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Back to the Pack: Many Linking a Homecoming Between Davon House and the Packers

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Back to the Pack: Many Linking a Homecoming Between Davon House and the Packers

Is it really the time of the year that the annual free agency frenzy is about to commence if a former Packers player isn't being rumored to return to the team?

Like a yearly ritual, the urge for nostalgia in a sentimentality calls for scanning the market for any former players who spent the early part of their careers suiting up in Green Bay. This year, there's quite a few, but one that stands out who may actually be serviceable is Davon House.

A handful of analysts and writers are linking House to the Packers, who are in dire need of cornerback help. And it's beginning to seem like the most plausible course of action.

House, 27, spent the first four years of his career with the Packers after being drafted by the team in the fourth round of the 2011 NFL Draft as a compensatory pick. Unfortunately for House, he never saw much of the limelight in a loaded Packers cornerbacks group that consisted of current free agent Tramon Williams, Charles Woodson, Sam Shields and the 2016 league-leader in interceptions, Casey Hayward. He started just 14 games for the Packers in that span and tallied two interceptions, half of what he would eventually accumulate in an eight-game stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars during his first year with the team.

House signed a four-year, $24.5 million dollar contract and flew south for the next two seasons — both domestically and on the field.

House (left) and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (right) embrace after Green Bay wins the season opener in Jacksonville, 27-23. (Reinhold Matay/AP)

Despite his four interceptions in 2015, House's second year with the Jaguars didn't pan out so well. 

With numbers provided by The Power Sweep, this is the kind of success opposing quarterbacks had against House during his first four games of 2016.

  • Aaron Rodgers: 4-4, 43 yards one touchdown
  • Philip Rivers: 4-5, 67 yards, two touchdowns
  • Joe Flacco: 6-7, 70 yards, one penalty
  • Andrew Luck: 1-1, six yards, two penalties

House finished the season with just 13 tackles, his lowest since his rookie season in Green Bay. Ultimately, his drop-off in efficiency made it a no-brainer for the Jaguars: try to trade him or release him.

Just two years into what feels like was a freshly-inked deal, House is set to hit the market and officially be open to the inquiries of teams on March ninth, the beginning of the free agency period. Many believe that House may see a homecoming with the Packers sometime in the near future.

Would it make sense?

In a group of young cornerbacks and undrafted free agents, bringing in a soon-to-be seventh-year player that has familiarity with defensive coordinator Dom Capers could be a low-risk, high reward move for the Packers. Especially if the deal is for a cheap price.

House spent four seasons playing for Capers and while never having much success, it's arguable that House would be an immediate upgrade in the secondary that ranked 31st in pass defense in 2016. In terms of experience and affinity, at least.

Williams, set to turn 34 years old in 11 days, had the far superior career in Green Bay between the two, but would make all the less sense to explore signing.

The Packers need young, speed demon-like players on the back-end that can keep up with the average NFL offense, which in 2017, doesn't seem like will be reaching new lows for "slowest receivers in the league" like the Packers once did a season ago. As nostalgic as it would be for Williams to suit up once more in green and gold to finish off his career with the team who signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2006, that ship has sailed.

Whether or not the Packers make a run at House, one thing is for certain — a move has to be made. Bolstering the pass defense has been deemed as a top priority for the Packers this offseason. If that means exploring the free agent market, which seems like a rarity under general manager Ted Thompson (but grim times may call for it) or using an early draft pick to select a cornerback in a draft class that is loaded at the position, so be it.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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qotsa1's picture

I can't see Thompson spending the money it's going to take to sign one of the few top tier corners on the market, so picking House back up would make a lot of sense. He would probably be relativity inexpensive to sign, wouldn't cost the Packers a comp pick and he is familiar with the system. I still think the Packers take a corner early in the draft, but they need a lot of help at the position.

Tarynfor12's picture

So over the last two seasons with moving on from House and Hayward and taking Randall and Rollins we made no steps forward and now it is rumored we take at least one step backwards.....isn't that a box step move for those who can't dance or simply stand at the bar and watch everyone else score because they know how to make and perform moves.

