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Draft Prospect Morgan Moses: "Who Wouldn't Love to Block for Aaron Rodgers?"

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Draft Prospect Morgan Moses: "Who Wouldn't Love to Block for Aaron Rodgers?"

Some football prospects step into less than ideal situations upon hearing their name called in the NFL Draft. Maybe their new team is in re-building mode or there's not that franchise quarterback to build around.

That's not the case in Green Bay, where a window to the Super Bowl is open as long as Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews are in the prime of their careers, and Virginia offensive lineman Morgan Moses knows it.

"What can I say? They got some great players out there," said Moses at the NFL Combine. "Who wouldn't love to block for Aaron Rodgers? I've met with them, and I had a great meeting with them."

Moses met with the Packers during the Senior Bowl, where general manager Ted Thompson and his team of personnel assistants were busy scouting this year's NFL draft class.

The viewpoint expressed by Moses was not unlike that of running back Eddie Lacy a year ago. Before even being drafted by Green Bay, Lacy could see the advantages of playing in a system where the key pieces were already in place.

"I feel as though (defenses) wouldn't just be able to spread the field out, because they would actually defend the run as well," said Lacy in February of 2013. "If Aaron Rodgers is your quarterback, you're not going to put nine guys in the box, so it kind of balances out."

Lacy ended up being able to experience those advantages first-hand after being taken by the Packers in the second round and becoming the NFL's Offensive Rookie of the Year by rushing for 1,178 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Moses, should he follow a similar path, would have the luxury of blocking for Rodgers and Lacy too. The Virginia product is considered by some to be a fringe first-round prospect, however, and as such, is difficult to project as being drafted by the Packers.

With their first-round pick in May's upcoming NFL Draft, the Packers may consider the 21st overall selection to be too high to select a player of Moses' caliber. But on the other hand, if they wait until the 53rd overall selection in the second round, he might already be off the board.

NFL Network Draft analyst Mike Mayock feels as if Moses will be taken somewhere between the 35th to 40th picks, a range falling between the Packers' first two selections.

"He's got some finish; he's got some toughness," said Mayock. "His feet were better than I thought they were going to be. I think he's a starting right tackle in the NFL, but because he's so big and so long, I think there's some teams that will give him a chance at left tackle."

The situation at offensive tackle is a curious one in Green Bay. Head coach Mike McCarthy recently acknowledged the team would be leaving David Bakhtiari at left tackle, where he played his rookie season, and would be returning Bryan Bulaga to right tackle, where he played the first three seasons of his career.

If the Packers feel uncomfortable with Bulaga entering the final season of his contract year or don't like the way Derek Sherrod is recovering from a broken leg suffered in 2011, tackle might be an underrated area of need for the team entering the 2014 season.

As far as Moses is concerned, he played right tackle the majority of his career at Virginia before starting all 12 games his senior season at left tackle. He currently checks in at 6' 6" and 314 lbs.

"The question is going around: left or right?" said Moses. "My ability to play left, right guard and right tackle has definitely helped me out a lot. But I'm going into this process thinking that I'm a left tackle."

In total, Moses stayed largely healthy throughout his college career, starting 43 out of 48 games played. But injury concerns have started to crop up since his days at Virginia ended.

Although it didn't prevent him from playing in the game, Moses experienced a pectoral muscle issue at the Senior Bowl that did prevent him from doing the bench press at both the NFL Combine and his pro day workout.

And according to Gil Brandt of, Moses also pulled his hamstring while running the 40-yard dash at his pro day.

Despite enduring losing seasons in three out of four years at Virginia, Moses can boast of helping Cavaliers running back Kevin Parks becoming the team's first 1,000 rusher in a season since 2004.

It's Moses' ability to help out in every phase of the game that is making him a valuable commodity.

"(My) biggest strength as a football player, I would have to say flexibility to play multiple positions," said Moses. "But I'm a big body, athletic, I can get out in space. I can dominate in the pass game and the run game. Just being a leader as well, being able to bring players along and help them rise their expectations on the football field."

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

Photo: Virginia offensive tackle Morgan Moses by Brian Carriveau.

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DrealynWilliams's picture

I'm glad I'm not in control of any NFL team (none of you agree). I'm sure most of us forgot about the lack of depth across our O-Line. Which prospect(s) have you looked into and which round(s) do you feel we should draft an O-Lineman?

Thedon's picture

I'd rather address ILB and safety first, WR and TE, then pick up some linemen on both sides of the ball after the third round. I think with a healthy bulaga and sherrrod this line group will do fine.

DrealynWilliams's picture

You know 'health" + "Packers" don't really go together. I'm with you on the ILB or Safety first. But what if a top OL drops? Taylor (Michigan)?

Just creating dialogue.

Thedon's picture

Obviously you can't pass up the next Joe Thomas and keeping up ARod is priority number 1. That said, I think the question becomes does Taylor improve the team more than a Pryor/ Ha-Ha in the 1st or Buchanon in the 2nd or CJ Mosley/Shazier? I would say no, but that's cause we have a really sad safety group.

