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Chiefs: 19 Packers: 14

By Category

Chiefs: 19 Packers: 14

Ryan Grant, Tim Masthay, T.J. Lang

The Bad

The Bad

Mason Crosby, Marshall Newhouse, Jermichael Finley

The Bad

The Bad

The Defensive Line



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andrew harman's picture

thought our defense played well.. stout in the red zone. if the offense decided to show up today the defense had this set up to be a rout.. that said not really worried about it.. injuries on the line are kind of scary at the moment.. but jennings will hopefully be back clifton hopefully will come back. tauscher? but finley really is terribly inconsistent.. losing my appreciation for him as a player show boats when he makes a catch.. then proceeds to drop 4 of them.

BubbaOne's picture

"thought our defense played well.. stout in the red zone."

Have trouble hanging my hat on this. The D gave up 438 yds; had 0 Sacks, 0 Int's. Couldn't stop KC in crunch time at the end.
The KC offense had the ball 36:11 minutes, ran 23 more plays (had 39 run plays), avg'd 9.6 yds per pass play.

The bar this D has set is only safe for limbo dancers.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

They had time of possession, because our offense couldn't move the chains. Fact is the defense held them to under 20 points.
Are they frustrating? Hell yes, but they held up as far as I'm concerned.

MikeNJ's picture

Couldn't agree with you more about Finley. Ok we get it you caught the ball!

Rodgers was off on a few throws (Thanks to Newhouse getting schooled all day) but the receivers didn't adjust either. Hopefully our O-Line woes get better when Clifton is back.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Now that perfection is unattainable, I trust that Coach will take the next three weeks to get our team as healthy as possible for what really matters... The divisional round. I don't care if we're 13-3 or 15-1, just get healthy. If Bulaga and Clifton are ready for that week along with Greg, James, Brandon and Demand, I will be feeling very confident. In a perfect world Clifton will be ready next week and get two games to ease back in here and there and knock the rust off. But when it's all said and done, the road to Indy in the NFC will go through Lambeau, and yes, even after today, I firmly believe we will be representing in Indy.


FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Desmond that is.

bryce's picture

agree...and depending on the severity of bulaga's injury, we might need to give tausch a buzz and see what he's up to...

Jack's picture

Okay, please don't pile on me for wondering about this, but do all the dropped passes have anything at all to do with coaching? Is Edgar Bennett dealing with the mental lapses of his players in a way that helps them overcome them? Or is Finley just ADD? So frustrating to watch him out there with his stiff robotic hands.

AJKUHN's picture

I think guys were trying to do too much. The whole perfect season thing might have gotten in peoples heads. Wouldn't be surprised to see a smooth relaxed team on Christmas. I don't think it is Edgar since this hasn't been a problem all year, and JFin is coached by Ben McAdoo. I guess we shall see.

June's picture

I'm not that great at determining which player was at fault in a play unless its painfully obvious, but I'm wondering what you guys think - how was Hawk's play? Would Francois have been a better option?

Also, I think Jermichael will be fine-he just needs to get out of his own head. When he's having a good game, it's REALLY good and when he drops a pass starting off-he drops them throughout the game. This was never an issue in past years and I don't think it should become one now..

packeraaron's picture

I had Hawk in the Bad and took him out. But not one of his best days.

And you are spot-on regarding Finley.

NoWayJose's picture

AJ kills me. You watch him reading the play... and he waits... and thenl ets the ballcarrier come to him, where he tries to drag the guy down (usually adding 3-4yards to the carry).

Step up and make a decisive play man! Get in the backfield!

