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Clay Matthews signs with LA Rams

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Clay Matthews signs with LA Rams

Clay Matthews is going home. 

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KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Will miss him! There has never been a Packer who played harder play after play. Class act!

Cubbygold's picture

If by 'play hard' you mean over-pursue and get washed out by the tackle, then yes.

porupack's picture

Too bad seeing him go, as it would have been interesting to see him go back to the ILB role, and still be able to rush from multiple points. But, seems he wasn't reliable tracking receivers, so maybe it was all wishes. Most likely Gute still has another FA in mind, so...we'll see. There is still a quality ILB FA unsigned, and likely other CBs, S to be released.

Wish CMatthews all the best, and for all the great contribution and moments.

Daren726's picture

Good luck in LA. We’ll miss you

Ken Parrish's picture

A million dollars a game. High price for a has been.

BoCallahan's picture

He’s only making half that.

dobber's picture

...and as I understand, his deal is structured much like Jordy Nelson's with the Raiders: virtually no dead money in the second year, so it's really a pair of one-year deals.

PeteK's picture

Another Bears fan along with the people who liked the comment.

Buschmen's picture

Good luck to Clay. Great memories of a great player, but the money he received and the chance to play near his home all but eliminated the chance of a resigning. Not sure if the Pack had shown interest in resigning him anyways.

JakeDickerson's picture

Good for him.

Coldworld's picture

Great Packer. At that price it is simply time.

Nononsense's picture

Rams are fun to watch and will be on TV a lot so if he had to go I'm glad he landed in a good spot, Cobb too. Hope Jordy signs with a contender as well, they deserve a shot at more glory.

Tundraboy's picture

It was time. Would have liked to see him stay if he moved inside for a couple of years at less money,but that was never going to happen.

stockholder's picture

I wish it was Crosby instead.

Skip greenBayless's picture

One of the greatest linebackers in Packers history. Also one of the legend Ted Thompson's greatest picks. Moved up to get him. Thank you Ted!!


PeteK's picture

Absolutely, helped get us a SB win. The fumble he caused toward the end of the SB secured the win because Steelers were driving. I've seen them all , none better at that position for the Pack.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

This time I agree with your Greatest comment.

And, I wonder how much better he would have been if Thompson had put another OLB on the field so Clay was not constantly double teamed and chipped?

Skip greenBayless's picture

Well, he tried with Vic So'oto but Capers never played him that one year he made the team. Such a shame what could have been.


Tundraboy's picture

So'oto. That sums up Ted's feeble attempts.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Atta boy Tundraboy!!


Montana's picture

Definitely a pattern evident on this site. FYI--- I did comment back on Cory's corner/wide receiver story.....

Skip greenBayless's picture

Yeah, I saw it now and commented Montana. You want a good laugh. Take a look at my sincere comments above about Clay. I give him a great compliment saying he's one of the greatest linebackers in Packers history and I even credited Ted Thompson for moving up to get him. Now 9 people were respectful but take a look at the 15 disgraceful people that weren't. There's 24 people that took the time to grade what I said. Far more than any other person by a long shot. Why is that? Remember what I said yesterday? It has nothing to do with football. This is what I am up against on a daily basis here.


PeteK's picture

Come on , you love both the negative and positive attention . LOL

LarryPennell's picture

So someone didn’t like your opinion so that’s disrespect? I think it stems more from situations such as when you called me a moron or that I have loser thinking and also accusing me of being another member. It seems when you present yourself as a martyr that you get negative results.

Montana's picture

I appreciate your username....sounds like a character out of a James Crumley detective novel....

Ryan B Dub's picture

This is the one I didn’t want to see, but what ever he has left will go to a good team, and he will make some money. I don’t think the Packers really had much to offer him financially, just like Clay doesn’t have as much to offer a team as he once did. Not sure if the injuries have taken the HOF out of his grasp. When he was healthy, and young. One of the best to ever play the game. I’ll miss 52.

Qoojo's picture

Pretty good payday for him too. Also, good deal for him to sign with a team back in CA.

Minniman's picture

Thanks CM3, some great memories and a true team player. In fairness, and as others have posted, the first half of his tenure was better than the second (in part due to how he was instructed to play). Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers also really exposed how to nullify CM3 - force him out wide with good Tackle play then shoot the inside gap. LA will need to get creative in how they use CM3.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Wade Phillips will get the most out of CM3 and he will have Aaron Dolald upfront wreaking havoc. It'll be interesting to see how roughing the passer penalties change Clay's game if at all.

The CM3 era is over. I'm excited to see what the Smiths bring to GB.

Nick Perry's picture

I think that's an excellent point about Phillips BUT I'd also loved to see what Matthews might have done with the Smiths in the lineup as well.

Matthews blitzing from the inside with the Smiths outside and Clark and Daniels up the middle... I'd imagine QB's would have about 2 seconds to throw the ball before running for their lives.

Like you said an era is over. It will be strange next season watching the Packers without #52 and #18 on the field.

