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Cory's Corner: This Packers' Season Is On Front Office

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Cory's Corner: This Packers' Season Is On Front Office

This Packers’ season has been a disaster. The team is still searching for its first road win and the offense has not played a consistent four quarters yet. 

Many people have been opining what has ailed the Packers this season but you’re not going to find the answer anywhere this year. 

In order to understand why this team continues to trip over itself by making constant mistakes can be traced back to last year. 

It was a team that had lost its way. Last year the Packers missed the playoffs for the first time since 2008, they had a point differential of minus-64 and were ranked 21stin offense and 26thin defense. 

Brian Gutekunst was given the general manager keys to 1265 Lombardi Ave. To that end, the Packers ushered out offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett, quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt and defensive coordinator Dom Capers. They brought in Joe Philbin, Frank Cignetti, Jr. and Mike Pettine to replace them. 

That’s fine if you want to hit the reset button and start over. But this season is on president Mark Murphy and Gutekunst. If they really wanted a change, they needed to also cut ties with coach Mike McCarthy. 

That’s not to say that the Seahawks’ 27-24 win over the Packers on Thursday night is strictly on McCarthy. Aaron Rodgers continually bypassed open receivers underneath in favor of the deep home run. 

But this is an ego problem, and it didn’t just start this year. The McCarthy-Rodgers discord has been building for years. Both Murphy and Gutekunst knew that, yet they opted to roll the dice and bring McCarthy back on a one-year deal.

That has backfired because Rodgers has taken several passive-aggressive swipes at his head coach and now the rest of the locker room is forced to answer questions about this fraying relationship. 

Murphy and Gutekunst told everyone how much they value Rodgers by throwing over $98 million in guaranteed money at Rodgers’ feet. That’s fine, but there’s something to be said about making a locker room a cohesive unit, and McCarthy hasn’t been a good mix in the last three years.

This isn’t about Rodgers finding a good fit with a coach. It’s about finding a coach that is going to hold Rodgers accountable for his mistakes. Rodgers had a passer rating of over 100 for the sixth time this season on Thursday, but once again it didn’t matter because Rodgers is too concerned about the perfect throw. 

McCarthy has never held Rodgers accountable and he isn’t going to start now. And that’s why McCarthy shouldn’t have been brought back this season. Rodgers turns 35 next month and time continues to be wasted as we all watch one of the best passers I’ve ever seen waste his talents simply because he’s stubborn.

Gutekunst has shown in the last three weeks that he isn’t afraid of making player moves because of poor play or dumb decisions. 

The front office didn’t have the foresight to see this spiraling out of control, and that’s a big failure. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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GBPDAN1's picture

.I miss Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren

slyupah's picture

I'm not saying throwing INTs is a good thing, but Rodgers unwillingness to throw any pass that might be at-risk is paramount at this time, maybe that's a good thing because they can't afford turn-overs, the bad thing is that is that it seems to inhibit Rodgers from seeing the field (i.e., he admitted he only happened to see Tonyan in his line-of-sight for the big TD on Thursday night.)

CheesyTex's picture

Careful what you wish for. #12 NEEDS a better right side OL.

As I recall, when TT let Wahl and Rivera walk, # 4 had far more hurries and more at-risk throws than before... And more INTs.

LeotisHarris's picture

It's normal, Dan. People come and go in our lives, and we miss them when they're gone. More importantly, we miss how *we* felt when they were here. Your Bob, Ron, and Mike, are others Pat Peppler, Vince, and well, Vince.

But the focus here needs to be on how our external locus of control allows events like a professional football team, an entity that doesn't give one tiny single minuscule flying fuck about us, to influence our moods, our satisfaction in life, our self esteem. That's the frightening part. How we give a group of well-paid men with coaching skills, and athletic skills the power to influence our happiness. In most cases, it involves clothing as well. A Green Bay loss to a team dressed in aqua and orange is less painful than one to a team wearing purple and white. And, a hated player can find redemption by simply putting on our uniform. It's crazy if you think about it.

From what I understand Bob Harlan was a great guy. Kind to all, loved his job, and made the average fan feel important. There were unsavory sides in the careers of both Wolf and Holmgren. So be it. We miss how we feel when an entity that sees us only in terms of revenue is winning football games. What does the say about us?

The TKstinator's picture

I’ll tell you what it says: We rule, baby!!

LeotisHarris's picture

LOL. Having you here is worth my annual CHTV membership fee, bud.

Now, if I can just find my antidepressants.

I'm Dunn's picture

Another interesting thing to note is Murphy has presided over a fractured, siloed front office. Not only was Uncle Ted not communicating with the media, he wasn't communicating with Murphy or McCarthy. So now we wonder - will Murphy allow Gute to hire his own head coach, or will Murphy exercise his positional authority and keep McCarthy or allow his new GM to hire his own coach. I can't imagine a bright guy like Gute taking a job where he is immediately made impotent by not being able to hire his guys.

Tarynfor12's picture

" I can't imagine a bright guy like Gute taking a job where he is immediately made impotent by not being able to hire his guys."

And yet, that very point is on the discussion table.

Lare's picture

I went back and found some news articles at the time and Gutekunst indicated he was made aware of the new management structure before he accepted the position and was fine with it. Whether that is still the case today, I haven't seen anything recently either way.

Barnacle's picture

Gute was unwise to accept a GM position without authority to fire an incompetent head coach. Murphy’s management structure is a big fat bust.

I hope this experiment is stopped immediately. This committee approach is BS.

Coldworld's picture

There is a simpler if no less unpalatable answer. The root cause blame lies not with MM but with the failure to address the obvious decline earlier. The longer the slide the longer the climb back.

We have too many rookies not to have to expect a lack of polish in the key areas that make the difference in, for example, getting open on a broken play or adapting to coverage to get a key down—exactly our strengths until recently.

I don’t want to get into whether MM could have done better here, that is not my point. I would say that we should stop to think that the new coaching staff have rookies playing individually beyond what we have a right to expect. The problems are primarily that they are still learning the nuances of what it takes in the NFL to click as a team together.

As to Gute. I do believe he has had the green light and taken it. He has cleaned the roster remarkably since his appointment less than a year ago and not just in the off and pre season. Unfortunately it looks like the basis for this was an acceptance that it needed more than one season. We feared that in the off season but didn’t want to admit it. I still don’t, but that explains the moves and the failings of the team in terms of consistency, big play improvisation and too many dumb penalties and perhaps some of the scarcity of innovative plays. How many times has a receiver or safety gone one way and the ball another?

MM is the easy target. I share these frustrations, but not the diagnosis, at least as to the true root cause. That is, if any one person, the other MM for overseeing the slide for so long. A coach must coach his team: with the Packers, it is Murphy’s job to ensure he has one to coach. Gute now seems to be working to get there, but the situation had gone too far without treatment for this season it seems.

The positive side is that we may have players who could be really good in a lot of positions next year. I feel better about the potential of this team than I have in years—since that other debacle in Seattle cost us a Super Bowl.

So, for me look at the other MM first and look at Gute and even the head coach MM in that light.

Lare's picture

The Packers have an employee who's sole job is to scan social media, news articles and fan forums such as this to gauge what the general sentiment is about the team at any given time. So you know that upper management is aware of what the fans are saying at any given time even if they don't read them themselves.

So the one thing I find conspicuous in its absence is any sort of comments or support for McCarthy from the front office this season, especially the last two weeks when even the national media is projecting McCarthy will be fired. Nothing, Nada, dead silence.