DrealynWilliams's picture

You can't use Buchanan in that scenario 'cause they would still be able to get him in the next round.

If keeping A-Rod upright is priority #1 you really can't justify skipping Taylor if available.

Look at this past playoff loss. Ultimately the defense gave up the game winning field goal,but look at that ENTIRE first quarter. It was horrible. That 3 point loss came without Hayward,Mathews, I missing anyone else on the defensive side?

Allan Murphy's picture

impack player first and second rounds ...

DrealynWilliams's picture

It's not always that simple. If it were,there would be no "busts","reaches" or "falls".

JimTaylor31's picture

Depends on who is available at #21 when the time comes. Hopefully a guy like Mosely is available but if not, I'm OK with an OT as long as he is BPA. Hate to pass up on a top level player just to fill a need with a pretty good player. I mean it will be a chore for a rookie to come in and make an immediate 2014 impact/upgrade anyhow. It usually takes a year or two to develop. May as well develop a pro-bowl caliber guy.

4thand1's picture

Once again you managed to confuse the hell out of me cow. Don't know if you're cow42 or ClOWney. SOB I have to agree with you. BAP.

MarkinMadison's picture

"Just pick the best damn player on the board.
"F" this whole "they need to go safety or ILB first round" crap."

I hate to disagree with you but, oh wait, no, I don't hate to disagree with you. :-) Nobody drafts strictly BPA. The most likely scenario is that there will be three or four players with pretty similar grades at that spot on the board. All other things being equal, they need an ILB to spy mobile QBs while leaving CM3 free to squeeze the pocket. More importantly, I like Shazier better for that role than Moesly, but Moesly gets the respect because of his conference, his school, and the overall quality of the D that he played on.

Most importantly, the Packers MUST draft a S in round 1 OR 2 or they are screwed. Not saying they WILL, because they should have drafted a quality running back like Lacy one year sooner than they did, but yeah, they need to. The S position was an obvious need last year that did not get addressed in what was supposedly one of the deepest S classes in a long time. I think this gets taken care of this year. Hyde to S is maybe a plan, but they need a backup plan. Heck, Hyde should probably BE the backup plan. They passed on all of the S guys in FA, and that was a bumper crop this year. But they need to address S now in the draft, and if they don't do it then I'm sorry but with all due respect, that would be a mistake.

4thand1's picture

Haven't heard squat about Ford lately. Is he slipping down the draft boards?

DrealynWilliams's picture

I don't know if he's been cleared

Nashville Packer's picture

I don't see CB as being a likely pick in rounds 1 or 2, but otherwise agree with the sentiments in your posts.

Evan's picture

You heard it here first: Cow is calling for the 49ers to miss the playoffs.

JimTaylor31's picture

If Shazier can keep his weight in the 235-240 lb. range and not lose any speed I think he has a higher ceiling than Mosely. If he gets back down in the 225-230 lb. range I'm afaid he may get lost and tied up in the big bodies. Brooks is very intriguing also as a 2nd round guy. No doubt we do need more speed on defense.

ben's picture

That is exactly the way I feel about Mosely's tape, Cow. The only thing I'm really impressed with is the way he fakes the blitz and drops into zones. "Boring" is a good word for the rest of his game.

I disagree with "Mosley being the better more accomplished player in coverage." Not only is Shazier's tape more impressive, his overall production blows Mosley out of the water. Kyle VanNoy's tape and production is best of the 3.
232 Tkls, 21.5 Tkls 4 loss, 6 sacks, 9 passes defended, 3 INts
306 Tkls, 44.5 Tkls 4 loss, 14 sacks,15 passes defended, 1 INts
191 Tkls, 54.5 Tkls 4 loss, 24 sacks, 17 passes defended, 7 INts

I'm also with COW on the positions worthy of a 1st or 2nd round picks for the Pack. Although it would have to be an absolute steal to draft a Dlineman in the the 1st 2 rounds. Not that I don't love Donald, and like Jernigan & Hageman.

Sorry to say, there are no 1st round safeties in this years draft. Bucannon & Ward are the only safeties I'd take in round 2. Maybe McGill late in the 2nd.

as far as Oline in this years draft,
I can almost guarantee we draft Laurent Duvernay-Tardif in the 3rd-4th round, or Russell Bodine in the 4th-5th.

Otto's picture

As much as this pains me, I agree. I just watched "highlight" videos of the top 10 ILBs. Borland is the only one that impressed me. I know what you're thinking, "size and speed", yes I know. But, game film on the kid is just impressive. He plays with leverage and he's constantly making plays behind the line of scrimmage.

Otto's picture

Isaac Hayes plays football?

JimTaylor31's picture

There ya go. bingo!! I couldn't remember who he remonded me of. Isaac Hayes.

