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Cory's Corner: Put Up Or Shut Up For Jones

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Cory's Corner: Put Up Or Shut Up For Jones

It’s put up or shut up time for Josh Jones. 

The Packers have already added free safety Adrian Amos in free agency and could add another safety with one of their first four picks. 

Safety has been an inconsistent nightmare as Tramon Williams, a cornerback by trade, was asked to play safety because the options at the position were so thin last year. 

I really like the addition of Amos because instead of trying to capture the big-play highlight, he would rather just make the tackle — something that many members of the Packers defense has struggled with for quite some time. 

Last year, nine of the Packers’ top 16 misses tacklers were defensive backs. Safeties Kentrell Brice was No. 2 with 12, Williams was tied for fourth with seven, Jones was No. 10 with six and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix was No. 11 with five. Those numbers are striking from Jones and Clinton-Dix because Jones only played 47 percent of the defensive snaps last year and Clinton-Dix played just 43 percent. 

This will be Jones’ third season. It’s hard to believe that he was drafted in the second round out of North Carolina State because he doesn’t stand out on the football field. He looks great when he just needs to make instinctual plays like hitting receivers or running backs but when it comes time to think about strategy and game planning, he looks lost. 

Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine must decide what kind of a role he wants Jones to play. Is it more of a centerfield linebacker where he just needs to read and react? That situation wouldn’t be bad now that the Packers know that Williams is versatile and they can use him at safety in a pinch. Or does Pettine want to force feed him to play safety? This is more of a gamble because he hasn’t proven much in two years and I doubt that the coaching staff trusts him to anchor the back end by himself.

The Packers must play to Jones’ strengths. Let him showcase his raw athleticism, but Pettine must be able to harness that within his system. He cannot just let him roam loose because that is too much freedom for a young, unproven player. 

Can Jones figure it out? I would assume that he can, but it also hinges on how much patience Pettine is willing to dole out. If the Packers take Delaware’s Nasir Adderly in the second round, Jones’ back will be to the wall. 

Remember, this regime has stated that the time is now for this team. They have backed it up with actions this past season and in the offseason. It won’t surprise me if the Packers look elsewhere at safety because Jones just hasn’t produced. 

A safety is a lynchpin of a defense. It isn’t a coincidence that the Packers won Super Bowl titles with LeRoy Butler and Charles Woodson anchoring the back end. Green Bay needs that dynamic presence once again if it wants to take the next step, and right now Jones is anything but dynamic from the safety position. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Nick Perry's picture

In his first season he played in a defense that was hard to learn for a rookie and IMO just as outdated as McCarthy's offense was. He had that great game against the Bengals but then not much of a peep after that.

Year 2 a new DC and a new system. Even though it was supposed to be a friendly system and easy to learn Jones still struggled in just about every game.

This season is year two in the same system which SHOULD benefit Jones greatly. I don't know if he'll ever be the Safety the Packers were hoping they'd get when they drafted him, but I think he could be a useful piece in this defense but it needs to be around the LOS. But one thing I think is probably certain...Whatever Jones is going to bring to the defense, he needs to show and bring it NOW.

It would be a hell of a boost and bonus to this defense if Jones can just find his niche and do it WELL.

Bearmeat's picture


I would argue that Capers system was at least 10 years more outdated than MM's offense. We didn't see problems with MM's offense until 2015. Granted, some of that was masked by blue chip talent, but still, that same offense was lighting people up even in 2014...

Capers defense? Man, it had been old news by 2004. I didn't love the hire when it was made in 08.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I think Jones should be a curl to flat defender who can come down easily for run support. I doubt he'll ever be an above average traditional safety because he doesn't see the whole field. That doesn't mean he can't be valuable though.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm really curious to see all the players entering the 2nd season in Pettine's defense. I'm curious to see who improves the most and how much better the defense really is.

Jones is a guy who has talent but hasn't put it together year. Perhaps year 3 will be when he does.

Something to remember too, is this year we should have a better pass rush with the Smiths. Also we have added a good safety in Amos. A guy like Jones could really benefit from the players around him.

Turophile's picture

I think JJ is the kind of guy that needs quite a lot of reps (a slow learner). He has all the physical ability you could ever want, but at the NFL level you will not succeed unless you have good instincts as well.

