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Bengals: 34 Packers: 30

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Bengals: 34 Packers: 30

Johnathan Franklin, Jordy Nelson, Sam Shields

The Bad

The Bad

Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, James Jones

The Bad

The Bad

McCarthy's Call On 4th & Inches



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Bearmeat's picture

Ugly: Andy Flippin Dalton completing over 80% of his passes against 4 man pressure - including 9/9 in the 2nd half.


TommyG's picture

My problem wigh MM's call isn't "go for it", but the manner in witch we did. An outside run or a quuck slant keeps us in the game; in my opinion.

And I cant remember the last time I saw (and would've put) AR in the bad column.

Idiot Fan's picture

Throwing a slant on fourth and inches is insanity.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Not when Rodgers is on his game... Yesterday he wasn't, so it would have been insane...

redlights's picture

AR bootleg with the proper alignment would have been the best option.

Lou's picture

Thats the answer with the tight end rolling to that side and the option to run or throw - and have a long count in an attempt to draw them off sides rior to the snap. McCarthy doesn't except the most logical answer because in his mind he is an offensive "guru".

Mojo's picture

There's a contingent of posters who still believe the 4th and 1 call was the right call. I too was glad they went for it, but running Franklin straight up the middle against a stout Cinny D was a bad idea. Sure he had around a hundred yards prior, but much of that was when he bounced it outside and patiently waited for a lane to form. This play required him to hit the line as fast as he could. That in turn requires our line to create push against their line and LB's. When was the last time we saw that? Certainly not very often, even when we had a more powerful back like Kuhn running the play.

When you think about it you're severely limiting your options when you run straight up the middle(when the D is looking for this as Cincy was). Either your guards and center win their battles or your f'd. Even if your tackles win their battles it doesn't matter much because the play isn't going there. Your only hope is if your RB can find a crease or jump over the pile which is difficult when the LB's are filling those spaces.

I know some will say it's hindsight, but I would have preferred at least the option to take it outside. Maybe have a decent blocker like Quarless in the backfield and give Franklin the chance to win a one-on-one, which he did a lot of previously. Like I said I was glad they went for it. But I did tell someone I hope they don't try to go up the middle BEFORE they ran the play. I'm not as down on our o-line as some are, but their strength isn't strength!

Chad Toporski's picture

Franklin is not the type of back to run that play, period.

MarkinMadison's picture

Lacy also fumbled on a similar play against the 49ers. Leaping over the pile means or running into the pile means putting the ball where a bunch of arms and heads can take a shot at it. I hated this call with Franklin, and it probably would not have worked much better with Lacy.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree...
I don't like to question the play calling, because if a play works its a great call, but if it doesn't its a horrible call. Execution is what determines whether a play works or not.

But sometimes you have to call plays to put your players in the best position to succeed.
Franklin is a lot better in space then he is up the middle.. So let him get outside and use his speed. Or give him the option to go outside...

I didn't like the play call because Franklin showed all day that the pitch or stretch play he was able to make something out of nothing...

jack in jersey city's picture

totally agree mojo. it was right to go for it there but the wrong play call at that time. that's all on MM

steven's picture

My thoughts.
1. Resign Finley asap.
2. Pour defense looked good. Can't wait to see then with our secondary intact.
3. Franklin was well worth the 4th rounder. Him and Lacy are going to be an amazing 1 2 punch for the future.
4. Rodgers is going to anhilate the next defense he faces.for pay back

lebowski's picture

agree with all, and would add 5. Re-sign Shields asap

steven's picture

Agreed. Can't believe I missed that one. He did a heck if a job on green

RC Packer Fan's picture

I completely agree...

I love the Lacy/Franklin combo...

Best group of RB's in how long. Looking forward to having actual threats out of the backfield..

I'm wondering if Cow still thinks Franklin was a horrible draft pick?

hayward4president's picture

I tried to tell cow all along ...he wouldnt listen.

Evan's picture


EDT: I haven't seen a Packers RB make a dude miss in the backfield like Franklin did in as long as I can remember.

hayward4president's picture

All that hype about Gio n what rb stole the show? Franklin and was I the only person who loved the keep feeding me that he did after the long run. A little attitude is what this team needs!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I did too...

