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"Chips Report" From Packers Win Vs. Vikings

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"Chips Report" From Packers Win Vs. Vikings

Our weekly designations from the Green Bay Packers' 31-3 victory over the Minnesota Vikings...

Blue Chips

  • Greg Jennings–After a slow start to the season in which Jennings actually voiced his frustrations to wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson, Jennings has picked up his play and kicked it into high gear. If anyone doubted Jennings early in the season, he's now firmly in the discussion among the best receivers in the NFL. He had 7 catches for 152 yards and three touchdowns while making the Vikings defensive backs look silly.
  • Tramon Williams–If Tramon Williams does not make the Pro Bowl, it will be criminal. He continued to play at a very high level against the Vikings, intercepting Brett Favre while helping the Packers have a 2-0 edge in the turnover battle. And his textbook hit on Vikings wide receiver Greg Lewis was a thing of beauty.

Red Chips

  • Aaron Rodgers–It may not have been a pretty beginning to the game, but Rodgers turned things around in hurry. He finished by completing 22 of 31 passes for 301 yards with 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions for a passer rating of 141.3. He also scrambled for 21 yards on the ground including one for a first down in the first half that seemed to be the turning point in his game where he really seemed to play well from that point forward. He also helped the Packers convert a respectable 8 of 15 third downs.
  • Charles Woodson–Woodson was impressive in every phase of the game. The play that might get the most attention was his forced fumble of Toby Gerhart, although he was equally valuable in other phases of the game. He led the team tackles while playing helping to limit Adrian Peterson and the Vikings to 93 yards on the ground. And he was also credited with a quarterback hit on Brett Favre on a well-timed blitz. Other candidates for red chips include A.J. Hawk, Clay Matthews and James Jones.

Cow Chips

  • Frank Zombo–The Packers may have shut out the Vikings had it not been for one possession in which Zombo trailed in pass coverage to let the Vikings convert a first down and then had a penalty that allowed them to get into field goal range.
  • Quinn Johnson–Johnson appeared to err in blitz pickup where he failed to slide over to the right side of the offensive line and allowed a sack on Aaron Rodgers. Johnson's blocking isn't solely to blame, but the running game also failed to gain significant yardage. Take away the quarterbacks' yardage and the Packers only gained only 65 yards on 28 carries for 2.5 yards per carry.
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Jmac34's picture

I agree with all of these although it really says something about the way this team played when Rodgers only got a red chip

IdiotFan's picture

Exactly right. 141 passer rating and 4 TDs with 0 INTs should get you a blue chip in 99 games out of 100. This game rocked in SO MANY WAYS.'s picture

That hit from Tramon was a thing of beauty. The league should send that clip to all of it's players, explaining "this is how to tackle" . Tramon is seriously playing at such a high level, I sense #38 jersey sales on the rise. This defensive unit is clutch. GO PACK GO.'s picture
jay's picture

What's your sense of how Bulaga did? I know he gave up that one sack on what looked like a bull rush from Edwards, and I seemed to see lots of hits on Arodg after the ball was out, but I couldn't tell whose man was getting so close.

Ryeguy812's picture

Edwards also got credit on the sack when Quinn missed his guys. THat'll go against Bulaga but it shouldn't.

Norman's picture

Blue chip: TT

jeremy's picture

TT, Please sign Tramon now.

davyjones's picture

One of the SMARTEST plays I saw made today was by Tramon. He was running a MN back out of bounds and he had the guy by the pads behind the neck. Instead of taking the guy down and getting 15 yds tacked on for a horse collar, he let go. This is the sign of a disciplined well coached defense. 1 penalty for 5 yds is perhaps the most important stat in the game.

God, I love this win

Tommyboy's picture

agreed 100% - I saw that, too. Good stuff, insanely satisfying win.

redlights's picture

I saw that too. My exact thoughts. It seems like TT goes after one vet at a time. If they extend Bishop, that should be the end of Hawk. Williams would be next; are they keeping him on punt return to help him "earn" his guaranteed money?

hyperRevue's picture

I dunno about that - yes, Hawk will need to redo his contract, but he's been playing really well as of late. I love Barnett, but the team is playing great in his absence.

andrew's picture

if bishop gets a contract... hawk should get a contract.. and chillar should just be removed from the roster.. giant waste of cap space..

Wiscokid's picture

I'm going to have a cigarette (I don't even smoke) because that's what you do after great sex like that. :)

Patrick Duprey's picture

I would add Sam Shields and Brandon Jackson to the cow chip conversation.

Yes, Shields is an undrafted rookie in his second year at corner, but he was beat on multiple occasions, granted he had to man up on Sidney Rice for much of the game. His most notable blunder was when he let Greg Lewis get past him on the Vikings' scoring drive. He also bought into a play action fake and got turned by Sidney Rice for a 20-yard completion in the second half. Rice also beat him on a slant or two. Sure, he wasn't terrible, but he certainly wasn't great. I would say it was a poor performance.

As for Jackson, he really upset me this game. He looked like a third down back. He was great catching passes out of the back field, but he often was caught running east and west instead of putting his head down and pounding through the hole. He made some defenders miss, but he also lost some yards in the process, it seemed. Nance was more productive of the two running the ball, providing more pop on the middle. It's about time we went away from John Kuhn in the middle of the field. I don't think he had a carry all game.

Cheddarhead's picture

What happened to James stark I didn't see his number called was he activated.

SpiderPack's picture

More learning for Shields!

bogmon's picture

What I do like about this game is they took the time to make use of the backfield and see what they have in Nance.
In these blowouts it is essential to get guys live action playing time to see what they can do.
Everything about the Coaches today was an A+
I give an honorary Blue Chip to Coach Mike and Big Dom...they stayed aggressive and finished strong.

