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Barnett Could Miss "Extended Time"

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Barnett Could Miss "Extended Time"

Coach Mike McCarthy told reporters this afternoon that Nick Barnett, who suffered a wrist injury during Sunday's win over the Detroit Lions but returned to the game, was seeking a second opinion on his injury and that the veteran linebacker could miss "extended time".

With another inside linebacker already ailing (Brand Chillar is dealing with a shoulder injury that McCarthy indicated will not end his season despite some speculation to that effect yesterday) the Packers will most likely turn to Desmond Bishop to fill in alongside A.J. Hawk in the base defense. Defensive coordinator said earlier in the week that he would be looking at some new personnel groups and formations to work around the bevy of injuries the Packers are working through on defense.

McCarthy was non-committal when asked who would start alongside Nick Collins at strong safety, saying Charlie Peprah, Derrick Martin and Jarrett Bush would all see time at the position this week in practice.

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CSS's picture

About to find out a great deal about the character of this team in the face of building adversity during a difficult stretch of games (they're all difficult).

Well Bishop, you've been stewing throughout your professional career about not being a starter. Put your money where your mouth is and set the league on fire. Your time to shine, my friend.

Tom's picture

Right on!

NoWayJose's picture

Yup. Here it is, Bishop. Prove the coaches wrong.

Isn't he a FA next year too? This is the time to make yourself a lot of money (somewhere).

Murgen's picture

Time to put on the big boy pants and play some big boy football Bishop.

PkrNboro's picture

Let me dumb it down for you, Bishop:
Don't tear ass up-field -- when the ball is going down-field.

CSS's picture

Note to McCarthy: The Redskins will go into a Tampa - 2 shell the entire game to keep passes/plays underneath.

They're inadvertantly doing you a favor. Work the field, don't turn the ball over, and win the time of possession game. Your current defensive personnel shouldn't be on the field more than 25 minutes.

nerdmann's picture

Arodge is best when we milk time of possession. I don't know why they don't take a bigger focus on that. Probly because they don't have a back that can run screens.

CSS's picture

I think they sometimes just get greedy or rightfully feel as though they have a serious mismatch in personnel/scheme.

Whether it's McCarthy or Rodgers seeing a one-on-one matchup they love (see Jennings deep incompletion/interception each of the last two weeks) or Finley drawing a CB in single coverage through the seem.

Those aren't always high-percentage passes, but I understand their desire to expose the matchup. Question is, will they change that philosophy and move the chains, or will they roll the dice on that explosive play knowing an incompletion means loss of down?

I would like to think it's a disciplined WCO. That being said, Rodgers has earned the right to expose that mismatch if he sees it and depend on one of his thoroughbreds to catch it.

Cole's picture

Jackson can run screens

Cole's picture

And Collins is out now too, f!!!!!!!!!!!!ck

PackerAaron's picture

I'm told that Collins should play - he misunderstood the question when he was asked about being "optimistic"

Cole's picture

That's a relief! Thanks.

JerseyCheese's picture

I have got to tell you guys -- how about this week we are having as Packers fans:

Marshawn Lynch goes to Seattle making it seem Thompson thinks Kuhn/Jackson will be fine leading us to the playoffs.

Randy Moss gets traded to the Vikings making us hate Thompson even more for not getting Lynch.

Your leader on offense (Rodgers) and leader on defense (Woodson today on the Jim Rome Show) are questioning why Thompson isn't helping to improve this team because of injuries we are suffering.

And now more injuries -- With Grant and Burnett already out for the season, is it possible Barnett and Chillar will miss 4-6 weeks?

Are Super Bowl season isn't looking too Super!

Bearmeat's picture

Jersey, I couldn't agree more. Injuries are a part of life in the NFL, and TT's job is to put the team in the best possible position for success: Both long and short term. We all agree he's built the roster well for the long term, but what about the short term?
This team is built for success now. We should win the North and at least get to the divisional round. If we go down in flames because of a lack of depth at S, RB, OLB, TT needs to be held accountable... and yes, I'm talking about firing him.

hyperRevue's picture

Can't Barnett just club his hand/wrist up like Jenkins and get out there?