Those good instincts come from a deep knowledge of the game, and that is where JJ has problems. There were signs late last season that he was making strides, that's later than you like......... but not TOO late.

Year three is the 'must do it' year. A player who wants to be a starter has had all the time he is likely to get, to learn what he needs and apply it. The time between first day of TC this year and game 8 regular season, is where JJ succeeds or fails, long-term.

Fingers crossed.

jannes bjornson's picture

I'm looking for his replacement at the #30 or # 44 pick. Jones can try nickle LB or sp teams ace.

dblbogey's picture

I think you either have good football instincts or you don't. Repetition can help but you can't teach natural instinct. I don't expect much of anything from Jones this year.

ILPackerBacker's picture

You did a great job of explaining learning; the opposite of instinct

Turophile's picture

@ILPackerBacker Instincts are a behaviour in response to what you see. If you train yourself to see with a deeper level of understanding, that feeds into your instinctive reactions.

Rather than being opposite, one feeds into and modifies the other.

Isherwood's picture

Charles Woodson was a cornerback. Nick Collins is the safety that is sorely missed. Losing him set us back for years.

Gort's picture

The loss of Nick Collins is OLD news. He was injured 8 years ago and retired 7 years ago. That's more than enough time for a COMPETENT organization to find a serviceable replacement.

Demon's picture

Well said!!

TheBigCheeze's picture

Gort....I agree....also, one player does not make a team....even Rodgers.....

Lare's picture

The Packers signed four FAs and have 10 draft picks, players that are not part of the solution are part of the problem.

Tough for any rookie to be a starter, but some of these players (like Jones, Spriggs, Burks, Moore) must make the next step in their progression or the team will move along without them.

MarkinMadison's picture

I heard Spriggs has picked up a little weight. I believe Nagler thinks he got a little better last year. PFF rates him as average. He might be better than most of us expect this year.

Jones was a crazy HWS prospect with decent college production. You look back and the scouting reports all talked about the mental errors. He is who they thought he was. I hope the light bulb goes on, but I kind of doubt it.

It's only Burks' second year but I'm worried. Seldom used throughout the year, and he didn't make if off the bench at all the last four games. Maybe the separated shoulder in the pre-season impacted him, but I didn't see him on the injury report for weeks 13 or 15 when I checked. I would have thought they would have given him a ton of reps last December.

I would give Moore at least this year and next year. Lots of receivers have developed through the problems he is experiencing. This is only year 2.

sam1's picture

My guess is Spriggs won't even make the final roster this season!

Nick Perry's picture

Exactly... For Jones and Spriggs it's really a must do it season. But I really don't understand the disgust some fans seem to have for Burks. I mean people are talking about the upcoming draft like they don't even have Burks on the roster. IIRC he was having a pretty decent camp until he had an the injury in warmups.

Look at Burks combine scores and compare him to Devin Bush. Burks actually has better times in some events than Bush like the 20 yard shuttle and 3 cone. I mean they guys compare athletically a lot closer than you would think. Bush also played on a defense that was a HELL of a lot better than Vanderbilt ever fielded.

I say all this to just say lets give these guys a chance. I'll admit, I can be just as impatient as anyone else or ready to move on from someone as the next guy. But I just think using our 12th pick overall on a 5'10" ILB before we've REALLY given Burks a chance isn't the best way to use the best draft spot we've had since 2009 when we took BJ Raji.
With Moore he can't really do anything but go up. Davante Adams said he was working out (Moore) all Winter working on his craft. Personally I like ESB and MVS better but I won't be mad if Moore suddenly moves in front of them. IMO St Brown will end up being one of the best steals of the 2018 draft. Lets see what happens in 2019.

RCPackerFan's picture

The one thing I'm curious to see is if Spriggs may improve in a different style of offense? I don't know if he will, and I'm guessing he won't, but I am just wondering about it.

Jones entering his 2nd year in this defense should help him. I think Jones is a guy if he doesn't have to think and just react he will play better. Its why when he is playing up in the box or blitzing he is more effective. he isn't thinking he is just reacting. Hopefully he will have mastered the defense and Pettine will have figured out a way to get the most out of him.

Burks I really like. I think he will really take a major step this year.
That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if they drafted Bush or White.