I know it's sometimes the "kiss of death" for management to publicly support a HC or GM they all know is going to be fired soon, but I just find it strange that Murphy & Gutekunst are silent on the subject while McCarthy is being made to answer questions on his future with the organization.

Bearmeat's picture

This is silly. This season is NOT on Gutey. Murphy wanted to keep McCarthy, and Gute couldn't have done anything about it.

Other than thinking Gute could have (and possibly should have) gone harder after Mack, (it looks like they'll have more draft capital than Chicago) I do not blame Gute at all. He's drafted well it looks like, and his free agency additions have played well for the most part - except for Jimmy Graham. And seeing as MM has always begged for an accomplished TE, I'm guessing that was at MM's request.

This season is on two men: Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, you can make the argument that Murphy enabled them, but he expected grown men to act like grown men, and they haven't. Both MM and AR have underachieved (and blamed others) so badly and so frequently that they're affecting the whole team.

Stickfish's picture

At first I shared the same sentiment regarding not landing Mack but maybe there is more than meets the eye? Handing a new head coach input with those 2 first round picks less the large cash output of Mathews and Perry might make have been a factor in making the position even more attractive? Looking at it now with the offensive problems along with special teams issues I’m not sure Mack alone would have righted the ship - but it would have been great to see him in green and yellow. Having both he and Rodgers on big money deals for an extended period may have been hard to sell for a new person trying to implement needed change.

Guam's picture

Agree Bearmeat. How could this be on Gute since he has no line authority over MM? For all we know he could have made the recommendation to Murphy that MM be fired last Spring and Murphy disagreed. This squirrely organization chart creates accountability problems.

I would add Murphy to your list of men responsible as MM reports to him and if there is a problem between Rodgers and MM, Murphy has the responsibility to address it, particularly if he saw they weren't handling it well.

Having seen Gute in action for a year, I would like to see Murphy make Gute a full blown GM with responsibility over all football operations including the coaches and Murphy go back to being team President. I believe we would see a better team next year.

Bearmeat's picture

Exactly. I hope this happens immediately after week 17.

mrtundra's picture

I agree. They hired Gute to run things and then they hamstrung him by letting Murphy have a say on staffing issues. Let Gute have the power to hire or fire any of the coaches and pick any of the players the Packers need from the Draft through FA and beyond.

dobber's picture


If people want to say that the retention of MM is the ultimate problem, that's one thing. But clearly the Packers decided that they didn't want to burn the whole thing down after 2017 and risk not being able to resign #12 (which is why I think they felt they should keep MM). In the end? Not working. In this very limited sample, I see very little in the current administrative structure that says it's a problem.

The issues are game-day, on-field issues. I see little here to peg on BG or Murphy beyond that. To be honest, I think the next HC of the Packers is likely an experienced offensive assistant who hasn't been an HC, yet, and it would make sense that the administrative structure will shift to push that HC under BG. Why would you give an inexperienced, rookie HC so much influence with management?

splitpea1's picture

Very logical analysis here. I think you're probably right about the next head coach; it would seem the most sensible way to move forward.

Barazinho's picture

I'm inclined to believe that keeping McCarthy for one more year was a mutual decision by BG and Murphy. Gute has shown that has willing to be aggressive, and willing to make decisions on borderline (HHCD) or beloved (Jordy) players. That tells me that he could have fired McCarthy if he wanted to, but instead they wanted to give him another chance, or that they valued some continuity to go along with the OC/DC changes.
I also think that unless there's some miracle turnaround, the decision has already been made, and BG is generating a list of new HC candidates already. I also think that they are going to prioritize keeping Pettine as DC (like Chi did with Fangio).

jeepingmakooi's picture

Not to fully defend jimmiy but he was on Pace to break our te records.fpe the franchise. With his now.brokem finger we shall see what happens next

Barnacle's picture


MM with or without Mack is not smart enough to coach this or any other team adequately.

MM would find ways to pull losses from the jaws of victory.

Gute has no authority over our biggest problem. ...... MM.

If Gute did it, his big mistake was making a declining player the highest paid player in the league. With GB’s convoluted management structure, Rodgers inflated salary may have been someone else’s decision??

cheesycowboy's picture

I have questioned the make up of the front office several times on this board. Murphy is creating something worthwhile with the TT district, wonderful for the team and the community. However, this open silos of communication lends itself to a lack of responsibility to the product on the field. Who or what do you point the finger at regarding the football team? All fingers point at Mark Murphy now. Ted should have left in 2014. Capers sooner than that. McCarthy is now the one with the target on his back. How will TT fare sporting an 8-8 team on the field every year? Sincerely,

sonomaca's picture

I think 2017 and 2018 are turning out to have been rebuilding years. Pack have lots of good young players and will get more in draft. Need a coach who can put it all together, and who can convince Rodgers to play along.

Packers0808's picture

McCarthy WILL be back!

daveh's picture

Murphy + Mc Carthy = NO SUPER BOWL !!!!

Since '61's picture

I'm not sure this alleged feud between MM and Rodgers is real or just the media failing to ask MM and Rodgers the actual questions. Questions such as, Aaron why aren't you throwing to your wide open check downs? or to MM why are you allowing this week after week?

Has anyone in the media asked those questions or do they continue to toss up softballs and then create the myth of a feud.

The team was 4-1 when Rodgers was injured last season was there a feud then? Did it continue? Since Rodgers wasn't playing I doubt it.

Rodgers carried this team from 2009 to his injury in 2017. We saw what this team was like without him last year. No doubt he has been off this season but maybe the team could carry him for once? I guess not.

Let's put Kizer in and see how the offense looks. Then we would have a legit reason to whine about the QB play. I think Gute realizes the supporting cast is bad and he is trying to correct it. But he also knows that it will take time. Gute has to decide if he wants to blow up everything by chucking MM and start over or does he want to build around the pieces already in place.

If there has been a feud between MM and AR it should have been addressed a long time ago. Maybe TT let if fester. In any case it's probably too late for this season. Thanks, Since '61

Packers0808's picture

I believe that McCarthy will really be back next season!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Ah, you're the person who works for GB's front office checking social media. Just to clue you in, if you want to put a finger heavy enough to change the results of the scale, you are going to have to create hundreds of accounts.

Packers0808's picture

Nope don't work there. Retired 73 yearss old and live in another state! Nice try though with your opinion, watch McCarthys presence will be there unless HE chooses to move and any job open he can have at his will! He has been good even having to great qbs because if you really THINK he didn't have much more to put around them! I think he very well with cards that were dealt to him by Thompson, for the next two years is where coming up the blame rests not McCarthy! I know not a popular opinion but I believe this to be true!

dobber's picture

If the Packers miss the playoffs and continue to sputter as they have, I think there will be tremendous public pressure to show MM the door. The current power structure may make that less likely, but there have been very good coaches who have lost their jobs for less. Stability is one thing, but the team chose roster stability. Management has cast their vote by giving a big extension to #12.

I agree that if this Packer team finds its way into the playoffs--and at this stage it's winning their way in, not backing in--MM will be back IF he chooses to come back. We don't talk about that point very much. It could be that, at the end of this one-year deal, he'll be ready to take a break, try a new challenge, or move on from the current dynamic. If MM isn't the Packers coach in 2019, we can't automatically assume that it's because the team didn't want him back.

