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ESPN Puts Packers "On The Clock"

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ESPN Puts Packers "On The Clock"

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Zaphod Beeblebrox's picture

While I have no clue who the Packers will pick with #32, or if they'll trade out of it, I feel pretty confident that Guard is not a position where they'll use a first-round pick (kicker, punter, or long-snapper, either). Sorry, Mel.

hyperRevue's picture

Really? Why is that?

I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if they take a guard at #32.

Zaphod Beeblebrox's picture

Thompson's draft policy is not to take a guard or center at such a high pick. Just like many teams won't take a RB at a high pick. High picks are reserved for O and D tackles, QB's and CB's, LB's, but not guards...

hyperRevue's picture

"Thompson’s draft policy is not to take a guard or center at such a high pick."

Where did you get that from?

PackersRS's picture

VERY different reasonings. RBs average 5 elite years. Guards can go on till they're in their mid 30's and perform really well.

MarkinMadison's picture

They're at #32. They would be very, very lucky to see a legit 1st round prospect at any of the positions you listed. Throw out the rules this year.

There are a limited number of ways this plays out.(1) A legit prospect falls (ala Rodgers or Bulaga) for no good reason. (2) TT falls in love with a guy (ala Matthews) and gets him. (3) BPA - which could very well be an OG at the bottom of the first.

PackersRS's picture

Mike Pouncey would be the perfect 1st round pick IMHO.

Wiscokid's picture

You have "humble" opinions? :)

PackersRS's picture

No tv analyst or otherwise can say for certain where any draftee is going. We don't know how teams are evaluating each.

All I know is I liked a lot what I saw from Pouncey (except him playing center, tons of snap problems early on) and think he would solidify our interior OL and boost our running game considerably.

Jay's picture

Funny that they talked about OL but Mels pick was OLB. I'd like Brooks Reed, but the one OL who I expect to be there at 32 is Ijalana. I'm not sure what scouts think of him, but his position would give him more value than OLB it seems to me.

MarkinMadison's picture

I agree. The Packers main competition this year in the division could very well be the Lions. The interior made them look silly. A big OG like Ijalana or Pouncy makes a lot of sense.

WayneF's picture

Check out Brooks Reed's profile on

PackersRS's picture

I'm not really high on any OLB on 1st round other than Von Miller, who's gonna be an absolute beast.

But of all the others, Reed seems to me like the best fit for us. Relentless, unselfish, very quick first step, though a little stiff and not very powerful on his lower body (only 30 1/2 vertical, 09'05" broad jump).

I'd find him a reach in the first round.

But hey, if Ted thinks he's the guy, he's the guy and that's it.

Chad Toporski's picture

Pat Kirwan's latest mock has Brooks Reed going to the Packers in Round 2 at Pick 64.

MarkinMadison's picture

My problem with Reed is that the production does not seem to match the hype. Matthews had a similar issue coming out of college, but in his case he was surrounded by a bunch of first round guys. I don't think you can say the same for Reed. Feel free to educate me about why his production numbers aren't an issue.

PackersRS's picture

I honestly can't say for sure. He was terrific against Iowa and had 2 sacks, but my guess is he just isn't fluid and agile enough. He has a monster first step (4.28 20 yard shuttle, 1.54 10 yard dash) and a non-stop motor, but with a 7.11 3 cone drill I question his ability to change directions, and so do a lot of scouts. And it's not like he will be able to simply overpower OTs at the next level.

Like I said before, I wouldn't spend a 1st rounder on him, I don't think he's an elite prospect.

Actually, I don't like any OLB in this draft not named Von Miller. Rather keep Jones/Zombo/Walden.

pointerjeff's picture

Mel hopped on the Brooks Reed pick after I initially chose him as the Packs pick.
Seriously, if they can project him to OLB, which appears not to be a stretch, he would be an awesome addition and worthy of the first pick.
He is a beast (see Claymaker II)

PackersRS's picture

At least measurables-wise, he doesn't come close. Matthews was better at every single drill in the combine, showing more agility (3 cone), burst (20 shuttle), lower body power (vertical and broad jump). He also reportedly performed better at positional specific drills. And, no, I didn't include the almost meaningless 40-yard dash.

