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Cole Beasley Eyeing the Packers?

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Cole Beasley Eyeing the Packers?

Both the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys will have new offensive playcallers next season after that side of the ball grew dusty and stale in both programs. The Packers obviously went outside the organization, hiring a new head coach who will call the plays. 

The Cowboys reportedly will promote from within, and that would seem to be an issue for seven year pro Cole Beasley. 

These Tweets prompted former Packers great Donald Driver to chime in, wondering if Beasley was angling to get to Green Bay, and the Cowboys wide out certainly didn't shoot the idea down:

Now, of course, any pending free agent is going to keep all his options open and Beasley is having some fun in his response to Driver here. 

But that said, adding a talent like Beasley to the offensive mix in Green Bay is not the world's worst idea. Of course, that's probvided the Packers do indeed allow Randall Cobb to walk out the door. 

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The TKstinator's picture

Cobb’s replacement, but only at a reasonable price.

Savage57's picture

When the talk started about Beasley to the Pack, I did some digging on what it might cost.

Cowboys Wire had a roll-up of his slot peers (including Cobb) and estimated he'd be a 3 year, $22.5M spend, so about $7.5M a year.

So maybe a $2.5M per year discount from Cobb.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Sorry but I don't want a small big effort guy who is one hit away from getting maimed

Bill Atkinson's picture

Google "Don Beebe" if you are too young to remember him.'s picture

Like those in New England? I"ll take the effort any day.

dobber's picture

He's missed one regular season game since 2014. Admittedly, he's pushing 30.

carlos's picture

Like Cobb?

Point Packer's picture

Ya, Julian Edelman has been horrible for the Pats

Side note: Ted wanted to sign Edelman as an UDFA post draft. You guessed who scooped him up in the 7th. Yet another example of Ted getting outgunned. See Taysom Hill.

TheVOR's picture

Cole Beasley is a decent football player, would be a nice adder. In truth, we might have a Cole Beasley like player in waiting with Kumerow. I don't think GB has even scratched the surface of what Kumerow might be capable of.

This last season was a real ****show with Rodgers and that receiving core. Still think Rodgers needs to step up with developing WR's in GB, and in fact there was nothing special going on last year in GB with his WR's, he was missing throws all year, and nothing changed. He also needs better OL play, I think we all know that.

kevgk's picture

Youre not wrong, but I like to appreciate what they were able to do with the rookies. Cobb and Geronimo missing all the time they did really threw the passing game off and it will disappointing to see them go so soon. Rookies had some good moments, but I believe the rumors that some of the coaches they brought in last year weren't good fits. An easier scheme that opens recievers up will really help.

Ezra's Hotdog's picture

The coaches they brought in weren't good fits? Maybe that WAS the problem. I have heard the phrase, "Too many chefs in the kitchen" used when issues on offense were being talked about. Was it really necessary to bring in these coaches? We had 21 last year. For comparison New England has 14. How many people does it take to coach a wide receiver?

kevgk's picture

Between HC, OC, Pass game Coordinator, QB, WR, TE, and OL coaches all having a say in the passing game with Rodgers changing it at the line anyhow doesn't sound functional. There have been rumors the WR coach was under qualified (and the rookies did decline late season) and Rodgers gripe about the QB coach changeup last offseason. Wouldnt be surprised if there was a lot more tension than just QB and MM.

The TKstinator's picture

And how many to screw in a light bulb?

jeremyjjbrown's picture

One Wr to hold the lightbulb. 38 Assistant HCs and Coordinators to turn Lambeau Field.

Spock's picture

Q: How many flies does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Just two. But how did they get in there?

kevgk's picture

I like Beasley. Team player, very well rounded. Our roster is full of tall fast players like MVS, EQSB, and Gmo. Jmon doesnt seem promising yet, and Kumerow is still questionable talent. Adding another medium size guy with good hands can go a long way in this offense, especially with Cobb having a foot out the door. I look at the corps the Rams have, and they dont have all tall burners. Good hands, routes, and YAC is very important for recievers.

carlos's picture

I’d take him over Cobb at this point. Kumerro- not spelled correctly- actually has some height. Beasly is very quick, good hands and decent speed. Like 4.9 in the 40.