The Marathon Man's picture

I don't think TT had anything to do with the lousy game management and horrendous play calling to which we have been subject the last several seasons. Yes, the tires are wearing down in certain areas, and TT had an irrational obsession with the PAC-12 in his drafting, but MM has to put the pieces together, and since 2010 he hasn't done it.

Since '61's picture

If MM is back next season they will need to extend his contract. If not, he will be a lame duck coach and no one wants to play for a lame duck coach.

I think that if the Packers do not make the playoffs they will allow MM to resign rather than fire him. I doubt that MM would stay for another season without an extension.

MM needs a change of scenery. Plus I'm beginning to think that Rodgers does not finish his current contract in Green Bay.

Let's see how this season finishes but I can see Rodgers walking away before his contract ends. He doesn't look like he is having much fun out there and he is too smart to continue to take the physical beating that he is taking every week. He has taken 30 sacks this season and been hit over 100 times. Thanks, Since '61

jeepingmakooi's picture

Rodgers won't go anywhere else. And he is a top tier competitor'. The man litteraly thrives off the pressure. And he has said that yes it's not as fun this year .. winning is fun was his exact words. He believes they need something to happen that will make them finally come together as a whole. I personally believe we missed a shot at the on mm choice to give up on the offense on 4th and 2 and punt. You can't play the numbers game without two starters on your d line against the number one rushing attack in the game right now..

fastmoving's picture

I would say there is a feud between them since 2015, you can see and feel it. its far more on AR and Im not sure if he will get along with the new guy much better next year.

other than that, I dont know why we have to blame (dont blame the weatherman) the media way to often lately. for every Cowherd or Bayless are at least ten good journalists. not just in sports, everywhere…...

Stic's picture

Contradiction in terms"good journalists ". Good parrots maybe

fastmoving's picture

not nice like you talk about fox, but we all know you are right.

but like I said, a lot of good journalists out there. but you will not recognize them anyway.

The Marathon Man's picture

Ah, that's why you defend the media. They support your political positions 98% of the time. You just discredited your own post.

Nick Perry's picture

"That’s fine if you want to hit the reset button and start over. But this season is on president Mark Murphy and Gutekunst. If they really wanted a change, they needed to also cut ties with coach Mike McCarthy. "

Correct me if I'm wrong but Gutekunst was given NO CHOICE over McCarthy coming back for 2018 so this season ISN'T on Gutekunst IMO. In fact, I wonder just how much input and choice Gutekunst has in naming McCarthy's successor if that's what happens. Isn't that Murphy's job?

My biggest hope coming out of 2018 is Gutekunst is given FULL control over the product on the field and allowed to hire his own HC. Murphy is a business man playing football guy. Gutekunst is a football guy through and through. IMO the way the Packers hired Gutekunst was a bit chicken S*** in the first place. IIRC didn't Murphy offer him the job in GB while Gute was in Houston interviewing and then wait until he returned from Houston to tell him he's stuck with McCarthy AND he's not the one who be hiring OR firing the HC in Green Bay? Personally if that was exactly the way it went down my only problem with that was I wish Gutekunst would have told Murphy to go F himself...A little more backbone please. Other than that I like Gutekunst. You can't blame him for this season. He did EVERYTHING he could INCLUDING not throwing away the Packers future on Mack.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

You’re not wrong Nick Perry. But Mark Murphy also works in the front office, and it’s on him for bringing Mike McCarthy back.

Nick Perry's picture

My biggest problem in the transition from Thompson to Gute was and always has been Gutekunst not having his OWN choice at HC. That just rubbed me wrong and it's proving to be a horrible decision by Murphy.

Demon's picture

The way i remember it thats exactly the way it went down nick.

Golden Retriever's picture

When Gutekunst was in Houston he was told by Murphy over the phone that he would not have total control of the football operation. Gutekunst accepted the GM position with his eyes wide open.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

No, Golden, Gute wasn't told that until later.

flackcatcher's picture

Gute did not know until he reviewed his contract. That is when Bob Harlan got involved. The Packers executive committee forced Murphy to add in the hiring and firing in Gute's contract. Then, the entire affair went public with the Murphy radio tour, followed by the Harlan radio tour rebuking Murphy. Shocking for an organization which keeps the PR lid as screwed tight as Green Bay.

Lare's picture

I would be interested to see accounts of this happening. I remember Gutekunst was asked about being offered the position and he related it as Golden Retriever says. Also, in an interview a month or so ago he stated
“… I have no regrets about taking the job at all. It was clearly spelled out to me from the beginning by Mark. Again, it wasn’t something I’d worked under before."

flackcatcher's picture

Jason Wilde had Gute on his show, later with Bob Harlan. This was brought up by Wilde to both men. Gute did remark about changes in his contract over the course of the interview. Harlan was very critical of Murphy and his handing of the GM contract and the new power structure. Both walked very carefully around the issue as it was just at the beginning of the season. There were some mentions in both ESPN and MJS, but it was in passing and vague. Wilde imply there was more that he could not bring up till after the season. As it is, I don't expect the beat reporters to tackle this until after the season. Beat guys got to be walking on egg shells over this.

Lare's picture

I found this from an interview a week after Gutekunst was hired-

Wilde: “I don’t know that we will ever know the absolute answer…Was it wrong for them to decide that Brian Gutekunst is the guy and then notify them as they are offering the job, ‘Hey Brian we are changing the structure.’ And Brian said when we had our little private session that he had to think about some things. I’m not sure I understand why this was necessary. We’ve heard how good ‘Gutey’ is with relationships. He’s good with (Russ) Ball. He’s good with McCarthy. He’s good with Murphy. Why can’t he just handle that?”

Demovsky: “It was interesting when we did get Brian off to the side and he went through the whole interview process and then when Murphy offered him the job is when he sort of did a little bit of the bait-and-switch when (Gutekunst) is in Houston interviewing for the GM job with the Texans.”

jeepingmakooi's picture

Funny how the defense number three in pass rush and you guys are still pissed we didn't get the macl deal done... Get over it. Enjoy what your seeing out of Clark and dare I say it .m fackrell. We have more draft capital which means more young talent and we don't have 2 huge and salary cap hurting contracts killing us. Look at the cap space for next season... Gute is a smart guy... He is gonna spend it right and get this roster right... Now I think we need a younger choach with fire in his eyes but ice in his veins to match up with Rodgers... Then watch the magic

Curt's picture

Actually, this season is the opposite of the articles premise. It is all on McCarthy and performance on the field.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

If you are blaming McCarthy now; you agree with me. McCarthy shouldn’t have been brought back, and that’s on the front office.

stockholder's picture

I guess I don't agree with you then. Gute has worked with MM. You and others have a short fuse when it comes to MM. The players are responsible for this season, more than the coach. Every week it's a highly paid vet that is regressing. The players coming in are expected to start. The front office hurt this team by signing A-rod, knowing he had been injured. And the front office still did not ship TT out. Gute is changing the chemistry of this club. Everything is under a microscope. Well compare us to any super-bowl winner and nobody repeats anymore. The game is getting the money. It's become Sucker beware. The NFL claims anyone can beat anyone on a given week. So how do you expect any coach to go to the super-bowl if their in a rebuild. Rookies take time to learn. You still have the front office reshuffle. Thats not new ideas. Thats a boys club. MM is only asking his players to prove their good. Is A-Rod Good? Is Perry Good? Is Crosby still Good. CMIII etc. These questions should not be asked? The performance should prove it. Fact: The players MM counted on, are not the players they were when they signed their contracts. The packers have been patched year after year. Considering with what MM has had to work with. I do not agree with you.

