Extra Cheese: 2020 Schedule Release Reactions

Aaron chats with Packers fans about the release of the 2020 regular season schedule.

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Rossonero's picture

May 07, 2020 at 09:14 pm

I'll tell you my reaction. On a short week, on a Thursday night, and on the road, the Niners are going to shove it in with no lube.

Despite that, we will prevail and go 11-5 though....assuming there's a season of course.

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RickInCali's picture

May 08, 2020 at 01:43 am

Looks like 10-6 will be an accomplishment with this schedule and is in no way something I consider as a step back. This schedule appears to be difficult, but who really knows? Early bye-week, ending on the road against another cold weather team, the short-week visit to SF, and no real cupcakes outside of our division. It is gonna be tough to win more than 10.

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hobowilly's picture

May 08, 2020 at 02:48 pm

you love to tease don't you Nags! IMHO, this is friendlier than last year, but then GB didn't have a target on their corona back like they do this coming season to be. So glad the networks still love America's real team, and i'm glad we hired MLF.

On another troubling story, i'm about fed up with all those pundits that are claiming AR is as good as gone so he better start planning where he's going after title town as soon as next season. Non sense! No one KNOWS.....just like no one knows when/what & how this season is going to evolve.

Why don't we share something equally foolish and claim Kuhn is coming out of retirement to take snaps as the wildcat??!

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mrtundra's picture

May 09, 2020 at 09:52 am

Just saw the vikings' schedule. The League scheduler must be a viking fan, knowing how lousy they are in Primetime, as they only have two Primetime games on their schedule. The first is week 5 at 8:20PM at Seattle and the second is Week 10 at 7:15PM at the Bears. Only two other games are late starts( 3:25PM ~) Week 11 with the Cowboys and Week 16 at NO. All other games are Noon starts, CST. A poster on another GB fan page asked what happens if the vikings make the playoffs and finds that those games are played in Primetime? Sounds like another bust season for the vikings and that horn of theirs! Another 15 draft picks headed to Minnesota in 2021! Now I have to go over the Packers schedule to see if those games will be aired in my area due to the vikings game broadcasts getting preference over the Packers, if their games start at the same time.

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Leatherhead's picture

May 11, 2020 at 09:52 am

I was looking at the Vikings opener with us. They are going to put a defense on the field that is significantly smaller than the offense we’ll be fielding. Run their puny bodies right over.

Also, it appears they’ll have CBs on the field who have never had to defend anything like Rodgers to Adams. I’m already getting a real good feeling about this.

At home, division rival....their biggest game of the year and a perfect opportunity to kick them in the nuts.

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