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Cheesehead Talk

I haven't taken a solid pot shot at a Packers site in quite some time. But when I see a blatant ripoff like this I really can't help myself. Not only is it completely uncreative, it's completely clueless as well. More importantly, where has people's sense of pride in their own creativity disappeared to? It's really quite tragic.

As much as it pains me to say, we all know that CheeseheadTV has branded itself solidly over the years as perhaps the number one non-media or team run Packers entity in the world. Yes, in the world. If you are a Packers fan on the internet you know it, you probably go there, and it has a flavor unique to itself. That as it is, the recent opening of is not only a disgrace, it's a slap in the face to creatives the world over.

I'm all for Packer sites. I'm a Packer fan. What I am not for is ripping off the hard work of others. Even worse, ripping them off and doing a poor job of it. Cheesehead Talk has done just that, and needs to not only change their theme but find themselves a whole lot of help in figuring out the facts.

I now will offer my analytical services free of charge.

To start, you are not solely a Packers site. I dig other Wisconsin sports too, but the Cheesehead is Packers. Although the first cheesehead was made and worn at a Brewer game, everyone knows it was adopted and now is primarily reserved in association with the Packers. You may see a head or two at a Brewers game, maybe one at a Bucks game, but it's all about the Packers and always will be.

You also have absolutely zero creativity. Your site is so similar to CheeseheadTV that it's scary. From your show, to the little icons on your website, it's obvious whoever decided to go this route was using CHTV as a model. I'm sorry, but it's too blatant to deny. Not to mention doing an admirably crappy job of accomplishing your task. If you're going to borrow someone's idea at least try to enhance it, not downgrade it to some knockoff-perfume-like copy-cat.

Even with all this said, the worst thing of all is your obvious complete lack of Packer knowledge. In your recent episode you start by coining Johnny Jolly "The Jolls" which is simply stupid. We all know he's the "Jolly Rancher" so please get that correct. Finally, and most disgraceful of all is this:

"We have millions of dollars under the salary cap."

Really? Seriously? We have millions of dollars under the salary cap. In an uncapped season? Now that's a knowledge bomb.

If you can't come up with your own creative ideas, don't know anything about the Packers, and instead choose to poorly emulate someone who does it better than anyone else, you deserved to be called out. This is a prime example of yet another person with no creative spirit, trying to make a buck off someone else's hard work. You should be ashamed... and kicked in the nuts.

You've been served. Happy Fourth of July.

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Wizard 87's picture

I get your point loud and clear. I f had a dime for every idea I have had stolen from my site I would be rich by now.
I did notice he had that site built by a web design firm and it's custom so I don't think it's as heinous as you might believe it is.
It can't touch Cheeseheadtv so it might be wise to watch the site for awhile and see what gives. Thanks for the heads up Alex.

jerseypackfan's picture

One thing I hate. When people ask me where I`m from and I tell them. The next thing out of their mouths is "Oh, you are a Cheesehead?"

Andyman's picture

Always get that too - amusing the first 500 times, lol...

JohnRehor's picture

I love it when I tell people i'm a Packer fan and the next thing I always, without fail, hear is "But you're from Chicago!" Yep, and the Bears suck. Want to continue the conversation?

What usually floors everyone is i am a 3rd generation Packer fan from Chicago. 80 proud years of Bears suckage coming from my family, all homegrown right here in Chicago.

PWC's picture

My Dad's from Marshfield, but I was born in Chicago, so I'm only the second generation. I get that all the time too. Irritating as heck.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Sterling/Rock Falls. Hour and a half West on I-88 = Same fuckin' deal.


CM52AR12's picture

I'm originally from RF myself, living in Peoria.....god Bears fans are annoying around here..

Erik's picture

You can't hit him too hard for talking about the room left under the cap, that's been a TT bashing talking point for years for those kids. They can't just shut that off automatically, especially in the face of facts to the contrary. Facts aren't a strong suit for the TT bashing kiddies.

PWC's picture

That's disgusting. They even took the cute little cheese icon too. That's why I finally changed my site name. Too many "cheesehead" sites out there. And I've been around for awhile. Does anyone know how long these guys have been around?

Go Pack Go!

FITZCORE1252's picture

First I heard of them. I went over there and watched a few of their video takes on 'Jolly', 'what would happen if Rodgers went down' and the 'Pack's off-field problems'. I went there with an open mind (I'm always down for some good GBP talk/takes)... those two were god-awful. Just no way around it. They aren't even a poor mans Behnke/Nagler, there is no comparison. It's pretty clear that 'YaharaBay' (never heard of them) has the two of them bent over a table, their verbal 'slurping' was really over the top, I was embarrassed for them. Good thing is, now I can finally put a face to "Asshat" (Ben Larson) and "Scott" (Reed Roberts), I'd assume anyway... gotta be, right?


AC's picture

It's sites like cheeseheadtalk that prevent sites like cheeseheadtv from being taken seriously by the "real" media. Don't get me wrong, I know most real media that cover the Pack respect Aaron and his work, and I'm not even saying that Aaron should care all that much what the real media thinks. But there is still a perception that blogs are run by fanboys in their mother's basement and should not be trusted for insight and knowledge. Cheeseheadtalk furthers that cliche and gives the unenlightened more ammunition to lump all blogs into the same category, several notches below "real" media.

Asshalo's picture

Meh, hadn't heard of them

PackersRS's picture

The thing that really bothers me is the propaganda. I understand trying to make a site profitable. But making a blog for that sole reason is utterly disgusting.

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