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Bigby, Starks Land On PUP; Porter To IR

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Bigby, Starks Land On PUP; Porter To IR

In addition to the previously revealed roster move putting Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris on the reserve Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list, safety Atari Bigby and rookie running back James Starks will join Harris on the reserve PUP list.

The other move to get the Packers down to Tuesday's mandated 75-man roster limit was placing undrafted rookie running back Quinn Porter on injured reserve.

When a player moves from the active PUP list to the reserve PUP list, they no longer count toward the team's active roster. Furthermore, that player is not eligible to play for the first six weeks of the NFL season.

In those six weeks, the player may not practice with the team. However, they may take part in rehabilitation and team meetings.

Following Week 6, the team has a three-week window to allow the player to begin practicing. Once they begin practicing, the team has three additional weeks to put that player on their active roster.

Once activated, a corresponding roster move must be made to make room for the player coming off PUP.

If the player does not begin practicing or is not activated by Week 12, they must remain on PUP for the remainder of the season.

The moves made on Tuesday leave the Packers without great depth in the secondary heading into the regular season.

Tramon Williams has been replacing Harris as one of the team's starting cornerbacks, but the depth in the team's subpackages continues to be a problem. Brandon Underwood, who began training camp as the team's top candidate as the nickel cornerback, is struggling through a shoulder issue that dates back to his college playing days.

Pat Lee has not made a serious run for nickel position in the month of August. And that has led to the Packers experimenting with undrafted rookie Sam Shields as the team's nickel back. Beyond that, the only other option currently on the 53-man roster is Jarrett Bush who held that role as recently as late in the 2009 season.

At safety, third-round draft choice Morgan Burnett has been starting at one safety position opposite Nick Collins. Burnett remains a work in progress, and behind him, the Packers have a collection of safeties better known for their special teams play.

Those safeties include Derrick Martin, Charlie Peprah, the injury-riddled Will Blackmon and undrafted rookie Anthony Levine.

As for the rookie running backs, Porter's season with the Packers is over after suffering a knee sprain. But they'll have six more weeks to evaluate the progress of Starks as he recovers from a hamstring pull this past May.

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corey jenkins's picture

ha, no "cuts" after the suspense.

PackersThad's picture

I am glad that they did not put Starks on IR. I think he will really help the Packers out towards the end of the season.

The question is, what three players are they going to release at the start of Weeks 7-10 in order to get these guys on the roster. I think one or two of the offensive or defensive linemen got a 6 week window to show what they can do.

jeremy's picture

Other guys will probably be in IR by then. The NFL is a brutal place.

These moves seem wise to me. It will be great to have Harris/Bigby finish their rehabs and be fresh for the second half of the season. They can provide a boast when the schedule gets harder.

Tarynfor12's picture

I agree with you on Starks,by then Jackson will have worn out his welcome and Starks will burst and Grant gets rest for the final push.A plus for the Pack as we may actually get a nice draft pick for Jackson from a team who needs anything with a hope.

packsmack25's picture

You obviously don't follow the Packers. Jackson is nowhere near wearing out his welcome. MM does nothing but praise him.

Tarynfor12's picture

So now I don't follow Packer football because I disagree about Jackson.Fine.When Jackson goes for the 3rd and 1-2 and falls down before he's hit you keep the welcome out for him.This was problem last year and see no reason to believe differently now.Remember,it's pre-season and doesn't mean anything,right.When it's real we'll see what he does.

sammer's picture

I don't think it's that you disagree about Jackson, it's that you don't seem to be aware that the coaching staff loves the guy. He's not wearing out his welcome by any means. To my (admittedly untrained) eyes, he has looked excellent carrying the ball this preseason.

Does Brandon owe you money or something?

Tarynfor12's picture

How much the coaches love him will become immaterial in the regular season when he doesn't get it done.Yes he does owe me and most everyone else apology for being useless this long.

Now come the rants about his BLOCKING.Grant gets hurt but we have a good blocker taking over.

My eyes aren't perfect but I don't let emotion make me blind.

For owiing me money no,but I wish I could bet on what he won't do.

sammer's picture

Not to let the facts get in the way of a good story, but: Jackson's averaged 4.0 yds/carry for his career. You've criticized him for being lousy on 3rd and short - on 3rd and 0-2 to go, he's gained 27 yards on 5 attempts.

I'm not saying he's Barry Sanders. But he works hard and has done what he's been asked. The coaches like him for a reason, and they are smarter than you.

packsmack25's picture

On this team, a HB who can pass block 2 guys on one play will probably never wear out his welcome, even if he averaged NEGATIVE yards a carry. Sorry, but you're wrong.

SpiderPack's picture

I'm hopin Jackson's "life change" with his granola diet, naps, and feet on the ground will make a difference. Hey, you never know, and I've never seen him run like that.

Max (ukpackersfan)'s picture

Bush will likely get the nod at CB until Harris returns, pumpkin gets 3rd RB spot until Starks proves his worth, and perhaps peprah gets in at Safety till Bigby can go (all depends if the go more than four safeties).