dobber's picture

"The players are responsible for this season, more than the coach. Every week it's a highly paid vet that is regressing. "

I've not been as critical of MM as others, but on-field performance lies at the feet of the coach. It's been frequently said that the HC gets too much credit when his team plays well and too much blame when it doesn't. Teams with good talent improve as the season goes on. Teams with good coaching improve as the season goes on. Any time we talk about players regressing, people are going to point to the coaching staff. Is it always deserved? No. But such is the lot of a professional coach.

stockholder's picture

Feet= No Way, thats asking him to play. Crosby - Missed Field Goals. Even the tie. Monty's fumble. A-Rods fumbles and missing players wide open, Perry on the Ir. Cobb dropping passes, then IR. CmIII and the refs. I still like to blame the refs for some game control calls too. MM has run plays to set up the big gains. Arron jones improved. Frak. the OL. The defense ran out of gas in Seattle. What did Rodgers do after his stats were made? The defense of seattle should not have stopped Rodgers from better ,(on 3rd down attempts.) MM should be judged on the Home record. Not away. Thats on the players, even the Refs.

Demon's picture

Every problem with the Pack can be directly tied to MM!

The self proclaimed QB guru can not coach the 2nd best QB ive ever seen. Joe Montana being the best.

Im still waiting on ANYONE to tell me 1 thing MM IS good at. The whole crew MM, TT and Murphy should have been canned after the 2014 NFC CG. The MM regime should be labeled as a failure. At the very least, should be incomplete.

MM's coaching skill was on full display on thursday night. It wasn't anything atypical, just a normal night for MM. the man does not know how to call a game or make the critical decisions under fire. He never has and EVERY one of you know it.

The difference was in years past the packers roster was strong enough to overcome his moronic game management.

Daren726's picture

I think everyone knew that MM probably wasn’t coming back when they gave him a one year extension. I am sure they were aware of the problems between Rodgers and MM then. . They gave MM a chance to bring in new coaches and change whatever he needed to make it work, but it still isn’t. Gute has done an excellent job with the draft and free agents. He has stock piled draft capital and brought in some good veteran talent. The team is just short on talent because of TT drafts. It’s going to take a year or two to replenish the missing pieces. There is no depth. Rodger’s communication with the rookies will just take time. So yes, this year is partly on Gute and it’s a little painful, but it’s what was going to happen whether or not we like it. it had to be done. Keeping MM Probably won’t happen, in my opinion. I think he already had his chance, and Murphy won’t give him any more. The clock is ticking on Rodgers.

nostradanus's picture

1. Thompson was an excellent GM but was kept in place three years too long, in his rare press conferences it was painfully clear and sad that Ted was mentally slipping and the young talent was left lacking do to extremely poor decisions in the draft and as teams change by about 15-20% each year, the cupboard was left bare.

2. McCarthy was an excellent Head Coach for a decade but his refusal to hold certain players accountable and his loyalty to underperforming coaches-coordinators bit him in the butt.

3. Gutekunst should have been given full GM authority from the get-go, the shared title between Murphy and Brian G. doesn't work. Bob Harlan said it best years ago, hire a football man with an eye for talent and give him full authority, no meddling from team Presidents or Board Members.

4. The Packers (should they choose to let McCarthy walk) need to give Gutekunst that authority to build the team his way and hire the best young, innovative young coach who can relate to the new breed of NFL player and a supremely talented but sometimes "diva-ish" Quarterback.

5. Murphy is an excellent President but should stay with his area of expertise which is Marketing & Development. Mark Murphy getting into the football side of things was an ego driven move and he needs to make it right.

Gute has the goods, give him the authority and tools to succeed and he will thrive.

Go Gute! Go Pack!


JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Yes, Gute should be given FULL authority over football ops. And that means the HC is a direct report to him, and Russ Ball should be, as well. The structure Murphy installed was to keep Rull Ball from being pissed enough to leave GB, after he was given the impression that he would become the new GM. Time to face the music on that and risk Ball’s departure. And time to let Gute implement his vision for the team.

dobber's picture

"Gutekunst should have been given full GM authority from the get-go, the shared title between Murphy and Brian G. doesn't work. "

There are plenty of different examples of football power structures that work while similar structures under different circumstances don't. Success is as much about the people and circumstances than the structures. Right people at the right time.

There was more to that reorganization than just roles. Who was being protected? BG? McCarthy? Ball? The organization? #12? We'll never likely get the full story as to what that motive really was.

Guam's picture

Different organizational structures can work, but I am not quite as sanguine as you are about their efficacy. Unusual structures are often there to accommodate personality and ego issues. I think Murphy was likely protecting/accommodating Ball and McCarthy with this structure and I believe it muddies accountability.

I have seen too many organizational accommodations made in the business world and they have often not worked out well. It is more immediately painful to face the personality/ego issues head-on, but you rarely wind up with a mess after the fact. I think Murphy has some hard decisions in his near future.

Lare's picture

I agree. Far too often decision makers aren't willing to address under-performing employees, it's just easier to move them to a different position and not have to deal with them for awhile.

It would be interesting to see where the Packers would be right now had Murphy just given Gutekunst control of the team and let the chips fall where they may.

stockholder's picture


croatpackfan's picture

Hear, hear!

Guam's picture

Since pre-season I believed this would be a rebuilding year, so I am not surprised with the current record. The talent level is just not good due to TT's poor drafting over the last few years of his career.

Having said that, I am very disappointed with the coaching job done by MM this year. I was an MM supporter until this year and offer a mea culpa to all those who saw his shortcomings long before I did. We need a coaching change as well as an infusion of talent before we will be a SB team again.

I also believe we need to fix our organizational chart and turn football operations over to Gute. Murphy has a football background, but he has spent too long in administration to have the coach report directly to him. There is no need for that if MM leaves and it creates far clearer accountability within the organization.

LambeauPlain's picture

Howdy Doody Murphy, instead of giving Gute the job that TT had, diluted it and shared decision making with MM and carved off some additional power for himself.

In other words, he went soft and cautious...kind of how MM is leading the team right now.

I do think Howdy Doody wanted to extend MM in a multiyear deal and Gute opposed.

So MM got a one year "prove it" opportunity and he is failing. MM had Philbin tear down the O playbook and rebuild it from scratch. If anything, it is more stale and predictable than last year!

He made Campen Run Game Coordinator and Hostler Pass Game Coordinator and Philbin O coordinator. MM does not coach the D or STs. Just what does he do? He is an overpaid OC.

Maybe there are too many cooks stirring the offensive soup. The run game has been very effective but MM never commits to it. Up tempo O has worked, so MM doesn't use it, preferring to go back to his down the field passing from 10 years ago.

Time to change the people on the bus.

A Pickled Packer's picture

I'm wondering if Murphy gave McCarthy an extension to see how this season goes and since he will be under contract for next year can be traded if things don't work out this year. He may not be our cup of tea anymore but teams with young quarterbacks and crappy coaches are chomping at the bit to get their hands on this guy. The Browns and Jets immediately come to mind. What can McCarthy fetch on the open market? Is a number one draft pick asking too much? McCarthy is a proven winner and Gutey is a great salesman. I think he can get something for him.

