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Bears: 27 Packers: 20

By Category

Bears: 27 Packers: 20

Eddie Lacy, James Starks, B.J. Raji

The Bad

The Bad

Tramon Williams, Seneca Wallace, Casey Hayward

The Bad

The Bad

Dom Capers



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Point Packer's picture

- Our entire secondary could have been in the ugly category in my amateur non-professional opinion.

- Same with our pass rush - made McNoName look like the second coming of Joe Montana.

- This is the first game where the loss of our best pass rushers really reared its ugly head. We missed Perry/Mathews big time last night.

- Dom better figure out some way to stop another no name QB whose coming in with loads of confidence.

- Eddie Lacy ran as hard last night as I've seen him run the entire year. Impressive performance. The Lacy/Starks combo is tough and would be ridiculous if we have our starting QB. As I stated previously, Lacy would have had 200 if #12 would have stayed in the game.

- Not looking forward to next week.

RC Packer Fan's picture

yeah, I agree with all of this.

bogfan's picture

I am definitely looking forward to this Rodgers-less stretch. This could be the fire that forges this team into something special. There's enough talent to win games without the starting quarterback.

jmac3444's picture

Tramon williams needs to be gone after this season.

Point Packer's picture

Either he restructures his contract or he will be. No way we pay him his current salary next year. He is still a very good CB, but he's not worth keeping if it means losing a younger and at this stage, more talented Sam Shields.

Longshanks's picture

There was only ugly last night it was you Nagler and your abusive drunken behavior afte the game!! A total disgrace. I demand you apoligize to me and everyone else you offended!!


Nerd's picture

Fuck off, bitch.

Longshanks's picture

You see Nagler? A fine example you set last night.


denniseckersley's picture


gbslapshot's picture

Sticks and stones.........

djbonney138's picture

I think people forget that Nagler is a fan. He loves his team and he is emotional about it. We all are, that's why we come here. Good, bad or indifferent. Nagler is not a professional Packer journalist and owes no one an apology.

Longshanks's picture

Thanks for this information djbonney. This certainly changes everything. I thought that Nagler was a professional writer and when he went off on me and a couple others the other night it just didn't seem normal. Alot of people were upset.

Now that I know he's just a guy with an opinion like most others here and started this place because of his passion for the Packers, he now has my 100% respect. To be honest he had me at "fuck off" seriously. It took alot of balls for a writer to say that to a loyal reader. He definately earned my respect. He's not your ordinary writer. He's hard core and there's nothing wrong with that now that I know how he is and his style.

So now that I know this, there's two people that I have respect for here. It's Mr. Nagler for being real and not being politically correct and Mr. Brian Carriveau, who to me is the ultimate professional writer here. He brings his lunchbucket to work every single day and puts in the time and goes mostly unnoticed but not to me. Brian, I salute you!! keep up the good work.

The rest of the people here I know so little about since most of them spend their days on this Tweeter thing. They need to get to the office a little more like Nagler and Carriveau. Just my professional opinion.


djbonney138's picture

I knew you would come around, Longshanks. Go Pack GO!

Nerd's picture

Dom has been doing it with smoke and mirrors of late. That's something Bob Sanders could never do.

BUT, he got exposed last night by a team that had a bye week to rest.

Then again, Lacy was running against a team that had a bye week to rest too.

Both QBs were weak armed journeyman. I think Trestman's gonna be a challenge.

Mojo's picture

I agree, I think the bye week really helped the Bears-especially on the offensive end.

The players get to rest, and the coaches get a few more days to scheme. That especially helps when you have a back-up QB who needs reps(I'm guessing McNown put in a lot of extra time). People can say what you want about our D or whatever, but the difference in last nights game was McNown made plays and Wallace was a liability. At least for one night.

PackerPete's picture

I don't think that Capers is at fault here. In all seriousness, he has nothing to work with. The players were in position to make plays most of the time, just didn't execute. 2 TD throws by McCown, both times Mike Neal failed to sack him even though he was right there. Take just one away and insert a FG and it's 4 points less. Hawyard fails to tackle Bennett, it's 4th & inches and the bears convert. Otherwise they'd have punted. On the long drive at the end, many missed tackles. The list goes on and on. Capers put Neal and Hayward, just to name some of the most egregious offenders, in position to make plays and they didn't. Do you blame the coach or the player?

Drealyn Williams's picture

Thank you! I totally agree!

mark's picture

Well said. But even though Neal just missed those sacks, he did well to be disruptive. It's just that McCown, despite that pressure, made the throws. At what point do you take your hat off to the guy?

Their QB made plays, ours didn't. That was the difference.

Evan's picture

I wonder at what point does the Bears GM think "Hell, if an old journeyman can perform like this, why the hell should we pay Cutler big money?"

