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Day 2 Packers Mock Draft: Le'Veon Bell and Earl Wolff

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Day 2 Packers Mock Draft: Le'Veon Bell and Earl Wolff

Now that we know the Packers have addressed defensive line in the first round of the draft and we know who's still on the board, here's a brief stab at what a Day 2 mock draft could look like in Green Bay...

Round 2

Le'Veon Bell, Running Back, Michigan State (6-1, 230 lbs.)

By taking Bell, the Packers would be getting a bruising, physical power running back that fights for every yard he gets. While he's not a home-run threat, Bell is the type of runner that's not going short-change the offensive line. He'll take what's given to him, and as the nation's leader in yards after contact in 2012, he'll put the Packers in second-and-short and third-and-short situations. Then when it's time to convert on third-and-1, Bell will bulldoze his way forward to keep the chains moving. He'd make a perfect complement to DuJuan Harris,  and hopefully take some pressure off Aaron Rodgers and the passing game. Bell just has to make sure he can keep Rodgers upright when asked to pass block. Furthermore, he's durable and doesn't have any outstanding character question marks.

Round 3

Earl Wolff, Safety, North Carolina State (5-11, 209 lbs.)

In his just his freshman season at N.C. State, Wolff became a part-time starter and then a full-time starter for his remaining three years. Over the course of his career, Wolff made 361 tackles, 12 or a loss, two sacks, six interceptions, 20 passes defensed and seven forced fumbles, so he has plenty of experience to rely upon. He's a well-rounded safety able to play both the pass and the run, which will make him an interchangeable chess piece in the Packers secondary and a good complement to Morgan Burnett. Wolff is well-regarded as a leader, something the Packers could use now that Charles Woodson has departed.

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Denver's picture

I would love to see another D-Lineman (Jesse Williams, John Jenkins) and a S like Wolff or Wilcox.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I think this is a real possibility. As much as I want a safety, Brian talking about the DL's contracts and McGinn saying Worthy may not be able to play at all this year have shown me the situation at DL is not just bad, it's dire.
I really was hoping for a 2nd or 3rd round WR going into this draft too though. Ted's done so well taking those guys.

Lars's picture

The Packers drafted THREE DLinemen in the first 4 rounds last year and now Jones (a great pick) in R1. How about some love for the other needs/positions for a change---RB, S, a real pass catching TE to replace Finley, C/G and a WR because (using the expiring contracts logic) all three are expiring by the end of 2014. Enough with the DLine obsession. The NT fatty can be had later.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I agree with you on most points. Except the "NT fatty" can be had later argument. If any position can be had later, it's RB and it's not even close.
Too many good/great RBs have come out of nowhere. Plus, the Packers don't care about playing them or paying them. On Madden, our RB situation sucks. In real life, McCarthy barely cares.

Denver's picture

I'm with Michael on RB...would love to see them draft one later (like Murray from UCF).
TE-wise, next year after #88 is gone by all means. They are good for this year IMO.
I just have no faith in the D-Line after the past couple of years. I was hoping for Worthy big-time last year, but can't say as I was as impressed as I hoped to be. And he'll probably not be 100% at any point this year.
So, the more the merrier is my current philosophy on the D-Line.

FourEyesBrewing's picture

I'd be happy with these picks, but I think C/G is more of a priority than safety - already one off the board, and I don't know if Schwenke or Jones will last to the third round given the run on OL last night. I think if Cyprien would somehow fall to us (doubtful) we should go for it, but we have four safeties compared to (I think) one guy to back up the three interior OL positions. Wish we had traded down last night to pick up another third round pick!

Denver's picture

I was hoping for a trade down as well, but can't complain about Jones.
Also still hoping for a WR like Swope in the 4th.

Cole's picture

You guys are obsessed with drafting a RB. It's not going to happen. If it does, won't be until 6th or 7th. We need C, S, DL (still), TE way more. Unless Lacy falls all the way to us in the 2nd, not gonna happen.

I'm hoping for Ertz or J Jenkins.

Jamie's picture

Like these players...would also be OK with Quessenberry.

PackerPete's picture

I think that a decent FA RB can be picked up much more easily and for a smaller price than Ted has to pay for decent OL or S help. So I agree that RB will not be a priority on day 2 of the draft. Rather OL, DL, or S picks.

Lars's picture

Again, they've addressed the DLine. OLine, RB, TE (expiring contract).The NFL draft is more than spending every pick on defense, while filling offensive needs LIKE RB with SFA's and UDFA's.

PackerPete's picture

The NFL draft is about making the team better. And not just the draft, but draft and FA are used to make the team better. Sign Benson or Bradshaw, proven NFL RBs, and that "position of need" is filled. Name a S you can sign right now in FA on that level. And it doesn't matter whether the position was chosen already. If there is a good player to be had, get him. Ted's philosophy has always been best player available. Not, what do I need for a particular position, and who is the best player for that. Otherwise he'd never drafted Jordy or James Jones.

Drealyn Williams's picture

or Randall Cobb...DJ Williams...

Lou's picture

Agree, Bradshaw is the guy, even though he was injured he not only still played and he produced as well and is younger than the other available backs. When the Packers brought in the Steelers defensive tackle and forced them to sign him long term that may have eliminated them from acquiring Bradshaw who they covet because of cap issues. The Packers signed Benson hoping he would get the defenses out of Cover 2 but it did not happen, based on all the talk most fans believe it worked and would work again, look at the tape, they knew his burst was gone and didn't move up at all.