Rak47's picture

4.9? Lol, that's what an athletic offensive lineman runs man. For a WR that is slow on every level.

carlos's picture

Sorry. I meant 4.6. I’m old. Eyes not like they used to be. And I may have his time wrong here too. I heard in on tv. Memory going also. lol

carlos's picture

Googled it. 4.49. Better than I said.

Old School's picture

I like Beasley. He gets open and catches the ball.

But with Adams, MSV, St. Brown, Kumerow, and Moore all coming back, and with Davis and Allison still in the picture, I can't imagine why we'd spend FA money on this position when we could use it elsewhere.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Beasley ran a 4.49 as a rookie. Looks like one of the fours is missing. Typo.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


carlos's picture

Did correct. I bad.

ChuckCecilKO's picture

Here's thinking it's a waste of $$ bringing in a free agent WR like Beasley. I'd rather see the Packers draft a WR in the second or third round; and bring in the best free agent OT they can get their hands on. Bringing in a WR on the other side of 30 doesn't sound like Lefleur's style. And I'm talking a top 15 OT free agent...not Byron Bell backups. That should be the focus in free agency. Especially with the running game and for Rodgers.

kevgk's picture

They may need a slot guy and another veteran (especially at slot). The draft class sounds like its more tall and fast guys better for boundary play than slot guys. I agree they could use talent at WR, but they have talent, just not veteranacy. I wouldnt be surprised to see them bring a slot guy in and use their second/third round picks to grab a TE or ILB or double dip on S, OG, or Edge depth.

MedicMike's picture

Veteranacy = experience??

Swisch's picture

It may be a good idea to sign Beasley to a two-year deal if the Packers think he still has the speed and quickness for the slot.
Especially with our tight end position iffy, Aaron Rodgers could really us a go-to guy on third downs and other key situations.
I'm excited about our young receivers, but we could still use a savvy veteran working the middle of the field for a couple of seasons while they develop.
I'm open to Randall Cobb being that guy, because he's been such a great gamer for us. I'm a huge fan of his, and he's actually younger than Beasley. Cobb seems so slow to me these days, but I hope I'm wrong.
This seems a tough call for our new coaches. All things being about equal, I'd go with Cobb.
I wonder if any of our young receivers figure to be a slot guy in the future -- to supplement Cobb now and step up for him eventually.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I think ESB has a lot of potential as a slot receiver. He showed great hands and quickness. Being short isn't a requirement to play in the slot.

Jamison Crowder is another slot receiver to keep an eye on in FA. He's a shifty slot receiver and an able punt returner. I'd like to see a slot receiver that can help in the return game.

jannes bjornson's picture

How many game did Cobb show up for?

Bearmeat's picture

Beasley would be cheap because of how little he's been used. With Cobb gone (please dear God), we're going to need a shifty slot guy who's good on 3rd down.

Think about it. Adams can play anywhere. But he's going to draw the opponent's CB1 most of the time. ESB can play the slot, but perhaps would be better outside. MVS, Geronimo (assuming he's back) and Kumerow are all outside guys.

Actually, where the hell does Kumerow play? How does he fit in? What about Moore?

kevgk's picture

I think Kumerow and Moore fit a profile between Cobb and Adams. I doubt either will be consistent deep threats, but have route running ability and can make plays in space. Good slot guys, but a lot of question marks.

Southside's picture

Height 5' 7⅞"* 1
Weight 175 lbs* 4
10 Yard Split 1.57s* 47
40 Yard Dash 4.49s* 58
Vertical Jump 38"* 81
Broad Jump 126"* 83
3-Cone Drill 7.16s* 13
20 Yard Shuttle 4.4s* 12
Bench Press 17 reps* 72

Beasely is short and not very fast. Maybe he's quick?

4thand10's picture

A term us oldtimers call “ football speed” .

4thand1's picture

Get an edge rusher, and shore up the o-line. If the Pack can run the ball and pass protect, the sky is the limit. Brady hasn't been touched in the last 2 games.

