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Cardinals: 51 Packers: 45

By Category

Cardinals: 51 Packers: 45

The Good:

Aaron Rodgers, Jermichael Finley, Ryan Grant, Greg Jennings

The Bad:

Jarrett Bush, Nick Collins, Donald Driver

The Ugly:

Dom Capers

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Holly's picture

No Jennings in the Good? Despite a few missed catches, dude showed up. (I imagine Fitz would kill for his moves on a couple of those catches.)

Boothie's picture

Regarding putting Capers in the "Ugly" category...

There's only so much you can do with Smoke and Mirrors.

When we lost Al Harris (and Pat Lee and Will Blackmon) we were toast.

Who would I put in the "Ugly" category?

The Zebras.

tsi431's picture


Why is it every big play involved either Woodson getting tackled by Fitz, or Bush chasing a WR and playing tag with them?

PACKERS.'s picture

Jennings should be in there. What about that awesome catch?!

Jason Albert's picture

Go right ahead and put CHTV up there in the good. Your team's tirelessness and insight continually amazes me, and all you guys made this season roughly 1000x times more enjoyable than it usually is. Huge props, and thank you.

JerseyAl's picture

UGLY: Packers DBs, not Capers. I saw more missed assignments, poor coverage and bad tackling than one man can take. Capers gave them an opportunity to succeed and they failed miserably. And don't tell me they should have blitzed more, because Warner would have killed them on that, just like Favre did. Their best shot was what they tried, but the players weren't up to the task.

maxginsberg's picture

Rather than a defensive struggle, I struggled to even watch what the Packers called a "defense" yesterday. I don't think anyone thought the season would end like this, but the Packers need to be able to stop top tier quarterbacks. Other than an offensive lineman or two, I think the Packers need to draft all defense in April.

CSS's picture

Rolle to Florio after the game:

"Let me tell you something - that dude is scary," Rolle said of Rodgers, per Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports. "we have a great defense, and we were up on him and ready to pounce, and he found ways to tear us apart. "I don't ever want to face him again in my life. I am dead serious. I'll face Drew Brees any day of the week before I face him again.'
In a weekend where Palmer, Brady, McNabb and Flocco laid a complete egg it was wonderful to see Rodgers play so wel.

IronMan's picture

I agree with Jersey Al. I don't blame Dom Capers at all. Our tackling was the worst I have ever seen in a football game.

Bearmeat's picture

I am not happy the Pack lost, but I was thinking this morning - we have not stopped a top tier QB all year, whether from adjusting to a scheme change in the first 8 games, or from injuries late in the year.
We had no chance with that secondary so injured to win it all.
I think what we really need is another freak pass rusher or two, so there's no time for Favre, Roethlisberger, Warner to rip us apart.
Please, please, if there's ANY justice in the world: Cowboys over Minny, and NO/ARI over Cowboys in the championship game!

foundinidaho's picture

I would also place the zebras in the ugly. Those missed offensive pass interference call were huge. Not saying we shouldn't have played well enough to win anyway, and didn't. But they were still pretty blatant screwups that resulted in two Cards' TDs.

loganfromnj's picture

we have harris this game is totally different, you can only hide jarret bush for so long. We need to get a defensive back in the draft that can cover and make plays.

packeraaron's picture

Look - I don't 'blame' Capers whatsoever either. But ultimatley, his guys gave up 45 points (last 7 is on Rodgers) - yes there were missed tackles, yes there were blown assignments. Ultimately, that all falls under his responsibility. It was an ugly defensive performance - and he is in charge of the defense.
Holly, as for Jennings - you're probably right. Adding him now.

Matt Flynn's picture

Another long off season coming. Time to look at the draft. Anyone think TT will do anything in free agency? Cowboys MUST win next weekend. I can handle anything except watching the diva in the NFC championship game or, worse, the SB.

hyperRevue's picture

IronMan - Yes, the tackling was poor, but poor tackling didn't let receivers run wide-open in the middle of the field. Capers needs to take some blame for that.

I'm actually shocked at the defensive performance, especially the rushing defense. Coming into this game, I was more worried that Rodgers would lay an egg than the defense. No idea what happened.

Can't wait for the off-season to start and for the Packers to fill in some holes. Next year is going to be great.

Matt Flynn's picture

@Aaron - Calling the defense "ugly" is being too nice. I have much stronger language to describe what I saw yesterday, but I don't want you to censor me. I still want to see a LT taken in the first or second round of the draft, but I wouldn't mind seeing the other 6 picks be all DBs.

hyperRevue's picture

I don't think it's any mystery that LT and CB/S are going to be the focus of the draft. Plus a new kicker.

Scrumptrulescent's picture

I was so afraid of Warner, and my fears were realized.

IronMan's picture

Things started off poorly, and instead of trusting each other and staying focused on their jobs, everyone was trying to help out everywhere else. That's not Capers' fault.

hyperRevue's picture

IronMan - It kind of is, yeah. It's Caper's and McCarthy's job to keep their players focused.