MarkinMadison's picture

I just can't agree about Shields. Yes, he was exposed a bit, but unlike other teams that seemed to overlook Shields, the Vikings really went after him. Even on a really, really bad day, Farve can pick on a rookie, and Rice kills many d-backs with a lot more experience. Bottom line is that there were zero touchdowns scored. No way I put Shields in the cow chip category.

As for Jackson, the truth is that he is a third down back. The best thing that could happen to him would be for Nance to emerge as a viable option. I don't think that makes Jackson's performance a cow chip, he just is what he is.

andrew's picture

jackson had a bad game... he isnt going to look great every week. he is a 3rd down back being asked to be a starter its not going to be perfect...

and as for shields.. as far as he is concerned its a blessing he has enough talent to be a nickle corner and from what i have seen he has a potential to be a starter down the road which is amazing for an undrafted rookie he isnt going to look great every game sydney rice is a very good WR if he didnt get beat a few times i would be shocked and people would be asking who is this god of a corner sam shields? but he is a nickle corner sydney is there best WR that was running 3rd simply because he is coming off injury.

PackersRS's picture

I would put Bulaga over Johnson on the cow.

The rest I agree. Rodgers had an amazing game, maybe blue over Tramon, but he did start slowly...

andrew's picture

bulaga is a rookie... i cant give him a cow chip when he played so well for the majority of the game.. as a rookie just like with the person saying sam shields deserved a cow chip.. they both are making rookie mistakes which you are supposed to do as rookies...

Oppy's picture

Check out this hodge podge of Vike locker room interviews concerning the question "Did you guys give up?".. Besides being insightful, it's fun to see them having to answer that question! This is on

AP seems uninterested. Jared Allen seems like he's trying to say the right things. They both come off as guys who quit to me.

I will say this- this vid makes me a fan of Vishante Shiancoe. That's the kind of fiery disgust you should expect from a football player. Besides, his pain is obvious, and that's a nice touch :)

I almost wonder if his reaction came before or after Favre's presser. It would be great if Shiancoe was eluding to Brett's seemingly past-tense statements of his presser....

bogmon's picture

Thanks for that link. The Packers just demoralized an organization....TWO WEEKS IN A ROW...
A win is a win, but these last two have been statements...

Coach Mike is STOKED...
he feels it brewing and sees his team comin' together.

We all have a reason to feel excited.

SpiderPack's picture

Yeah Oppy. Amen. Its a good year.

Brian's picture

How can a 141 passer rating, 4 TD, 0 ints, and 300+ yds, and 21 yds rushing not earn a blue chip? Did you guys see the accuracy of some of those throws? Are we taking qb play for granted?

davyjones's picture

hey!! You know who else ought to get a cow chip??

davyjones's picture


Todd, oh Todd...where are you Todd??

MarkinMadison's picture

Out singing the praises of the greatest team, led by the greatest quarterback ever. Why, oh why, did we ever let you leave us Brent?

DAWG's picture

This D is playing lights out with all the injuries we have endured this season on the D! kudos to Capers and Co.<GBP coach of the yr! Give give him $$$
BUT-I'd really like for someone in the PACKER Nation to figure out whats wrong with the running game, is it the OL, RB's or coaching?
And why is it Starks is kept active, while not playing in game for over two yrs?
New addition---WTF chip!

lebowski's picture

So glad we kept Quinn Johnson and cut Al Harris loose.'s picture

I agree, even though we are doing awesome, I feel al harris should be a part of this team, regardless of his limited role.

hyperRevue's picture

It was only a few snaps, but I liked Nance's burst and decisiveness. I like Jackson, but he strikes me as a bit tentative when trying to find the hole.

hyperRevue's picture

Also, Allen did the rope-him-up celebration thing. That'll be a fine, right?

foundinidaho's picture

He's modified his celebration, so he's now not doing one thing that would have caused the fine. Can't remember what it is for the life of me. Probably because I hate Jared Allen and his stupid dance.

PackerAaron's picture

His knee doesn't touch the ground. "Going to the ground" is what the NFL was objecting to.

hyperRevue's picture

Seriously? Good lord - what the NFL chooses to worry about is mind-boggling.

jay's picture

This rule, if I remember right, is the exact same rule that brought the flag on that Cowboys lineman who chestbumped and then fell to the ground.

Norman's picture

Two questions, if Aaron or someone else is able to provide the information:
1) I didn't really see much of either Bigby or Peprah, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing (I saw a lot of Shields and in this case it was a bad thing, not that I'm dissing the Rookie). How did the platoon work out?

2) Is Raji still playing a ridiculous number of snaps, or with Jenkins back, and Howard Green, etc. (not to mention a blowout win), is he back to a reasonable number of snaps (whatever that may be)? I'd really hate to see him wear down from overuse for the December stretch run, he's a critical cog in that defense.


Brian Carriveau's picture

1. While they started out in a platoon, Bigby got hurt and left the game and it wasn't as much of a platoon. Peprah played a majority of the snaps.

2. Raji is still playing a lot of snaps, but with a healthy rotation of Jenkins, Pickett, Green and Wilson, it's getting slightly better.

Norman's picture

Oops, I meant with Picket back (Jenkins never went anywhere, except maybe his fingers on the hand with the cast).

Abe's picture

The Woodson strip of Gerhart is the type of play that helped win him Defensive Player of the Year last season. Also exactly the reason that the Jets fans and Revis backers will never understand the value that he brought and continues to bring to the Pack. Yes he's not a true shut down corner like Revis anymore but you simply can't underestimate the value that his presence brings to the D.

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