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Everyone But Moss?

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Everyone But Moss?

That's what it says here.

Wow. When McCarthy starts over, he starts OVER.

UPDATE: They fired Rock as well! Wow. Just. Wow.

I have to say, that smacks of over-reaction. Yes, the Packers had a slew of injuries this year - but the Strength and Conditioning coach is at fault? When McCarthy brought Rock in, he praised him and his free weight system and for the last two, relatively healthy years, all was well in Strength and Conditioning land. And now? Again - wow.

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Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Could the reason that Moss survived be that MM does not want to hurt his chances with the Rams? 'Cause I don't get how he survived

Holly's picture

Seriously. I agree with packergeeks about Washington - I thought the DBs were doing ok!

Talk about housecleaning. Seems like he's gearing up to bring in a whole new scheme. Could this be similar to the way Spagnuolo came in and overhauled the Giants defense last year?

PackerBelle's picture

Kind of makes you wonder what might have been going on behind the scenes during the season.

packeraaron's picture

You've got to think that this is to lay groundwork to bring someone else in, not to give the DC job to Moss. And I agree Holly, I've always thought Washington got the shaft. It happened with both Sherman and McCarthy. Must be something...

Keith's picture

I don't have a problem with them firing Rock. I thought the defensive front 7 seemed to be a little heavy and not as explosive as they needed to be last season... I am looking at AJ Hawk in particular. Hawk bulked up way too much from his Ohio State days. He needs to drop some weight and focus on plyometrics to regain his explosiveness. In fact, most of the guys in the front 7 could benefit from this.

packeraaron's picture

I'm not saying I disagree Keith - but Rock only implemented the type of workout regime McCarthy wanted. When he was hired, McCarthy made a lot of hay, in the press no less, about getting rid of all the Nautilus machines and bringing in free weights, etc. And for the past two years, everything was great. (Did you know Rock was voted the 2007 Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year? Hell, did you know there was such an award? I sure didn't)

It's just a big red flag for me. Now, there could be many other reasons for the move but if the injuries are the main driver behind it, I don't like it much.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I think it's a more attractive gig to a potential DC that can staff their whole group. Either that or MM already has his guy and is clearing the way for that guy to bring his hand picked staff with him.
On Rock, I had no idea there was such an award. It does seem a bit like overkill to get rid of Rock but who knows what is going on behind the scenes. Hell, I don't think anyone thought we'd see the purging we saw today

DaveK's picture

I think this might a good sign. Maybe they already have a new D.C. lined up and he wanted the staff gone before he was named as the defensive coordinator. No one wants to start day one and have to fire a bunch of people. Maybe it is Moss who knows he doesn't want to keep any of the current staff or maybe it is a former head coach who largely has a defensive staff already at his disposal.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

I agree. Sure seems like overkill. What's the opposite of the Shoop phase?

Maybe its called the McCarthy phase.

Mr.Man's picture

Maybe Gullickson is overkill. Everyone else is kosher. Think about it-- McCarthy is an offensive guy. He needs someone to own and handle the defense without any assistance from him. Obviously, someone willing to do that and capable of doing it well would likely want to have his own underlings, not a bunch of holdovers. Makes sense to me.

I do feel bad for Lionel Washington, who I think is a pretty good coach, and for Gullickson. And I feel bad for Sanders on a personal, not professional, level. He was apparently a really good man, and he always owned his screw-ups.

Mr.Man's picture

Regarding Gullickson, I'm hoping it's more about just needing something new, wanting a new approach to shake things up, than a response to injuries. That'd be odd.

Nick's picture

Psh...just a few days ago everyone was afraid he wouldn't even fire Sanders. I say if something is broke...fix it. And obviously something was broken. I like this move.

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