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"Chips Report" From Packers Win Vs. Jets

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"Chips Report" From Packers Win Vs. Jets

Our weekly designations from the Green Bay Packers' 9-0 victory over the New York Jets...

Blue Chips

  • Tramon Williams–In the first game after it was reported the Packers have offered him a contract extension in the same range as Al Harris, Williams had a hand in two Packers turnovers. The first was a fumble recovery, which Frank Zombo forced. The second was an interceptions ripped from the hands of Jericho Cotchery. That's in addition to a pass broken up in the endzone on a third down in the fourth quarter, also intended for Cotchery, one of two pass break ups on the day.
  • Tim Masthay–Following the loss to the Miami Dolphins, head coach Mike McCarthy called out Masthay, and he's performed ever since. For the second game in a row, he's punted very well. As far as punters go, it will be tough for Masthay to eclipse today's performance. Of his eight punts, five were placed inside the 20. Only one was returned, and that was for 0 yards. On the day, he had 8 punts for a 44.0 yard gross average and a 41.5 yard net. A new bar has been set for Masthay going forward.

Red Chips

  • Charlie Peprah–The way Charlie Peprah has been playing over the past couple weeks, it's going to be tough for Atari Bigby to re-claim the starting job. The strongest part of his game is run support, of which Peprah contributed four tackles. But even more crucial today may have been his fourth quarter, fourth down pass break up of a pass also intended for Jericho Cotchery.
  • Howard Green–Considering Green took part in all of one practice and isn't very well versed in the Packers defense, he did yeoman's work today. He basically assumed the role of Ryan Pickett playing both end in the base defense and occasionally inside in the nickel, plus giving B.J. Raji a few snaps off at the nose. But the way the Packers stopped the vaunted Jets rushing offense was a thing of beauty, and Green had as much to do with it as anybody. Take away the 17 yard run given up off the fake punt on special teams, and the Packer defense only gave up 3.5 yard per carry to entire Jets offense including LaDanian Tomlinson.

Cow Chips

  • James Jones–Jones came away without a single catch despite being targeted three times. While targets can be a deceiving statistic, Jones also had a drop on a deep pass down the right sideline, which would have given the Packers a first down (if not a touchdown) and taken some pressure off the defense. The drop is part of a larger trend with Jones, in which he just can't seem to take himself to the next level and has been plagued by either drops or fumbles or not being on the same page as the quarterback.
  • Andrew Quarless–It may be unfair to give a "cow chip" to an injured player, but his second quarter drop on third down was part of the reason the Packers only converted 2 of 14 third downs on the day, a horrendous 14% success rate.
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Norman's picture

If Masthay had only one punt returned for zero yards, shouldn't his net be the same as his gross?

Flikery's picture

Maybe the touchback? 44.0 - 41.5 = 2.5

2.5 * 8 = 20

john's picture

no there was a touchback

snackpack's picture

Yeah, there was one touchback. Forget which quarter, but I was at the game and remember it clearly because I explained to my girlfriend why touchbacks are bad on punts.

alfredomartinez's picture

great job pack...great job!

Pooch's picture

H.Green was huge,maybe reincarnation of Gilbert Brown. Mike M kills me,no screens.1 3 step drop slant that worked,Mattews again a monster,did you watch him the last 2 plays?

Oppy's picture


I stood up and announced to my friends "Clay Matthews could take a vacation for the rest of the season and he'd still have earned every cent of his contract because of two back to back plays like that."

When it matters most, Clay gets a sack, then comes back and makes a great effort and nearly pulls off another with great motor and never-quit attitude that gets him past the double team with a third or fourth attempt and gets in sanchez' face.

He's the real deal. Hard to believe it was only a year and a half ago that Packers fans everywhere were screaming at the T.V.: "We traded up.. AND TOOK WHO?!?!".. More than a handful of fans murmured "We took the wrong LB". Hindsight, it's a funny thing.

Rick Hannah's picture

Took the wrong guy? Are you kidding? When the Pack traded up for Matthews, I was ecstatic. Granted, I'm quite a draft junkie so I was pretty well versed in what this guy could bring to a 3-4 defense. Awesome pick, along with Raji. Apparently, TT does know what he's doing.

Oppy's picture

The PAckers forums around the web were full of people screaming about the Clay Matthews pick. Honestly, I didn't know much about him, but once I watched some highlight reels and scouting reports, I was fine with the pick- his motor was obvious on film.

At any rate, yeah, tons of people were going nuts that the Packers moved up to take Matthews.

