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"Chips Report" from Week 11 Packers Loss at Giants

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"Chips Report" from Week 11 Packers Loss at Giants

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the Week 11 27-13 loss at the New York Giants...

Blue Chips

  • Cornerback Tramon Williams––It seemed as if Williams was one of the few players to show up on the defensive side of the football on Sunday. He made a diving interception of  quarterback Eli Manning that ended a Giants' red zone scoring opportunity that ended a streak of four games without an interception for the Packers. Williams also had several nice open-field tackles among his eight solo tackles, and it felt as if seven of them were short of the first-down marker.
  • Kicker Mason Crosby––The Packers' red-zone struggles without Aaron Rodgers have meant more opportunities for Crosby, and he took advantage on the Packers' first field goal of the game from 24 yards. His field goal as time expired in the first half, however, was the Packers' play of the game. Crosby's 57-yard field goal was only one yard shy of the franchise record, but it was reportedly the longest in team history in an outdoor environment.

Red Chips

  • Wide receiver Jordy Nelson––Nelson is showing that he's not just a product of an elite quarterback. Nelson was Scott Tolzien's favorite target on Sunday, catching eight passes on nine targets for 117 yards. The Packers led the NFL with nine 100-yard receiving performances in the NFL this season coming into the game, and Nelson extended that mark to 10.
  • Wide receiver Jarrett Boykin––On a day when few players deserved blue or red chip status, Boykin makes it into the mix with six catches for 91 yards. Ever since being forced into action when Randall Cobb went down, Boykin has jumped at the opportunity and hasn't disappointed. What Boykin doesn't have in speed, he makes up for with precise route running and toughness and helped convert several first downs against the Giants.

Cow Chips

  • Cornerback Micah Hyde––When neither Sam Shields nor Casey Hayward suited up due to injury, that meant the biggest role Hyde would have to play on defense to date. He struggled as the team's slot cornerback, getting turned around on the Giants' first touchdown of the game, a 26-yard pass from Manning to Reuben Randle. Hyde also gave up a couple other completions and while his punt returns were fine, he looks ill-suited for kick return duty, not possessing the speed it takes to put the Packers in good field position.
  • Packers offensive tackles––The Packers safeties and defensive linemen could easily have earned "cow chip" status as well, but the Packers offensive tackles made a rough day for Tolzien even tougher with shoddy pass protection. Surprisingly, the Giants weren't credited with a single sack, but David Bakhtiari and Marshall Newhouse were on roller skates throughout the game, at fault for most of the five hits put on the quarterback. They also did little to help a run game that only averaged 2.8 yards per carry. Bakhtiari's day ended on a sour note with a holding penalty on the penultimate play of the game.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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mike's picture

the entire team get's a poop chip

jack in jersey city's picture

not tramon. he played better today than he has in 2 years

Nerd's picture

Great open field tackling.

pooch's picture

How does one play one good game out of 32????

Nerd's picture

Bahktieri needs to cut Jason Pierre Paul on that play.

RC Packer Fan's picture

JPP just made a hell of a play. Sometimes you have to just give the guy some credit.

Nerd's picture

Disastrous fluke plays have followed this team for years.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I guess might not be as much of a fluke. Hearing that JPP is saying on twitter that he read the play, because they have the book on it.

Apparently McCarthy is becoming to predictable with his formations and routes, and play calls.

Stroh's picture

On that play call its also imperative that the OT, Bahktiari at the least gets contact to disrupt the DE from making that specific play. Bahktiari didn't even sniff JPP on that play. Another cut block that he missed that cost the Packers.

Either way, its a play that Rodgers doesn't let happen. Either by changing the play or making sure Bahktiari makes his block.

Evan's picture

It wasn't a missed cut block. JPP knew it was coming so he never even rushed Bahktiari - he stayed wide, waiting for the throw.

dawg's picture


The Green Bay Packers!

RC Packer Fan's picture

Well, I disagree with you Stroh. Because Rodgers let that happen in the Bengals game. On the final drive Rodgers threw it on a very similar play where Michael Johnson jumps up and bats the ball away. He didn't catch it but essentially the same play.

