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"Chips Report" From Packers Win Vs. 49ers

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"Chips Report" From Packers Win Vs. 49ers

Our weekly designations from the Green Bay Packers' 34-16 win over the San Francisco 49ers...

Blue Chips

  • Greg Jennings–Continuing his string of recent solid play, Jennings led the team in both receptions and receiving yards with 6 for 122 yards. After falling behind 6-0, his second quarter touchdown kept the Packers up for good. Going deep on free play when the 49ers jumped offsides, Jennings and Rodgers displayed great awareness. And his second touchdown of the game made of 11 on the year.
  • Aaron Rodgers–For the fifth consecutive game, Rodgers didn't throw a single interception. Seemingly ever since the Packers started their four-game winning streak earlier in the season, Rodgers has been on fire. He was 21 of 30 for 298 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions on Sunday against the 49ers, while staking his claim to a Pro Bowl berth.

Red Chips

  • James Starks–He needs work in pass protection and has to do the little things like remembering to stay in bounds while milking the clock, but for a rookie making his NFL debut, Starks did fantastic. Leading the way with 18 carries for 73 yards, he looked impressive by showing some determined running, bouncing off tacklers and falling forward. And consider that several of those carries came in the fourth quarter when the Niners knew that the Packers would run just to run time off the clock. Compared to Brandon Jackson's four carries, it's probably safe to say Starks is the Packers' featured back.
  • John Kuhn–Looking at his yardage only belies Kuhn's production. While he only had 13 yards on six carries, five out of Kuhn's six carries went for either a first down or a touchdown. Utilized perfectly, he's at his best when he's used only as a short-yardage back and a fullback. With Starks now in the picture, Kuhn shouldn't be needed to carry the ball on a consistent basis, which fits his talents.

Cow Chips

  • Chad Clifton–It's not entirely due to Clifton, but some of the offense's shortcomings are one the shoulders of the offensive line. Four sacks allowed and a running game that sputtered at times showed the offense wasn't always operating at peak efficiency. Clifton was the weak link.
  • Tight ends–Between three running back sets and the "Big Five," the tight end is seemingly being phased out of the Packers' offense. That's an exaggeration, but with only one catch by Andrew Quarless and none by either Donald Lee or Tom Crabtree, the tight ends aren't exactly being looked at as a significant threat in the passing game.
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ILpackfan's picture

The Refs should of got a cow chip for the bad call on Rodgers intentional grounding penalty.

Bogmon's picture

I think the offsides on Defense where they called a dead-ball was almost worse. The Packers clearly had an opportunity at a 'free-play' and the refs negated a long completion.
By far the worst officiating the Packers have seen since Soldier Field.

SpartaChris's picture

To be fair, we did get one back. He grounded the ball a second time, but they didn't call it.

I agree with Bogmon- The two times the refs blew the play dead when we had a free play drove me nuts and should have definitely earned them a cow chip.

Norman's picture

Cow chip for Mason Crosby, although you could give him that every week it seems.

Norman's picture

Oh, and how can Donald Driver not get a Blue Chip for that one TD alone.

Bogmon's picture

No one makes that play the way that Donald Driver can...shuckin' ; jookin'n'jivin'..then just powerin' thru.
It was everything you love about Double D encapsulated into one glorious play.

seekr's picture

That play was classic Driver encapsulated in one play.

SpiderPack's picture

Exactly as I felt it. We're gonna miss him some day . . . but not yet!!

CSS's picture

I thought the safety play was pretty bad today, Peprah had his first really bad play. They're both lucky Smith has such bad/inconsistant accuracy because guys were open.

They'll bounce back, but the overall safety play was bad.

Bogmon's picture

Once again....Greg Jennings...Put da team on his back doood.

As Aaron said earlier:Smoothest route runner since James Lofton , but higher production.

This guy is Canton bound.

jack in jersey city's picture

i didn't think nick collins was very good today. i have a feeling that he's pretty banged up

Tarynfor 12's picture

Even on his debut,where many gave him no chance and expected to give nothing to the team,he goes out and has a very good game and that wasn't enough for you.

