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Bigby Could Hold Out

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Bigby Could Hold Out

This little nugget is found in Bedard's write up of Daryn Colledge signing his tender:

Of the three remaining restricted free agents, only Bigby appears to be a threat to push the June 15 deadline. Two sources said he had designs on staying away to get a contract extension, perhaps even into training camp after signing his tender.

But that was before the draft. With the Packers trading up in the third round to pick safety Morgan Burnett of Georgia Tech, the thinking of Bigby and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, might well have changed. Burnett is expected to challenge Bigby for the starting spot opposite Nick Collins regardless of when Bigby reports.

The guy can't stay healthy and is marginal player at best when he IS on the field. Of COURSE he wants a contract extension. I'm sorry, I know it's just business, especially when you're dealing with Rosenhaus, but the fan part in me just bristles when I read this crap.

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JohnRehor's picture

So he's going to hold out based on...his play? Oft injured, a liability in pass coverage, never been to a Pro Bowl, and his potential replacement was just drafted. I think Bigby needs to stop living off his few good months of 2007, get into camp, and show everyone why he deserves the "big" contract

NickGBP's picture

I think the point is that if he doesnt try now, next season he sure as hell won't get paid unless Burnett is a total bust.

Although he's not exactly coming from an all star season.

packsmack25's picture

If you're following him on Twitter, you can easily see the guy isn't very bright. This just further solidifies that...

NickGBP's picture

I think he's brighter than he lets on. But yea. His twitter makes it tough for me to believe that.

Ron LC's picture

Well, since I like to evaluate facts, I'm confident in one thing. Daryn Colledge is smarter than Bigby. I will never himn on the sidelines when GB needed him. CANCER!

Ron LC's picture

never forget him! As hard as it is for me to explain, my fingers move faster than my brain. And that's not a compliment to my brain.

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, that was terrible...

Well, we got Burnett. I was thinking he would take Bigby's spot by week 6. Guess it's gonna be week 1.

Jack's picture

I feel like I need someone to translate Atari's tweets for me. I don't understand most of what he writes.

PackersRS's picture

Well, at least he didn't say it was time to "wake n bake" in his twitter, nor did he have a picture of his cell phone on his home page marking 4:20pm...

gratif's picture

wait, really? who did this?

PackersRS's picture

Santonio Holmes... You're aware of what those means, right???

FITZCORE1252's picture

Well, we need bodies back there. I'm hoping Burnett comes in and takes his job as-is, and Bigby would serve as a quality back-up. We are perilously thin back there, but if this is how dude wants to play it... It just solidifies his uber suckicity.


Ruppert's picture

Come on now, Aaron. When Bigby is totally healthy, he IS better than marginal. That's about the only thing I can disagree with, however. I have no idea what he's thinking about right now.

I love the drafting of Burnett because of the following scenario: Let's say Burnett is solid..not spectacular, just very solid. That lets Atari be the 3rd safety. The 3rd safety is the perfect position for him. Fewer snaps means he should stay healthy, and he'll be HUNGRY when he does see the field, so he'll be ready to take somebody's head off. I can see it turning out that way.

nerdmann's picture

Bigby is on record saying that ankle injury was much more serious than was let on. I think it's taken a toll on him.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"When Bigby is totally healthy"

Which would be???

Oh, you must be thinking of that stretch toward the end of the '07 season? When he was good mind you, definitely not great though(had some big hits that got him a lot of pub).

Man, he sure is getting a ton of mileage out of that with some of you people.

I wish you guys were my boss... "look, I know I've been largely unavailable the last couple of years and when I am here on time, I'm quite average, but remember that job I did a couple years ago? Huh, do ya? Good times, right? We're still good, eh?"



Dilligaff's picture

I understand Bigby's dilemma, he wants a long term contract, thats in his best interest for him and family.

When healthy he was far better than any other safety, besides Collins on the roster. Remember last year how we were so weak at that position as far as depth. We need depth and I believe Bigby is a perfect man for the job.

TT needs to sign him to a reasonable long term contract, Bush is set to be paid handsomely for his skill set and Hawk is highly over paid. IMO I believe Bigby is better and more important than both those guys as far as running the 3-4 defense. Our defense had big problems when Bigby was not in there, Hawk played only 9 reps one game and would not be missed with the talent and depth we have at his position

Bigby is an excellent guy coming off the bench and a starter on at least 3 or more other teams in the league. We need 3 good safeties to run the 3-4 defense.

Big Cheese's picture

This would show how stupid Bigby really is. Odds are on Burnett taking his job eventually anyways. Bigby wants to give up and give it to him week 1. Brilliant!

BigbyATTACK's picture

Um, I feel like I should give a couple cents, 'specially considering my username in here. I guess I just enjoy the game, and don't really get into the technicalities so much. BUSH, is a liability. Bigby, is certainly capable and no one is perfect. Chuck Cecil was one of my favorite players and Packers ever. Was he an all-around great safety? No, he was awesome but had no speed and couldn't play pass defense. Unless he killed you in mid air and the ball dropped. We'll see about our new guy, depth never hurts. I can't stand Rosenhaus, and really wish agents weren't so involved. But I enjoy watching Bigby play and am a happy Packer fan because of it. That's just me.

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