That said, i agree he doesn't get a bad this week with such a rich field of contenders!

tony's picture

I think this game exposed DJ Smith's cover skills more than the other games... still has that nose, but when it comes to awareness in terms of coverage, he's seriously lacking.

packeraaron's picture

I really think that had more to do with the Chiefs using playaction so effectively. Everyone on the Packers defense got sucked in by playaction, leaving guys running free in the secondary. I thought overall, Smith played a fine game.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

Masthay was awesome. I like the inclusion of Lang. Dude's tough and can play. Glad he's on our team.

mitch's picture

Sorry, but finleys been a pass dropper for several weeks this year. Not just this week. Starting to think quarless is the long term solution.

packsmack25's picture

You're assuming Quarless makes it back any time soon. He may not be back til 2013, if ever.

Morli's picture

Charles Woodson would have been deserving of a good, but I also see the guys, that are on there.
As for Crosby: A 54-yarder in heavy winds is far from given, for pretty much everyone in the league. Still, I've seen much better onsides from this guy.

davyjones's picture

While pass skills are lacking (and hopefully this can be coached up & experience alone will help), I love the way DJ Smith hits. There is a ferocity to him that Hawk has never had.

Tommyboy's picture

Honorable mention to Randall Cobb, the only receiver without a drop.

fish/crane's picture

The play calling may get it's first bad of the year. Coach M. has been great - but when the winds of Decemeber blow- and you are having success on the ground... just 12 carries at 5+ per rush didn't sit well with an old schooler.

But that was yesterday! Onward and upward HO.

packeraaron's picture

Totally agree Fish.

Bearmeat's picture

Agreed. I think there's 99 ways we win that game, and just 1 we lose it. Obviously everything went wrong or was poorly thought out/executed.

I mean, WHY did MM not call on #25 more when he was doing well, especially with the passing game off and AR taking so much heat?

I am starting to hope that AJ Hawk is the world's most expensive backup linebacker when Desmond comes back...

CSS's picture

There's really no 'positive' to the injury situation on the offensive line, but you have to think Rodgers, McCarthy and staff will sit down today and tomorrow to assess the situation and adjust a part of their playbook in a way that will help them during the playoffs:

*Back to 3 & 5 step drops, emphasis on release.

*More 2 TE sets, max pro.


*They can expect nothing but cover 2,3 & 4 with 4 man rushes the rest of the year. Drag Cobb, Jones and said TE's in front of the deep zones.

*TE's chip and release, quick targets.

*20+ carries, delays and misdirection.

Feels like it's healthy to get back to a quick tempo, underneath game.

Rodgers can be almost flawless as a QB, but his two old habits that pop up year-to-year: refusal to checkdown, sitting at the top of a 7 step drop without stepping into the pocket.

Sounds crazy, but the O-line situation could positively force McCarthy and Rodgers to refocus just in time to avoid this type of game in the playoffs.

Bearmeat's picture

Agreed. That, and they need to run the ball. They should've done it yesterday - they should do it for the rest of the year.

CSS's picture

It's not so much volume, just not the identity or strength of this team. It's how they do it strategically. Hali is one of the best pure pass-rushers in the game. Win, lose or draw you need to run at him more than anybody else. Packers running game will always be a strategic pawn with McCarthy.

They really should have chipped him early on short crossing routes, ran at him and pulled Sitton/Lang at him.

They just didn't hit Hali early and often to keep him off balance. Assuming Grant should have had 25 carries, no fewer than 15 of those should have been right at Hali's nose.

scott amacher's picture

Great post couldn't have said it better myself.

bryce's picture

i'd like to add:

*run the ball with the suddenly revitalized grant

*call mark tauscher

CSS's picture

Tauscher will always be one of my all-time favorites, love him. That being said, guy is done. He was a turnstile at the end of his career when 'healthy'. I use 'healthy' in quotes because he never will be. He's accumulated the equivalent of a decade plus of 10 mph car collisions playing the position. I would address depth from the practice squad before ever considering Tauscher.

bryce's picture

maybe you're right. i just feel like, maybe he could give us something now that we may not have either sherrod or bulaga for awhile. if we're not careful, we won't have rodgers before this whole thing is said and done either.