Moore is a guy to watch this year. He admitted he struggled learning the offense which affected his on field play. While he will be learning a new offense, having a full offseason to learn it I think he will be better.
I still like MVS as the deep threat. EQ dropped in the draft due to character concerns. He is definitely a player that could be a steal.

I can't wait for the draft, but I also can't wait to see some of these returning players and see how much they improve!

Nick Perry's picture

Spriggs drives me nuts every time he enters a game but that's a fair point. The guy IS athletic as hell. I remember watching his combine thinking some GM's are falling in love with this guy. OUR GM was the one who went gaga and traded up for him though. At that time the best Guard Prospect or one of the best was still on the board.. Cody Whitehair. I remember hearing a rumor Thompson wanted to get in front of the Bears because he was worried the Bears would draft Spriggs.

LOL... He should have let them have Spriggs and grabbed Whitehair for the Packers... Hey but who knows. Maybe a new coaching staff and blocking scheme will do him wonders.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I feel as if anyone would have taken Spriggs there.. he completely fooled everyone.. irks me to though, dude has the build and skill to play 10 years in the NFL at least. Dude can't block for sh*t!. Hell I think I can make his past him with a good speed rush.. they hit him with a power rush and it's over

jannes bjornson's picture

Unfortunately, the NFL is a thinking man's league. It moves very fast. You have to know the total scheme.

jannes bjornson's picture

I think Jones and Spriggs had to show something last year. Those are Ted's follies. Gutekunst wants his guys. Yes, No reason to supplant Burks with anybody unless its Devin White. There are good ILBs in the fourth to fifth round to give cover for depth and work the Sp Teams.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Great post!

That was good tho heat Adam's was working with Moore. Watching him you can easily see he is very athletically gifted.

Archie's picture

Jones is another Jeff Janis type although much worse because he was drafted much higher. Unless the guy becomes a different player in 2019 camp, time to move on. Ditto Spriggs. There will be UFA more deserving of a roster spot than these two R2 super athletic failures. Stick to drafting football players not just athletic marvels. Don't get mne wrong, I like my players to be athletic but if they are not football players first i.e., have the instincts and mental side of the game, then I'm passing.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

So, that means "no" to Devin White, correct?

dobber's picture

Loved this kid coming out of college. Thought he had talent and potential in spades. Still has talent and potential, not production.

It needs to be kept simple for him, I think. Someone above called him a nickel-LB...that's about right. He's no centerfielder, although he has the athleticism to play there. I think about what they could do with Burks and Jones on passing downs it's very encouraging. Somehow they've got to get those guys going.

jannes bjornson's picture

The scouting report showed his weaknesses and he essentially played a rover with a good defensive front. He's still on contract so he'll at least play sp teams.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

How long ago was it the Packers drafted this immensely physically gifted LB and he never made it due to lack of mental acuity. 8 to 12 years ago? Anyone recall who I am thinking of?

porupack's picture

there was Jerryl worthy, but that was only about 6 years ago.

dobber's picture

Are you thinking of Brad 'the walking penalty' Jones?

EddieLeeIvory's picture

He is trying to give Spriggs a run for his money for the "worst 2nd round pick" in the Teddy Thompson era.

Brian Brohm will be tough to beat but Spriggs is right on his heels.

Demon's picture

Rollins is right up there too Eddie

dobber's picture

Rollins had a stretch in his rookie season where he got our hopes up, and Jones has had a moment here and there.. I don't think that has happened for Spriggs or Brohm.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

That one still Burns.. Thompson whiffed hard on the 2nd round multiple times late in his career..

jannes bjornson's picture

It was a conundrum attached to a head scratcher tied in a suicide note when Ted pulled the lever on Rollins, a One-year wonder after four years at point guard on the BASKETBALL team.

RCPackerFan's picture

Not even close. Brohm is an all time terrible pick.

Lets not forget there were people predicting Brohm was going to over take Rodgers and become the starting QB. Brohm lasted what 3 years in the league? Coudln't even make it in any other league he played in either.

jannes bjornson's picture

Brohm holds the title since he never played a down. The other guys contributed some reps.

