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Bishop? He Is What He Is

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Bishop? He Is What He Is

Packer Update has a post pleading for Desmond Bishop to be given "A Real Chance."

Give me a break.

Bishop's pros and cons are well documented. He is great using his athleticism against the run. He makes plays behind the line of scrimmage and is able to get off blocks, unlike AJ Hawk. But every time he's given a chance to play more than a handful of downs, his undisciplined play, especially against the pass, jump right to the front.

Money quote from Packer Update:

Bishop desperately needs reps in regular season games, but the coaches seem much more comfortable with Hawk and Chillar – a pair of veterans who have combined for only 10 big plays (interceptions, sacks, forced fumbles) in the past two seasons. “Capers worked really hard to figure out ways to get Chillar on the field last season, and the payoff was minimal,” said the scout. “He provided next to nothing as a pass rusher and he was mediocre at best when it came to covering tight ends. Maybe it’s about time for Capers to use that creative mind of his to figure out ways to get Bishop on the field.” And he should do it before it’s too late.

While I agree that the payoff was minimal with Chillar, I'd argue that Capers did a great job of finding a way to get Bishop on the field and to simplify his assignments to be able to utilize his skill set as best they could.

Exhibit A? The Psycho package.

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FITZCORE1252's picture

I think we all like the guy, and he has flashed. Yet I also get flashbacks of that game in the Metrodome... anyone else remember???

He is what he is. Well put.


FITZCORE1252's picture

And I'm on the record, I wouldn't mind if 55 took some of 50's reps. I don't want to see him take many snaps away from 54 though, I think he's going to prove to be very versatile in Y2 of the 'transition'. Just got's me one of them, there... feelin's.

Oh, and Peter King suddenly went from 'unreadable' IMO, to 'spot on' overnight. Funny, how things like that happen.


CSS's picture

Hawk isn't flashy in any sense of the word, especially considering the expectations as a byproduct of his draft position.

That being said, he's the fans whipping boy far too often. Has he lived up to the #5 overall, absolutely not. Is he WHERE he should be WHEN he should be when running out of base defense or sub, absolutely.

Bishop has not, will not, can not. He's a special teams guy that's a good career back up in the NFL. I don't trust him at all when he's out there.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"That being said, he’s the fans whipping boy far too often"

"Has he lived up to the #5 overall, absolutely not."

I'm not an AJ 'hater' or an AJ 'apologist', though I think both sides could make intriguing cases. Kinda like Bishop... He is what he is.

dilligaff's picture

Regardless I hope someone takes over the other ILB position next to Nick B. The starting job should not be given to Hawk to start camp, but an open competition will do wonders for all three, Chillar/Hawk/Bishop.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I like that idea. I bet if they did 'truly' have an open competition between the three, 54 would take it (I think he's the most 'complete'). But man, the FO would have to swallow a bit of pride, to allow their #5 pick to be benched... he and Ted are connected, like it or not.

dilligaff's picture

Its Hawk's last year as a Packer, contract issues will dictate in 2011.

TT paid Chillar for a reason, it will be interesting to watch how things play out given the fact Chillar has a long term contract and IMO Hawk has no long term outlook unless he is willing to renegotiate a cheaper contract in 2011.

packeraaron's picture

"TT paid Chillar for a reason" - true, I just wish that reason was more readily apparent. Going back and watching the games again, the guy is just above average.

Pauline's picture

I agree, there should be a competition, Not impressed with AJ Hawk at all.

Ben's picture

I stopped reading Packer Update when I recognized the pattern: put two sentences per paragraph in quotes, with the words "said a scout" following them, PUBLISH!


nerdmann's picture

I'd like to see Bishop rush from OLB. He can get to the QB. I know, not the best in coverage. But I'd take him over Poppinga, from either standpoint.

maxginsberg's picture

The player who sticks out in that video is Woodson. Did you see how he embarrasses the Bears' Omiyale (#68) by making him look like he's blocking air? Yes, Bishop made the play, but Woodson forced the issue.

I think Bishop could get around 10-12 snaps a game, but his success will hinge on the players around him and the defense as a whole. Ultimately, I agree with Aaron; Bishop needs to learn the system and follow it.

lmills's picture

At one time, I thought they said that Bishop couldn't learn the system. That it was too much on his plate to remember. I'm not sure where I read/heard that though. Did anyone else hear this? If that's the case, that's pretty sad. He's got all the physical tools you could want.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Bishop's a preseason darling. Unfortnately, that and a buck get you 1/7 of a beer at Lambeau.

DAWG's picture

Chiller/Hawk/Bishop, none of these guys instill fear into anyone, but would like to see if they could coach up Bishop this yr. and use him more on running downs?
Also-how much film does this guy watch?

CSS's picture

BTW - the cheap shot on Moss as the linebackers coach was crap. Moss is a solid position coach by all accounts with a future as a defensive coordinator in the NFL.

Wait, let me get in PackerUpdate character (clears throat): A scout very familiar with the matter tells us that Moss is "perhaps one of the best in the game when translating the technical component and instructing it. Look at the strides that an average Packer linebacking core made last year against the run in the 3-4 defense."


Nypacker's picture

Aaron: “TT paid Chillar for a reason” – true, I just wish that reason was more readily apparent. Going back and watching the games again, the guy is just above average.

Special Teams baby! Special teams! XD

BeerKid's picture

So just how bad is AJ Hawk. Well.... go look at the 2006 draft:

and remember, the Packers 2005 starting LB's were N. Diggs, N. Barnett, R. Thomas (I couldn't even find his profile at Going into 2006 training camp the roster lists Barnett, Hawk, B. Taylor (who?) B. Poppinga and Abdul Hodge.

Now if you want to make a case for drafting TE V. Davis (he didn't deliver on his #6 draft status until last year) or maybe even a case for DT H. Ngata or CB A. Cromartie. Hawk has done just as well as LB's E. Sims or C. Greenway taken after him. Sure true MLB D. Ryans was available too.

Now chew on this, since the SB31, so average LB AJ Hawk has played better than almost all the LB's on the Packers roster before him... It wasn't that hard to do, the Packers have had some awful linebackers since winning the Super Bowl.

Now, back on topic: If Desmond Bishop hasn't developed into a starting caliber LB who are you going to blame? I'd blame the ILB coach! We all saw what coach K. Greene did with the OLB's last year.

I should have just expanded this rant to a 1000 words and put it at my own website... but then I LOVE CHEESEHEAD TV!!!!

PackerBacker58's picture

I say Bishop should rotate in at LOLB with Brad Jones or like how everyone else says an open competition at Ilb with Hawk/Chiller/Bishop

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