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Bulaga Stays At Left Guard Even With Clifton Out

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Bulaga Stays At Left Guard Even With Clifton Out

GREEN BAY – First-round draft choice Bryan Bulaga played the entire Tuesday morning practice at left guard on the second-string offensive line.

Select veterans such as Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher were given Tuesday morning off as part of the one practice per day plan during two-a-days.

As such, it was surprising to see Bulaga line up at left guard given Mike McCarthy's answer at yesterday's press conference. The final question of the day directed at the head coach was, "Is Bulaga still the primary backup at left tackle?"

"Yes," was McCarthy's one-word answer.

The way Tuesday morning's practice played out spoke volumes how seriously the Packers are considering starting Bulaga at left guard.

The rookie, no doubt, would have played with the first-string offense without Clifton if this was a game, but this wasn't a game. It was practice in which the Packers made a conscious decision to give Bulaga extra experience at left guard at the expense of more repetitions at left tackle.

The Packers could have kept Bulaga at left tackle through this morning's practice and then returned him back to left guard this evening when Clifton is likely set to return, but they chose not to do so.

Following yesterday's practice, Bulaga said he thought he would still be getting repetitions at left tackle.

"I think I'm still backing up Chad so I'll be, from what I know, I'll be working at both," said Bulaga.

Lining up from left to right on the first-string offensive line this morning was Allen Barbre, Daryn Colledge, Scott Wells, Josh Sitton and Breno Giacomini.

This morning's second-string offensive line consisted of Marshall Newhouse, Bulaga, Evan Dietrich-Smith, Nick McDonald and T.J. Lang from left to right.

Bulaga said yesterday he's just happy to get an opportunity to start.

"It's an opportunity," said Bulaga. "Just the way things are working out right now, they're giving me the opportunity to compete at the left guard spot, and I'm trying to take advantage of it as much as I can."

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RockinRodgers's picture

How has Marshall Newhouse looked at left tackle? I would prefer if Barbe wasn't playing left tackle. Ever.

misterj's picture


That was my immediate response.

PackersThad's picture

Are they trying to kill Rodgers??? Putting Barbre at FIRST STRING LT even if it was a practice is dangerous for Rodgers' health!! At least let Newhouse be the first string LT!

PackersThad's picture

WOW...all three of us wrote the same thing at the same time! I think MM should listen!

Erdie's picture

In case you have never seen a football practice, Rodgers wears a red shirt as in DO NOT TACKLE. There is zero risk of him being hurt in a practice by another player.

lebowski's picture

It wouldn't be the Packers without some instability on the OL.

pitts's picture

you guys hit it on the mark. barbre and manwich poor rodgers i can see it now 2000 sacks this yr.flynn get readyto play the season. earl dotson around call him ho wee bad head ache. call forest gump.

Bearmeat's picture

Pitts: Shutup. Seriously.
If you are a troll, do yourself a favor and go away. If you are a Packer fan, then get some education about the team.

packeraaron's picture

(sigh) Really?

pitts's picture

Hey Airrun Boy why don't you give pitts a chance to comment. This is his bother posting for him and I have football skills that could run circles around you big mouth. Are you the best this forum can do for management purposes? I am a grad of Western Michigan University with football skills that would boggle your simple mind. Leave my brother alone and let him post. Your should be pro-active on people posting and not cutting pitts down. My brother was very good friends with Packer greats like James Lofton, Eddy Lee Ivery, Lynn Dickey, Mad Dog Douglas and neighbors to many football greats so give him a little space and respect.

packeraaron's picture

I wrote: "Its not ragging on someone when that person has spent their entire time on this site belittling everyone’s opinions." Thanks for proving my point.

pitts's picture

bart get ready to rock. larry macaren we need you to play.

Asshalo's picture

Given Newhouse's weight I'm a little surprised they're playing him at LT. I'm sure they have a set amount of reps (or a range) that they want certain players to get at multiple positions. Maybe MM wants to get them both in a rhythm rather than switching them both in a practice. Hence, Newhouse and Bulaga playing just those roles today. It's one theory.

Bulaga could still be the LT of the future. Maybe this makes it more likely he'll get on the field this year. This way he can fill in for three crucial OL positions rather than 2.

nypacker's picture

To me it would've been a better idea if Newhouse was the one playing guard. He played LT in college so I'm guessing that's why he's getting some snaps there. But if he has any chance of making the team, LG or RG would be the way to go.