Nashville Packer's picture

The Packers have to be a little worried about tackle even if they have faith in Bakhtiari long term. Why? Bryan Bulaga has had two serious injuries in the last two years. Derek Sherrod remains a question mark at best. And Don Barclay has been a weak link. Why not solidify the position with a guy like Moses in Rd 1/2? The Broncos throw the ball as much as the Packers and Peyton was rarely sacked last season. Just imagine Rodgers getting that kind of protection.

There are more urgent needs, like safety, but upgrading the offensive line early in the draft would be fine by me.

HankScorpio's picture

I don't know if Moses would solidify the position but I certainly agree that OT is not out of the question in round 1 if the right guy is there.

It starts with the premise that there is no more important organizational function than protecting Aaron Rodgers. The better they do that, the better their chances of postseason success. Recent history is they have been fine inside but shaky outside. They have the chance to be better outside in 2014 but until we see it, it is all just a theory.

I absolutely do agree with your assessment of the current OT situation. Barclay seems better suited inside. Baktiari was a surprise as a rookie but they need better play at LT, from him or someone else. Sherrod is a big ?. Bulaga is a solid player but inconsistent in both availability and even play from time to time.

All things being equal, I'd say they need help in the middle of the defense (NT, ILB, S) more than OT. But things are not always equal in the draft.

JimTaylor31's picture

Stroh. You're right. You have brought it down a notch and your posts are much more credible as a result.

As far as the draft goes. I'm leaning to drafting an impact player regardless of position assuming there is one available. I just have a gut feeling TT may surprise all of us and draft a WR or an OT. We may get pissed for awhile until we see him play and then pat TT on the back. My darkhorse candidate is K. Benjamin.

tm_inter's picture

I have the impression that OTs have been overrated in NFL drafts. Our own picks Sherrod and Bulaga haven't been successful. The top two picks of last year's draft were OTs who didn't play better than our Bakhtiari (a 4th rounder).

This year we need defensive players who can improve our defense. Ideally I'd like to get Mosley or Shazier in the 1st round and a safety (Bucannon/Ward/Brooks) in the 2nd.

Then let's go after a wide receiver and a tight end in the 3rd (where we have 2 picks).

After that let TT and MM pick whoever they think best for the team.

JimTaylor31's picture

Actually I would just as soon let TT and MM pick whoever they think is best for the team in Rounds 1 thru 7. Or they can read Cheesehead TV and pick whoever WE think is best for the team in Rounds 1 thru 3.

DrealynWilliams's picture

"Let TT and MM pick whoever they think is best for the team in rounds 1 thru 7."

I was thinking the same thing. Why stop at round 4? Lol

DrealynWilliams's picture


A few teams pulled the trigger on Shazier,Mosely and Dix in the mid-to-late teens.

The Packers are on the clock and there's Taylor (Michigan),Ebron,Pyror and (you choose) still available.

Who are you hoping for?

Evan's picture


JimTaylor31's picture

Between those 3 I may be tempted to pick Ebron.

JimTaylor31's picture

LOL!! I wasn't sure who "Taylor" was? First I thought it might be me......In that case it's obvious. Taylor!

Actually I agree. I would pick Taylor Lewan if he there over Ebron and Pryor.

Evan's picture

That's probably why I'm not a GM.

JimTaylor31's picture

Join the crowd. I'm not a real GM but I get to play one on Cheesehead TV.

4thand1's picture

Did you sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night?

JimTaylor31's picture

Actually I slept in a dumpster behind the Holiday Inn Express last night.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Yea,the Tackle from Michigan. It "seems" like he's a player that's dropping due to the off the field "stories". Who knows if it's true or not.

ben's picture

I love Taylor Lewan. He's a 10 pick in any draft. I'd rather not take an Olineman in the 1st 2 rounds but Lewan is too much value to pass on at 21, like Rodgers was at 24.

Ebron and Pryor are 2 of the more overrated players in the draft as far as I'm concerned.

DrealynWilliams's picture

I think I'm a tad bit more excited about the 2nd and 3rd round than I am about the 1st.

4thand1's picture

The Packers seem to get good value in the middle rounds.

ben's picture

probably cause everyone here not only likes the freak upside, production, tape, & schematic fit of Ryan Shazier but the Need he fills along with a good chance of his being available at 21.

He seems to be such a strong consensus. Hey, if Stroh and I can agree on the pick, there must be something to it.

(it makes so much sense that I can almost guarantee Shaziers ends up a top 20 pick)

DrealynWilliams's picture


Otto's picture

If this is indeed "the deepest draft in 30 yrs", I can see TT trading out of the 1st round like he did in 2008.

This is a team just over .500 (I know, "ya but...", you are what your record is). This team needs LBs, OL, S, WR, TE and depth everywhere. They need a bunch of guys that can play 16-20 games a year.

I would be in favor of one of TT's 11-13 player drafts. Especially, if he can get 6 of them in the top 100 by trading back.

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