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"Chips Report" From Packers 2013 Family Night Scrimmage

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"Chips Report" From Packers 2013 Family Night Scrimmage

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the annual intra-squad scrimmage Saturday night at Lambeau Field...

Blue Chips

  • Graham Harrell––Harrell displayed a command of the Packers offense at Packers' Family Night on Saturday and looked significantly better that B.J. Coleman, his competition for the No. 2 quarterback job in Green Bay. Harrell led the offense to a touchdown on the seventh drive of the scrimmage, a 16-yard swing pass to running back Angelo Pease. He also led the team to a field goal on drive No. 3.
  • The No.1 offensive line––For all the shuffling that went on during the offseason, the Packers offensive line looked downright dominant on Saturday evening. Granted, they were competing against the second-string defense, but there's no doubt they took a step in the right direction. Better yet, seven players received playing time with the offensive line––Bryan Bulaga, Josh Sitton, Evan Dietrich-Smith, Marshall Newhouse, Don Barclay and David Bakhtiari––and every one of them looked good. With that kind of performance, there's reason to believe the sacks taken by Aaron Rodgers will decrease.

Red Chips

  • Eddie Lacy––It doesn't appear to be just wishful thinking that the Packers' run game will improve in 2013. If Lacy's showing on Saturday night was any indication, he'll make a major impact on the Green Bay offense. He ran with power and always seemed to be falling forward, at times making something out of nothing. It's early, but he ran with more decisiveness than fellow rookie Johnathan Franklin.
  • Datone Jones––Had it been a game environment and defenders were actually allowed to hit the quarterback, Jones may have put a devastating hit on B.J. Coleman on the fourth drive of the game. Facing third-and-13, the drive came to a close when Jones closed on Coleman and the play was called dead. All evening long, Jones looked like the real deal, holding his own against the Packers offensive line.

Cow Chips

  • Mason Crosby––Not only did Crosby go 2-for-6 on field goals on Saturday night, his misses included a 46-yarder off the upright, a miss from 53 yards far right of the goalpost and two misses from very makable distances of 33 and 37 yards. Crosby has to be on very thin ice after converting only one-third of his field goals, and displaying the same difficulties he had a season ago. He must get better and fast. The Packers can't allow struggles this bad to continue for long.
  • B.J. Coleman––For someone vying for the backup quarterback job, Coleman has to play better than he did Saturday night. He threw two costly interceptions, one of them returned for a touchdown by first-year player James Nixon and the other occurring in the end zone, picked of by Brandon Smith, another unheralded cornerback. Coleman's timing was off and he stared down his receivers. If the season started today, Harrell would be the better option.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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jmac3444's picture

can't wait to see Jones and Lacy in an actual preseason game

Lucky953's picture

Crosby is on life support. Why the hell don't they have three kickers competing? Is Sergio really the best guy available? I understand Masthay could kickoff if Serge doesn't have the leg.
What a good feeling to have your top two draft picks play like they are.
Any second year guys standout?

Toni M's picture

Crosby's competition for PK is GIORGIO Tavecchio from Cal. He kicked off and place kicked in college. Thus far, after Family NIght, Giorgio is ahead of the game. I feel for Crosby as he has been successful up until the last couple of seasons. Remember last season when it was 4th and 1....McCarthy opted for a first down and Rodgers delivered, as opposed to going for the field goal. Kicking is a very personal and spiritual's you against the uprights and defense. It's an art. Unfortunately, and needless to say, Crosby's consistency in FG's has declined. Tavecchio thus far is 16-19 in converting field goals. Family Night with 65,000 fans, noise, cheers, pressure, competition, and Tavecchio made it happen. Forza Tavecchio! #7!!!

Lucky953's picture

Haha. MM referred to him as "Sergio" in a presser last week. I guess we all better learn his name now

Bearmeat's picture

Any word on how Perry looked? How about McMillan and MD Jennings?

Nikko's picture

TT may have struck gold this year with Jones, Lacy, and Bakthiari.

chris's picture

Perry got some pressure but it sounds like Bakthiari did pretty well against him

WisconsInExile's picture

Interesting that Crosby's pre-season cumulative percentage is 63.2%, and his season total for last year was almost identical at 63.6%. That pretty much tells me everything I need to know. He just can't shake the yips, especially from his arch nemesis: the right hash.

Wisconsinexile's picture

I definitely will take accuracy over loft. Gorgio basically gets us back to Ryan Longwell, but with a guy who actually *wants* to be a Packer. His limited range compared to Crosby actually makes McCarthy's decision-making much simpler: Are we within our kicker's range? If yes, kick; if not, punt/go for it.

Jamie's picture

Excellent point in making FG decisions much more straightforward.

