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A.J. Hawk Agrees To A Restructured Contract

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A.J. Hawk Agrees To A Restructured Contract

Per, um, myself:

I don't have any specific numbers, but I am told the restructure was not "significant" and that it is a slight adjustment to the final three years of the contract he was already on.

While some Packers fans may not think so, I think this is a great move. There had been speculation that the team might simply cut the veteran linebacker, despite the cap hit they would take in the process. But with Desmon Bishop and D.J. Smith both coming back from significant injuries, Hawk is too valuable to let go.

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Evan's picture

Thank god! If only so we can stop hearing people whine about his salary.

Wonder if that'll pave the way for a Jones return.

Stroh's picture

Already have alot of ILB. I don't think the Packers will get into bidding for Jones. Bishop, Manning, Smith and Lattimore all play weak ILB. Bishop is coming back from an unusual surgery, Smith from an ACL. Manning is just like Bishop, just a faster version. Smith is a backup, nothing more.

Good move by Hawks or he would have been released in June. Packers are better w/ Hawk than without. Like to see him make some impact plays, but his position doesn't lend itself to it as much as Weak ILB.

Jones isn't needed w/ Francois also returning and the other players at Weak ILB.

Any word on his new cap numbers?

PackerAaron's picture

Nothing yet.

morgan mundane's picture

I think Jones is gone. They understand Jones is lost so they had to shore up Hawk. My take is they may have let Hawk go but can't. Were the team with all those injuries, especially to our linebackers so Hawk was the odd person out.
Someone has to suit up!

jmac34's picture

I still think they should at least draft his replacement

jmac34's picture

also kudos for the scoop

PackerAaron's picture


pooch's picture

Can we now sign some signicant d help or is everyone signed

Stroh's picture

Jolly got restructured too. His physicality, assuming he plays anywhere near his former level can make a big impact on the D.

Just need in impact Safety. More and more is looking like the Packers 1st round pick IMO.

cow42's picture

chances of jolly ever playing again are ridiculously slim.

Stroh's picture

Just like they were for Mike Vick? I would say the chances of a DL returning to form after 3 years are ALOT better than a QB doing so.

If Jolly is anything close to the player he was before missing 3 years, the Packers got a damn good DL!

Do you even look at recent history or do you just spew hatred and negativity about the Packers... never mind, bad question... We all know your a 9ers fan!

cow42's picture

not being negative on this one just being realistic.

jolly played well for the Pack but i think people may be remembering him as being a bit better than what he really was.

also - he doesn't exactly come across to me as someone who busted his ass to stay in shape while he was gone.

you gott'a admit - it's ike 20/80 that he'll even be on the roster let alone contribute, let alone contribute at a high level... never mind, bad statement... we all know that in stoh's world everything that happens to the Packers is a positive... every player's gonna improve, every injury will heal, every other team's signing will bring that team down, every player that leaves the Packers wouldn't have helped them anyhow, every non-signed free agent would have been a waste of money.

Stroh's picture

Actually if you paid attention. When Jolly was released he stated he was working out 2 or 3 times a day lifting and running for conditioning. Apparently he is busting his ass. His wt is w/in 5 to 7lbs of his playing wt. Would seem he's very motivated.

Would say chances of making the roster are more 75% or better.

cow42's picture

"Would say chances of making the roster are more 75% or better."

if you're right... what does that say about the roster?


Stroh's picture

If Jolly is anything close to what he was, it means he's damn good player! Just like he was prior to suspensions. The guy is a freakin ox that you can't move from the LOS and does a great job of disupting passing lanes and knocking passes down! His physicality and aggressiveness would make the D alot better. He along w/ Pickett helped lead the D to #1 ranking vs run in Capers 1st year.

Other DL are better pass rushers, but not disrupt passing lanes like he does. You apparently don't understand just how good Jolly was. He didn't get tendered for a 1st round pick for nothing.

morgan mundane's picture

The good guys are basically gone. Next move if for the league to go in restricted free agents and that's where we can get help only if we give up draft picks. Ted ain't doing that.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Solid player, Say what you want, he shows up for every game and puts in solid play. Not spectacular, but solid.

JimTalkBox's picture

Now we have some more cap space to sign Steven... Jackson... crap...

Gerard's picture

This is good news. Shut up the whiners and keep a solid pro. Also like they used the extra savings to bring back solid special teamed and backup Rob Francois

Rocky70's picture

Does AJ Hawk care what anyone thinks? --- I doubt it.

Xuyee's picture

He's healthy and plays which is more than we can say for half the D including CM3.

morgan mundane's picture

CM3 is getting beat up trying to do all the things the rest of the D line can't.
All I know is IMHO Perry and Worthy are busts until either or both prove me wrong.

Perry was to be the bookend and what I saw was a confused person out there not knowing if he should rush or defend the pass. He was a DE. That may be all he is good at.

Thus, Mathews is going to get hurt and shoved around a lot more without that help coming from the other side.

Whenever I hear the expression - needs to develop, that alone says the guy isn't too bright or they hope they found someone who can improve a lot.

You never hear, needs development from low round first round picks. They step in and take over where they left off in college.

cow42's picture

worthy's garbage (just my gut feeling). he just seems weak.

perry has a chance, i think. it all comes down to whether or not he really wants to be an OLB. i don't think he does. i think if someone told him he could go play for the bears or giants he would set speed records running for the first bus outa' town.

packsmack25's picture

"Per, um, myself" is great.