Guam's picture

Cory and other commenters are absolutely correct - this is a make or break season for Jones. Personally I would prefer to see Jones add a few pounds and compete with Martinez and Burks for playing time at ILB. This would be a new position for Jones and that might hinder his development this year, but he is so much better at the LOS than in coverage that I fear failure is almost certain at safety.

blondy45's picture

The Pack needs Josh Jones to perform. I want him to perform. Josh wants to be better I am sure. But....Gute will have NO problem showing Josh to the exit door if results do not appear. I agree with Lare, 4 FA pickups & 10 (or more) draft choices this year, makes players on the current roster a problem if they just take up space. We can not have players on our roster who are living off past performances or draft picks that are not producing. We have talent on the roster already. We just need to weed out the weak.

Jeff4181's picture

Jones had the promise of being another Nick Collins on draft day. If he could figure it out, with his size and speed, it would be a tremendous boost to this defense.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Scouting report on Josh Jones (S)

HT: 6'1" WT: 220LBS.


SCHOOL: N.C. State


HANDS: 9 3/8"


Jones was not a household name outside of the Research Triangle during his time at North Carolina State, and was snubbed for all-conference honors by ACC coaches. League media recognized that he was an impact defender for the Wolfpack, however, giving him honorable mention notice in 2016 after he led the team with 109 tackles (four for loss) and three interceptions, also breaking up eight passes. Jones had started eight games as a true freshman, finishing second in the ACC with four interceptions (he also had seven pass break-ups for the year). In 2015, he was a solid starter but lacked many big plays (63 tackles, 2.5 for loss, one INT, two PBU).


"Josh Jones is somebody that can play some corner and can also play safety. He tested extremely well. He's another one that will hit you. He's a real physical football player. ... He's a tremendous athlete and the Packers love cross-training guys, corners and safeties. Here's another one." -- Daniel Jeremiah

40 YARD DASH: 4.41


Possesses prototypical combination of size and speed. Has acceleration and top-end speed to range all over the field. Plus athletic ability and reactive quickness. Has ability to disguise his coverage before sprinting back to centerfield. Has experience with both safety spots. Fluid in his movement and is an explosive leaper when challenging at the high-point. Has the ball skills to rake it or take it. Plays with eager eyes that stay glued to quarterback's intentions. Has the closing burst to challenge throws. Extremely aggressive. Bouncy feet can't wait to fire downhill and hit something. Accelerates through the collision. Does a good job of punching and playing off of blockers.


His aggression is a double-edged sword. Will come in too hot looking to lay the lumber and end up missing his mark as a tackler. Needs to do better job of coming to balance as a tackler. From zone coverage, can be a little slow to anticipate routes and squeeze the throwing windows. Gets hyper-focused on quarterback and will lose track of his assignments. Will bite on play-action bait and get drawn out of position.

Draft Projection

Round 2

Sources Tell Us

"This guy would just as soon hit you as look at you on the football field. Hey, it's fun to watch his tape because he's already got that NFL mentality to him, but he gets way out of control too. I saw that early on in the tape. You've got to rein him in a little bit." - AFC defensive backs coach

NFL Comparison

Mike Mitchell

Bottom Line

Jones is a height-weight-speed prospect to be sure, but he's not just a traits-based safety. Jones has the appetite for hitting that teams will want around the box and he has the speed and ball skills to range and help against vertical threats from a deep safety spot. The big area of concern will be Jones' ability to play with better discipline in coverage and as a tackler. He has the ability to become a good, long-time starter in the league.

-It's up to Pettine to figure out how to reel in Josh Jones. It's up to Josh Jones to make the most of his opportunity. Based off the scouting report everyone knew what they were getting in JJ and he came as advertised. Here's hoping he puts it together in 2019.

Packer Fan's picture

I never thought that Capers and Thompson was ever in agreement of what players would fit their system and how best to use them. Period. There are some that weren't used right and went on to excel on other teams. (ie Harward & Hyde). And then there are players who went to other teams and never played better than when they were Packers. Probably more of these.

Can Pettine use Jones in a way that makes him better? A good question to be answered this year.

Nick Perry's picture

"And then there are players who went to other teams and never played better than when they were Packers. Probably more of these."

??? Who were these players?? I think you can say that for players who played offense but not defense so maybe that's what you meant.

ILPackerBacker's picture

start with a # 1 choice, D JONES
plenty fall in after him
bad in GB
nobody anywhere else; wasted choice
horrid decisions to keep based soley on draft status

Old School's picture

Josh Jones played less than half the snaps on defense and yet only two players had more tackles.