D.D. Driver's picture

I'd put McCarthy in the good column. Dialing up the onsides kick took some stones.
And Nagler is right, it was an all around awful defensive performance. You can't pin it all on Bush or even on the defensive backfield. The Cardinals put up a buck fifty on the ground. The Packers couldn't stop **anything** run or pass.

hyperRevue's picture

DD Driver - Man, I forgot about the onside kick. What a great call. And for as bad as Crosby is at field goals, he's actually really good at onside kicks. That was executed perfectly.

bucky's picture

3D is right. the secondary did not play well, but you can't pin the entirety of the defensive performance on that unit. The D line was an absolute no-show, both in controlling the line of scrimmage against the run and in putting pressure on Warner. Kurt Wanrer is basically a statue back there, and our line did absolutely nothing about it.

There were a lot of breakdowns and poor performances by the defense, but blaming the DBs and Jarrett Bush for them all is simply wrong.

Mike from G-Town's picture

How can you put Driver in the same category with Jarrett Bush?!? Driver was a bit disappointing, but Jarrett Bush is inexcusable. He would get beat in a high school game.

LACheez's picture

definitely should add the non-existent pass rush to the "ugly" category...can we get anyone for kampmen? i'd hate to see him go, but dude made zero impact. i still think driver has got it. he's made some amazing plays this year and is as tough as they come. i was at the game so didn't get to see what he was doing on every play...other than the fumble - was he really thrown to that much? also...when did #47 Giordano start playing so much??? Did Bigby get hurt last night??? Giordano definitely didn't not show his inexperience...

packeraaron's picture

"How can you put Driver in the same category with Jarrett Bush?"
That's how bad that fumble was...

tsi431's picture

Giordano came in when Bigsby got hurt. How bad is the Anthony Smith deal look now. It would of obviously been the game changer. Some may think Bush can't be to blame for everything but when we constantly have a safety moving on his man due to his inefficiencies the game compeltely changes. Just look at the td plays not to Bush's man. The safety is doubling up on whomever Bush has thus leaving a huge hole.

packeraaron's picture

You know what? Giordano didn't play half as bad as I thought he would. Collins, on the other hand, was a nightmare.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

Aaron - Well if Driver is on the bad list then perhaps Rodgers is too (didn't he throw into coverage that led to 7 points the series before). Also overthrew a few open receivers for points (one was a game winner in OT). And you have to hold on to the ball even when you are sacked (game over). Driver helped keep us in the game too. AR did a lot of good things but without some 1 hand catches by Jennings, etc., things look very different..... And what about Woodson (not mentioned)? He kept us in the game with the forced fumble on the drive right before half that turned the momentum. Cards would have probably gone to 24/30 to 0 at half without that play. Woodson was all over the place as usual and the bright spot on defense (cannot be responsible for implosion of the defense).
And the Mason special teams kick... wow! Take Woodson and that kick out of the equation and the game may have been a blow out! I felt the Cards played soft when they took the huge lead (which most all teams do) and we were able to exploit it. Going into the half with 10 points though gave us a reason to hope.


greenbaypackerbob's picture

Aaron - see you added Jennings... gd.

Ron LC's picture

500+ yards! As politicians love to say, "The buck stops here." And here is Capers. After 16 games he is fully aware that his backup DB's are not capable of carrying out the coverage assignments he requires. He had no answers - only one punt and one fumble stopped the Cards the whole game. In short, he was not prepared for this game.

Injuries have been a problem in the D backfield for two years. Over the last two years Bigby has played injured or recovering from injury 3/4ths of the time. Harris down twice with major injuries in those two years. Lee never saw the field. Collins has problems with minor dings that take him out for a short time in many games. Add Blackmon and it is kind of obvious why they had problems yesterday.

It's Capers job to plan for those contingencies and it was obvious that the Pitt game gave Wisenhut and Warner a big clue for dealing with the Packer D.

All that said great progress was made this year and much of the credit goes to Capers. Some more durable and competent DB backups will go a long way to solving the defensive problems.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

Gd pt. Does make you believe that Capers was way overconfident after the previous week's victory.... looks like the Cards had a plan to hide their hand in order to give a false sense of security to the Packs D ability to control their game.

CSS's picture

Cardinals didn't 'hide' anything. You can't give Warner a pocket. You either make him move the pocket or pressure him. Problem is, when he's hot that doesn't work either. Also, they lined up in pass formations promprting Matthews to take a wide split. They ran right at him or ran a tight end/wide receiver route to his area. Best way to neutralize a great pass rusher, go at him.

Brilliant plan with a hot quarterback equals a bad matchup.

And no, there's no way you place Rodgers on anything but the 'Good' list. He converted third downs by keeping plays alvie, moving the pocket and extending the play. On the final play of the game Dansby jumped in his passing lane forcing him to bring the ball down. Don't complain he 'held it too long' when 'holding it too long' all game is what brought them back from a 17 pt defecit.

