Best Blog Nominees: A Closer Look

Now that the inaugural Titletown Award nominees are all the rage of the Packer-related internet...(um, yeah...) we'll be taking the next few days shining a spotlight on the nominees themselves, letting you know a bit more about each of them and why they caught our eye here at Cheesehead TV.

Best Packer Blog 2008

What we were looking for:

A blog that adds value to the Packer Fan experience through compelling and straight forward writing and a good ability to package and analyze Packer news frequently and consistently.
And now, the nominees for Best Packer Blog 2008.

Packer Palace

Underneath the animation and the wonderful creative design lies the treasure room for The Packer Palace. It is the essence of a good blog, dialogue through collaboration. Palace guardians Beer Kid & Beer Scout are an important pulse of Packer fans on the web if for no other reason than they have been around performing at a very high level longer than anyone else. Unless you call PackerChatters early message board a blog. That's what we thought. It's not just longevity that keeps it great. If you're gonna make fun of other people, making fun of yourself is the gift that keeps on giving. These guys have learned it well.


Packergeeks came out of nowhere this year. They quickly established a voice with this post:

"Welcome to Our mission is simple: We want to run the Green Bay Packers. This website will allow us to compile in public a long record of our decision-making for the hiring board when Ted Thompson retires. And along the way if people find our views compelling, infuriating or just interesting, that’s great too."

What Steve and Andy lack in design or general web coding skills- they more than make up for in sheer writing goodness. Their opinion and analysis on Spygate as well as humorous posts about Random Idiocy are so insightful and funny, they make us forget the blog battles of the past.

Railbird Central

Ok. So we were skeptical at first, we must admit. we missed the first couple seasons of Railbird Central. We missed out. Brian Carriveau's blog paints unique perspective especially during training camp. It is the new tool for the Packer Transplant when your training camp fix cannot be served by alone. What separates Railbird from other blogs is their deliciously close proximity to Lambeau and their commitment to field reporting. A good all around blog design complements their style and with a few minor design tweaks they could be well on their way to Web Design Excellence for a 2009 Titletown.

Brats & Beer

To us the title of this blog is as direct and honest as a Packer Fan could be.

What more, besides 50 yd line tickets, do we want? Brats & Beer delivers the blog equivalent by never forgetting that during a loss, pictures of cute women are always a welcome distraction. He always keeps his finger on the Packer Nation pulse. BratsNBeerGuy keeps the highs and lows at a moderate temperature while maintaining a comedic undercurrent. Reached by telephone, BratsNBeerGuy said he learned of the nomination while eating bratwurst and watching his DVD of the Green Bay Packers 1996 championship season, which has been on continuous loop ever since the Packers lost the NFC Championship game in January. "I've just been so depressed since the team lost in the playoffs, I haven't been able to do anything else. Maybe now with this nomination, I can find the strength to get through the off-season."

There you have it. The nominees. There were many up for consideration. Up and comers and definite contenders include Acme Packing Company, Green Bay, Booze and Broads , and PackersGab, to name a few. I believe that the Meat Packers Union blog is a great read and would be a contender if he wrote with more frequency.

Good luck to all the nominees. And to those that asked: Yes, bribery goes a long way in determining the winners. ;)

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