He has missed 3 games out of a possible 32.....that's 90% availability.

Meanwhile, the OTHER Jones drafted that year, Aaron, has missed a lot more games. But he has had some highlight reel runs so he's OK.

Josh Jones is a chaser/tackler. He's not a cover guy. He's not a bust, either.

dobber's picture

Part of his struggles last year stemmed from the Packers' inability to keep safeties on the field. How many S combinations did they go through between injuries, trades, and street free agents? I think that he struggled in part with the new defense and his changing role from week-to-week.

I think you're right in that idea that he's a chase (and an ideal special teams) guy. Someone yesterday said they thought he might be best-suited to be a WLB in a 4-3. The Packers I think have him more targeted as a pure box SS or ILB/S hybrid. That might be where he best fits, but the more he can play downhill, the better off he'll be.

Demon's picture

Well then old school, I guess everyone must be wrong about Jones. Played less than half snaps but still 3rd leading tackler on the team. All that production but still cant beat out Kentrell Brice.

Do you watch the games at all or do you just sit in front of the computer reading data and statistics?

You criticize guys that actully produce when they do play. Like Aaron Jones and Aaron Rodgers for being injury prone yet you sing the praises of josh jones Nick Perry and Kevin King. SMH

Duneslick's picture

2nd round pick. Has played 2 years and should be starting . The positions he plays are considered needs in the draft. A bust so far.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

By that logic.. Aaron Rodgers was a bust until year 4. You probably would have gotten rid of Davante Adams, cause he didn't come on til his 3rd year.. I'm assuming you're ready to get rid of King now as well.. since he's came in exactly when Jones has, and has played even less. Josh Jones has also dealt with being a rookie in the NFL who has switched DC's and entire defenses within his 1st two years.. we've barely even seen what he could do, to early for a bust.

splitpea1's picture

I'd be tempted to get rid of King if he starts the season on the injured list or misses another significant swath of playing time during the regular season. The Packers better find some insurance for him either through the draft or the next round of cuts following.

Nick Perry's picture

I think Tony Brown is a player we need to watch. I wasn't loving Brown much the first few games he played last season with the two REALLY stupid penalties he had, but he was one who got batter with each game he played.

I think the Packers will stay with King no matter what. For one the few times he's on the field AND healthy he's been solid. It's just that he gets nicked up so damn easily it's tough to know exactly how good he can be.

There's also that part of still hoping and praying they get SOMETHING back for passing on that Watt guy from Wisconsin. Crap, tears come to my eyes the moment I mention that name Watt.

Cubbygold's picture

100% agree BC. The amount of change in the last two years makes everything difficult to evaluate. You can't call any of these guys busts yet. Gute has done a good job so far IMO, but the management of the saftey position has been terrible until the signing of amos. Its affected the whole defense.

Packerpasty's picture other way to explain it...2nd Round...should be much better than he has been..

AgrippaLII's picture

Gutekunst doesn't seem to be in a wait and see mood where the defense is concerned. He invested big on the defense in free agency...and now he's only a few pieces away from building a sound defensive unit. If the draft falls his way I look for him to grab a FS early. Jones will have to put on a strong performance all through preseason just to make the team!

blacke00's picture

The most important attribute when scouting players IMHO is "smarts". At least some modicum of intelligence and some "football smarts". I know it's probably very difficult if not impossible to interview and or test all these players, but the bottom line is a number of them really can't handle "thinking"!
The pro football game is just not run on "instinct" it's just too complicated.

dobber's picture

Absolutely: too many players just can't process at game speed. Anymore, players not only need to have the athleticism, but they need to have the ability to use it before the play has passed them by. Some guys can make it work on instincts and great physical traits. Not most, though.

EdsLaces's picture

I have never been more let down by a player I had high hopes for. Jones just ...isn't very good.

Handsback's picture

JJ can always be a standout STs guy and reserve SS if not a starter. His athletic ability is off the charts. He can contribute if he wants.

Demon's picture

I agree if Jones has a future in Green Bay it will probably be special teams. But how many guys can they keep just for that purpose? The way the injuries keep piling up backups need to be able to at least be servicable. Thus far Jones hasnt proven that he can be.

LambeauPlain's picture

New D last year and Jones didn’t get the snaps to learn it on game days....those went to Brice and of course the first rounder HHCD.