Jim in DC's picture

AZ played last week's game too vanilla, and we weren't prepared (or able to execute) well enough against AZ's A-game. Crap. We all know what we need this off-season. Someone needs to get whatever incriminating evidence Bush has on Ted and destroy it. That fella needs to go! :D
(edit: D. Colledge, too!)
Overall, I enjoyed the season and look forward to a (hopefully) productive off-season.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

Blog was really about Driver not AR. And the complaint about AR was he fumbled, not held the ball too long (and I can just hear you now if 'you know who' had turned it over that in a (07 NCF champ) playoff game... oh wait, I have heard that bashing already... who's spinning now! lol)
AR had some plays yesterday that were titanic to the outcome (good and bad). But as I've said all year, he has great talent and potential to be another HOF but he needs to be supported by good coaching and draft picks on both sides of the line... something that will continue to keep him from a playoff win unless corrected...

tsi431's picture

What was the deal with Nelson on the kickoff returns? He was awful. I thought he was scared of the 20 yard line. He seemed to fall just before it with no one near him.

CSS's picture

greenbayfavrebob - Please follow through on your promis and stop responding to anything I write. Do note how few (if any) respond to your posts.

Your the idiot holding on to the Favre vs. Rodgers matter. Not myself or any other poster here. You're only refuted when you state something completely daft or stupid pertaining to the infallability of Favre. Newsflash: The Packers don't even COMPETE in last nights game without Rodgers ability to extend plays.

Witless wonder you are....

greenbaypackerbob's picture


CSS's picture

Greenbayfavrebob - Incurably dense. Step one for your affliction: learn how to learn.

greenbaypackerbob's picture




Todd from Minnesota's picture

It was a short kick but he has a future as a hacky sack player. One and done.

TampaPacker's picture

Good: Aaron Rodgers, Jermichael Finley, Greg Jennings, Ryan Grant and oddly, Mike McCarthy.

Bad: Officiating, the entire defense.

Ugly: Capers, KR return team, announcers.



If Green Bay wins, all the writers and pundits will say that he "finally" reached the level of higher echelon of quarterbacks. With that said, even in a loss, i think this game showed Rodgers maturity and poise even when his and his teams back was against the wall. People love to say Woodson is the leader of this team and i dont agree. Rodgers was involved on the sidelines with team mates, and even the Packer fans in the crowd. Woodson looked lost most of the game and i never once saw him motivate himself or anyone on the defense after getting repeadtly beaten. I know that a lot of the cameras were not on the Green Bay sideline, but it just seemed like he was absent most of the game.

Finley, Jennings and Grant were phenomenal. Jennings made the catch in the endzone to give the team a spark down 21 points and was the reason why we had a spark. Finley made a great adjustment at half time and the Cardinals had no answer for him. Grant was running with power and i think if we didn't dig ourselves such a huge hole in the 1st quarter, Ryan would have had a career day like he did against Seattle in 07. he was also amazing in chipping blitzers and taking the hits in the back field to give Rodgers some time to pass.

McCarthy deserves a TON of credit for the play calling of that game. His play calling was excellent throughout the game. The onside kick was one of the biggest gut checks i've ever seen in the NFL and it was executed perfectly. The play in OT where Rodgers BARELY missed Jennings, was a great play and i thought he really delivered as a play caller.


The officating throughout the entire game was horrible. It was completly one sided and favored. I wish ESPN would shed a little light on how un fair the officating is in this league. Brady, Favre and Manning get calls when they get brushed or tapped. Rodgers gets a helmet to helmet, doesnt bitch at the refs, and nothing gets called. Its bullshit and there needs to be uniformity with those calls. If Troy Aikman points out Three different penalties that werent called, you know its horse shit. That said, the officials didnt lose the game for us.

The defense doesn't really need an explanation. We all saw what the "number 2" defense in the league looks like.


Capers and the entire defense looked confused from start to finish. He failed to match up against the Cardinals recievers who ran over us like a high school game. He FINALLY showed the psycho defense at the end of the 4th quarter. That finally slowed down the Cardinals offense a little bit. I would have liked to see more pressure on Warner also. He is a complete pocket passer and the only way to beat him is to get him out of his comfort zone and outside the pocket.

The kick return team never gave our offense good starting position. Nelson fumbled and it was luckily recovered by the packers. Williams had a decent run back, that was nullified by a hold. its the playoffs boys, you cant be making those stupid mistakes when its win or go home.

Aikman will never have anything good to say about the packers and Buck is just a damn fool. "its fitting to have a team wearing yellow preceding the simpsons." What the fuck?....

With all that, im excited for next season and i think were going to be in the hunt for this entire decade.

Jim in DC's picture

Regarding the officiating, McCarthy established a culture among the players that penalties aren't that big a deal. The Packers were the most penalized team in the league. Now, if I was an official, would I look more carefully at the Packers for infractions, or their opponents? Ideally, I'd treat them the same; however, I might be susceptable to looking more closely at the Packers because of their well-established reputation for playing outside the rules. It's just human nature.
McCarthy needs to change the team's culture of breaking the rules and only getting a wink and a nod from the coach. Clean it up and the officals might naturally shift their focus to the other guys.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

Excellent point Jim.

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