RobT's picture

As 9-0 victories go, that was beautiful.

Yes, it's only Sanchez, yes the offense misfired again, but we SHUTOUT the Jets in their own backyard. We didn't let them run the ball.

Every player on the defense deserves credit, and Dom Capers especially. A defense missing four or five starters, a defense with rookies, unsigned free agents and a Jets reject!

If we'd somehow contrived to lose that game 7-6, it would have been the most frustrating defeat of the season by a mile. But we didn't, and it felt REALLY good!

Bogmon's picture

The Jets lost because of Rex Ryan's arrogance and ego.

They basically announce to the world what they are gonna do because they think they are just that good.

The Packers game-planned perfectly...and the Jets played right into the Packers' strengths.

Gritty, Gutty Win!

jack in jersey city's picture

i have NEVER been more proud of my team! tramon williams had the game of his LIFE! peprah was clutch too and masthay was great too. our offense is horrible. jennings was the only one who made any big plays today. i thought the o-line was pretty good overall although most everyone had brain farts today (clifton, bulaga, sitton). what an amazing win though!

jack in jersey city's picture

sorry- jordy nelson made a few big plays too!

PackersRS's picture

Cow chip: Rodgers. Awful game, again. Don't know what's wrong. He wasn't pussyfooting this time. The pocket was clean. The protection was great.

Sure, there were the dropsies again (counted 4 of them) and the slips, but, cmon man!

GREAT call on the blue chips. Perfect.

Seekr's picture

Agree with Rodgers for Cow Chip. Although I love the man he hasn't looked like himself lately. No picks today though that's an improvement from last week.

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, I don't know.
Last year, every time the ball wasn't on Rodgers hand, I freaked out. I just trusted the guy to make the play that would win this game.

This year, I just don't trust him to convert 3rd downs. It's just a feeling, don't know...

The way I see, 2008 with Rodgers, the record was 6-10 because of the injuries.

2010, you can't pin on injuries. They've hurt us, but if Rodgers was playing like in 08 (let alone 09), we would've been much better...

WoodyG's picture

AR's passes are flying all over the place .... He's indecisive & still struggling ...... But consider it a slump ...... He could break out of it at anytime ......

fish's picture

During the entire by-week, Rodgers and the receivers need to practice those deep routes. Somebody's either running wrong, passing wrong, or both.

charles's picture

Rodgers played well. The statistics don't show it, but he protected the football, and didn't force throws that ended up in turn overs. Obvs you don't want to see an under 50% completion average ever, but he didn't get frustrated, and we came away with enough points to win.

packeraaron's picture

Agree with this for the most part. I was shocked how much time he had in the pocket.

charles's picture

Right on. I mean, maybe "average" would probably be more appropriate, but I couldn't look Rodgers in the eye on more than a few plays and say it was a bad decision.

DAWG's picture

Yeah-I was shocked how much this offence sucks lately, and how much adversity this defense has endured, and won the game again with scrubs=MM master OF coordination?-----This offence sucks!!!

Bogmon's picture

Donald Driver is sorely missed. James Jones is not at his level yet!

Idiot Fan's picture

I really think the wind was a bigger factor than most realize. Neither offense could do much through the air. Sanchez's long completions were wobblers where someone got open and had enough time. Not a day for precision throwing.

WoodyG's picture

No mention of Desmond B. ..... 10 tackles (leading the team again) & 2 passes knocked down .... No mention !!! ......

BigbyATTACK's picture

Good call, wood. He was all over the place. Bet Ryan was wishing on several occasions he had him on his D.

Wiscokid's picture

Great character showing by the Packers. Shutting out the Jets at home with a patchwork defense was a thing of beauty. Obtaining something that hasn't been achieved by a Packer team in almost 20 years, should earn every man on the defense a "blue chip".

What a performance.

JerseyPackFan's picture

The Packers beat the Jets in their house. Something that has never been done in like....EVER!! Congrats!

dullgeek's picture

On ESPN they're talking about how the two INTs weren't really interceptions.

If I had the chance to ask the NFL or Mike Pereira a question here's what it would be: If the receiver is required to maintain control of the ball all the way to the ground, and the defender knocks it out of his hands and it hits the turf, even after the guy's knee is down, that's an incomplete pass.

Now if the defender gets that ball before it hits the ground, isn't that required to be an INT? And isn't that *exactly* what happened in those two INTs? The receiver did NOT maintain possession all the way to the ground and the defenders came up with the ball.