"Spill it Pickett, spill it"!!!

Minniman's picture

Spot on Nick and Jonathan. Mike Pettine got some good things out of CM3 early last year but GB ran out of troops up front and he was left ballroom dancing with Tackles

PeteK's picture

"Ballroom dancing" Hahaha Love it! I think most of the team was doing just that last year.

calabasa's picture

Thanks for everything CMIII. One of my faves to wear the green and gold.

Favorite all-time plays: sacking Kevin Kolb from behind, wrapping his arms and knocking him out of the game in 2010. But the best was his rookie season, taking the ball from AP and returning it for a TD. Skol baby!

PAPackerbacker's picture

I was hoping Clay Matthews would remain a Packer but the price was just to high. I think there is still some quality playing days left for CM, but not enough to justify a big contract. A salute to one of the greatest LB in Packer history.

Lphill's picture

Clay played hard last year , was gun shy with the roughing penalties he had no support especially toward the end of the season with all the D line injuries, I think the clay maker is rejuvenated in LA and will be a force go be reckoned with with that cast. I would have liked to keep him and see him finish as a Packer. Best of luck Clay thank you !

Montana's picture

Clay was a class act, like so many of the Packer legends he will be missed.....good luck Clay!

Savage57's picture

It. Was. Time.

Enjoy the return home. You provided Packers fans a lot of memorable plays, for me none more so than the strip sack fumble and blowing a guy out of his shoes for the recovery against the Giants.

4thand1's picture

That play was great, pointing at the ball then doing it himself.

CAG123's picture

Well this sucked I definitely wanted to see Clay back in a reserve role to primarily rush the passer nobody can convince me he’s not better than Reggie Gilbert who’s just another hyped up preseason JAG and arguably Kyler Fackrell. Now he’ll probably be rejuvenated being back in LA and put up some great seasons in that role.

sam1's picture

Will miss the MAN, was always fun to watch and motor goi g continuously. Lots of money for an older player, hope he has the gas left to meet those expectations. Glad he went to LA will be able to resume his acting and singing from his "Pitch Perfect" days! Before thumbs down death here was a shot a bit of humor! Loved the guy and wish him all the best in future!

James Martins's picture

Thanks for everything Clay!
You played hard every game and for me the most special play was that fumble against Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. Packers won because of you.
Gonna miss you.

Swisch's picture

The Packers defense was really reeling at the time, getting blown backwards time and again, when that fumble recovery at the beginning of the fourth quarter gave the Packers a huge lift.
Who was the D-lineman of the Packers who helped cause the fumble? Between the two of them it was the perfect tandem tackle; it would have been extremely difficult for any running back to hang onto the ball with that combined crushing.
Another great play by Clay was the apparent incomplete pass against the Bears that tumbled along the ground without attention until he was the only one savvy enough to track it down for a fumble recovery.

Since '61's picture

The DL was Ryan Pickett. Thanks, Since '61

Skip greenBayless's picture

Pickett? I forgot, who was the guy who went out in free agency to sign this guy who was integral part of winning that super bowl? Oh, never mind, I remember now, it was of course future NFL Hall of Famer GM and living legend Teddy Thompson.


Demon's picture

Teddy Thompson hmmmm oh i remember him. He was the schlub that drafted Justin Harrell in the first round. The same one that signed Adrian Klemm as a UFA. The guy that wasted the better part of not 1 but 2 HOF QB's
Yeah its coming back to me now. He was the guy who made free agency and the draft as exciting as watching the corn grow. Yawn.

Swisch's picture

Thank you, Since '61,
Do you remember which of the Bears games it was in which Matthews made that heads-up fumble recovery while other players stood around the unclaimed football?
I remember it as being an important game, perhaps a playoff game, but my memory is patchy.

Since '61's picture

Swisch -I remember Matthews scooping up a fumble against the Vikings and taking about 60 yards for a TD. I’ll need to check out if he did something similar against the Bears. Thanks, Since ‘61

Swisch's picture

All the other players assumed it was an incomplete pass, but Matthews went a long ways to pick up the ball just in case, while everyone else was oblivious.
I think there was a stoppage for a replay ruling; and the Packers were ultimately given the ball; but without Matthews being able to advance it.
Something like that. In any case, seemingly a cinch for Matthews' career highlight reel.

stockholder's picture

8 mil. For A team First player. Gute should have signed him. The Rams got a bargain. Enjoy the sunshine.

Wilment's picture

First I'd like to thank Clay for the great years with the team. IMHO, we wouldn't have won the Super bowl without that forced fumble. Watching him rip the ball away from Adrian Peterson and return it for a TD. Surely up there with the greatest Packer linebackers to play the game. That being said, it was time. Time for a change of scenery for him, and time for the Packers to get younger at the position. He will do well in LA as a situational player.

Tundraboy's picture

Youth was the overriding factor to me and why it is for the best.

Since '61's picture

"Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away." Marcus Aurelius

Best wishes for Clay and Cobb as they move on from Green Bay. Thanks, Since '61

Montana's picture

Great Quote of my favorites.