Bearmeat's picture

This is actually exactly what I'm hoping happens. We're not going to get a big name under TT. And let's face it, those big names often are team killers in this salary cap.

House knows Dom's system. He's an outside corner. A vet. He's not old. He can handle #2 WRs.... something like 3 years 15 million sounds like a really good back stop to hoping our 3 young guns improve.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I agree except for the money. No way can House command that type of money. Little to no guaranteed money, even a one year contract at maybe $1.5M.

porupack's picture

Looks like House would be just another #2 type CB. Doesn't the Defense need a #1 CB? Why waste precious cap space for another #2 CB? If its rare to sign a FA vet, at least go for top talent when you do sign one.

Bearmeat's picture

Yeah, we need a #1, but finding a vet that is a #1 already would break the bank. And let's face it, Ted ain't doing that.

Finding another solid #2 gives some MUCH needed dependable depth. 2 #2s (Gunter and House) and 2 #3s (Randall and Rollins) with a ton of upside is much better than what we had last year.

And, it'd be affordable.

qotsa1's picture

I would love the Packers to sign a #1 corner in free agency, but A.J. Bouye and Stephon Gilmore are really the only 2 free agent corners I would consider #1 corners, and I don't see the Packers getting into a bidding war for either one.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Yes the packers need a number 1. But they also need a 2 and a 3, plus a lot of other help on d so even the thought of a number 2 corner right now is exciting

al bundy's picture

reaaly how abot a number one corner a r a fa corner

Rossonero's picture

Ted will only sign him at a discount and even that is a stretch.

Why I don't think it'll happen:
1) We have a ton of our own FAs to sign.
2) Ted is stingy.
3) McCarthy and Ted want to give Randall and Rollins another chance since they were injured most of the season.
4) It's EXTREMELY rare for Ted to pick up a guy he was OK with cutting. Exceptions include Ryan Grant and Ahman Green.

However, I could see him brought back for the following reasons:
1) Secondary has changed a ton.
2) If he's willing to take a pay cut.
3) He has speed. He ran a 4.44 at the combine.

al bundy's picture

Rollins and Randle were not injured per se, they both have real problems with being able to run backwards. They calfs cant take the NFL punishment. Its not like a broken arm, they have muscle issues that limit their play. They will never be good

croatpackfan's picture

Go away. You are ignorant, you do not know the names of the players you want to discuss about.
Randall and Rollins have a chanse to be very good to excellent NFL players, while you have not a chance to be nice and clever person.
And that is the truth!

marpag1's picture

"Rollins and Randle were not injured per se, they both have real problems with being able to run backwards."

LOL. Dude, you're a laughingstock. Randall had SURGERY on his groin. So yeah... um.... he wasn't "injured per se" ... he just had surgery, y'know... on his groin... because of his calves... cuz he can't run backwards...

Quentin Rollins was carted off the field on a back board, spent the night in a Detroit hospital and missed two playoff games in concussion protocol. And this is because he can't run backwards. Ouchy calves, you see. But nah.... not "injured per se."

You don't have to invent new ways to be stupid.


stockholder's picture

NO! NO! NO! YOU guys don't get the fact he didn't want to be a packer. He left for the money. DId he care about a ring or his teammates? Guys only want the bonus money! Had he been that effective CB. , TT would have signed him. You don't hand the CB position to a guy on a silver platter. Especially a player that has never come close to All-pro. Draft and Develop or fire your coaches.

stockholder's picture

And the Packers would be fools to re-sign him. You praise TT , but don't want to see the cap,fiscal responsibility, Family , loyalty,endorsements, civic duty! He just didn't want to burn bridges! This is football not Baseball. Get off the throne and use your head when you comment. Your opinion sucks!

Three and Out's picture

Here are other recent players who left for a payday and ended up coming back...Matt Flynn and James Jones. I seem to recall both those guys playing quite well when they came back to Green Bay.

Three and Out's picture

Here are other recent players who left for a payday and ended up coming back...Matt Flynn and James Jones. I seem to recall both those guys playing quite well when they came back to Green Bay.