If you have the rule that for what constitutes a complete pass, aren't you required then to call those interceptions?

Let me put it another way. Suppose that those were ruled catches and down by contact, could the Packers have challenged on the grounds that the receiver did *NOT* maintain possession all the way to the ground?

lebowski's picture

I have a better question... why are you watching ESPN??

dullgeek's picture


Still curious about the consequences of the rule that requires the receiver to maintain possession all the way to the ground.

thepretzelhead's picture

Win in Philly- first since 1962 WIn at Jets- first ever. Don't worry about the O that was the JETS on a bye.

fish's picture

And a Win against Favre. That was Big.

nick's picture

Great job by the Packers. The defence was terrific and great punting by Masthay

Mr. Bacon's picture

For the first time, the Packers were able to send 3 Lineman and provide awesome pressure on Sanchez.

The sharks were ready to pounce on the football.

andrewgarda's picture

Very good game by the Pack. These are the tough games you have to win. My Jets looked AWFUL in multiple phases of the game and stuff like the reverses and fake punts bit them right in the rear end.

Great defense by the pack - stalled the run game and forced Sanchez to throw - that Keller INT might not have been one but WHO KNOWS when Schotty and Rex blew challenges early.

If the Pack were healthy..... dang.

Hat-tip to Green Bay. This was a good win for them.

Oppy's picture

Appreciate the acknowledgment. Class act. You were great on Transplants live. PLeasure to listen to your take and insight.

Now could someone get that douche-tool who covers the Vikings who was on transplants two weeks ago to show up here and man up?

foundinidaho's picture

Garda - class act, as displayed on Packer Transplants. Tip of the hat to you sir. Your team is good. There's not a doubt in my mind about that.

PackersRS's picture

Thank you Garda. The Jets fans I've run into this week have been the classiest fans I've seen (after us, of course).

Anyway, if GB was healthy? It would still have been a close game. It's a MM thing...

andrewgarda's picture

Thanks guys. Hey, you gotta stand up for your team through good or ill!

Disappointed in the game - some bad calls, some bad plays and some awful challenges - but as Pack fans well know this year, there's more game ahead so you can't get too caught up in one loss.

Hope everyone who went enjoyed the game.

Seekr's picture

Boring game as far as end zones go, but this was one of if not the best game the Pack has played all year.

Jack's picture

What a great win for the Pack. I am ashamed to say that I thought the Jets would cream GB.

I have a gripe with Tony Dungy, though, who praised the Packers for playing well despite missing so many of their players "on offense."

bleedsgreen's picture

5 - 3.

Midterm report:

This defense gives more with less than any defense we've seen in a long time. What heart, what character, what determination, and what results!

The special teams- take the good, take the bad, take em both and there ya have, the facts of life. We've lost games because of them, and been kept in games because of them.

The offense - I just don't think anyone could have predicted how downright lousy they'd be. Yes, we knew the 3rd down percentage would have to come back to earth - but in precipitous free-fall? Some of it is on the receivers, some on the QB... but I seem to be coming to the conclusion that the strategy and tactics aren't suitably taking what's given and getting the most out of the skills available.

That said, given all the injuries, that this team is so close to being very, very good is quite amazing. It's unavoidable to say - the skill is still the limit. I'm looking forward to the next 8.

WoodyG's picture

Still gotta believe AR will shake his slump ......A running game of 81 yards on 26 carries doesn't help a passing attack much if any .....

DBH's picture

A lot of the offense's struggles has to do with opposing defenses playing seven men in zone coverage on almost every play. Rodgers has torched man coverage and blitzing defenses in the past. Now without a running game, defenses just sit back and prevent the a.) deep play b.) medium play AND c.) the short play all at once because there's no need to worry about our running game.

Rodgers said in his press conference that they expected the Jets to continue blitzing at a rate of about 50% in this game and playing man 80% of the time - but they came out and played 7 or 8 man zone on almost every play.

Sometime Rodgers and the offense (including play callers) is just going to have to get used to it and figure out how beat these zone defense a little at a time all the way up and down the field.

Jack's picture

First shut-out by the Packers without an offensive TD since 1946.

bleedsgreen's picture

D'oh. SKY is the limit. Not the SKILL

frosty's picture

Quarless is injured? I hadn't seen that anywhere...

jack in jersey city's picture

i don't think so. the only guys who i heard about were pat lee, driver, and a-rod

Oppy's picture

Per MM's presser, Quarless has some sort of shoulder injury, but MM said he doesn't have any real information on it, but that Dr. McKenzie "Doesn't seem too concerned" about it.