My guess is MM overruled Pettine and told him to start Brice over JJ. MM did have his favorites. After Brice started the season with some poor performances, MM bristled at his presser by saying “Kentrell Brice gets it, he does it the right way. He’s our starter at safety.”

Brice continued to struggle as JJ sat on the bench. I think JJ has all the tools to succeed for Pettine’s unpredictable pressure game...but after only getting in on 47% of D snaps, he was still thinking too much.

Hopefully this year he starts playing with more awareness and instincts. If so, it will be a huge bonus for the D.

Jonathan Spader's picture

"Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy was aware rookie Josh Jones well before general manager Ted Thompson made him a second-round pick in the 2017 NFL draft.

In fact, McCarthy was originally briefed about Jones by a ranking member of the Packers front office way back in November – and the North Carolina State defensive back immediately became a “favorite” of the Packers coach.

“I remember seeing Josh Jones playing back in November. And (director of player personnel) Brian Gutekunst saying, ‘Hey, you’ve got to take a look at this guy,’” McCarthy said, according to Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal. “So he was a favorite player of mine in the draft class long before we even went to the combine.”

-Really doubt MM "overruled Pettine". Sounds like complete conjecture LP. There must have been a reason JJ wasn't a starter even if it isn't revealed to fans/media. Here's agreeing to hoping he puts it together in 2019.

jannes bjornson's picture

So Gutekunst sold Ted on the trade down to overlook TJ Watt and go for the double down in the 2nd round?

Nick Perry's picture

I don't think the trade down and selecting Jones had anything to do with one another.

stockholder's picture

Amos replaced Jones. It's over. He didn't' want to play in Green Bay. He'll be the next Hyde.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Spriggs will be cut.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I'm surprised I haven't seen this article yet for Spriggs.. and last year at that.. I've been taken back from his lack of production and how lost he looks at times.. lining him up against Mack dropped my heart.. hell, Za'Darius Smith had a time against Spriggs. I expect him to be gone by the preseason. Jones on the other hand, I feel like is a slow learner in a hard to transfer (NCAA to NFL) position, on top of learning a defense, just to have it all thrown out and learn a complete new defense from a completely new guy in his 1st two years is very difficult.. he hasnt hit the point where he can just play without thinking, which is where we would get the best Josh Jones.

Packerpasty's picture

a second round guy should be contributing more than Jones...if he was a fourth rounder, then o.k....slow learners should be drafted 4th on down...

Lare's picture

I don't think Josh Jones is a slow learner as much as he is a "Tweener". TT and MM were the kings of tweeners, they'd take a S and try him as a CB (Randall) they'd take a CB (Hayward) and play him as a nickel back, they'd take offensive tackles and play them at guard. They'd take an ex-WR and make him a RB (Montgomery).

Josh Jones is a physical specimen at 6'2" and 220 lbs, who is more suited to play along the line than he is at S. Put people where they are most useful, TT and MM are no longer in Green Bay because they refused to do that.

Samson's picture

A make or break year -- ??
What does that even mean? -- The only way J. Jones can make it this year is by being on the field. -- But if he drags down the "D" by underperforming (at safety), he'll be watching from the sidelines.

His make or break time is from now until the very last preseason game.

IceBowl's picture


It means he earnes it or he doesn't.

It will be on him if he wants it, (And our scouts if he just want the $$)

Ahgreen30's picture

Read the 2017 PFF pre draft analysis of Josh Jones. It's dead on. Can't move in space, arm tackler, combine warrior with NO football skills. This WAS GUTTY'S choice NOT idiot Thompson!!! We should be worried cuz it's proving Gutty is a MORON!!!!

Bryan Chisholm's picture

His job was to find the talent.. coaches job is to bring it out..

Holecrap's picture

Ya and Jones playmate KIng, two serious shoulder injuries in college missing lots of game and that was the Genius Ted T's pick. I'm with you, cant rely or win with these type players.
Should have bundled and moved up in the draft for quality not quantity

Holecrap's picture

The problem is more than just Jones. The packers got rid of some deadwood and thats a good thing but they couldnt get rid of the marginal guys or the team would need 20 picks.
Jones hasnt produced but neither has King, so thats two big ifs on defense, and Beluga, who knows what is happening with him.
No this team will suffer this year with its schedule and this is a two draft year rebuild.

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