Nick Perry's picture

Both Flynn and Jones came back because of injuries. Flynn came back several games into the 2013 season and Jones was signed in the beginning of September of 2015, shortly after he was cut by the Giants. If House is still sitting there in September maybe, otherwise I doubt Thompson brings him back.

They did play well one back, totally agree with you there. This is just a completely different situation (Early in March and no injuries) than Jones and Flynn.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

House was buried on the Packer's depth chart. He had a chance to start in JAX. I don't know what GB offered him, but I suspect it was closer to a yearly salary of Jarret Bush, no where near what JAX offered him, if they even made an offer. TT's regime has been pretty cold towards some of their own FAs, many times not even communicating with a player they've "decided to move on from." How can you question his loyalty to GB considering all of this?

Nick Perry's picture

If I recall House wasn't even offered a contract to stay in GB, just like Hayward. Thompson usually knows a year before the player is even set to become a FA if he plans on keeping him.

I could be wrong but I really don't recall a contract offer to House and when he was offered "Stupid Money" from the Jags there was nothing TT was going to do. Not only that, you have to remember Florida doesn't have State Taxes...HUGE Deal IMO.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

thought so, thanks Nick

Nick Perry's picture

I was wrong on House J0hn Denver's Gavel... They just got involved really late once House had several offers. The story I found said he had offers from Bears, Vikings, Seahawks, Raiders, Eagles and Jags. The Packers offered him $17 million over 4 years with just $5 million guaranteed.

Bearmeat's picture

In this case, I think you are incorrect NP. MM told TT he wanted House back, but TT decided to wait until the price came down. JAX pulled out stupid money early in FA and that was that.

If House comes back, it'll be at GBs original price (or perhaps lower) from 2 years ago.

Nick Perry's picture

You're are correct, my bad Bearmeat. The Packers DID offer a contract to House, it was just LATE in the process. The Packers let House go shop his services and see what he was offered. He received offers from 6 teams including the Bears, Vikings, and Seahawks. The Packers offered $17 Million over 4 years with only $5 Million guaranteed.

stockholder's picture

I think House was offered a year. (Because of his injuries. ) He got the 3 years plus, and wanted the Packers to match it. I wouldn't have matched it either. James Jones was the one that got me. TT screwed up on this one. He wanted a 2 year and got more. But didn't want to go. By the time TT paid Adams contract. He could of had Jones, and had more productive years. But like I said earlier. TT is about business as usual.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

At the time house wasn't the difference between a super bowl / playoff win or not. Now, being as he would be the best corner on gb by far (that's a reflection of gb, not house) he might be a difference maker.

abad467's picture

Packers corners are like the Brewers pitchers. They are alright and can sometimes be good but no one really stands out. Also don't expect them to sign a #1 corner. Teams don't let them walk. They might add another guy like House in free agency but he's not coming in to be the #1. The best corner on the Packers is currently on the roster. Whom that is we'll find out next season

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

current Brewers Pitchers? If not, Sheets, Gallardo, Sabbathia, Hoffman and Greinke come to mind as real stand outs. And those are just the most recent ones.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Aaron Rodgers: 4-4, 43 yards one touchdown
Philip Rivers: 4-5, 67 yards, two touchdowns
Joe Flacco: 6-7, 70 yards, one penalty
Andrew Luck: 1-1, six yards, two penalties

These kind of numbers an be a bit misleading if they have no context. How many snaps was House on the filed for in each game? How many against the #1 or #2 receiver?

Rodgers threw the ball 34 times in that game. So he only targeted House 4 times, or 11% of the throws. I think that might not be to bad.

Tundraboy's picture

I agree. Not big on bringing him back, but compared to some of the games our CBs had last year those stats are good.

Nick Perry's picture

Right about that TB, and some of our CB's stats came against QB's not close to those guys. Not saying House was impressive, but neither were our CB's.

Everything changed once Shields went down. Well Shields is still down....and out for good now. The Packers NEED to do something.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Those stats are pretty brutal, Jeremy. Stats always need context, I agree, but I think you need a canny "spin" consultant to make those beasties sound better. I can only think of 1 excuse:

He only played in a Capers-like Prevent Defense.