Honest John's picture

The Packers are playing like a team. I'm proud of the way they played - tough and smart with nobody selfish.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Packers identity is the defense. Special teams did their part and NO Penalties, well almost.

Interesting game, MM and A-rod did a played a nice game of not losing the game on offense, but leaned heavily on the defense. In fact on all the scoring drives were set up by the defense.

davyjones's picture

I don't mean to pick nits, but I gotta go with a blue chip for Peprah. Just really solid in run support and he put a coupla hits on to break up receptions a key in particular in the 4th Q that was just a crushing blow. I am really very impressed by him.

Jones reminds me a lot of Robert Ferguson with enough flashes to get your hopes up only to dash them with key bonehead mistakes...just doesn't seem to mentally be "in the game" most of the time.

Tommyboy's picture

Agreed on all of those chips...but wait, Quarless is injured?

Also, I know Shields got beat badly and was saved only by an inexplicable drop by Santonio Holmes. But other than that, is Shields stepping up like crazy this year or what? He's on the field a fair amount and he seems to be shutting his guys down for the most part. Am I right on this???

davyjones's picture

you are absolutely right!! An undrafted free agent with 1 yr in college at the position?? Serious upside potential here!!

Oppy's picture

In A word, Yes.

packerwest's picture

About had it with McCarthy playcalling again. No screen pass in the playbook any more?? Keeping Kuhn in on third down plays and not Jackson? Not letting Kuhn or Jackson release so Rogers has an outlet under pressure? No slant plays on third and 5 anymore? Thank God the defense played so well! Expect MM and Rogers to get it going next week against weak Dallas secondary!

djbonney138's picture

Any word on Driver? Hope he isn't hurt too bad. When giving Rodgers criticism today remember the secondary he is throwing to. Revis and Cromartie are no "slouches" I think A-Rod was playing it safe esp. how often he threw it away.

jack in jersey city's picture

i think driver is more banged up than we know about. i think they should've kept him out yesterday. they should sit him next week too. we are going to need him down the stretch if we're gonna make a run for anything.

PackRat's picture

Four and five wide sets kept the vaunted Jet defense/LB in dime all day long and unable to get their usual pressure on the QB. The Jets tried first to put LBs and receivers but quickly abandoned it (and their pressure) for extra DBs.

OL playing as a real unit the past two days, making up for episodic miscues by Beluga and College.

Kuhn continues to be huge for the offense, running hard and dishing out punishment to opposing lineman and LBs.

Kuhn was wide open in the flat with an easy TD when Rogers locked on the back of the end-zone for several seconds and sailed one out the back end.

Jones gets open but doesn't seem to get the mental part of the game, including concentrating through the catch.

(while at the game) I watched AR on each play and you guys are KILLING him for playing TURNOVER FREE, situational football, trusting in his receivers and defense as part of a TEAM. He played winning football today, never jeopardizing field position or forcing a throw when he didn't have to.

Hate to say I told you so (okay I don't) but the resurrection of Jennings this week came with them calling under routes from the slot position (out of necessity) because flanked out wide the Jets picked up Jenning with Cromatie/Revis while they weren't on him in the slot/on the under routes.

Anyone notice Driver get injured and leave the game in the second quarter? AR also twisted his left ankle when turning awkwardly in the 4th.

GREAT (unexpected) win. Bring on Dallas.

Ruppert's picture

Rodgers is slumping, but I can't beat him up too bad. He played on the road, in the windy Meadowlands, against probably the best defense in football. And the BIGGEST thing is, the Jets were coming off a bye and probably gave Rodgers a whole bunch of unscouted looks. I have to think a lot of QBs in this league, in the same scenario, would have turned the ball over a lot.

Mike NJ's picture

I give credit to Jordy Nelson for making some key completions. He definitely was the key receiver on offense this game. Rodgers hasn't been the same since the concussion. Hopefully he shakes it off and gets his head back in the game. Was lovin the Defense at the game yesterday...Was great having seeing my team play live again. GO PACK GO chant at the end of the 4th rocked!

PackRat's picture


JerseyCheese's picture

Cow Chips -- Vikings Organization for giving the Patriots a third round pick for Moss, then releasing him a few weeks later. LOL, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

Pooch's picture

Woo Hoo the Purple Empire is crumbling

Nate's picture

"Empire" might be a little generous, no?

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