Evan's picture

"When the Packers brought in the Steelers defensive tackle and forced them to sign him long term that may have eliminated them from acquiring Bradshaw..."

That's actually a good point.

I initially thought the opposite was going to be true - their interest in Bradshaw would let TT steal that DT easily.

JJB's picture

I'm going with WR Woods. When Jordy get hurt during the year we need more that Cobb and Jones.

QOTSA1's picture

I'm hoping they don't take Bell in the 2nd. If they use a 2nd round pick on a running back I would rather they take Franklin.

I hope they go Safety in the 2nd(Thomas,Rambo, or Swearinger) and OL in 3rd (Jones, Quessenberry or Schwenke)

THEMichaelRose's picture

I agree that Bell doesn't seem like the guy.
But I'm pretty willing to admit that I'm very unsure about which RB is better than another. It's hard to evaluate them when their teams' passing games and offensive lines have such an impact on their success in college.
With that said, in this offense, I lean toward pass protection and ball security.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Pass pro < Bell

Ball security < both are pretty secure

Hands < Bell

And college stats; Bell has been more consistent

QOTSA1's picture

I would agree Bell is better in pass protection, but I like Franklin more of a weapon in the passing game. Bell and Franklin had almost identical pass catching numbers last season, 32 for Bell and 33 for Franklin, and Franklin averaged 9.8 yards while Bell only averaged 5.2 yards.

I could be wrong, but Bell just seems like your typical Big 10 plodder.

cow42's picture

i don't know or care who's next.

just make sure they are aggressive/strong/solid.

no risks.

no finesse.

no undersized.

Brooklyn81's picture

I always like hearing cows comments bcas whether anyone likes him or not he is usually right with his remarks. We need tough physical nasty players to compete in January

redlights's picture

Margus Hunt, you can't teach size.

jeremy's picture

You can't teach young either.

Evan's picture


The Packers aren't drafting two 5-techniques back to back. If they go d-line again (which I doubt they do today), it'll be a big-bodied run stuffer.

Now, Lawrence Okoye in the 5th or 6th. Hell yes.

Evan's picture


Evan's picture


The Packers aren't drafting two 5-techniques back to back.

Now, Lawrence Okoye in the 5th or 6th. Hell yes.

If they go d-line again (which I doubt they do today), it'll be a big-bodied run stuffer.

Caleb's picture

Goodness, I hope we don't take Bell in the 2nd. Think of all the value we would be losing with that pick. If TT is really looking to make us a "mean team," the pick will be another Dline like Hunt or Jesse Williams.

Evan's picture

Bleacher Report mock has Swearinger in the 2nd and Christine Michael in the 3rd.

Evan's picture NFL COMPARISON Chris Ivory

Eesh. His weaknesses scream "not for the Packers."

1. Missed the end of both his sophomore and junior seasons due to injury.

2. Ball security can be an issue, will run with the ball away from his frame (three fumbles in 2011).

3. Not often targeted in the passing game, must prove he can be a reliable receiver.

4. Whiffs too often when trying to land a punch in pass protection, and gets pushed back too easily when man-up.

Injuries + Bad Pass Protection + Fumbling.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

I have Cyprien falling to us in the 2nd and the pack taking Bell in the 3rd. Already nailed the Jones pick. Just send me that book right now, Brian! lol

Evan's picture

I'll send you a 6-pack if you're right.

MarkinMadison's picture

I'll double so he can have a 12.

PackersRS's picture

NFP loves him. Says 2nd best safety, big, strong and fast.

A lot of other people are saying "misses tackles like a Packers defender". So, perfect fit I guess?

jeremy's picture

I'd like to see a safety on day two.

tweed's picture

Cyprien in the second,

Wheaton in the third.

James's picture

I can see a safety, depending if a decent one falls to them. RB, but not Bell, at least not in the 2nd, I just don't think he has 2nd round talent (my opinion). If Ball falls to them, then yeah. I could also see them drafting another O-lineman. Possibly Terron Armstead from Arkansas Pine-Bluff. IF they decide to draft another D-Lineman, then it will probably be a big 2-gap tackle, like J. Jenkins, or J.Williams. There were people on these boards saying that they thought Williams, and J.Hankins were 1st round prospects. Now that we've seen the 1st round, maybe they won't be so bad in the 2nd. An interesting pick would be a WR, like if Robert Woods, or Justin Hunter were to fall. Third round WRs could be Terrance Williams from Baylor (if they want a deep threat), Stedman Baily from West Virginia, or Da'Rick Rogers from Tennessee Tech (that is unlikely though, given his track record.) I don't think Ertz will be there in round 2, but Gavin Escobar is widely regarded as having some of the best hands in this TE class, so he could be a possibility as well. In the third, Bell or Christine Michael would be nice, same with Phillip Thomas, the safety from Fresno State (as well as Earl Wolff).

Tundrabum's picture

Here come the "Packer's Bell got rung" jokes ...

PackersRS's picture

I love big backs. 230? That scares the shit out of me.

Always reminds me of Ron Dayne. Or Toby Gerhard.

4.60 40 doesn't calm my doubts.

The only thing that does make me more friendly to this possible pick is his excellent 6.75 3 cone drill. That's very agile for his size. 4.20 shuttle is not bad either.

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