Since '61's picture

We can still learn much from reading Marcus Aurelius. Thanks, Since '61

Swisch's picture

A word of caution about Aurelius, though, that he was a Stoic -- and thus presumably not one to wear a festive cheesehead hat and cheer exuberantly at a Packers game.
However, in the spirit of his quote, I will reminisce that back in the rookie year of Clay Matthews I was young and vibrant and involved and scintillating and hip, while nowadays I am old and gnarled and twisted and inert and irrelevant -- rocking back-and-forth endlessly in my attic except only to rise and yell beneath a dirty window for passers-by like Clay to get a haircut.
I do creak my way downstairs on autumn Sundays to watch the Packers, but only to yell at the referees for phantom roughing-the-passer penalties.
What a difference a decade. Pity my fate!

BoCallahan's picture

You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.
James 4:14

Demon's picture

First off good luck Clay and thanks for the memories.

After 2 straight losing seasons pretty much everyone wanted change. The team needed to get younger and more athletic. However, when you come to the blogs, so many people are calling for the team to resign all the players who contributed to the teams decline. Cobb, Jordy, CM3, Perry, and even Brice. So whats it gonna be, go younger and try to get better? Or keep the guys that we cant win with?

Spock's picture

Good for him. One of my favorite players and I'll always remember the "It is time" play. Great player but the NFL (Not For Long) is a young man's game and it was time for GB to move on. Wish Clay all the best; he always played all out, every play, every game.

4thand1's picture

He got his money, he gets to go home, and he gets to play for a contender. Here's hoping he gets to come back to GB for a playoff game.

TheKanataThrilla's picture

Like many I believe my fondest memory of Clay was creating that fumble in the Super Bowl. We were on the bad side of momentum and that turnover stopped the bleeding and put the momentum back on our side. I loved the sideline action with him and Kevin Greene talking about the play and how Clay called causing the fumble.

Thanks for the great years. Good luck in Cali unless you are playing us.

albert999's picture

The Claymaker
Good luck and thanks for the greatness

Packer Fan's picture

Good luck for both Matthews and Cobb. I was hoping perhaps Matthews could be resigned and maybe moved to the ILB. But not at that price. Looking back at their careers, it has been downhill for both since 2014. Neither has captured close to that season. And it has been that way for the Pack too. 2015, Nelson got hurt and the offense became stale. With the forgettable 2015 draft, the talent was on a downhill slide. The defense in 2016 and 2017 was forgettable. Not being able to stop a good quarterback. And then add significant injuries, especially to Rodgers. So with the changes, are the Pack on the uphill swing? New coach. New offense scheme. Key defense additions. Hopefully some better health for key players. And we will have to look towards the draft to pick up some talent and needed depth. With Rodgers, we can always be in the thick of things. But we will need to get some successes of the items I noted to be competitive and get in the playoff hunt.

Minniman's picture

" So with the changes, are the Pack on the uphill swing?"

In reality it's fairest to say not yet - there's at least another draft and half a season of play before that could be called.

At least now teams will need to do their homework on the Packers again, instead of turning up in 2018 with their 2014 offensive and defensive playbooks and looking like the Oracle of Delphi by knowing the plays (that 2017 Cam Newton incident with Clay Matthews where he said "oh, you've been studying [when Clay starts screaming the play], well watch this" - and he throws a TD dart that the Packers couldn't cover.

Point Packer's picture

CM3's "its time" moment in SB 45 may have been the reason why McCarthy didn't blow another big game. For that, I will always have the upmost respect. Great Packer. By all accounts a good human. Can't say I'm bummed to see him move on, but I'll still miss seeing him on the field.

Tundraboy's picture

I'm with you on all of it.

PeteK's picture

Driver, Woodson, and Shields are all injured and out of the game but it"s MM's fault. He must of Tanya Harding them on the way to the locker room. LOL

ILPackerBacker's picture

clay provided some of the greatest moments in packer lore.....even if ranking them is tough because younger fans don't recall the prior generations.

But the truth is he quit last year, a lot. Took plays off, sistered to the blocker.

You don't have to lie or make up crap about CM3 to honor and admire his time. He was not good the last year and after being exposed by Colin K, repeatedly, once by run and once by pass worse than any other packer was exposed short of George Cumby.

His story is still to tied to steriods and HGH. He had unreal growth at USC but fell apart during the drug issues a few years ago.

As a person, team mate, citizen I am sure he was the total package and he will be missed.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Clay was cleared of the steroid accusations. He "quit" on plays because of bs roughing the passer calls. You don't have to lie and make accusations that someone has been cleared of into a reality. Clay's performance dropped due to age and injuries father time is undefeated.

PeteK's picture

"Quit last year" ,everyone was hurt on D last year and he was still out there hustling and giving it his best even when we had no chance to make the playoffs. I am really shocked at some of the negativity towards this great player who gave it his all and never complained or had any locker room or contract squabbles .

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