Ryan's picture

Honestly, it would be better for us if we had someone who couldn't hit 50 yarders because statistically it's usually better to go for it. I was excited during the Crosby's slump last year: our lack of faith in our kicker led to us making more correct (statistically) decisions.

Wisconsinexile's picture


Joshua's picture

Nick Perry looked better in space than last year. Most likely due to the weight loss. Surprisingly Perry was wearing a cast and wasn't able to fully engage on pass rushes.
I'm curious to see how long he will have to wear the cast. Perry didn't have the same pop on his bull rush with the cast.

Datone is the real deal. 12-15 sacks this year.

Crosby smh

Bulaga got better footwork as the game went on. Excellent downfield run blocking also. Which was critical for those explosive runs.

Jeremy Ross was the intended receiver on both interceptions. Was excellent in return
game. Truly reminded me of Desmond Howard with speed and movement.

McMillan was fast to the LOS but late in coverage in front of him. Downhill he is a missile. Back pedaling then breaking on a pass he is average. Which is the reason Jennings is splitting reps for the starter position.

Mike Daniels was nondescript. Moved well and stayed square. Wasn't a factoring rushing the passer.

Johnny Jolly was up and down. Lang buckled him once. Jolly took awhile before using better footwork and not relying on brute strength. If Jolly wants to play he'll have to be more consistent with technique.

Stroh's picture

Just curious how you know the correct footwork the Packer wanted the DL to use. Just a couple days ago, Trgo was complimenting and using Jolly as the example of the best footwork on the DL. Now your saying his footwork sucks? Who do I believe you or the DL coach? Which way do you think I'm leaning?

Idiot Fan's picture

According to GBPG, Daniels was up all night due to the birth of his second child. I think we can give him a pass for last night.

I bleed Green More's picture

I really like Lacy and Micha Hyde play. Baktari looks like the real deal, several other players did ok, how about Mastay with some of the longest kick offs of the night.

nick perry's picture

Hope Nick Perry starts to do what he was brought into to do. I've read that he is doing better so that's at least encouraging. For a 3-4 defense to work at it's best, the two outside LB need to combine for about 25 sacks. I'd take 17 for Clay and 8 for Nick. I think I remember reading they would leave he cast on throughout the preseason, just for safety precautions. Love the news about Jones, Lacy and Bakhtieri. Like other readers posted, possible home runs by Ted T. I especially like to hear this about Lacy. We play 2 of the 3 teams (Cleveland and Pittsburgh) that drafted other running backs, when they could have taken Lacy. Lastly there's Crosby. It's time for Mike McCarthy to practice what he preaches about being accountable, and cut his losses with Crosby. 3 for 8 at a family night scrimmage? This team, if healthy can win a SB. The Packers have 4 preseason games to figure out who's the kicker. IMO the Packers should take the cap hit and cut Crosby. Bring in some veterans (If available) or college FA, and find a kicker. The beautiful thing about Thompson is that he's the absolute best at managing the cap. The Packers have less dead cap money than any other team in the NFL, they can afford the dead money from cutting Crosby.

Brooklyn81's picture

Cincinatti and Pittsburgh

packsmack25's picture

The Packers got 19.5 sacks from OLBs in 2010. They also got inside pressure from Jenkins. That's where Jones comes in.

redlights's picture

What? You're nick perry writing about Nick Perry. I thought you were the real person! haha.

You really should decide if you want to give Crosby 4 exhibition games to get squared away, or cut him. Your post goes both ways. I've was a big supporter of Mason last year; but after watching the game last night, OUCH!

Fish . Crane's picture

you must be one as a kicker ...not two. Seven...that's crazy enough that it works.

Lars's picture

red chip---James Nixon and Bakhtiari. Brian needs to come up with a lower designation than "cow chip" for Mason Crosby. He's that bad.

Mr.Bigg's picture

Crosby needs to cleanse. Native american shaman could do wonders with this guy. Don't give up- we don't give up on people. Tiger woods came back from playing poorly- Crosby can come back.

Lucky953's picture

Tiger ( like Crosby) is no longer a closer.

Evan's picture

During a live chat a few days ago, I asked Brian would have to happen for Crosby to realistically lose his job. I think we're seeing it.

elhandro's picture

Missing one kick under 40 is bad enough, two is just crazy.

Al Fresco's picture

BJ Coleman was awful. D backs were feeding off him looking directly at the receiver. who often was well covered.

Thought, and maybe it's just me, but Franklin did not show me that burst of speed I thought he was supposed to have. Pease on the other hand looked like a solid back with speed and good hands.

Eric Jefcoat's picture

Hey, Brian! I love that you're using blue chips, red chips, and cow chips!! Good job, man! Mason Crosby... Definite. Cow. Chip.


retiredgrampa's picture

I look for Crosby to improve (temporarily), then revert back during the season. BAD timing.

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