Nerd's Laptop's picture

Arodge needs to get the ball out.

bryce's picture

i don't think he had anywhere to get the ball out to yesterday

Bearmeat's picture

Well, the good news IMO is that the defense didn't give up the ghost during the game. When they needed to play lights out in the red zone they did.

I don't want to lose, but I'd rather lose 19-14 than 42-38. You know this won't happen to the offense again, as long as they can get even somewhat healthy.

djbonney138's picture

How about the PI calls on Nelson, those should be in the ugly.

Pack66's picture

Well...well..well... the mighty have FALLEN...YES...Santa delivered an early Christmas present to me....(does the happy dance)...

Looks like there are MORE than just a few chinks in the GB armor...and I'm not talking about railroad workers in the west...

Looks like when conditions aren't exactly perfect and the refs aren't on the bandwagon..Then "Mr. Perfect", AROD is a little less than perfection....especially in windy conditions...

But you guys won't bitch about your Golden Boy...even when he does screw up...

Thanks, Santa..

CSS's picture

How sad and unrewarding must a persons life be to have waited 20 games and spend roughly 10 months by his computer just waiting to write something of this nature.

Poor creature. Poor, poor creature...

AJKUHN's picture

He doesn't seem to understand we frequent this site because we love our team, not because we hate a different team. ARod wasn't great, but I know he is more upset about it then I am. (Golem, gasp wheeze, Golem)

packeraaron's picture

<em>Oh…how the mighty have FALLEN…</em>

You're right Pack. I don't know how I'll ever get over the Packers being 13-1. Just end the season now.

AJKUHN's picture

Yeah, on that note when does your draft coverage start?

IowaPackFan's picture

Trolls gonna troll.

bryce's picture

haters be hatin'

PackersRS's picture

Man, I hate to tell you, but Santa Claus isn't real. It's your mother that buys the presents.

fish/crane's picture

? huh?

Pack66's picture

The wheels are starting to fall off the bus in GB'S (and the leagues) pursuit to PERFECTION...hahaha.

I think it's a "one and done" in the playoffs this year...


SCriptura's picture

I can tell you are a Vikings fan. I live in MN, I know that right now all they did was wait until GB lost (barely) then pounced, while I had forgotten they even had an NFL team.

Tommyboy's picture

You're a Vikings fan, right? I'm just curious where the irrational spaz is coming from. You waited 20 games for this, didn't you?

Tommyboy's picture

I also seem to recall you saying they wouldn't even make the playoffs last year.

I'm sure you'll enjoy acting like a petulant child every time the Packers lose. I'm just surprised you think you're somehow more intelligent as a result.

By the way, I do appreciate how you fail to respond to anything. You come in, say something like a coward, then run away. Well played, you represent your team well.

CSS's picture

Is McCarthy's inside hand-off to Kuhn becoming this generations wrap-around draw we used to see from Lindy Infante (only opposite down-and-distance)?

Dammit I hated that play.....

ibleedgrnngold's picture

i cant think of any other play that infuriates me more. it is Never. NEVER successful. even if it comes as a surprise to the D. its john friggin kuhn. he aint going to get to ten yards. mccarthy should have stuck with grant who seems to finally be playing better...perhaps because he realized hed soon be the #3 if he didnt stop slacking

Tommyboy's picture

Ahhh...the ol' reach-around. I forgot about that play.

packeraaron's picture

For good reason. ;)

PackersRS's picture

Yes. If they didn't know it was coming before the formation, the RB going in motion sealed the deal.

McCarthy is probably going to do something completely different comes the postseason, as he did last year. He's setting tendencies.

At least I hope so.

IowaPackFan's picture

God, I hope no Packers were on Sam Hurd's client list. They sure played like they had something else on their minds.

PackersRS's picture

Nailed it.

darrin's picture

After watching the Niners last night, God I hope we don't play them. Aldon Smith against any of our tackles gives me chills. I'd rather have the Saints at home in January than that SF defense anytime. Rodgers vs Brees in a shootout, especially the way the Saints play on the road, would be better than ARod running for his life.

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