Stroh's picture

Evan... I agree. I think the bears could easily pass on paying Cutler 18M and opt to give McCown a year or 2 as a starter while they develop a young 1st rd draft pick.

Despite a lot of comments to the contrary on the packer sites, McCown is a viable QB while they can develop a young talent. He can play as well as Cutler IMO. Maybe doesn't have the arm talent, but he's more stable and a good leader.

TommyG's picture

Dead on, Pete. We ran a lot of base D and got burned by the play on the field, not the scheme. Those Bears receivers outplayed our secondary and McClown was made to look like a hero. Our defensive players lost this game, not the coordinator.

Cow42's picture

scheme - shmeme...

it's not Capers (although he coached scared)... it's just that Bennett, Forte, Marshall, and Jeffery are better than House, Williams, Hawk, and Burnett... especially when the Packers 2 best outside pass rushers are standing on the sideline.

If you have to scheme pressure against a capable offense you're gonna get exposed.

Gotta be able to win 1 on 1's. Mulumba and Palmer aren't gonna win any 1 on 1's.

i was disappointed with the run D. Pack was fine when the Bears ran up the middle... but Forte was $ on the edges... again... Mulumba and Palmer.

we need Clay and Nick back big time.

Norman's picture

I would say welcome back Cow, but no one really missed you and we've had several trolls step up (next troll up! is our philosophy on CHTV) to take your place.

That said, and I'm throwing up a bit as I say this, I agree with what you've said and was thinking the same thing. Bears receivers are good, and if we get any kind of pressure on McCown we win that game, even with Wallace as our QB on basically no reps all week.

L's picture

There were plenty of holding penalties occurring on the edges that weren't getting called all game long, but I'm also partly glad that the game wasn't filled with a ton of penalties b/c I enjoy seeing these two teams go at each other very physically without the refs getting super involved.

TommyG's picture

Cow! Welcome back; if this is indeed you and not a wannbe cow, which is what I suspect.

What is said here is the truth. Our players, not the scheme, are what failed.

The TKstinator's picture

Hey man!
Where ya been?

RC Packer Fan's picture

Today everything is doom and gloom. I am going to focus solely on the Good.

-Lacy was a beast. And for him to run that way after Rodgers went out, really impressed me.

-Raji. Was a freaking wall. His best game of his career. He was almost unblockable at times. I still can't get out of my head though the missed holding call early in the game when they were holding Raji where he almost got to the QB.

-Starks TD run was fantastic. He looks like a new player when he is healthy. Would like to see him used more.

-Quarless I thought played well overall.

-Crosby I thought he had another good game.

-Masthay had some really good punts.

-Special Teams overall were really good. Lattimore's blocked punt, the onside kick, and downing the punt at the 1 yard line are definite highlights.

Nerd's picture

Eddie Lacy=ROY.


Idiot Fan's picture

That Starks TD was awesome, but you could drive a truck through the hole the oline created. Kuhn didn't even have anyone to block and just looked around.

Evan's picture

Yeah, Kuhn searching for someone, anyone to block was hilarious.

Michael from Winnipeg's picture

I think Capers gambled with putting guys (the DBs) in position to create turnovers because of who was QBing the Bears. The defense gave up lots of yards last night, and got zero turnovers.

We werent happy two years ago about giving up yards, but we got turnovers, and some of those turnovers turned into points, so we let it go (to a certain extent). We arent getting that this year, so giving up all these yards is really hurting.

As for Casey Hayward. I wasnt expecting him to make the impact as others have posted ("we'll be good when Hayward comes back"). He may as well sit after last nights game. I saw nothing from him that should have him on the field on most downs. I want to believe, but he was like Jarrett Bush in the defensive backfield, and thats not good.

PackerPete's picture

couldn't agree more. Hyde is a much better option at this point.

Point Packer's picture

Better tackler. More aggressive. Equal, or given last night, even better in coverage.

Maybe Hayward just needs a game or two to get his playing legs under him. Or maybe last year his stats were a bit bloated due to luck/poor opposing QB play.

Whatever happened, he looked the worst in a unit that looked absolutely god awful.

Idiot Fan's picture

He was solid all last year, and he missed most of training camp and the first several weeks of the season. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as he shakes the rust off.

PackerPete's picture

why is Seneca Wallace in the bad category? If he is not in the ugly then I don't know what ugly QB play is in the NFL. And don't give me the he got no reps bs. That's exactly why a veteran is brought in. And how come he can't throw against 8 man fronts? The INT to Peppers was the most ridiculous play I've ever seen. Seneca was the only one on the O who played pass, and if you look at the replay, the way everything was blocked, Starks would've scored

Nerd's picture

He reminded me of the '92 VP debate. LOL

denniseckersley's picture

I dunno, I wasn't really pissed off with Dom Capers so much last night. Our offensive ineptitude gave the Bears lots of possessions, and lots of short ones (with that said, their epic drive to close out the 1st half really sucked).