Lare's picture

I agree, and i also think there's a possibility that McCarthy wanted to leave last year and they convinced him to stay on another year to ease the transition with the upper management structure.

It may also very well be that the new structure was done to make Gutekunst's first year easier for him and let him concentrate on improving player talent without having to worry about contracts, salary cap, coaching etc during his first year.

If that's the case, after this season is over Murphy will announce Gutekunst as GM with full authority over the team, McCarthy will be released/traded and Ball may move on with Gutekunst bringing in all his own people.

Tarynfor12's picture

Murphy runs the show and still has TT in the adjoining office.
Gute takes a job where the optimal decision to fire/hire a HC is/was willingly abdicated.
MM had/has a built in savior in Murphy via long it lasts may be another week-or season.
Murphy feels safe as long as the playground outside of the actual field is a winner.

The FO is like a scene from Oceans Eleven...Brad Pitt is trying to teach poker to some TV stars and one thinks he has a winning hand with a flush because his cards are all red...not suited... just red....the FO is all red and not a matched suit in the decisions.

LeotisHarris's picture

"Murphy feels safe as long as the playground outside of the actual field is a winner."

Bingo, that's it in a nutshell. Revenue is king, and Murphy has done an extraordinary job of developing those revenue sources.

White92's picture

I couldn't agree more Cory. If McCarthy is your guy, he should have been extended. If not, cut bait. Maybe there wasn't a candidate out there they liked? Who knows. But the situation they created invited this controversy and distraction.

That said, I don't think it's really fair to say McCarthy has never held Rodgers accountable. While that may be true in front of the media and the public, no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Has the game passed McCarthy? Would the team benefit from a change? Maybe. But making a change just for the sake of change usually doesn't go well. They'd better have 2 or 3 real good options if they plan on making a move because McCarthy has proved to be a good coach. Anyone who says he isn't losses all credibility with me.

flackcatcher's picture

One way or the other Mark Murphy will have to answer for the problems he created in the front office. That will have to wait till after the season. Once the executive committee decides, then all the other problems with the Packers will be dealt with fairly quickly. The one question I want answered is why Murphy put off hiring a new GM when there were so many excellent choices in house or on the open market. Thompson had cleared the deck in 2015 expecting Murphy to hire a new GM in early 2016. And yet, he made Thompson a placeholder for 2017. Why, that is the one question I would like Murphy to answer.'s picture

i would go back some years to the seattle championship. that is the non return line. there murphy failed.
he had to clean the house but he did nothing.
after that we had the worst years by ted thompson and mccarthy lost control on the team.

John Kirk's picture

It's surprsing how little what is happening this season is understood.

This season is not much different than what Ted did to Sherman before he moved on from him.

The goal was not to be successful. It's not a tank job like in Oakland but it was an orchestration of McCarthy's exit just like Ted orchestrated Sherman's.

MM's 2-year deal was the first clue this was the end for McCarthy.

This org finally rid itself from Ted's backward try hard thinking. Now, it's time for the other part of that nuclei to be rent from the org.

Do you ever wonder how MM got hired here in the first place? Oh, not the Schneider suggestion.

You tell me what organization goes out and hires the OC of the 32nd ranked offense in the NFL? If that wasn't bad enough, that OC also preferred Alex Smith to Aaron Rodgers and played a role in his draft selection.

What organziation looks at the 32nd ranked OC who preferred the QB that you didn't pick, and decides he's the guy to coach Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers? What world is anyone living in thinking that was a good idea?

Ted and Mike were two try hard guys who aren't remarkable in any sense of the word. Two very bland individuals given the keys to the org and drove it into the ground.

Oh, yeah, the playoff appearances and the division titles? Oh, and that ONE SB?

Critical thinking is a lost art. You tell me what HC shouldn't have the "success" MM had here? ANY head coach has this success here. ANY.

We had a power structure in place that never maximized a thing in 13 years. I feel so passionately this fanbase cheered while this org treaded water when it had the abililty to be Michael Phelps. Wasted years. "At least we're not Cleveland" rings out across the fanbase. Winners measure against the best. Losers look below for validation.

NOBODY in the entire MM tenure ever accused him of being BRIGHT. Holmgren was. MM was a meat and potatoes lunch pail hard hat try hard guy. A joke he was ever paired with the intellectual Aaron Rodgers.

Brian knows we need someone intelligent and dynamic to challenge our QB.

I'm so ecstatic MM's reign is almost over. The fog might finally lift. Eyes might open.

Been long overdue...

White92's picture

This has to be one of the worst takes on the situation I have read.

Johnblood27's picture

Winners measure against the best. Losers look below for validation.

I cant believe you wrote this.

It makes perfect sense.

croatpackfan's picture

Oh, John Kirk, I would love to hear how many "SB" you win in your field of "expertise"...

Second, here is lot of arm chair or sofa GMs and HCs. I would love to see one taking responsibility for the business of 63 person whom you are not chose to be in your team. Also, it would be interesting to see how they would construct team that will be winning the world title or be the No. 1 in the world.

How many of you would prevail?

Many of you here talking w/o any knowledge what is the meaning of leading the group of people to the common goal. I know one here. From his posts you can tell he understands what means to build and lead team of people to success. Ask Since 61. He can tell you about leadership...

John Kirk's picture're a very supportive individual. That has its charm and its drawbacks.

I would've loved to read your thoughts on Ray Rhodes or Mike Sherman. I'm sure you would've been supportive of them, also.

Shoot, I'll bet you still wish Dom Capers was DC because who here has ever coordinated an NFL defense? Your logic for not changing is non-existent.

Again, you're a good fan who loves his team. I applaud that but your reasoning and arguments are incredibly vapid. Zero substance.

I'll ask you directly...Who hires the OC from the 32nd ranked offense in the NFL and the guy who didn't want the QB your team had? Who does that? I'll await an answer that will return with no substance like, have you ever had to make that kind of decision? Answer it. Otherwise, you're just a fanboy drinking the koolaid who offers nothing to any debate.

croatpackfan's picture

No, I'm not one who cry for Dom Capers. But, while he was Packers DC, I tried to see and understnd his position and problems he had while he was DC. I'll first admit that I do not have enough knowledge to make proper evaluation of any coach job (as well as any scout job, GM etc of the NFL team), but I have enough business and life experience that knows one very important thing. That is: never make decisions w/o qualified information. And, when you are pushing negative energy in any job, social group, team etc you'll get negative result.

Yes, I'm fan. Yes, I admit there is lot of problems Packers have now. Do I know for sure that Packers will solve those issues? Of course, not. But, with lack of qualified information I'm more willing to support what team has than to spit on that...

Mike McCarthy time with Packers might be at the end, but I will always respect him for his effort and work he invested in team I'm fan of. And I will always talk about him in positive.

And I strongly believe that either Dom Capers or Mike McCarthy forget more about football than you can hope to learn in your life. Respect for what they done to help Packers will be always there.

That is question of culture and humility.

Thank you!

John Kirk's picture

That's a very well reasoned and well written philosophy but it didn't answer any questions.

We have to get very specific if we're going to debate. If you're just here to criticize someone who is trying do just that then so be it. You seemed to imply that people who criticize bring negative energy. You should know that in business as well as life until you confront issues, they'll persist. You have to be critical of yourself and your business, etc. to be the best version of yourself and your business.

All I want is this team to perform the best it can and I have not believed it has done so with Ted and or Mike. I believe both of them to be very vanilla unremarkable individuals. I believe Aaron Rodgers to be a thinking man who has no business being paired up with the underwhelming Mike McCarthy. Do you think MM offers Rodgers much of anything? I don't believe he does.

