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"Chips Report" from Week 16 Packers Loss vs. Steelers

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"Chips Report" from Week 16 Packers Loss vs. Steelers

Our weekly "Chips Report" always includes two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the 38-31 Week 16 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers...

Blue Chips

  • Running back Eddie Lacy––Prior to exiting with an ankle injury in the second half, Lacy looked like the best player on the field, or at least neck and neck with the Steelers' Le'Veon Bell. Lacy was able to rush for 84 yards on 15 attempts (5.6 ypc) on his way to setting the franchise record for single-season rushing yards, breaking John Brockington's record of 1,105 set back in 1971. Lacy showed terrific vision and an ability to bounce off tackles on his 14-yard touchdown in the second quarter and later punched one in from two yards out in the third quarter to go along with two receptions on the afternoon.
  • Cornerback/return specialist Micah Hyde––Three separate times on Sunday, Hyde set a season-high for the longest kick return by the Packers with run backs of 33, 39 and 70 yards. His last return with about a minute and a half remaining, gave the Packers an opportunity to send the game into overtime, although they couldn't capitalize. Hyde also had 16 punt return yards, a broken up pass and five tackles on defense to boot, becoming one of the Packers' most consistent players on defense and special teams.

Red Chips

  • Wide receiver James Jones––With Jordy Nelson being limited to just three receptions on the day, Jones stepped up, leading the Packers with nine catches and 84 receiving yards on Sunday. Several of Jones' receptions went for first downs, although his biggest moment of the day ended up short of the first-down marker.  Jones battled with Pittsburgh's Ike Taylor for a ball that could have been intercepted by the Steelers cornerback, but instead just went for an eight-yard gain that helped set up the Packers' first touchdown.
  • Wide receiver Jarrett Boykin––Boykin was the first to get the Packers on the scoreboard on a five-yard touchdown pass from Matt Flynn that put the Packers up 7-0. That was one of five catches for 54 yards on the afternoon.

Cow Chips

  • Quarterback Matt Flynn––Debate whether it was Flynn's fault, that of Andrew Quarless or just a miscommunication on a 40-yard interception return for a touchdown by the Steelers' Cortez Allen, but that faux pas put the Packers in a 31-21 hole late in the third quarter. Flynn also gave the ball away on a fumble with less than two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter that set up the Steelers' game-winning touchdown. There were several good moments from Flynn during the game, but the two turnovers were costly, as were several off-target throws. One can also debate that Flynn should have gotten the Packers at least one more shot at the end zone by not getting the snap off earlier on the last play of the game.
  • Right tackle Don Barclay––Not that there weren't plenty of other candidates for a cow chip, including Nick Perry, Andrew Quarless and M.D. Jennings, but Barclay's multiple mistakes hurt the Packers. The worst was his false start with just twenty seconds remaining in the fourth quarter that resulted in a ten-second runoff and the Packers not able to get another play off (yes, T.J. Lang arguably jumped too). Barclay also didn't pick up Lawrence Timmons on the Packers' first drive of the game, a play that resulted in the Packers' punting and giving the ball away to the Steelers.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Derek in CO's picture

MD Jennings gets automatic cow chip every week. He's a shitty Charlie Peprah

Point Packer's picture

Now that's sad, but oh so true. A poor man's Charlie Peprah.

Tony's picture

I think I threw up a little realizing how accurate that is.

KennyPayne's picture

Shawn Slocum?

A_Lerxst_in_Packerland's picture


Point Packer's picture

I would have liked to take a big fish n chips crap on Shawn Slocum's head after this game.

gslumbers's picture


Point Packer's picture

Yes, really. A major part of the reason we lost that game was because our special teams got dominated. Absolutely dominated. Do you want me to list the errors?

keeley2's picture

Guys - think about it? Who is left to play special teams? With all the injuries, players are being put out there with very few reps and literally zero experience. That's what happens when you come into a game hobbling.

Mr Smith's picture


Barry's picture

Almost every game our special teams players do something stupid. It's poor coaching. How many times have Packer punt receiving players have balls bounce off their legs or go between their legs? Every game it's another excuse. No other team is trying to hire our ST coach for a good reason. He is real loud at practice and always is right next MM during games, other than that tell me one other good thing about his coaching???

Evan's picture

"How many times have Packer punt receiving players have balls bounce off their legs or go between their legs."

Uhhh...maybe once?

Barry's picture

Nice guess......but you missed three in the last 2 years and also a lot of close ones.

Evan's picture

I thought you mean this year. So, 3 in 2 years...I was close.

Mexicancheesehead's picture

The NFC north sucks period. We still have a chance next week.

Joe's picture

Now all the mock drafts can seriously start

billy's picture

no, not yet, maybe after next week if we gotta go with Flynn but Da Bears are currently sucking bad at Philly...i suppose our luck they come back and crush our hopes....

keith carterke's picture

Yeah. Draft defensive players only. Every pick.

Wenis's picture

Shawn Slocum and Mike McCarthy both get corn-speckled cow chips.

Zub's picture

Cow Chip

NFC North, nobody wants to win

GrnMachine's picture

I pray both aaron and jay cutler start next Sunday. They both give the packers the best chance to win.

Norman's picture


Mojo's picture

What bugs me about Flynn is he too often forces the ball into tight coverage. Seems like he locks in on the primary receiver and lets it rip regardless. James Jones saved his ass early in the game with a pass that should have been a pick. It makes you really appreciate what Rodgers does pre-snap.