We stopped them several times. And we did so with major injuries at linebacker which resulted in a non-existent pass rush. The Bears are averaging over 30 points per game and that's with opposing offenses moving the ball against their porous defense. I'm not saying that Josh McCown is better than Jay Cutler, but he has certainly given them better QB play in the last two games than Cutler has this season (or at any point in his Bears career).

I thought our rush defense was incredible until we got worn out.

The real problem this year is that we are not getting ANY turnovers. It's really disappointing.

Also, our pass protection was really disappointing, considering how bad the bears pass rush has been.

Idiot Fan's picture

Agreed, although I think Wallace was contributing significantly to the pass-blocking issues. He never stepped up into the pocket, so lineman couldn't push their defenders around to the back.

TommyG's picture

I noticed that too. He was taking very deep drops with every snap (it seemed anyway) and that left him running. I think coaching will clear that up before next week.

When AR was under center we didn't have those blocking issues so it must've been induced by QB2.

Cole's picture

What drives me nuts is when it's 3rd & 2 and tramon gives Marshall an 8 yard cushion, and they just convert it no problem. It enrages me. Grow a pair and press him!

TommyG's picture

And you have nailed the reason for our loss; poor performance by the coverage.

BubbaOne's picture

I'd put Jamari Lattimore in The Good and take out Starks. Starks had a great run but was 5 for 8 yds on his other runs.

The OL was great in run blocking but was horrible in pass blocking. The Bears were one of the worst sacking D's coming into the game and had 5 sacks.

That was not Seneca Wallace last night but "Rusty" Wallace. He hadn't played in a game in two years. He was signed two months ago and as Dilfer said after the game Rodgers is old school so Wallace probably had next to zero snaps in practice. I blame MM and the aforementioned OL more. MM for not changing the play calling sooner to what Wallace is better at and putting him in long down and distance too often.

I like Capers but he needed to find a way to put more pressure on McClown. As Nick Foles showed Sunday you can look like a HOF QB if you have time to eat a ham sandwich while waiting in the pocket. I don't remember how many times I counted 5 seconds before McClown released the ball. It made the secondary look worse than it is. No DB can cover that long.

mark's picture

We were watching different games.

McCown made throws, tough ones, under pressure. jolly and raji were disruptive last night. neal and palmer played well too. did they get home and finish the job? maybe not, but McCown certainly wasn't making sandwiches.

this was a game seneca wallace lost. With the box stacked on Lacy, and a very shakey Bears D, he was 11 of 19 with one, and nearly two, INTs.

BubbaOne's picture

McClown had more completions (22) than Wallace had attempts (19). MM was way too conservative esp early after AR went down.

Yes, McClown made some tough throws and there were times he had NO pressure where he could go to his 2nd or 3rd option.

keith carterke's picture

If u had anything bad to say about Starks u are an idiot. They had 8 in the box because Walace could not throw down field.

SoTxPhil's picture

Other than MM's playing it safe and not letting Wallace throw the ball until 3rd down and 8-10 yds, missed seeing Lattimore and Hyde in the game alot ,like the last 2 weeks when our Def looked great. I hardly saw B. Jones in any plays last night or Hyde other than STs. Hawk made some tackles, bnut wasn't used to blitz up the middle much. Our secondary seemed to be just standing in their zone watching the Bear WRs run slants in front of them for east completions. Wallace looked slow and didn't have much mustard on his throws. I thought G. Harrell could at leat throw the football, though he ocnly got picked.

Stroh's picture

Hyde's playing time is directly linked to Haywards return. Same w/ Lattimore and Jones. However, I think Lattimore earned himself more playing time on D since he outperformed Jones. Hyde has earned his ST playing time, but not on D as much.

GBFaninCA's picture

Dom didn't blow coverage's or miss tackles >_>

dawg's picture

The Whole Team left a Turd on That Feild
Monday Nite! Including Management!
Too Much to Discuss, Just a Shame!
TT-MM better fix This!

Stroh's picture

Your the embarrassment!!

Steven's picture

Eddie was faster than i thought on that 52 yard run.

Darrin's picture

Let's not forget the last time the Bears won on Monday night in GB - Packers went on to win the SB. Everyone is coming back except for Finley, and he wasn't around in 2010 either. The sky isn't falling, it's one bad game. Just make the playoffs and anything can happen. The last 3 SB champs went 10-6, 9-7, 10-6. We have a legitimate running game, the defense is much improved, Rodgers will return. I like this team better than 2010 already.

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