Bearmeat's picture

Absolutely no way Bush will play on Defense unless complete disaster strikes. Remember, he was like CB #7 at the beginning of last year... dude just has no sense of "playing the ball".
But the number of people on the PUP list does probably preserve his roster spot for this year. (Sigh)

nerdmann's picture

Peprah's not flashy, but he can get it done. I'd consider him for the nickel.

WayneF's picture

Obviously the Packers recognize that they have players on the roster that they do not want to expose. Good move on their part.

Oppy's picture

exactly my thought on this..

The Packers probably already have a solid handful of guys that they already know they are going to release for final cutdowns, but they are still talented enough that they could help improved division rivals' rosters.. So keep them on the roster until the last possible moment. I would expect that WR/OL positions, which the packers have a surplus of, could go a long way to helping the Bears/Vikes.

corey jenkins's picture

Bush has most experience playing nickel than any of the others. He'll play defense. If Shields struggles Bush will get the spot back.

Jarrett is never going to turn the corner but he's not going to get any worse. He's the best they have to play nickel right now if Shields can't handle it. Bush was actually palatable last season.

nypacker's picture

Jarrett Bush is not the "best" option, believe me. He's the ONLY option, otherwise he would've been gone long ago.

SpiderPack's picture

Oh Jesus, not Bush.

nerdmann's picture

Glad to see their stashing Porter. They don't want to just cut him like Sutton last year. Not sure why they didn't PUP him instead though.

FITZCORE1252's picture

OH NO! You can't put Shields on the PUP, teams will be all over him. But really, I don't think teams are gonna be tripping over themselves to grab Shields. Hopefully he can contribute at some point this season, I'm certainly not counting on it.


FITZCORE1252's picture

Starks that is. Bring back the edit button! WOOT.

corey jenkins's picture

nypacker- amen to that. Let's hope Underwood can get heathy and get between 24 and the nickel spot. I have high hopes for Shields too but I just think it's a lot to ask a guy like him to be the third CB just like that. I just think Bush will see a lot of the field considering Al is going to be away for a while. What really puts a dent in me is the fact that Pat Lee is no where to be heard in all of this. The guy is pretty much an unknown. The one positive thing in all of this is that these guys are all going to play and we'll see what they have.

corey jenkins's picture

Bedard offered in his blog the Packers almost have to pick up a defensive back in a trade or waiver. The cupboard does seem bare right now, as it did last year. Bush was the nickel last year. And evidently Shields has surpassed him. On paper that's an upgrade, plus you have the addition of Pat Lee. So on paper it doesn't seem bad, but I think we're all wise enough to see it for what it really is. DeSean Jackson is going to run all over Sam Shields in a week and a half, and if so Bush is the backup plan. Guess we'll find out. Maybe Shields becomes the next Tramon.

lebowski's picture

Ozzie Newsome once again makes a great move, trading for Josh Wilson. Yeah, yeah, he's "only" 5-9. Aaron Rouse was 6-4 and couldn't play a lick. Oh, AND he's a solid return man. Come on, Ted, don't leave us hangin'. Do something about this mess.

bill's picture

hey lumpowski,TT can never do enough for guys like u rite,i mean really, all he has done is put us in the elite groups of teams in the n f l, but when he turns water into wine maybe just maybe u will give credit where it is will make a few moves before the season starts ,bank on it

lebowski's picture

Hey bill, really clever fake name there. Take a pill. All I ask is for him to look into trading for a starting caliber corner, or OLB, instead of waiting for the dregs to be cut. We are so close (because he's done a great job with this team) that it would be a shame to have the season tank because we can't cover, rush the passer or return kicks.

DAWG's picture

This D-fence will prove us wrong!----sorry!
No pass rush -will kill us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I say no pass rush????

bill's picture

web will dominate the line of scrimmage this year. have not seen anything on defense yet.capers will unleash hell this year

DAWG's picture

From D-line!!!!!!!!!!!

Bear Hunter's picture

Underwood will be the nickel. He will just have to be smart with how he uses his shoulder. His coverage skills have improved exponentially since last season.

Tony Wilson's picture

I'm very, very, very concerned about the secondary this season... very concerned...

lebowski's picture

You are not alone.

lebowski's picture

Crap, now bill is going to call me lumpowski again.

DaveK's picture

Matthews + Jones will have to get after it this year if they don't want Shields/Burnett getting exposed in coverage. A little more pocket pressure from Raji would also go a long way. But, if we don't get QB pressure clearly this secondary is not good enough to hold up against good QBs.

DAWG's picture

Exactly, your secondary is only as good as your D-line. With no pass rush, you over work your secondary- which is pressed into how long a QB has to disect your BD's, not a good thing. Somethings gotta give.
Our D-line has no push, that's why Caper's rely on L-backers, and that's why we are late to the party-Score Rogers score!

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