That said I will say Flynn's arm strength isn't so bad in the intermediate range. Don't think he can go long that well though.

pooch's picture

Locked in is an understatement after I had seen how wide open jordy was at end of game,damn near jump thru the big screen

Jamie's picture

It was the same on an earlier possession. Polamolu buzzes from the inside to the outside WR (Boykin both times), which I take as Flynn must have a tendency to always go outside the numbers on the two WR side.

This left Nelson open in what amounts to the second window, as Polamolu passed/crossed him in order to get to the outside WR.

Not trying to pile on Flynn, but I was also not pleased with him deciding to take a defender head on to try and get that first down where he fumbled. He's NEVER going to win that battle. I applaud the effort, but he needs to be smarter there and if anything give himself a REAL chance to concert by diving and stretching the ball out.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't agree about Flynn. I think he played about average for a back-up QB, and he seems to be improving a bit. It appears that GB can beat another average NFL team with Flynn starting, and that's all I ask. Yes, he does lock in on certain receivers, and clearly Boykin is his favorite. I wonder if Boykin was the 1st progression on the last play?

Nonetheless, I hope and think it quite possible that Tolzien, with a full off season to learn the system, beats out Flynn next year, and I hope that GB keeps both Tolzien and Flynn on the roster next year, subject to the draft and any FAs TT might bring in.

Mike's picture

Yep ...

Flynn plays as well as anyone can expect for a reasonable back-up QB.

Ultimately he's shown he can win games, he has shown he can put up points and move the ball and he's shown he will mistakes and is never going to be a legit starter.

If you expect more than that then you are going to have to pay a heck of a lot more than you'd want to for a guy who you hope will never play.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

Ya but think about this: Nick Foles was a backup. Mcglown was a backup. Kaepernick was a backup.
My point, other teams have talented backups who come in and become leaders. They learned a lot on the bench (mental side of the game) and had the physical talent to put it together.
I agree with the commentator yesterday who said: 'In situations like the pack were in, less than a minute, no time outs, must get into the end zone, the communication with the coach is over. Its on the QB now to use his mental capacity to call the right plays and manage the game. The game becomes CEREBRAL at that point in time." "If you call a running play you dam well better score". That was on Flynn. IF Mac called that play then fire him for being stupid. Flynn walked slowly to the line, didn't show any need for hurry and costs his team presious seconds. Make take, he ain't a guy you want as your back up.

RC Packer Fan's picture

And lets not forget that Flynn is our 4th String QB. And he is our 7th string if you count training camp guys.

Both Flynn and Tolzien will benefit from an offseason with the team. Flynn has shown he can win, but he also would be better if he was with the team for more then a month...

SCFPackFan's picture

M.D. Jennings must have the lifetime cow chip achievement, further eliminating him from weekly consideration. Dude shows no ball skills, no awareness in coverage, and absolutely has no interest in tackling anyone. Doesn't matter if the ball carrier is big or small, shifty or stout, Jennings is guaranteed to whiff on the tackle. He is good at jumping on at the end of the play and going for INTs when he should knock the ball down , I'll give him that. Worst starting player in the NFL.

Fiscr's picture

I've never been afraid of or have seen the power of the three man rush until a team runs it against Flynn

Mike's picture

The false start was on EDS who snapped the ball late (he admitted it) hence why both Barclay and Lang jumped. In that situation with everything on ultra-hurry up you can't blame Barclay if the C messes up the timing.

Sounds like the time management at the end wasn't on Flynn either with the refs telling EDS not to snap it.

Al Katraz's picture

This one is on Ted for me. I said this before in posts, once Datone Jand Perry - two guys passed over in the first except by us, show me consistent play and start making plays, I consider them both Ted Thompson busts.
Neal gets hurt and the announcer says, they are putting in Datone? What the hell is that about. He is a first round draft pick. He is not a developmental guy your hoping for in a few years. First rounders have to contribute on day one.
Perry, never heard his name called once yesterday other than for a face mask or something.

PS, the Packers O line is on notice by the league. The refs are looking at every play for face masks and holding by this team. Thus, all the penalties, they are wise to the O lines tactics for not being able to block.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I guess Perry's forced fumble of Bell at the 1 yard line wasn't a good play?

I'm pretty sure that is a game changing play that the 1st round pick made.

BTW. The refs watch every team's OL for holding/facemask/hands to the face penalty's...

Norman's picture

By definition, EVERY first rounder except the #1 overall pick is passed over by every other team that picked ahead of them. You could say that about Rodgers in addition to Perry and Datone. Don't even have to limit it to first rounders. While a true statement, it's a pretty dumb one.

Morgan Mundane's picture

I must admit I got it wrong. I had the Pack at 6-10 prior to the season. I just felt they did zip to improve the pass defense that gave up record yards the season before and less to improve the O line. My bad. Oh, and that was considering Rogers did not get hurt so I really was down on Ted and coaches for a terrible off year, not including Lacy.

My take this team is in serious rebuild other than the receiving core and running backs. Cudo's to Hawk, had a great year and Crosby.

If Perry, Datone J and Worthy ever were to come around this team could improve greatly but I say that's not happening. None of these guys have the skill sets to be top performers in the NFL.

Lars's picture

While we're busy picking on Barclay, Derek Sherrod continues to be the invisible man. Bustorama.

Stroh's picture

If you were expecting much from Sherrod this year its your own fault. I like Sherrod and am looking forward to seeing him play next year. But to expect him to come off 2 years away from the game as an OT and step on the field and play is foolish! OL there is a lot of technique that's extremely important to succeed. Sherrod missed a lot of technique work while injured, not too mention didn't get any in his rookie offseason. He was going to be WAY too rusty this year to be much help.

Just give him this offseason to hone his technique and training camp to earn his job. I think he'll probably be the starting LT next year ahead of Bahktiari!

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