I'd like to believe the guy in his chair has Aaron's ear. He's the HC for crying out loud. There should be a respect there and I have believed for years it doesn't nor can it exist.

Finally, back to you, if you believe so strongly in culture and humility you probably shouldn't be offering your uninformed opinions nor telling others who have them that theirs are irrelevant because we're not a head coach in the NFL. Of course, there is some value in remembering that we are not but I played sports and understand them quite well. I was yelling to go for it on 4th down while it was still 2nd down in Seattle. I knew how bad our D was at that point. How can MM acknowledge in his presser all the defensive issues and then say it was a solid decision to punt? You don't need to be an NFL HC to realize the stupidity of that decision. I promise you Bill Belichick doesn't make that decision but he's a winner and brilliant.

McCarthy has needed to go for years. Why he's still here is a testament to the change averse nature of this org that has bludgeoned the power of its success potential forever.

Let me ask you this Croat...Do you think Aaron Jones should touch the ball more? Oh,'s nice what he's doing right now isn't it? You sure sense there's so much more out there though. The mindset that believes that is the same mindset that believes the Packers with Aaron Rodgers should be much better than they are. This team has made less with more for so long that fans have just accepted it. I never have and never will. I'll look at the Rodgers era as an unmitigated failure if things don't change and this team doesn't find itself in a few more SuperBowls before Aaron is done but I'm afraid that train has left the station.

croatpackfan's picture

OK you just want answers to your questions?

Here it is:
1. I see several team that may be very, very interested in Mike McCarthy as their HC, namely: Jaguars, Titans, Miami, Browns, Cardinals, 49ers, Bengals, Bills, Jets, maybe Atlanta, Bucs.... So many options would come for Mike McCarthy.

2. I will give Aaron Jones as much snaps as I could, but I would prefer to establish rhythm for my HOF QB. I will try that at the same time trying to establish balance. As much ground game looked very promising in the first half of the last game, in the second half it stale. There was only one good run. That run was nullified by ESB penalty. Also, it should be recognized that ground game open throwing game, but it works vice versa.

So, on the last question there is no clear answer. It depends on game situation and success of the player, team and play calls.

Now, I would like to ask you one question: As you are acting like you know everything, tell me whom you'll bring to Packers for HC to replace Mike McCarthy? One name only, with Belichick out!

John Kirk's picture

Hey Croat...

I was really hoping you'd answer who hires the OC of the 32nd ranked offense who favored the quarterback you didn't draft and make him the HC? That was wrong from day one. It's a non-reported story that should really be a huge one in these times. McCarthy has to feel like a guy who lied on his resume who is about to be outed for the fraud that he is. I hope the media reports on the circumstances he was hired on under. Where are they? It's germane during the times that we're in today.

You want ONE name? LOL. I'm a big Jim Harbaugh guy. I'm also a big Mike Pettine guy from long before he ever got here.

Favor Harbaugh due to his offensive background, but Pettine could bring in a great OC and I'd be good.

I like mindset.. intelligence...passion...tough...confident. Who it is doesn't matter as long as they possess those traits. I used to think experience was important to "impress" Aaron, but not sure that matters as much. Favre used to say back then that Andy Reid was the computer that made it all go.

Basically, we need the anti-Mike McCarthy.

BTW, Colin Cowherd just reported that MM is out as HC even if the Packers rattle off a 5-game winning streak. Best news of the year other than Ted being out. If we can hear Murphy is out, too, that's the trifecta and we might start seeing Super Bowls 'round here.

croatpackfan's picture

OH and Harbaugh is free?

I see here lot of dreams with no real fact support...

John Harbaugh 0.587 < Mike McCarthy 0.624, for example...

John Kirk's picture

Dreams? You asked for a name. Harbaugh is my preferred choice but I love Pettine. NOBODY was as fired up as I was when Mike Pettine came to Green Bay. I was ecstatic. I didn't have to go Google to learn about him. The guy has all the things I love minus an offensive background.

MM should be out YESTERDAY and Pettine the interim to see if that can be the ONE GALVANIZING MOMENT this team needs.

You're not a well rounded poster. Your game is criticizing posters who don't support the Packers 100%. Know your role.

Just classic. You ask for a name and then criticize me when I give you one. Guys like you...dime a dozen . The exact types who enable this losing mindset we have around our Packers.

croatpackfan's picture

I asked you one name. Realistic one. You would love to see Mike McCarty fired. I'm OK with that. You have right to wish that. But tell me, than, who you would bring in. Not unavailable coaches. Because you can not bring them for replacement. I asked you name who has real chance and will to become Packers HC: Not dreams...

And I know fans like you.You are dreaming about lot of things. But life does not support you...

John Kirk's picture

I apologize for my previous caustic tone.

You didn't ask what you claim you asked. You asked me for a name. I gave you one. Now, it's "realistic one" defined by you?

How many times are you going to ignore that I've said Mike Pettine to you on two occasions, now? This is the 3rd. MIKE PETTINE.

Is he realistic enough?

Life does support me. Coaches leave college contracts all the time. How does life not support me? It certainly does.

People say Lincoln Riley to the Browns. Are they dreamers? No. It's possible. So would Harbaugh to Green Bay be theoretically possible. Again, you like to criticize people who understand football much better than you do from where you are. I find that interesting.

dobber's picture

I guess my question is: do you think he (Pettine) is interested in being a HC again? Certainly he said coming into this job that he had no interest in being an HC again...maybe that was just a PC/non-threatening front as he takes a position under an established coach. Maybe he was being genuine. I'm asking, seriously, if only because I have this feel that he was being genuine.

John Kirk's picture

That 's a good question. I recall that moment when he was asked about being a HC again and he seemed to indicate he wanted no part of it and knew his lot in life was to be a coordinator.

I remember thinking at the time that was a bunch of nonsense pointing to your former thought on why he said it as opposed to the latter.

When Pettine got hired I was STUNNED. I wondered how Mike McCarthy could hire a guy who is much more impressive than he is? Pettine dwarfs McCarthy when you listen to them. Pettine is a man's man and very intelligent and well spoken. McCarthy had to feel his job was on the line to go that direction as he had to feel that the guy could one day take his job.

McCarthy has done a bang up job of hiring a steady stream of assistants that are wholly unimpressive and have no worries about being hired away for HC jobs. Not Pettine.

It'd be interesting to learn how Pettine really feels about his time in Green Bay so far. He may be one of those who thinks it's some jerk water burg and can't wait to get out, or he may have fallen in love with the place like many. I've been a guy with one foot out and one foot in a career before and you can't live like that for long. I wonder which direction this year has drawn him? More to wanting to be back out or wanting to be back in?

Nobody could convince me he doesn't want another shot to do better than he did in Cleveland. He was very upset about not getting the chance to finish what he started there feeling he left a lot on the table.

If we get drilled on Sunday night, I hope MM gets the boot and he gets his shot.

Lambeau West's picture

I think we're seeing the effects of the instant gratification generation when things don't go well they first want someone to blame and then to replace it like they do their I-phones once their contract expires for the next version that has a marginally improved cell phone camera.

There's no guarantee that next coach wont' be another Mike Sherman or Ray Rhodes.