Asshalo's picture

I agree on Newhause. It's interesting to note Bulaga 2nd on the depth chart at two positions. It's just practices are planned so carefully to prepare for the entire season that I don't know how much you can take from one practice.

CSS's picture

I have no concern at this point. The two words consistantly seen in articles this year as it applies to the OL, 'depth' and 'healthy'. Neither one of those terms were prevalent at this point last year, let alone both.

That being said, I will be frustrated if they're still shuffling by the Seattle game.

PackerBacker's picture

I don't get this at all. I'd understand this if he ran with the 1st stringers at LG, but why if the had Colledge running as LG didn't they have Bulaga running 1st LT.
It's a bit confusing.

PackersRS's picture

So, Barbre at LT?


Didn't get the news that Patches O'Houlihan was hired as QB coach.

"Rodgers, you're gonna have to learn the five d's of Football: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!"

DaveK's picture

Bulaga remains the primary LT behind Clifton. No way they let Barbre or Newhouse protect the blindside. Allowing Bulaga to compete at LG tells me that they feel he has the ability to compete in the NFL at LT and doesn't need a bunch more reps at LT to get ready.

Bearmeat's picture

All this "we want the best 5 Olinemen starting" stuff has massively backfired in the past. I didn't buy it then, and I'm not buying it now. It is better to have a backup for every key position if possible. That being said, I understand it's not likely they'll keep 10 O linemen on a 53 man team.
This only makes sense if they're willing to part with Colledge for an OLB. Steelers/Ravens maybe? THAT would be exciting.

CSS's picture

Believe it or not the Ravens are thin at OLB. They have Paul Krueger as the lone backup at ROLB, last years 1st round pick, bulked up to 275 and not nearly as mobile in 3-4 base. The LOLB position for the Ravens has little quality depth too. Their reputation at the position exceeds the talent right now.

Pittsburgh has depth, but they covet the position. Both franchises are dangerously shallow at CB, but we have nothing to trade in that department (we need the depth).

Tough position to be in with over half the league now transitioning to the 3-4 base, the talent just isn't floating out there.

nypacker's picture

The best 5 theory works if you have a young and healthy group of players. Unfortunately that's not the case with us. Clifton and Tauscher may or may not go down this season, that's why we need depth instead of trudging out the entire bench.

Jeremy's picture

It's just practice guys! You all don't seriously think Barbre is going to be starting LT in a real game do you? The only way he plays there is if 2 or 3 guys get injured.

All I have to ask is this, what if Clifton plays 2 more seasons? It could likely happen. Are we willing to leave Bulaga on the bench for 2 seasons for the sake of continuity? Continuity on an O-line that couldn't run the ball to the left side last season.

bomdad's picture

Its one practice, at that.

But I did throw up in my mouth.

nypacker's picture

Amen to that. I'm a big believer in Clifton. The man may get injured but it's not a total guarantee. And what's the problem of Bulaga sitting on the bench for a little while? It gives him the chance to ease up and learn the game slowly. Hey it certainly worked for our QB position didn't it?

CSS's picture

Release of the first 'depth chart' per Bedard:

"The starting offensive line is the same as it has been – LT Chad Clifton, LG Daryn Colledge, C Scott Wells, RG Josh Sitton and RT Mark Tauscher. It gets a little interesting after that. Bryan Bulaga is the backup at LT and LG. Rookie Marshall Newhouse is the No. 3 LT. Allen Barbre only appears as the No. 3 LG, which shows that his future isn’t bright here. Jason Spitz is the backup center, T.J. Lang is the backup RG, and Breno Giacomini is the backup RT ahead of Chris Campbell."

Nononsense's picture

I see a couple advantages of trying Bulaga out at LG. I still say hes a LT until he proves hes not but like others have said he could be a ok LT but a pro bowl LG. Why not find out?

The second advantage is, hopefully it will light a fire under Colledge's ass because it seems the only time Colledge plays decent is when his job is in jeopardy.

As far as Barbre at LT well all I can say is hes tried every other position besides center, why not exhaust all possiblities before you send him packing or switch him to defensive end or something.

dilligaff's picture

What bothers me is how Lang is being used. I think this year he makes the best option to finish out a game at LT or RT (injury to Tausacher or Clifton) IF Bulaga starts at LG. That way Bulaga does not have to switch positions in the middle of the game.

