cobb

One Red Chip: Davon House (cause he was a 4th rounder - being nice here)

Seven Cow Shits: Derrek Sherrod (I hesitated cause the guy has barely played), Alex Green (no hesitation here), DJ Williams, Caleb Schlauderaff, Ricky Elmore, Ryan Taylor, Lawrence Guy

Overall draft grade: C - (only because of the Cobb pick)

Not much famed late round TT success in that draft. Wow.

lmills's picture

I'm actually surprised Datone Jones was that high. I would assume with his reduced snaps that he was really playing poorly. Weird that he wasn't on the field very much for being a #1 pick.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Jones, had a brutal ankle sprain during camp which really hurt him early in the season.

IMO, this is where Capers didn't use players to their best ability's. Jones was used as a pass rusher, but I think he could have done a better job of changing up his nickel and dime defenses, to fit his personnel.

I really think they could have benefitted from running a 3-3 scheme Nickel. Putting Raji at NT (where is best), Daniels and Jones at DE, would have given the DL 3 good pass rushers. Also 3 guys better at stopping the run vs, 2. Add Mathews, and Perry or Neal as OLB's, and they could disguise their blitzes and who is going where.
Schematically, I think Capers could have done better.

Derek in CO's picture

Raji = not a "good" pass rusher. Zero sacks in two seasons.

G-man's picture

In capers scheme his job is to occupy the blockers first and hold his ground...........He's a penetrator and a sack man and doesn't like Capers system.....That's why he wants out. Tired of being a punching bag. He will go to a different team that fits him and play better.....

RC Packer Fan's picture

A lot of the reason why Raji doesn't have sacks is because of the position he plays. His job isn't to rush the passer.

Also when Raji was at his best and had 6 sacks he was rushing from the NT position. He was over the center or between the guard and center. Also he had Cullen Jenkins next to him.

I don't recall but I would be curious to see if in that year when he did post good sack numbers if they were running a 2 or 3 man DL. I still think if they would have 3 DL rushing and trying to penetrate, they would succeed more then rushing 2 DL.

Derek in CO's picture

Don't you think just once a SEASON Raji would accidentally beat a guy and get a sack? I would. He's done.

Cole's picture

Raji is flat out terrible. No impact at all. He's probably our worst D-lineman. I'm being serious.

Jamie's picture

When you pick only two for each category, have indicated cow chip selection where often based on one bad play or two, and equally do not qualify what type of performance the players not selected had...I'm not really sure this list means much of anything. Maybe it points out the very top performers, but that's about it.

Jamie's picture


I bleed Green More's picture

To me the injuries hurt more than I think anyone knows.

bogfan's picture

Josh Sitton with a -2? yer f***'n insane!

Evan's picture

"Josh Sitton will have a low individual grade, but that’s not a distinction he really deserves. In fact, he was one of the best players on this Packers team for the entire 2013 season. And just as a side note, it’s probably harder to judge the play of offensive linemen than almost any position with nearly no individual statistics to really judge a player’s performance."

Read then comment.

bogfan's picture

Why even use the "grading" system if it comes with these sort of platitudes?

Jamie's picture

The grading system is quasi-fun on a week to week basis. Not useful at all.

This post purports that combining the weekly 'fun' grades actually means something at the end of the year. It doesn't.

TommyG's picture

...and always remember: you never here a OL name unless he is screwing up.

Ben's picture

I think it is somewhat unfair to the defensive backfield to give them as poor a grade. I'm not saying the were stellar, good, or even passable. It is my belief, however, that if there had been even the possibility that the quarterback for the opposing team would see a green and gold 300+ lbs man within 15 yards of him the defensive backs would not have needed to play at such high a level for so long on each play. I blame the lack of a pass rush for many of the problems we had on defense.

Derek in CO's picture

How about in the 2012 draft, we took Jerel Worthy at #51. We could have gotten OLB Lavonte David from Nebraska (Tampa got him at #58). He's all pro in his 2nd year. But he doesn't play in a 3-4. Oh well......

Evan's picture

I wonder if at around 230 lbs, David is big enough for 3-4 OLB.

Yeah, a guy like David would be great. That said, I think those hindsight proclamations ("look at this awesome guy picked after our pick") are pretty much pointless.

Derek in CO's picture

I agree, it is pretty pointless, but I'm always curious to see how many pro bowlers or all pros came behind our draft picks. He probably is too small for a 3-4, but a pretty good player, obviously.

The TKstinator's picture

Lots of all pros come from behind EVERYBODY'S draft picks.

stormin's picture

Well the Packers broke our hearts with the loss, now they are embarrassing us by being laughed at on late night shows and the internet! Nice job Rodgers That and MM!

ben's picture

To play a 3-4 D you need a big Nose Tackle. Unless we sign FA Paul Soliai we're going to have to switch to a 4-3, which may better suite our personnel anyway.

ben's picture

2014 53 man depth chart (w/ 4-3 D)
QB: Rodgers, Tolzien, #6draftpick
RB: Lacey, DuJuan, Franklin, UFA
FB: #5draftpick, UFA
WR: Cobb(extended4), Jordy, #3draftpick, Boykins, Harper
TE: #1draftpick, Quarless(2year),Stoneburner, Bostick,
OL: Bakhtiari, Sitton, EDS(2year), Lang, Bulaga(extended4), Barclay, Tretter, Sharrod
DL: Perry, Daniels(extended5), Boyd, Datone, Jolly(2year), Worthy, #7draftpick, Miller
LB: Matthews(MLB), Lattimore, Nick Barnett(1year), Jones, Hawk, #4draftpick
CB: Shields(franchised), Tramon, House, Heyward, Hyde, Nixon
S: Burnett, #2draftpick, Richardson, banjo(2year)
ST: Goode, Crosby, Masthay
Let go: Capers,Finley,Raji,Pickett,JJones,Bush,Kuhn,md,newhouse,&Wilson.

JackintheBox's picture

Early numbers indicate franchising Shields would be close to 11 million....not going to happen...

RunAndHyde's picture

Let's hope this year's "joke" @ free safety leads to "HaHa" next year.......what a sweet joke lol.

Jordan's picture

The biggest cow chip goes to Mike McCarthy. I'm not even talking about his play calling. Come on, the dude thought the Packers were eliminated from the playoffs because Detroit won. Detroit lost but it wouldn't have even mattered had they won.

I've been watching the Packers since 1971, and just when I think I've seen it all, McCarthy starts telling the players to turn in their IPads right after the Bears game and come in for their end-of-year Physicals on Monday.....all because he thought Detroit lost. What a joke. At some point you've got to pull your head out of your ass.

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