Southside's picture

Someone mentioned google Don Bebe for a comparison to Beasley.. I did . Don was 5'11" and ran an astonishing 4.21 forty. Beasley is nothing like that!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

He was really fast. Even in his 30s

wildbill's picture

4.21 doesn’t seem right as that would be a record I think. Loved him ever since he kept Lett from scoring in the super bowl and think he has our second highest playoff receiving yards

Skip greenBayless's picture

Exactly!! It was a total insult for that person to compare this weasely measely Beasely to the great Don Beebe.


sam1's picture

Yes Cobb has injuries against, but the man when healthy can still play and has the confidence and trusted by Rodgers that goes a long way! He is still young and another shot at a lower salary should not be out of the question or consideration at this point! He still has a solid place in the Packer line up!

4thand10's picture

If Rodgers has 4 yrs left...please , for the love of god, get him another high-end WR and possibly another power running back.

Curt's picture

Find a right tackle - resign Baluga to play right guard, get Lane Taylor healthy and somehow keep them, Linsley, and Bahktari healthy. would go a long way to fixing the offense.

Chris Scoggins's picture

The Packers seem set at the skill positions; the Patriots and Saints have shown you don't need much to still be really, really effective.

If you are going to blow resources on bringing in talent get a guard or an EDGE (or three).

4thand10's picture

There hasn’t been crap for skill positions as far as the draft. We’ve had good players at skill positions but not absolute game changers. When’s the last time GB has spent a #1 pick on a WR or RB?? I want the next Barry Sanders in GB or the next Julio Jones. A player that commands another team to game plan against. Commands double coverage or forces another team to bring an extra guy in the box. A guard or RT can be had rounds 3-5 . But I want a #1 spent on a DE or WR or a RB. But if a Wilfork yep caliber NT is there I’d gladly take that as well.

Skip greenBayless's picture

No, please no. Kumerow is a thousand times better than this guy.


atxcheesehead's picture

The Packers need a (Juju to Antonio Brown) or a (Boyd to AJ Green) scenario. Give DAdams a players that makes the CBs confused on who to put the tight coverage. Cole Beasley has heart and reliability but my question is can he be scary for the defenses.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Andy Isabella / Slot WR

A 5'8", 186-pound wideout, Isabella has already been dubbed the "Julio Jones of slot receiver prospects." Isabella ran track in high school in Ohio before joining the Minutemen. In 12 games this season, Isabella had 102 catches for an FBS-best 1,698 yards and scored 13 touchdowns.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Hand Timed 4.26 in the 40 yard dash.

Doug Niemczynski's picture
Andy Isabella - Highlights - Be Amazed

Rak47's picture

After watching his footage there are a few things I noticed about the kid. First off he has decent speed once he gets in the open. I would think he has good hands if he caught over 100 passes. He is also shifty and subtle in his jukes, you can tell he has a low center of gravity and thick strong legs that help him keep his balance and power through arm tackles. He has a chance to make it. Looks to me to be a mix of Alex Erickson, and Christian McCaffrey, with a bit of Tarik Cohen sprinkled in.

jannes bjornson's picture

And he can be a KR and PR threat. Just a dynamic player.

rstain99's picture

wow, Edelman clone sure you are not the only one that's noticed. Bring him to GB, return man too. On top of that he went to Umass, my school.

LeotisHarris's picture

Shhhh, Doug! Isabella is flying under the radar per how we upgrade our 53. Oh for the love of Pete, now you've let everyone know. Gosh darn it!

4thand10's picture

Marquise “Hollywood” Brown

AgrippaLII's picture

Beasley is exactly the kind of receiver the Packers should go after. He's a possession receiver...not a fast stretch the field guy. He's quick in tight coverage and gives the QB a window to throw into. He can move the chains on third down. All he needs is a strong armed accurate QB who can hit that narrow window. Prescott is not that guy!

carlos's picture

Patriots would turn him into an all pro.

Archie's picture

Roger Saffold is the guy to go get. Except for the best ones, WRs, like RBs, are a dime a dozen.

Instead of WRs, I'd rather see the Pack go get a pair of young 2-way TEs in this draft. Build the OL and TEs and the productivity of the WR/RBs will pick up.

On defense, go get a stud pass rusher.

Git R Done Gutey!

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