Then the following week during practice you can move players around and prepare them for one position for the next game.

pitts's picture

people here can stuff about me thats alright aaron me arron im back with some who no alot about football ha ha my space ship is ready. the martions have landed. they say talks cheap.

pitts's picture

let the games begin

pitts's picture

as far as getting education about the pack lived 6 blocks away from from where dreams were made50yrs ago the old packers lived around us i walked from locker room to the practice field with vince. we laughed. a packer fan that bitches cares for improvement on the field glory. every day you give it all)

PackersRS's picture

The problem with you is not getting education about the Pack. Is getting education PERIOD. I just can't understand what you're writting half the time...

But I've figure some:
no = know
people here can stuff = people here can talk
aaron descrimation = Aaron discriminates

But then there are sentences like these:
"earl dotson around call him ho wee bad head ache. call forest gump."
"we laughed. a packer fan that bitches cares for improvement on the field glory. every day you give it all)"

pitts's picture

the problem is that this forum is not a grading curve for grammar queens to post and if you can't figure out what one is trying to post move on to the next post. It is that simple if you can handle some critical feedback. Some of you are to serious and need to relax. Sure take a pill.

pitts's picture

packerrs I have been reading your posts as a ghost writer here for pitts and your not know brain surgeon. Can you understand that there junior? I will be reading your posts as a outsource expert ok pop warner water boy.

pitts's picture

2+2=4 thanks for writing about me 4 preseason games to go. im in code top engish major testihg you on your grammer you doing back to shields him to hall of fame. ok don grad 5th grade for about me lets talk about the packers my starters cullen,raja,pickett,mathews,barnett,hawk,jones,morgan,shields,woodson,collins subs chillar,underwood,neal off siton,wells,tauslang,ol lineman pick from the bag.finly,driver,jennings,grant,pick from the bag and shields for the long pass from rodgers but realy to jennings,rodgersmy picks great guys you are .

pitts's picture

Pitts is just typing to fast for you folks and forgets to proof read so you come down on him like a bunch of bullies. Big deal I will be watching from my private box.

pitts's picture

Packerrs did you see how I put that know/no in there for you to react to there grammar queenee. I myself think your bunch of kids who played sandlot football with the girls and were not exposed to any experience that pitts has been exposed to in his life. Yes pitts is my twin brother who I admire and maybe he misses on some proof reading but don't take away his chance to communicate his opinions because he make mistakes. I am a Graduate of Western Michigan University with football skills that would challenge any of you simple pundits. So suggest to him about correcting his post before posting. Don't just rag on him because you think your better than him. That is easy for people!

packeraaron's picture

Its not ragging on someone when that person has spent their entire time on this site belittling everyone's opinions. You don't want your/your brother's opinions ridiculed? Use the English language and make a point. Otherwise, you/your brother will continue to be ridiculed for the complete idiots you are coming off as...

pitts's picture

lets have a press confernce 5 channel1 sand lot foot ball blogers.its me pitts

pitts's picture

Wow now you come on like the dictator of the forum nations. Are you just a loud mouth New Yorker wanting to take credit for the glory years from your basement. You know nothing about people just your critical acclaim to simpleness via posting rants about a person posting. Your a geek who never experienced what pitts experienced living in Green Bay, WIsconsin. In fact your boring and Coach Mike would just ignore your posturing on what he should do via his ball team. You attack pitts because your jealous of his hands on feelings for the Packers right bub?

CSS's picture

It's his blog, and he's allowing Pitts comments to be posted without moderation.

Stop insulting people, grow up...

pitts's picture

hey bear meat the troll is back i dont hide under brid.

Tarynfor12's picture

no mat wha siht u goin to thar aal whey bees one dare .
Did I just learn a version of ebonics or did my I.Q. drop 100 points after reading that stuff?Hmmm.

pitts's picture

hey bear meat shut up hey meat head you ever play foot ball

pitts's picture

going to be a long season css and hagler.

CSS's picture

No, it lasts about 16 games plus the playoffs and ends in February. Predictable, really.

Again, care to tell me why I'm being called out?

packeraaron's picture

Like Marvelous Marvin? Awesome!

pitts's picture

now that i know neal is strong man is he alot like manwich why is he not playing more.

CSS's picture

He's playing a ton and he's part of most sub-packages. He's a rookie and they have yet to even play a pre-season game. By 'manwich', to you mean Mandrich?

pitts's picture

hey css remember the ice bowl.

CSS's picture

I was born in 1974, pitts. I know of the Ice Bowl, I've watched it on tape.

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