CSS's picture

Simple fractures can be placed in a protective shell and players can play through the pain without permenant damage. Ligaments, dislocations and compound fractures require complete immobilization of the joint or you risk substantial damage and a future with no range of motion whatsoever.

hyperRevue's picture

Pfff. Cut it off and suit up!

(kidding, obviously)

hyperRevue's picture

Do we know any details about the extent and nature of Barnett's injury?

Tom's picture

Right, just look at Urlacher last season. It was the smallest bone in his wrist that was dislocated, but it happened to be sitting over a major nerve running through the joint. He had to be in a cast up to his shoulder or risk partial to full paralysis of that hand. Some of these injuries may sound dinky but you can't scoff at a team for protecting its investments.

Bogmon's picture

Bishop has played well in Barnett's absence in the past. I think he will do alright.
The ILB's just need to focus on being more aggressive and attack the football.

hyperRevue's picture

Also, when is Burnett going to be put on IR officially? And what will the corresponding move be? Maurice Simpkins?

PackerAaron's picture

You would think it would be one of the ILBs on the practice squad, but with TT, who knows. As far as Burnett, TT is never in a rush. Remember, in 2008 he kept Barnett on the roster for like two weeks before putting him on I.R.

hyperRevue's picture

I don't remember that but I'll take your word for it. ha.

Maybe he'll leave it open for one of the PUP players?

Bogmon's picture

Whatever happened to Abdul Hodge?

Maybe Thompson can dust him off and give 'em a go!

SpartaChris's picture

Read that Collins has a knee strain that will keep him out this Sunday too. Sure wish the injury bug would go bite someone else for a change. This is getting old.

SpartaChris's picture

OK, just saw Nagler's comments about him misunderstanding the question. Man I hope that's the case. I still maintain my stance on the Packers' injury bug. That bug can go eff off and die.

hyperRevue's picture

See Nagler's post above. Collins should play.

hyperRevue's picture

ha. Never mind.

PackersRS's picture

I trully think there's someone from the Vikings' or the Bears' organization with a crowbar hitting Packers' players when they're lot looking.

PkrNboro's picture

I hate to be a naysayer, but I thought the season was star-crossed when we got the news on Jolly's suspension.

Which, by the way, still mystifies me. The length of suspension would seemingly indicate previous test failures. Would not the club also have also known this? Why would TT have tendered him with such knowledge ?

MarkinMadison's picture

TT probably tendered him to keep him from being stolen by another team. He is still worth signing in the long run, if he gets his head out of his heine. Also, I'm not sure about this, but is any part of a tendered salary guaranteed? I don't think so, just given the way the NFL works. If not, it was a pretty low-risk move.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Mark Lovat, Dave Redding, and Thadeus Jackson. I am looking at you right now.

RickyBobby's picture


man, this team woulda' been pretty good.
oh well - there's always next year.

p.s. - yes, this one is over

RickyBobby's picture

oops - forgot shields

oh - and woodson's got a toe and jenkins has a club.

oh yeah - clifton's knees and tausch didn't practice today.

who'd i miss?


MarkinMadison's picture

Not at all. We got a long ways to go.

RickyBobby's picture

yup - long ways to go.

too bad we only have half a team to bring along for the ride.

man, almost forgot about jones... didn't he miss a game or two?

... oh - and neal... he's already missed 3 games.

lars's picture

The team is 3-1 and you're saying it's over? Way to show your intestinal fortitude, dude!

PkrNboro's picture

if you go to, you're gonna need a lot more than intestinal fortitude...
...I don't see how karma doesn't catch up with some of those people.

RockinRodgers's picture

Pretty soon it will be easier to name the players that aren't hurt. Every team goes through injuries, but this is getting a little much.

PackersRS's picture

If Barnett is lost for season, scrap all that RB talk. We need a LB. Badly.

Jack's picture

A Milwaukee TV station reported that Barnett needs "season-ending" surgery on his wrist.

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