Franklin seriously could add a whole new dimension to the offense. What I would really love is to find a way to have Lacy and Franklin in the backfield together... They could come up with some really good plays and options with that look.

Franklin's agility/shiftiness whatever you want to call it, is nothing like any Packers RB has been able to do in how long. I agree Evan, that open field move was awesome.
My favorite was that 50 yard explosive run. We haven't had a RB with that explosion ability in a very long time.

I hope all the fans that were wanting the Packers to cut Franklin, I hope this is a learning experience. You don't cut high draft picks. Also, give guys some time. It takes time for some guys to make an impact.

Norman's picture

"It takes time..." LOL. Yeah, it took his first series!

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Best since Brockington /Lane

Idiot Fan's picture

Totally agree with the list. We've got three backs who have flashed some skill this year, and the oline appears capable of opening up some holes. I'm excited for things to come.

Longshanks's picture

Some where Jeremy Ross needs to be mentioned. That effin drop on the kickoff killed us. That's twice now just in the past 4 games counting the SF last year that his fumble led to a easy quick 7 pts for the other team. That fumble last year changed the momentum and the Packers never got it back. In this case that blunder yesterday cost them 7 pts.

I know there was others including Rodgers that effed up but Ross has done nothing this year. Either get rid of him or get rid of Slocum. I am sick and tired of these special teams giving us bad position. How effin long as Slocum been here? So damn inconsistent with this group. Jesus!!~

chazman's picture

The irony is Randall Cobb will be the only person healthy on our team because MM doesn't want him as our returner. Either let him run back kicks so we can have field position or get a caretaker returner. One who kneels down in the endzone each time.

mark's picture

Meanwhile, Chris Rainey, with his 4.3 speed and great hands, remains unemployed.

It's possible Rainey is such a head case and such a royal jerk, that he's not worth the trouble. But I do hope the Packers have kicked the tires because I can't handle much more Jeremy Ross.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Where was Boykin? Was he inactive or something?

hayward4president's picture

No I saw him lineup one time .

mudduckcheesehead's picture

No shit. I've seen Big Hands Boykin catch a pass at the right time. Why isn't he part of our offensive rotation?

Jamie's picture

I would put Aaron Rodgers in the ugly. He truly had one of the worst games I've ever seen him play, to the point that a buddy and I were wondering whether or not he was playing with a concussion the same way he might've been in the 2010 NFC Championship game in Chicago. He looked very skittish in the pocket, stared down receivers, and a lot of his throws had no chance of being completed the moment they left his hand. Even some of the throws he completed weren't great, like the one to Jordy that Terrence Newman misjudged.

And I know James Jones stopped his route on that inside slant interception, but I still think that's a little on Rodgers. Jones wasn't open at any point on that route even before he broke at the height of his route, the same way Randall was never open on that wheel route for the second interception.

MarkinMadison's picture

A slant is about timing. The only way that wasn't Jones' fault is if there was some sort of pre-snap read to break off the route, which I really doubt. Otherwise, he has a responsibility to stay on his route and at least play defense. Rodgers had a bad day (for Rodgers, which Chrisian Ponder would call a good day), but that interception was most likely not his fault. He was bad; he wasn't ugly. I say that because the Packers still had a chance to win, even with him having a bad day. Most everyone pitched in to make yesterday a loss.

Stroh's picture

A slant is about timing, but the problem is Jones MUST cross in front of the DB. That is an absolute must on a slant. Jones didn't get in front of the DB. Part of that is Jones fault to be sure, but Rodgers should also have seen the DB was sitting on the route and went somewhere else w/ the ball. On the replay it was pretty obvious that the DB simply was NOT going to allow Jones inside. Rodgers has to be able to read that, and he usually does. The INT he threw down the sideline was a poor decision and was perfectly covered. In both cases Rodgers should have read that the route was covered and gone somewhere else. Rodgers has to take at least some blame for the slant, and IMO complete blame for the INT down the sideline.

MarkinMadison's picture

Here is what Mr. Jones says:

“The first interception was my fault, hands down. I stopped on the route on him,” Jones said. “(You) can never do that. Put the quarterback in bad situation right there where I’m giving him mixed reads and that was completely on me. I have the slant route. I’ve got to cross the defender’s face. I can’t do that the quarterback. That was completely my fault.”

