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Favre Wanted To Be In Minnesota

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Favre Wanted To Be In Minnesota

I get accused of 'making things up' when it comes to my belief that Favre wanted to play for the Vikings as early as last summer, possibly while he was still with the Packers. I am told I am nothing but a stupid blogger (which, of course, is true) and that I don't know anything that has gone on behind closed doors.

So I present an amazingly pointed Tweet from one Jeff Blumb, Director of Public Relations for the Green Bay Packers, who opines about his upcoming vacation to the Land of Zero Super Bowl Rings:

Thankfully this year's visit to see family won't be cut short by someone who wanted to go to Minnesota way more than I did.

Now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I submit that Jeff Blumb is not 'some stupid blogger'. I contend that he is a professional PR man with the highest level of access imaginable to the inner workings over at 1265 Lombardi Avenue. Now, I may not be some big city lahwyer, but if it please the court, I would posit that 'someone who wanted to go to Minnesota' would be one Brent Lorenzo Favre.  I said GOOD DAY!

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Franklin Hillside's picture

Fez rules.

wgbeethree's picture

It's always been my contention that he wanted to play for Minnesota last year. He didn't like TT personally. He didn't like MM ''trying to tame'' his gunslinging and insisting he show up for offseason activities. He wasn't getting along with his bosses and wanted somewhere where he could ''still be his own man'' and show them they were ''wrong'' and that he could get things done HIS way. There was no better place for him to do that than in Minnesota. He was good friends with the coach and the OC and knew they would bend over backwards to have him on the team and let him do things on HIS terms. The only way he could do that is to ''retire'' and then at the last minute cause enough of a circus by unretiring that the Packers had no choice but to release him so he would be free to go play where he wanted. It didn't work the way he wanted it to last year so he played out the season in NY, did the exact same thing this year to the jets and it did.
Now I can't even remotely claim to know what he was actually thinking but from the little information that is proven it seems that is the most logical conclusion to his last couple years of retiring/unretiring.

packeraaron's picture

Completely agree.

seekr's picture

It would seem that Roger Goodell has a responsibility to not re-instate Favre to prevent Favre from using the NFL as his conduit for whatever he is up to. Unfortunately I don't see that happening.

Jayme's picture

I don't necessarily agree that Favre wanted to be in Minnesota before he even retired. There may have been an inkling of an idea that it would be nice, but I don't think he had decided yet. The moment that he realized that he may not have been welcome back, though, I think he decided from that point on that he wanted to be in Minnesota and worked to achieve that goal.

bomdad's picture

Aaron your assertion means BF wanted out in Feb 08. That's less than 1 month after he tossed his last pick in the NFC CG. I could see relations from the org at their coolest at that point.

packeraaron's picture

Don'f forget Jayme that Favre 'demanded' to be traded after Thompson failed to deal for Moss. He wanted out for awhile.

Jayme's picture

Aaron, I have no doubt that he's wanted out for a while, I just don't think it was Minnesota he wanted to go to until last offseason. Really, that's when they started to look like they had the potential to make a deep playoff run. Before that, the Packers and Bears were clearly superior to the Vikings, so if he wanted to win, which I'm sure he did, Minnesota wouldn't have been his target destination.
In 2007 (and 2008 for that matter), though, they looked like they were a QB away from the Super Bowl. Since he already didn't like his bosses, this would have seemed like the perfect situation for him. Maybe it was before he retired the first time, but I doubt it was very long before that point.
On top of that, Favre has been notoriously indecisive, even away from football. That makes it hard to really pursue conspiracy theories with any degree of certainty because you don't really know how much of his indecisiveness was real and how much of it was feigned to help him get his way.

packeraaron's picture

I just find it hard to believe that one month after retiring Favre had Bus Cook contact the Vikings without that thought having been in his head for awhile. But, of course, we'll never know.

retiredgrampa's picture

It matters little to me just when TOG made up his mind (again). A devious brain(?) goes off in various directions constantly. The only important thing to me is that he IS a traitor and a turncoat for the wrong reasons. The Packers must render him impotent by beating the Vikes both times this seaeon. Then he will begin his devious plans to get back into the Packers good graces. The trouble is that it might work.

mickerj's picture

Don't forget that Darrell Bevell is on the coaching staff at Minnesota. As soon as he left GB, Favre seemed to be thinking Minnesota.