Matthews had the best 3-4 OLB combine since DeMarcus Ware.

And regarding talent and heart, we all know nobody matches up to him.

Matthews was the real deal. He had everything (performance, physical skills, intangibles) but playing time. Looking back, taking everything into account, Matthews was as close to a can't miss pick as there is at 3-4 OLB.

He was considerably lighter (240lbs) than Reed, though (263).

Norman's picture

Off topic and no longer timely I know...

But it finally just sunk in over the weekend, and yes I was mentally aware of this for weeks now, but as vastly improbable as it seems, THE PACKERS WON THE SUPER BOWL AND THEY DID IT WITH JARRET BUSH AND PAT LEE PLAYING SIGNIFICANT PORTIONS OF THE 4TH QUARTER INCLUDING THE POTENTIAL GAME-WINNING DRIVE, and all this against a QB who shredded the Packers for 500 yards just the year before!

Sorry for the interruption. Now back to your regularly scheduled program already in progress...

CJ in Guatemala's picture

Jarret Bush had a terrific year, not just THAT game, and that's why he was the Captain of ST throughout the playoffs.
He even had a killer press conference who changed the way fans looked at him; myself included.

Pat Lee on the other hand, had a heck of a game, he didn't allow a single pass completion for whatever stretch of the game that he played i want to estimate about 18+ snaps, maybe it's too far off but it's amazing never the less.
Also he was the best kick returner out of all the guys tried out at that position before going down to injury.


Norman's picture

It was Bush from scrimmage that amazed me, where any observer would be hard pressed to argue that he has NOT been terrific, this year or any other. Totally agree on the ST aspects of his play though, he's terrific there. Pat Lee on defense I just haven't seen enough from yet to judge.

jerseyAl's picture

Did nobody see Bush get beaten badly for a TD pass? He's good enough with the play in front of him. It's the play behind him he can not handle at all. So lets not label him as "terrific" and "amazing." He was improved this season, but still lacking in some areas.

Ruppert's picture

Aw come on, Al! We got 53 all-pros right NOW!! We're the CHAMPS! :)'re right, though. And I will continue to get queasy if and when I see #24 trot on the field to play defense.

CJ in Guatemala's picture

I was putting up terrific or amazing, compared against himself in previous years.

But for such a BAD player really to elevate himself and be as serviciable as he was, then I don't know what else you guys want to ask of him, to be a guy like Woodson, Tramon or Revis?... Geez.

Cole's picture

I dunno, Jon Baldwin from Pitt looks like he could be a beast.

PackersRS's picture

A guy I didn't watch play, only from highlights.

Some reports say he's not agile enough and that will really struggle in his route running in the NFL, with getting separation (7.07 3 cone drill is really bad for a wide-receiver. Matthews ran a 6.9, to illustrate) and has some questions about concentration and effort.

But I gotta say he's really growing on me. From everything I've seen/read, he's a really though catcher, not afraid to block, not afraid to go over the middle, and has shown dominance.

I see him right now as a more promising, taller James Jones, and would be glad if we grabbed him in the first. But if anyone that watched Pitt play instead of highlights and "scouting" analysis could care to correct me, be my guest.

Cole's picture

I've also heard he isn't very agile. But damn, 6'5. That would be a pretty valuable 3rd or 4th WR I think. Like having another athletic pass catching TE running down the middle of the field. There is no telling what TT will do though.

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, that's the main concern with him. But as you said, 6'5", great hands, though, willing blocker, fast enough to stretch the field... He's certainly not a west coast WR, but then again, we're not a west coast offense anymore.

That being said, I antecipate TT taking someone like Titus Young before he takes him.

BubbaOne's picture

Bleacher Report: Top Ten Players w/ Extra Baggage.

Coming in at #6 Jon Baldwin:
Baldwin is not a bad guy, per se. The problem with him is more accurately described as makeup than character.

He has resisted constant urging to improve his sloppy and lackadaisical route-running, yet he frequently takes exception on-field when he feels ignored within an offense.

He will need to prove his work ethic and team ethos are in the right place for teams to consider him in the first round.

Aaron Biderman's picture

Imagine the hair we'd have at LB if he drafted Brooks Reed. Would be awesome.

mike's picture

thats a solid point.

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