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"Chips Report" From Packers Win Vs. Cowboys

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"Chips Report" From Packers Win Vs. Cowboys

Our weekly designations from the Green Bay Packers' 9-0 victory over the New York Jets...

Blue Chips

  • Clay Matthews–Matthews performed so well on Sunday night, he probably would have earned a blue chip even if he hadn't returned the interception for a touchdown. He has an innate ability to make offensive linemen look silly. And the further he's removed from his hamstring injury, the better he's becoming. Matthews also had a sack, two passes defended, two quarterback hits and two tackles for a loss in what was a dominating performance.
  • Aaron Rodgers–No doubt turning in his best performance of the year, Rodgers was nearly flawless. Had a few incomplete passes found their intended target, and he's looking at a perfect passer rating. Rodgers finished the night hitting 27 of 34 passes for 289 yards with 3 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Third downs were converted, and Rodgers appears to be back on track.

Red Chips

  • Jarrett Bush–It was without a doubt the best game of Bush's career. Each of his impact plays may have been overturned had they been reviewed, but it doesn't matter. They're in the books. Bush forced a fumble on a kickoff that led to a Nick Collins touchdown. And then Bush recovered a fumble of his own on a muffed punt by Dallas. Bush is the special teams star of the day.
  • James Jones–Had his performance not been bookended by a fumble and a drop that could have turned into an interception, Jones probably could have been in the blue chip category. As it were, Jones led the team with eight catches for 128 yards including a touchdown. More than that, he displayed the big play ability the Packers needed without the services of Donald Driver or Jermichael Finley. Jones just needs to be consistent and he could be a big contributor down the stretch. Charles Woodson was very worthy of a red chip as well.

Cow Chips

  • Nick Collins–Collins had a huge fumble return for a touchdown in what was an otherwise positive performance, but one lapse in judgement marred an otherwise memorable evening. Bigby had every opportunity to break down and lower his head when attempting to put a hit on Roy Williams. Depending on whether or not the league wants to make an example out of Nick Collins, he may be subject to suspension. I don't think Collins intentionally hit Williams in his head, but it doesn't matter. He did, and he didn't have to.
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aussiepacker's picture

I think everyone had a good game today. It was awesome to see the cowboys get thrashed. Also interesting to see lang at left tackle at the end instead of switching with bulaga.

lebowski's picture

They don't wanna mess with Bulaga. Like Harris, Tauscher has lost his starting job to injury and a young guy playing better in his stead.

nerdmann's picture

Props to my man Shields. Bit INT and big kick return.
Also appears to have held off Al Harris for the nickel spot. Dude's gonna be a player. Already is.

Chad's picture

I think he deserves a Red Chip, really. Sure, he gave up the lone TD in the game, but I think he definitely made up for it with his performances elsewhere.

Also... on the Jones fumble, it almost looked like Nelson was just waiting for him to cough up the ball. Kind of funny, actually.

davyjones's picture

Tramon had a great, great game on D---again---but as a PR he gets a cow. He's gotta move north-south.

Kick coverage also gets a cow. the average starting spot after a KO had to be the 35.

But when you gotta look this hard for shortcomings, it's a pretty good week to be a packer fan.

MarkinMadison's picture

Assuming the Packers release Harris, I think that the Packers need to take a second look at the PR situation. There is no insurance policy now. As well as Shields has played, he is not a replacement for Williams, and nobody likes the depth behind him.

Jose's picture

Thought Mason Crosby deserved a cow chip... the FG attempt was ridiculously low and he had a kickoff go out of bounds.

Brian Carriveau's picture

The field goal wasn't ridiculously low. All long field goals have a low trajectory. You can't blame Crosby.

The kickoff, yes.

Daniel's picture

Great stuff as always. Obviously you were so drunk with joy you made several misstatements (I. E. Jets, interception, Bigbi) just a heads up. Go pack!

thepretzelhead's picture

What a bummer, a performance like that gives me nothing to say. THat's why we must get rid of TT and MM! (Where are those sack TT and MM people anyway?)

Think we saw what a team looks like that needs to sack their leadership. Consistency at the top, consistency on the field.

CSS's picture

Jones played better, yes. That being said, he had the good fortune of dropping an easy touchdown pass and fumbling in a blowout instead of a close game. We criticize him for his inconsistancy, only he did it inside of a single game (instead of game-to-game) and we won in a blowout against a terrible secondary.

I'm not advocating a cow chip or anything, but this is the exact reason he's driving fans insane. Feels inconsistant to now honor him.

MarkinMadison's picture

I agree as it relates to the fumble. Everyone will miss some catches. He made his percentages last night. JJ needs to have more nights like last night before he'll get the contract that he no doubt thinks he deserves.

CSS's picture

"Everyone will miss some catches."

Difficult (leaping, over the shoulder, diving, tip-toeing on the boundary) catches will be a challange for every receiver, agreed.

Dropping a 10 yard crossing route that hits you in the hands, no.

CSS's picture

Matthews deserves the priase and publicity.

Pssst - His draft mate, B.J. Raji, is quitely having one of the more dominant seasons at the nose tackle in the NFL. He's doing it weekly.....

PackersThad's picture

yes, Raji is being studly too! He's always in the backfield, and I have NEVER seen a lineman better able to sniff out screens. As soon as he gets a free release and sees what's up he stops pursuit and heads towards the running back.

Also, that Howard Green pickup is looking better and better.

PackersThad's picture

Jones is maddening. He made some spectacular plays, but he dropped that easy pass and had that fumble. Had Jordy Nelson not been there, this could've be an entirely different game.

Which leads to this, Jordy Nelson is really showing his worth. Not only with the fumble pickup, but DID YOU SEE that back shoulder catch?? Nelson and Rodgers are getting devastating at that...Ridiculous!!

Brandon Jackson had a good game too, and he starting to show a little bit of vision when his lanes are blocked. He just needs to react quicker in the future

jay's picture

Lots of people will look at the 2008 draft and wring their hands about how we could have gotten Desean Jackson. Nelson, however, is the tall possession receiver that can really make this offense hum.

Ron LC's picture

MM went back to the 09' game plan and deserves some credit. 38-22 ball control and, if I remember my #'s, 11 of 14 on 3rd down. Capers needs some love too.

packerwest's picture

MM must be looking at this website. Finally called some screen passes,Rogers was consistantly given an outlet pass option and even a beautiful draw play to Kuhn! Best playcalling all year.Also glad MM did not take his foot off the pedal when the Pack has a lead like he tends to do. This game plan should work good against the Vikes and Giants!

thepretzelhead's picture

I agree. Either we are pointing out the obvious, or CTV is the one source the coaching staff turns to for insight on building a dynasty. I'll send them a bill!

Norman's picture

If JJ catches that dropped TD pass on the slant (that hit him right in the hands), would that have made Rodgers passer rating perfect?

I for one am not yet ready to drink the James Jones Kool-Aid (ha ha)!

cpheph1's picture

Brian, I agree with your comments except for the cow-chip to Nick Collins. It was not intentional...$#!+ happens.

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