Asshalo's picture

I think most people knew he wanted to go to Minn when he said in that ESPN interview this past spring he 'was' bitter about the whole thing and that he wanted to play on any team in the division. I think the trade clause last August alluded to it as well.

But I slightly disagree with Blumb's decision to post it via tweet or make it public for that matter. Not that the media will really pick-up on it. I really like how the team and management has handled the whole thing. Especially TT saying it "was" our problem. "Was" is right.

WoodyG's picture

Does anyone think BF is smart enough to devise this whole debacle on his own?? I doubt it. BF would be pumping gas & dating his cousin in Mississippi if it weren't for his ability to play football.
Someone else has BF's ear & BF has been listening. It seems to be working.

DaveK's picture

I think Favre had the emotional stablility of a 12 year old girl and retired too soon. When he decided to play again and was told by the Packers to stay retired he and his big ego got really pissed. It all went downhill from there but I seriously doubt he retired with the master plan of un-retiring and forcing his way into MN. It seems you all are trying way to hard to find a way to place all the blame on one guy for a crappy situation.

PackOne's picture

I think Favre was aware that things were over as he previously knew it the second Webster caught that ball (C. Webster not Emanuel Lewis).

I'll buy some of this.

jon's picture

I think Favre's desire to play for the Vikings came around the first week of Aug 2008 after he was reinstated and was not given his job back... when the trade talks stated.. the wheels started turning in his head as to how he could get revenge... play for the Jets one year then he would be free to sign with the Vikings

Grossman76's picture

Brett who?

LostUpNorth's picture

It's amazing that a guy who helped turn around the Packers franchise, who had only one losing season, who brought tons of dollars to the city of Green Bay, can be so disliked for wanting to play football. People change their minds all the time, heck look at the divorce rate! All those people must be stupid ego manic people also! Favre is exciting to watch, that is why if he comes back and plays for MN it will be one of the highest rated games when he runs into Lambeau field. As a Packer season ticket holder, my big question is who will be to blame this year if they have a losing record? Can't keep blaming Favre???

InFact's picture

Who wears #4 -- Favre or Booty -- when Favre returns this month?


Booty will be cut.

packeraaron's picture

"Can’t keep blaming Favre???" - who's blaming Favre for 6-10? No one here I can assure you.

InFact's picture


It's AOK for Favre to return if he wishes, BUT the only two forbidden wines are Chicago and MN.

He knows this fact as well as you and me.

That's why people have turned vs. Favre.

PackerBelle's picture

LostUpNorth, I don't dislike Favre for wanting to play football. I dislike him for only wanting to play for division rivals and for being a drama queen. He's retired TWICE now and the second seems as likely to stick as the first one did. He wants to play? Fine. But then you should be willing to do all the off season work and be willing to play for any team that will have you.

IronMan's picture

Favre wanted to play for Minnesota? In related news, the Sun is hot, and ice is cold.

WoodyG's picture



Your ID explains your post perfectly.


longtimefan's picture

The minute Brett realized he was not going to be allowed to play for GB anymore is the minute he thought Minnesota will take me...

I am 99% sure he did have talks with staff in Minnesota something like this..

if I was available would you guys take me? When he was told yes, he asked for his release from GB

We know for a fact he said if you wont let me play for you,let me play against you...

I dont think he had a plan to play there at the start of all this ( April of 2008) but the wheels did start to turn for it after he "retired" from the JETS

packeraaron's picture

Sorry longtime, but the timeline doesn't support you. Remeber, per Sam Farmer of the LA Times, Cook called the Vikings in April of 08, less than a month after Favre retired.

Asshalo's picture

"“Can’t keep blaming Favre???” - who’s blaming Favre for 6-10? No one here I can assure you."

I think UpNorth was alluding to the fact that people are taking their frustrations with losing out on Favre. I would agree with that in relation to last season, especially on certain blogs and forums (can't vouch for this one because I only started visiting recently). It's like topics would come up out of the blue saying we'de be better with Favre or some hate topic about Favre. Blame one side all you want, but both sides would bring up pure crap that had nothing to do with the current state of the team.

He's not our problem any more. As engrossing as the topic can be, people (myself especially) should take a page out of Brian Carriveau's book and just ignore it as much as possible. It's as simple as cheering for the pack and treating Favre like any other opponent. If you ignore your opinions its a little sad how easily it divided the fan base. Let's just get back to what really matters, cheering for our team.

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