All that said, I think its a bit unfair to expect Gutekunst to rebuild Rome in one season. TT's drafts and player acquisition have been well below average for the last 3-4 years. Gutekunst is having to purge and prune the dead vines to help regenerate a fresh start. Last year showed how bad this team was when AR went down. How many number 1 and 2 defensive draft picks have not signed a second contract in GB. Those were Ted's guys that didn't pan out.

Next season GB will have two number 1 picks and two number 4 picks. Add to that, 30-50 million in cap space to sign free agents depending if they keep guys like Bulaga around another year. Lastly, they have almost no "key" free agents of their own that will cost them big money. This team is set to have another big run but we have to take our lumps this season.

If we add in the "right" new head coach to this mix, this could be an exciting ride but just don't forget what MM and TT brought to GB. That era appears to have ended but a positive end to that story will help heal any potential rifts with this team in the future. Especially one that places such a high value on tradition and remembering its alumni in such high regard. Go Pack.

dobber's picture

"There's no guarantee that next coach wont' be another Mike Sherman or Ray Rhodes."

Ray Rhodes was out of his depth as a head coach. Mike Sherman was out of his depth as a GM, but Mike Sherman won a bunch of football games...was it on the back of #4? Was it on the back of #30? Was it because he was a good coach? Depends on your perspective. He did struggle to win games in the postseason, though, and he ran the roster depth and team dynamic into the ground.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

And, there is no guarantee that the next coach won't be another Lombardi, Knoll, Walsh, Madden, or Belicheck, etc.

croatpackfan's picture

Did you try to calculate possibility that the next coach will be another Lombardi, Knoll, Walsh, Madden, or Belicheck and compare with probability that next coach will be Jim Caldwell, or Ben McAdoo, or Jon Gruden, or Chuck Pagano or Gary Kubiak or Jeff Fisher or etc.

It would be interesting numbers....

flackcatcher's picture

The 99 season was nuts. To recap, Both Ray Rhodes and Jim Jones the then incoming Packer's president had massive strokes early in the season. Ron Wolf had to pull Rhodes of the field and take him straight to the hospital. Evey member of the front office and members of the executive committee were tested by the team doctors, and most had their blood pressure readings going though the roof. I'm convinced that Wolf retired early after watching what happened to Jones and Rhodes that year.

LeotisHarris's picture

"I think we're seeing the effects of the instant gratification generation when things don't go well they first want someone to blame and then to replace it like they do their I-phones once their contract expires for the next version that has a marginally improved cell phone camera."

Finally, someone with the guts to stand up and say it! PREACH, brother West, preach!

I am so sick and tired of this instant gratification generation wanting their NFL teams to be like the next edition of their fancy-schmancy iPhones! My generation loved watching the Packers lose for decades. We didn't have any high-falutin' interwebz message boards to use to complain, we just watched dutifully every Sunday (after church, of course) and maybe, maybe, maaaybe said an unkind word or two at the barbershop the next day. You know, like "jeez, wish they'd run Torkelson more. He's faster than Smith" or "do you think Roche and Williams *know* they can leave the line of scrimmage?"

Whatever Judge Parins did was just fine by us, and we trusted in Phil, Dan, Bart, Forrest, and Lindy because we had patience. We were used to waiting for good things because good things come to those who wait. That's the way it was and we liked it! This instant gratification generation, pfft. SMH

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Watching them play in B&W, cause color was for fancy boys.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Thanks for bringing me back to the "good Ole' days" Leotis. I hate the "instant gratification generation" too. I can go thru 100 seasons like this one and brush it off like an annoying fly. You and I and many others here are veterans of the losing wars of the 70's and 80's. We are starting to die off now that's how fast time flies. They have no effin clue just how bad a football team can be. It's almost laughable to hear people complaining when all they have known is winning. To them I say.... just wait, just wait.

John Kirk's picture

I went through the "good ol' days", too. To say those that want MM fired are part of th instant gratifcation generation is insanity typing.

Personally, I never wanted MM as the HC here. Again, who hires the coordinator of the 32nd ranked offense and the guy who didn't want the QB you have? That is more bizarre than the Browns interview Condi Rice for HC.

If your reasoning for not wanting a change at HC is that you can just brush off this season like an annoying fly and you think that is sound reasoning not to make a change then we're really lost.

Do you want to to see this team back in the SB? If the answer is that you do then you don't want Mike McCarthy. He's akin to a player like Joe Kerridge. Unremarkable, try hard, just not good enough.

Why do Packers fans want MM? The past? LOL. The past where this team went to ONE SuperBowl with Aaron Rodgers? That past? How many Super Bowls did Brady go to? Not fair? Entirely fair. Winners measure against winners. A lot of this fanbase wishes New England didn't exist so their weak shoot low arguments could be validated but the Patriots do exist and those arguments are invalid.

It can't be worse than Mike McCarthy. Any HC could've amassed the resume McCarthy did here. ANY.

The change should be announced tomorrow. Mike Pettine should be announced as interim and this era of underachieving Packers football should be over save for the CEO who needs to go also.

I'm sick to my stomach reading gibberish that backs what we've seen here. It makes me wonder if anyone who believes that has ever played sports at any level.

Aaron Rodgers is a very bright passionate individual. He's polar opposite of his HC. You can't have a guy like Rodgers working with a total slug like Mike McCarthy. It's so imbalanced. Bring in someone Rodgers can respect.

Again, MM shouldv'e never been hired. Who here would advocate for the Packers hiring Mike McCoy to replace McCarthy? That's what the Packers did when they hired McCarthy...both equally inept.

Smart...passionate...that's the criteria for our new HC. Not self-justifying, bland, and unimpressive.

EDIT: Important to refamiliarize yourself with Murphy's comments when he hired Brian. Nauseating.
Guy said multiple times he wasn't paying attention to "football" for years and then says he's the guy who is going to hire and fire the HC. He then says he is not a micro manager...just hires guy and gets out of the way. Murphy is such a fraud and double talker. What is it? Honestly, I'm angry all over again listening to this IDIOT. He belongs nowhere around ANY football decision. An embarrassment to our fanbase. Watch this and tell me he's not an idiot. Chart his words. Log them and then listen to the number of contradictions. It's frightening.

John Kirk's picture


Pack204's picture

The GM needs full autonomy to be able to hire and fire as he pleases and there needs to be trust in him to make the right decisions for the team. Murphy always needing to middling in the decisions of this creates a “too many hands in the cookie jar approach”. As for on the field lets face it, McCarthy and the Packers for years since after that super bowl run have failed to win the bigger games especially on the road vs the better teams. The situational football is terrible on this team and has been for years. The wasting of timeouts shows that the lack of preparation for when things go sideways and you fail to adjust and be a couple plays ahead. Rodgers bears some this as well. He needs to look at himself in the mirror if he ever wants to add another title to his resume. Is he really doing all he can to help the team in preparation every week? All I see is missed checkdowns to wide open guys in favor of a home run ball. The reality is this team needs a fresh voice and leader in the locker room.

sonomaca's picture

This is the first time I’m really seeing criticism of Rodgers. Rodgers just wants the deep ball. You see how pumped he is when he gets it.

Is Rodgers becoming Farvesque? Brett was TD or Intereception. Rodgers is TD or sack.

wildbill's picture

Rodgers is an all time talent and a joy to watch, but with the game on the line i’ll take Favre. Nuff Said

LambeauPlain's picture

Favre had what #12 has never had...a shut down Defense that could take over games and even win them...and very good STs.