MITM's picture

After we get to re signing our own, and that whole thing is done playing out and House is still available then why not.

4thand1's picture

If he's still available, it means he sucks and no team is interested. He may be lucky to crack a roster for anyone.

James Martins's picture

There is not room for everybody guys! There are 3 young players on the roster already ( Gunter, Randall and Rollins), Packers aren't giving up on them yet. It has to be either House or Hyde! Personally, I think both are average, if average is the only choice, sign the guy who can also return punts and play other positions.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

There is and should be a lot more room on this roster for more than 4-5 CBs. Look at what happened last year. Also, Packers consider Hyde a Safety. Please see how many DBs a team goes into a season with on their 53. Packers had 12 (6 cb, 6 S) on their 53 to start the season last year.

James Martins's picture

You don't spend millions of bucks to stay buried in the depth chart, that's not the Packers way. It's great to have plenty of depth at DB, but they have to be late round picks or undrafted guys, you can't spend $4 million on Hyde and $3 million on Davon House if neither of them will be more than 3th CB. The Packers are not giving up on Rollins, Randall and Gunter just yet, at least 2 of them will be forced into the starting line-up. Hence, there will be room just for one veteran (Hyde/House).
Also, if the plan is to spend around $7 million to bring 2 average players who won't be even playing full time, it's better to spend a little more and bring a shutdown CB.

Lphill's picture

He is a few years from 30 , probably would have been our best corner if we had him this past season , he got paid now maybe he wants his ring at the end of his career. Maybe TT just did not want to pay him like he didn't want to pay Cullen Jenkins and Charles Woodson to name a few. Take him back if it's reasonable. We need the experience.

ricky's picture

I'm torn on this issue. He could be a decent backup, a nickel/dime DB. But if forced into a starting role, is anyone confident of a good outcome? He's a familiar name, and therefore gets linked to the Packers. But a good idea? Probably not. Why retard the development of younger players with more upside to put a proven "sieve" on the field? Though there is an intriguing idea. Because if he was signed, would we have "House in the house"?

PatrickGB's picture

We already have a fast corner on the roster. His name is Makinton Dorleant. Hurt all last year and we kept him on the designated to return list over Eddie Lacy. Any one else brought in takes away from his further development. We don't need any "has beens" unless its a true #1 corner.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Is that the same makinton dorleant that was on ir for about 14 weeks last year, twice even, who tore his acl in January and probably won't play until the 2018 season. Then when he does he's still going to be basically a udfa with 2 games experience and a major knee injury. I think davon house sounds like deion sanders compared to that plan

dobber's picture

If the Packers can get him to agree to a contract that has little guaranteed money so they can cut him with no repercussions, I have no problems bringing him in as a depth move. Let him play for his $$ and if he's better than what they currently have, so be it. If not? Nothing lost. It's a pretty standard TT move (Daniel Muir, anyone?).

Lphill's picture

Many of you say no we need a true number 1 corner , did we have solid number 2 and 3 corners? Bring him back .

dobber's picture

He improves the general talent level in the secondary the minute he's signed. The Packers can sit on their hands, draft and hope, or wait on UDFAs who might or might not develop. They're not going to sign a high-end CB unless one gets cut. Take House or leave him, but there's nothing wrong with bringing him in on a low-risk contract. He's going to be needing an opportunity to prove himself so he can earn another big deal while he's still under 30.

I don't see a tremendous risk here.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think bringing House back makes a lot of sense. With Shields gone the Packers could use a veteran presence who knows the system. I'm still hopeful that TT will pursue Gilmore, but I don't think that adding House would hurt at all. Tons of cap room there folks.

Spock's picture

What Dobber said. Sign him (if the Packers really are interested) to a low risk contract. sounds like a TT move. Still this time of year the rumor mill linking players to the Packers is wrong 99% of the time. :)

StvHld's picture

So he sucked last year in Jacksonville. Why in the hell would GB want him back? We have enough CB's with marginal to no talent! Pass please!

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