I just give JPP credit for recognizing the play and making one hell of a play. Sometimes we have to give other players on other teams for making plays against us.

Rymetyme81's picture

Is it not common practice to cut block a DL when he leaves his feet to block? If it isn't it should be. You have to keep doing that so long as it's legal. Otherwise the JJ Watt's and JPPs are gonna make big plays while you stand in awe of them,

RJW's picture

The past few weeks have been difficult but we know there is always a sun behind the darkest clouds. Maybe we can come up with a list of sunshine/improvements that might develop from the current storm of adversity… maybe even collaborate and send the many good ideas to Ted. Here are a few that I have: 1) When things really go wrong, a smart person breaks from routine and evaluates what behavioral changes are needed (EX: how to strengthen player areas of weakness by maybe considering a free agent once in a while); 2) Are coaches really doing their jobs? Championship NFL teams have defenses that win a game every now and then. Are the right defensive skills being taught during practice? Could different coaches with new ideas design schemes that maximize player strengths? 3) Will draft positions in the first half of each round offer more impact players? Can scouting benefit by knowing now they will be in a position to draft players who can contribute immediately and build on current strengths? For example, what if GB had an offensive line that could provide the team’s #1 asset, AR, the best protection in the NFL? Considering the amount of money invested in the QB, this should be a reasonable expectation. 4) Is it time to do a scientific study on why the players seem to lead the league every year in missed time due to injury? Is it coaching, training or the players selected? Coincidence is a good answer for one year but two, three, four…?
I’m sure Cheesehead readers can add more improvements team leadership will want to make to attain better results next year…. and maybe we’ll all feel better for helping to find the sun.

Kevin's picture

Marshall Newhouse has been awful. I wish the coaches would let Sherrod have a chance.
We should probably take a knee every time we get the chance on kick returns.
Datone Jones is starting to look like a first round pick. Mike Neal I thought played well also.
Punting with 8 minutes left on 4th and 2 is inexcusable. That is giving up.
To those who blame Rodgers for holding the ball and taking sacks... Tolzien had no sacks today but 3 picks. That's the trade-off

Nerd's picture

I agree that Mike conceded on that punt. Kind of made me sick.

Disagree about those INTs though. Well, about Aaron's stat whoring.

al's picture

yep I said the same thing 4 and 2 go for it your right they just gave up ...........

Rymetyme81's picture

Thank you! I made that comment last night and the room scoffed at me. if it was 4th and 8 I'd understand, but it was short yardage.

Packerbacker55's picture

Cow42 Where are You. Your detractors are seeing GBP thru their rose colored glasses. Farve and Rodgers have floated this team for years! Capers will not design a defense with the talent He has. MM can't shift tactics into the 2nd half. Bargain basement players fail in Pro ball. Cow You have been correct since the season began. I can tell Your a Packer fan by the way You write.. Remember We tend to see what we covet thru Roase Colored GLASSES..

stormin's picture

Thompson wasted Favre's final years and now the same is happening with Rodgers. It is sad to have two Hall of Famers and this milk toast fool is ruining it. The hearts of the fans are controlled by this idiot!

VApackerfan's picture

Get a room....thanks

Mexicancheesehead's picture

Matt Flynn has to start next week, Tolzien is mini Favre post superbowl era.

Evan's picture


Nerd's picture

Just let him throw the ball.

Tom's picture

I agree!! He's a Good quarterback. Let him throw the ball, At the beginning of the game, they took the ball out of his hands. He's had 280 & 339 in 2 games. Pretty Good I'd say. We don't have a defense to overcome (Any) mistakes. Granted, Pick 6's are Killers, but we don't have a defense to match any turnovers.

ArodMoney's picture

Aaron Rodgers has to start next week

Evan's picture

Don't get your hopes up.

jack in jersey city's picture

he was warming up throwing in pre-game today and looked good. not sure he'll be back next week but maybe there's a possiblity that he'll be back for the lions game

Evan's picture

That's my hope - Thanksgiving. That'll be about 3.5 weeks.