Dzehren's picture

It’s hard to win when GB runs 48 plays vs Sea 69
GB 3 for 11 on 3rd down vs Sea 8/15 on 3rd & 4th.
Defense is not the problem for the 1st time since 2015

GVPacker's picture

Is Rodgers frustrated that his arm strength is not there and will he ever get it back? Is that why he's always looking to throw a home run? Is he pissed off his QB coach was Das Booted? Does he really only trust Jordy Nelson (Gone) and Randle Cobb to make those game winning clutch grabs?

Lare's picture

If Rodgers was worried about his arm strength or about getting injured again, you'd think he'd want to hit the first open receiver as quick as possible.

As to his QB Coach, it was Van Pelt's decision not to renew his contract so that he could explore other Offensive Coordinator positions once Philbin was hired as OC in Green Bay.

Rodgers obviously misses Nelson, but Cobb has rarely been healthy throughout his career so I doubt that is much of a concern.

Something is obviously off with Rodgers this season, but he is still the third ranked QB in the NFL. So I suspect the larger issues affecting the Packers W/L record can be found elsewhere.

PyschoDad3's picture

While a change in leadership is due (or overdue),, if a change is made we better hope they find someone who can deal with Rodgers and get the team moving forward again. We've all been witness to great things when #12 is under center for us,, but last Thursday night the impression I got was he didn't give a crap. Given the money he's paid, that an insult to the team and all of the Packer faithful. I'm sure the Belichek/Brady relationship isn't all a bed of roses at times, but they always appear to be on the same page come game time; and you can pretty much be sure Tom Brady will play like he is going to beat you or kill himself trying.

Lare's picture

Although I'm a supporter of Rodgers, I didn't support signing him to the huge contract extension as I felt they could wait one to two more years to make sure it was justified. Although Rodgers is ranked 3rd in the NFL this year so far, we may be starting to see some areas of declining performance.

One of the reasons I would like to see Gutekunst be given complete control over the football team is that I believe he wouldn't hesitate to trade Rodgers if he feels that's what's best for the team. Frankly, I suspect that Rodgers stock may already be falling around the league with his on-field pouting and declining skills. If that's the case, I hope somebody within the Packers organization adheres to the old adage that it's better to get rid of a player a year too early than it is a year too late.

Jaypack's picture

The right thing was done when play calling away was taken away from MM after what could go down as the worst coaching job in NFL playoff history in Seattle. Problem is the person that did it was MM himself and he assigned duties to a clone incapable of perceiving live action play in making real time adjustments and decisions. MM's strength has always been as more an overall steward of the team, getting a high level game plan going, and getting the team ready to play competitively. He should just step away at that point and sit in the stands to watch the game.

old dog's picture

Problems : many & few solutions, but the present administrative structure is just plain stupid. All facets
Report to the Godhead Murphy who was initially hired to oversee the operation of Green Bay Packers, inc. and was not involved with the day to day operations of the football Packers. First of all, he needs to be divorced from these operations. Murphy is an impediment in the operation and also tends to be a diversion when it comes to placing responsibility for the actions of those who presently serve under him.

With Gute heading all football operations, McC must report directly to him. No one is getting back doored at this level.

Lare's picture

Murphy went to his convoluted management structure for one reason, and that was to cover up for the fact that he failed to address TT's failing performance for the last three years of his career as GM.

Had Murphy done his job, the Packers wouldn't be in the predicament they are today.

Golden Retriever's picture

But Murphy accomplished something much more important. He got ping-pong, horseshoe, bocce, and foosball games installed next to an awesome sledding hill and playground across the street from Lambeau Field.

Oppy's picture

All those things you’re mocking are revenue for the league’s smallest market franchise that goes straight into the packers coffers.. , and if the TV revenue and other Revenue streams that are currently subject to league wide profit sharing are ever gutted or cut out of said sharing, those things in the title town district may be vital to keeping the packers competitive or even keeping the packers viable at all in the future.

Planning for the financial future is not a bad thing. Harlan got the stadium redone for the same reasons. Murphy has further invested in football facilities and the title town district to continue the push. There’s nothing wrong with that. Not to mention.. whatever doesn’t get used for football or put in the coffers gets put back into the community.

I’ll never understand why people fault businessmen for making business decisions. Especially for a business as unique as the packers are in the NFL.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Rodgers and MM responsible for this season, Gute will have to take the heat for the next five seasons if the Bears dominate as it looks like they might. He TT'd it when it came to Mack and refused to ante up for an All-Pro in his prime possible Hall of Famer at a position of critical need. He obviously was willing to pay the tab financially but oh those precious draft picks, can't lose those. Two 1sts and a 3rd gets Mack because Chicago paid two 1sts and a 3rd but got back a 2nd. A deal was doable. Almost every media guy had Mack a Packer. But Gute flinched. Bad sign for the future. Hope I'm wrong.

Lare's picture

You are. The Packers can't afford two top NFL salaries, and wouldn't have made the playoffs this season even with Mack.

The Packers have many more needs to fill than just one OLB.

Since &#039;61's picture

First of all the Bears turned down our offer. Secondly, Fackrell has more sacks than Mack and he hasn't cost us anything but his rookie salary. Thanks, Since '61

Touchdown Fan's picture

Enough with the checkdown garbage.

The TKstinator's picture

Said Aaron Rodgers.

DD's picture

Good article. One thing, Rodgers is very bright and must be challenged, as di other players, with a creative, upbeat offense. We have the tools to do it, but the tools aren't being used correctly to build the team. Murphy must take a huge amount of the blame as we see the other teams in our division building to win, as we have not grown and built a total team. Too much has been placed on Rodgers with Murphy and Ball, excluding no move Ted, worried too much about revenue, not the team. We didnt pay the fiddler to dance. Now we fans and team bear the consequences of a failed front office. Oh well, maybe next year, maybe.

Oppy's picture

The level of over-analysis by fans is staggering.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

Ya get what ya pay for.

Oppy's picture

I’m not talking about the site provided content. I’m talking about us- the average fan.

JimR_in_SoCal's picture

I was, too. :^)

LambeauPlain's picture

I wonder, if after the Season, Mark Murphy finally makes Gutekunst an actual GM.

Management by committee rarely works because bold, badly needed decisions are often tabled or watered down to give everyone "something".

The structure Murphy put in place seems to me he did not have confidence in Gute to run the football he timidly and tentatively backed him into the role.

Let Brian run the football operation!

John Kirk's picture

Mark Murphy is trying to save his position. He stood before the media and said he wasn't paying attention and "silos" developed so he chose to interject himself to give the impression that he was no longer an absentee landlord but an all in CEO on top of everything he shouldv'e been for all the years he wasn't. He's a save my own a$$ type fraud who couldn't care less about anything than his own position. Honestly, this guy is a slimeball of epic proportions. Just disgusting.

Murphy won't give up the power structure that makes it look like he's on top of things. We're stuck being less than we should be as long as he's around. Murphy is just as much at fault for the Packers not being what they shouldv'e been than Ted or Mike. That triumvirate didn't deserve a SuperBowl but they got it and made a living off of it.

Trust me...Murphy is a total fraud. Just sick stuffed shirt fat cat that is a soulless clown. The opposite of what Green Bay is all about.

ArlenWilliams's picture

Don't know what you purport to know, but I'm fine with Murphy finding another employer.

ArlenWilliams's picture

Good perspective.

Hey, anyone remember the West Coast offense?

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