Evan's picture

Pffff...If Jones were a real leader he would have blamed Rodgers...

Norman's picture

C'mon Aaron, this is the most obvious Good, Bad & Ugly ever:

The Good: Scored 30 consecutive points to take a 16 point lead in the second half

The Bad: Giving up the first 14 points in the first half

The Ugly: Giving up the last 20 points to lose the F&%#ing game

RC Packer Fan's picture


INJURIES>>>> Especially Hamstring Injuries...

packsmack25's picture

I seem to remember you saying no one that fumbled could ever be in the "Good," Aaron.

RC Packer Fan's picture

That fumble was the only negative thing we can say about Franklin.

But I do agree he shouldn't have been even put in that situation.. It should have been an outside run with him. Let him use his speed and shiftiness to get the first down. Not run him up the middle which is where the strength of the defense was.

Stroh's picture

Is there some reason that Franklin couldn't have seen there was no place for him to attack on the 4th down run and bounced outside? I don't have a problem w/ the playcall either way, but first of all Franklin should have seen the play didn't develop to allow it to succeed and bounced outside. 2nd it was F'in inexcusable to lose the ball. I'm sorry but that is completely on Franklin!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I don't know what he saw or didn't see...
Maybe he thought there was going to be more push up the middle. I don't know...
I just didn't like the play call based on his production came from running outside. Not inside. I would have liked to have see him with the chance to make a move on someone with his speed like he did all game long.
I don't like to question play calling because if the play works everyone is happy but if it doesn't everyone hates it.
Before that play started though, I said to myself, I hope they don't try a run up the middle... That is why I didn't like that call.

I agree that the fumble was inexcusable... At the same time its a learning experience, and next time I am willing to bet he doesn't fumble.

packeraaron's picture

I'm a changed man.

RC Packer Fan's picture

In which way?

For better or for worse?

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Ugly; Mashed Potato Mike for sure. To think your team can all of a sudden push a hole open on a dive play is ludicrous. This line is not tough and can not impose will and for MPM to think different after working with them is beyond the thought process of logical. Pride can't magically summon power, talent, and ability. This line has never won an inches battle! NEver ever in the Mashed Potato Mike era! Why would they all of a sudden against one of the best dlines in the NFL??? If there was ever a time to be creative it was that play call. Nope! Not Tater! Fun game to watch anyway. Crap result. I think I pulled my hammy typing this rant...

Longshanks's picture

I think Mike McCarthy was trying the "George Costanza opposite theory" where if everything he's done has been wrong than doing the opposite would be the right call. Even Ted Thompson mentioned the George Costanza opposite theory at the combines this past year so I know they use it at times.

McCarthy figured the defense wouldn't think they would send the smallish Frankin straight up the gut so that was his choice. What McCarthy failed to realize was the opposite theory only works in baseball since George worked for the Yankees. Oh well, live and learn.

Omega's picture

Ugly: Jeremy Ross playing RB

steven's picture

Anyone fins it amusing how optimistic we all are after a 1,-2 start? Lol I think this teams is a sb threat and is better than last year

RC Packer Fan's picture

I would say why shouldn't we be?

Packers have played without 2 of their top 4 players in the secondary all 3 games.
They have finally found a rushing threat. And 3 RB's that look like each one could go for 1000 yards+.
Before the season started we said they could easily be 0-3.
They should be getting back injured players very soon.

I am very optimistic even though they are 1-2. They way I look at it they could easily be 3-0 right now. And should be 2-1.
Get the injured players back and they will be a very, very good team.

TGJP's picture

The Packers D needs to step. Bengals D showed they are dominant. Who was the contender and who was the pretender? I'm not too sure

Steven's picture

I love how everyone piles on Mike McCarthy. Look at his record and winning percentage. Some are saying we should replace him. With who? Lovie Smith? Mike Tice? We have indeed been spoiled.

Point Packer's picture

McCarthy can be some kind of ridiculously predictable. That 4th and inches call was a classic example. Beyond stupid.

Lars's picture

Agree on all. Maybe add Tim Masthay to the "good". Multiple punts inside the ten and stellar on KO's again.

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