RunAndHyde's picture

Seriously....Tolz or Matty next week? Ready....go..

RC Packer Fan's picture

I know there is a lot of doom and gloom. I was feeling that way until I let this fact stick in my head...

The Packers are 1 game behind the Lions and the Bears. Yes they don't look great right now. But they are 1 game back... They play both the Lions and Bears one more time this year.

I am far from writing off this season, which I'm sure a lot of fans have done already.

I thought Tolzien made 1 bad throw today. The first interception. JPP just made a hell of a play on his Pick 6. The last int, was a bad throw but honestly the game was over by then, so it really didn't matter at that point.

In words of McCarthy, Keep Calm and well whatever else he said...

lebowski's picture

I really don't want to give up on the season, but this defense is unwatchable. Brutally bad. Can you imagine having to face off against Drew Brees in New Orleans in the playoffs?? What's the point? Zero pass rush. STILL broken coverages and wide open receivers all day long. Missed tackles galore. I honestly have no clue what is ailing them, because I think they have some decent players, but they just have no confidence or physicality whatsoever. Pisses me off to no end.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I look at it this way. Defense gave up 20 points today. In most games especially with Rodgers that will win the game.
Packers were without Shields, Perry and Mulumba, not to mention a not healthy Clay Mathews.
IMO the defense played well enough to win. I thought the tackling was a lot better today then what it has been the last few weeks.
I'm not pinning this loss on the defense. Although they weren't perfect and could have played better.

Calabasa's picture

And with a healthy ARod over the last two seasons, we have won these games, only to get blown out in the first round.

Aaron Rodgers: most valuable band aid

lebowski's picture

Unfortunately, the defense gave up 20 points to a terrible Giant offense. I'm sure losing Shields last minute hurt, but Perry hasn't done anything in two years, and you can't bring up Mulumba with a straight face. Tramon's tackling was better. Everyone else's was the same.

RC Packer Fan's picture

The Giants started the season 0-6. They have won their last 4 games. They have weapons in Nicks and Cruz. 20 points, in which one of the drives started at the 35, is not bad defense...

The way Perry was playing before his injury was great. He was becoming a force as a pass rusher. Mulumba was playing well. He did the little things well that not everyone sees. Yes he didn't have the sack numbers, but he played the run well and played well..

lebowski's picture

If you want to sit here and convince yourself that the Packers aren't playing bad defense, go ahead. You'll never convince me.

Biscuit's picture

When a defense has to do extra tackling drills this late in the season you know they're in trouble. Not fundamentally sound plus the league figured out Capers gimmicks a few years ago. Time for a change.

Stroh's picture

Bahktiari's worst play was not even sniffing JPP on the play he got the INT for a TD. On that play, its IMPERATIVE the OT disrupts the DE to prevent exactly that play. Bahktiari wasn't even close. He has to go and find him to make that block, and its the 2nd time this season he missed the same damn block. Both times waiting for the DE to come to him. Quite giving the guy a pass for on that play cryin out loud!

KurtMc's picture

If MM would have let Tolizen air it out, a different game. He should have game planned for the 8-9 in a nobody saw that coming.

Not piling onto Capers....the on field result speaks loud enough. we all know his time is short, hopefully.

The STL packer bar gave a collective groan when MM basically gave up and punted. WTF? Isn't winning the main goal?

SoTxPhil's picture

Again MM called such a safe predictable game in the first qtr that the offense had no chance to score... Tolzien was throwing for good gains once he took the reins off and let him play football. I was getting pretty mad watching Lacy run for no gain twice then a short pass and punt. With Brad Jones in at ILB our defense was a complete failure, missing tackles and being out of place. What happened to J. Lattimore??? He and Hawk made a great team with the Def playing much better with Jones hurt.

jack in jersey city's picture

it looks like they prefer to keep lattimore fresh to play on special teams. too bad because the guy is a playmaker

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