You have been given a gift via the 6th rd and should rejoice in his play and know that the other areas needed are and will come to the top.

Starks is the real deal and I have said it from draft day(verifiable)that he will be the one.Grant and Starks will be awesome.

WoodyG's picture

I think most want to give JS the credit he's due but want to wait for a few more productive games first ...... Also, need to remember that there are some "BJ Apologists" in the crowd ......

Omaha Scott's picture

Very solid win today. Starks looked good for his first game. Rodgers / Jennings what can I say.... When are we gonna look into an extension for Sitton - he really is having a pro bowl year. Next four games are very tough and it's nice to see that we have a glimmer of hope with a running game....

Ruppert's picture

And the Football Gods spaketh, saying "Rejoice in thine gift of Starks! He shalt leadeth thou from injury into the land of milk and beerfarts."

Seriously, though. I like the way Starks looked. However, as mentioned by Nagler and BC, he needs to figure out pass protection or he's not going to see the field. He's not so good that he can just skip it.

Continued special teams penalties and poor performance is a cow chip. We HAVE to do better at special teams if we want to even make the playoffs, let alone win playoff games.

corey jenkins's picture

Luv ya Brian, but "string of solid play" when describing Jennings in the past five games is a crime. He's been the best receiver in the league in that stretch. And at 11 TDs already, it will also be a crime when he doesn't make the Pro Bowl.

Bogmon's picture

Greg has been stellar.

He'll make the ProBowl...I have no doubt.

WoodyG's picture

Only R. White has more yards in the NFC than GJ ..... Only C. Johnson has more TDs rec. 12 to 11 (in the NFC) ....

PackersRS's picture

Tramon Williams. Clay Matthews. Greg Jennings. Aaron Rodgers.

If any of those guys don't make the pro bowl, I'm never going to watch it again...

We have other deserving guys, but it's a TRAVESTY if any of those 4 guys don't make it.

Andrew's picture

People watch the probowl?

MarkinMadison's picture


tyler21's picture

We need to hand out a blue chip to Mr Zombo, he played a great game and not to mention 2 sacks!

bleedsgreen's picture

the throwbacks were sweet. looked the perfect mix of old school / new school.

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree. I loved them.

Jack's picture

Those uniforms were awesome. I hope they become a fixture at Lambeau (I know they aren't meant to, but a guy can hope.)

Ricky's picture

Agreed. Jennings wore some brown and gold cleats and JJ had some gold accents on his gloves that really made the finishing touches on their unis.

FITZCORE1252's picture

They were getting DESTROYED on sports radio today. Jim Rome was particuly unkind (I think it was in the last 10-15 minutes of his 2nd or 3rd hour, worth a listen). I dug 'em.

frosty's picture

Throw me in with the "let's not crown him yet" crowd for Starks. I think he looked good, and sure the niners might have been thinking run in the 4th quarter...but the way our passing game was shredding them, could they really commit to it? 4.1 ypc is decent, not amazing. I'm optimistic, but i'd like to see more of the same before we start getting ahead of ourselves.

And also, let's not forget that with today on film it will be painfully obvious we're going to run the ball any time he's in the game.

PackersThad's picture

"If you want to crown his ass, then crown his ass!!"

Tarynfor 12's picture

Like most have said,"he hasn't played in two years",but played better than anyone we have and has played this year,including the "Nance Man" who most every one thinks should play instead.

Overkill's picture

Seriously though.

fatalflaw's picture

must be wishful thinking.....your headline on the main page says 34-16 win over the ----Atlanta Falcons!!!!

fatalflaw's picture

sorry----not the headline but directly under says falcons instead of niners----nitpicker huh?
Also....where is Clay Matthews lately?

corey jenkins's picture

I agree that the Pro Bowl means zilch as far as entertainment, but it does mean somthing to the players to get voted in. Megatron and White are in, and Jennings should be next. But I wouldn't be shocked if someone like Fitzgerald, Maclin, DeShawn Jackson or Colston get through solely based on name recognition and the market they're in. If you go by production this year alone, Jennings is the second best WR in the NFC hands down.

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