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Clifton Bounces Back

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Clifton Bounces Back

Long time readers of this site know I try to hold myself accountable when I am way off base on any given subject concerning the Packers. I have no problem admitting when I am wrong, and it would appear, for the time being at least, that I was wrong about Chad Clifton.

Clifton had easily his best game of the year on Sunday, locking down Kyle Vanden Bosch for most of the afternoon without any help. The bigger surprise was his run blocking, especially on the final drive of the game. Again and again, Clifton was explosive out of his stance and really drove Vanden Bosch downfield. All game long, he really showed nice explosion in the running game, something we haven't seen from him in a long time.

The offensive line as a whole had a very nice bounce back game against what was supposed to be a superior defensive front four of the Lions. My hunch is that we'll continue to see more of this during home games but we'll also continue to see uneven play on the road. This line has always played better, especially in the run game, in Lambeau.

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JerseyCheese's picture

Too bad they will continue to block for Jackson and Kuhn. Lynch gets traded to Seattle for a 4th round pick. Ted Thompson, I'm coming for your head!!!

PkrNboro's picture

Why is it that GBPG never gets these "scoops" ??

Cole's picture

Trading for Lynch would have complicated things for the future. It would have made things to clogged next year. You would have Grant, Lynch, Nance, Starks, Jackson all vying for carries. It's just to many backs.

I'm guessing that's what Thompson's thought process was. Do I think they should have made the deal for Lynch? Yes.

I just don't get why there is such a high value on the late round picks. Sure you strike gold occasionally butm more than half the time a 4th or higher round guy gets cut after a season or two.

We KNOW Lynch can ball, why not make the move? At some point you have to move your chips into the center of the table and make some strong moves.

hyperRevue's picture

The issue would have been making Grant and Lynch both happy. Nance, Starks and Jackson really wouldn't factor in.

SpiderPack's picture

Yeah, but why worry about keeping them both "happy," its the NFL and TT would make a business decision. He'd just let'em all compete, Lynch the youngest, Grant may not be the same, Starks may be the bomb, who knows w/the Rushin Russian, and Jackson would need a visual cortex transplant . . . and then TT/MM would make decisions. But that's of course an imaginary reality.

SpiderPack's picture

Sorry, "Lynch the newcomer."

jeremy's picture

I'm sure in that situation Thompson could turn around and trade one of them and get his late round pick back.

Cuphound's picture

Clifton's age contributes to uneven play. But increasingly, my gut tells me that the only discipline the players receive is really self-discipline. When you guys interviewed Crabtree, I found his statement that McCarthy wasn't pissed after Chicago quite telling. Last year, the players gave themselves a "Come to Jesus" talk. They bounced back through their own effort. It's not a very effective way of running a team.

Inconsistency is the major consistency of a Mike McCarthy team in general and his O-line in particular.

PkrNboro's picture

Aaron Nagler,

Given the age and the declining health of some linemen -- and poor play by others -- don't you think it would be wise to work-in the "B" team after obtaining a lead, and let them get some experience?

Because we've seen in the past that training camp and pre-season games haven't allowed for viable evaluations by the coaching staff.

PackerAaron's picture

That's actually been asked of the coaching staff before. They just aren't keen on the idea. Of course, the Packers have really only held one real big lead so far this season...

davyjones's picture

This is the week, Aaron, this is the week.

Tarynfor12's picture

"the Packers have really only held one real big lead so far this season". What exactly is your definition of HELD as opposed to got and gave up just as fast.
Perhaps I'm amiss but when did we have a lead so big the "B" team was able to play with a comfort zone.
Actually,haven't we been playing the "B" team or am I amiss again?
If we have been playing our "A" team,I guess the nightmares are yet to come.

davyjones's picture

perhaps you snoozed through the Buffalo game?

Tarynfor12's picture

Let's see,13-7 at half time,and three Tds in second half against a team that well really,this is the game you want to set the barometer to,how about using teams with a tad more substance,as in Phi,Chi,and now the maturing Lions.
If the Packers were leading the Buffalo game 34-7 at half...

davyjones's picture

Dude--they were up 27-7 at the star of 4th Q...whadya want???

Tarynfor12's picture

It was BUFFALO,Geez.Did we hold a lead against PHI,Chi,DET,NO NO and NO.

PackerAaron's picture

Pretty sure we held a lead at the end of the PHI and DET games.

Jordan's picture

I think it's probably fair to assume that crowd noise throws off Cliff's timing quite a bit. The hard count really works to their advantage at Lambeau, but can cause problems on the road.

That's my take anyway.

SpiderPack's picture

Yeah,I agree Jordan. Big advantage against Detroit.

SpiderPack's picture

Sorry about the continuing "late recap comments" but I don't get the chance to visit the site until late in the evening after I get home and the house is settled. Would love to catch the posts as they come out.

MarkinMadison's picture

I'll say that I was wrong, and I'll eat all my posts on this topic (with hot sauce for flavor), if Cliffy is playing this well in the first playoff game. Until then, one word. "Bulaga."

PackersRS's picture

Maybe Clifton is finally 100%?

PkrNboro's picture

Has anyone else noticed that Clifton doesn't do the little kick at the snap anymore ?

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