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Blogcast: Post Draft Recap

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Blogcast: Post Draft Recap

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PackersThad's picture

OH NO!! I missed it!! I was at work REALLY late tonight preparing for a presentation!! I'm so sorry I missed it!!

cheese5's picture

we actually talked about how I hadn't sent you your buttons yet :(

PackersRS's picture

Missed 2/3rds of it...

"Wizard, if you will"... Classic...

bogmon's picture

This draft class looks really impressive from a physical stand-point...It's amazing how advanced these college guys are physically by the time they get to the Pros these days.

Even the late rounders look pretty stout....and I am especially optimistic about Burnett...he could really help out alot!

aussiepacker's picture

Draft class sounds solid. Was looking at the 85 man roster at jsonline and damn i think it is gunna be a strong traing camp. CANT WAIT! glad it's not me picking the final 53.

CaliPackfan's picture

Does Aaron smoke pot it looks like it sometimes LOL. Makes the show funner.

packeraaron's picture

You have no idea how funny that is.

NickGBP's picture

Suggestion: Record interviews beforehand. Even if it's while you're at work and you just record the audio. Then just play it back during the live broadcast. Live interviews are scary for anyone...and with the technical difficulties you guys have it might not be worth it if/when you get "high priority" Packers or guests. Plus that way you have more natural breaks, less stalling for time and awkwardness if someone doesn't call. No risk of being Laravee'd ;)

With all of the other pressures associated with running a live show I'm impressed with your ability to interview guests. But pre-recording it might make it easier for you guys and in the process have a more cohesive, consistent and technical issue-free show :).

cheese5's picture

Nick- everything comes down to revenue. Clearly Aaron and I have a passion. But we both work right up to the last minute to deliver.

Not to be a complete butthead and make excuses but my entire studio was in Brooklyn for a Haiti benefit and needless to say the Packer Transplants studio needed some rebuilding in a short period of time...(I always lose the smallest gear that hinges upon success everytime I move a studio- and realize I need it an hour before show)

anyway- We are an Internet TV Show. We have standards and we hope to deliver them. We fail a lot. Thankfully we have awesome fans like yourself that put your money where your mouth is. If we had more fans like you - Aaron and I would have the opportunity give Packer fans everywhere Packer entertainment they have never had.(for better or worse)

Until and When that happens I hope our show remains the Wayne's World of packer Fandom...

To your actual point- There's just no time. This is our 4th year and I think we are able to produce a good show that can be cut up quickly and disseminated in many different bites (and thanks to Aaron who is now editing the audio for transplants so 12 of you can have it on itunes :)) and we both can have full-time jobs & family etc.. Having it live gives us a sense of urgency and I think it forces us to focus a lot more than the podcast (although the pre-records did allow us to be more refined and better edited- they take more time)

plus how many NFL Fan Team blogs do you know that have a live show on a regular basis? It's sexy.. even when I have EPIC Fails that domino and cascade into a 100 car pileup.

I don't know about you but I don't mind silent awkwardness...maybe being a broadcast line producer numbs you to certain things...

If people think I'm dumb it's good for the show contrast... It makes Aaron look smart. :)

NickGBP's picture

Haha I appreciate the candor. I didn't mean to question your ability because I know you do something similar on a much grander scale when you're not here. I know you do this out of passion for the Packers and with limited resources. I certainly don' think you're dumb or incapable ;).

I don't mind the silences and you guys really got into a groove towards the end of last "season". To be clear I think the Live Show is a GREAT idea overall. Just thought it might make for an interesting dynamic to pre-record soley the interviews and then discuss it together afterwards, to help avoid technical issues and additional headaches while the show is on. But sounds like it might even be more headache inducing with editing and your other responsibilities during the week. I see your point.

And I'll continue to support you guys because I appreciate the effort you put in to give us the best Packers content on the web.

packeraaron's picture

We've actually talked about that Nick, but as Corey says - there's just no time. It's a minor miracle when I can carve out the time in my life for the show as it is - adding an hour here and there to record interviews would ensure that I would be divorced and homeless. ;)

PackersThad's picture

Can I just say that I love the podcast all the more when the warts are showing! I prefer the live broadcasts where the interviews are live, and the conversations and banter between Nagler and Behnke are live as well as lively. Plus, when it is live, they are able to see our comments and responses and respond in kind.

I don't mind the pauses or the technical difficulties when they occur live. Watching Aaron and Corey ACTUALLY produce the show (when they did the meet and greet) gave me a new appreciation for all the behind the scenes things that go on as well as showed me how much PASSION Corey and Aaron have for their Packers and for the CHTV faithful!

Keep up the EXCELLENT work, guys!

PackersThad's picture

AARON!! COREY!! I am listening to the live blog now! First, thanks for the shout-out!

Second! I'm going to be at the Jets game as well! I have tickets to the lower bowl, I'll be in Section 106, row 6!! We need to do a meet up at the stadium!!

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