California Cheesehead's picture

I personally think that this move, in addition to the last go 'round, show his commitment to the Packers. Umm...Mr. Finley, your team needs you to follow suit, please.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Good one.

Evan's picture

Jennings to the Vikes.


morgan mundane's picture

WTF - Hawk. Should have kicked him out years ago. Same old nothing changes

PackerBacker's picture

You don't get rid of solid, reliable players. You just make sure they're paid properly. Which the Packers have now done.

Chris Davis's picture

Thank-You PackerBacker. He is reliable and a great keep for the team. He is also the play caller.

GBFaninCA's picture

im so tired of hearing about his play calling "abilities" our defense keeps getting torched. Hawk's best skill is being able to be half a second late to the tackle and jump on the dog pile

Morgan Mundane's picture

You made me laugh. Seriously. I labeled Hawk as the best linebacker in the league at being the third person on the pile. What a waste.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Ya and who were dose solid players, anyone on our team?

imma fubared's picture

Mc and Don I think likes him. It may be more, hey we need someone. Whenever I focus in on his play, I see someone being the third person on the pile. Hey you guys stop him and I'll come in and jump in too.

This guy has less single tackles than any backer in football. He is slow, sideways movement is terrible, afraid to take on the big backs, gets run over easily and we keep him?

kennypayne's picture

As long as AJ continues to get paid the Pack is sure to be a great D again in 13'.

He should never have received the contract he got in 2011, not that the Packer beat writers (other than McGinn) would ever dare point out how overpaid he has been during his 7 years in Green Bay.

PadLevel's picture

Amen. AJ Hawk is the "chosen One" for Teddy T and his fan club. If you dare question him you are an out cast. McGinn is the only one in Cheesehead land with the stones to speak his mind.

MarkinMadison's picture

"Hawk is the “chosen One” for Teddy T and his fan club."

Not sure what you mean by this. I don't think Hawk has gotten a pass from anyone.

Derty Ernie's picture

Kenny. He sucks. Should have cut him two years ago.

Nick perry's picture

Hmmm, a week into free agency and we've lost Jennings , didn't sign Canty, Jackson , let Jennings go. What I don't get is how Denver, New England and teams like that continue to sign these guys with 20 million QB's. I know Brady restructured but still. So does the same thing that happened to Ravens happen to them next year or year after? Team gets gutted??

Stroh's picture

Holy Shit... the sky is falling. You better go dig your underground tunnel/cave so you can bury your head in the sand and survive!

Derty Ernie's picture

Actually the sky is falling on the pack

MarkinMadison's picture

Yes. Ravens and Steelers gutted themselves this year. Denver will gut itself within two years. Patriots may have to do the same at some point, but historically they've been a little smarter about it. Both Denver and Pats are spending with great QBs who are or will be 36 and 37 years old at the start of this season. It makes sense for them to go for broke, because these guys have less than four good years left in them if history is any guide.

cheesewhizzer's picture

Greg Jennings is a class act. It is the Viking's gain and Packer's loss. It's time to move on. My only wish is that Thompson deals with Rodgers, Matthew's and Raji's contracts soon if he decides that he is going to do nada in free agency. We all know that he lowballs every FA. I'd like to just see him do one thing that gives me faith in the future for our Packers. Otherwise he is going to again make GB the joke of the 70's and 80's.

zeke's picture

You are absolutely right. The Packers have had the success they've had over the years in spite of Thompson, not because of him. They lucked into Woodson, Pickett, Raji, Rodgers, Matthews, Finley, Shields, James Jones, Nelson, Cobb, etc. Because everyone knows that it isn't how you draft and develop, it's the free agents that you sign that makes a great, sustainable team. Why, how else to explain all of the Lombardi trophies adorning the halls in Washington, Detroit, Minnesota, et al.?


cheesy4's picture

Whoa !!!!Settle down Teddy. Restructuring Hawks contract and resigning Francois all in one week of free animal you

Lars's picture


Derty Ernie's picture

Why didn't Ted cut Hawk and sign Winfield, a proven hard tackler who is out there. Word is the Vikes want him back bad so they know he can play. Sure could use a Winfield and get a new LB via the draft.

Ted is asleep at the wheel

Nononsense's picture

Hawk had the 4th highest salary on the team so Id say his pay was a little "out of whack". Glad they finally addressed it.

The only thing I want now is to see a real open competition at ILB this season and every position really. If that happens I can't see Hawk winning his job back. Not with Bishop and Smith back along with Francois, Lattimore and Manning champing at the bit to see the field.

I don't hate Hawk or anything I just don't think hes a very good linebacker and I would like to see some improvement on defense.

Lars's picture

Don't underestimate the influence of TT and Capers in this regard. Even at a salary of $4 million a year, there will be pressure to play the guy making the $$$. Remember how long it took the superior Desmond Bishop to get on the field because of Hawk favoritism? Hawk is only a two-down player as it is, but as long as he's employed by Green bay (as long as he's TT's boy) he will have the inside track on playing.

Francoise killed it in relief of an injured Hawk in 2011, but he never saw the field in 2012. Not even on third downs. You know how it goes with management favorites.

PackerPete's picture

Yes, Hawk is solid, but nothing more than that. For years, he really wasn't anything but solid. Hardly any game-changing plays. His pay was way over his performance, so I hope they cut out a good chunk. The numbers are not yet known, but with all the FA losses, he would've been the 4th highest paid player on the roster. #12 is first, naturally. Then Tramon Williams, Finley, and Hawk. Say what you want, but I think the Packers are in trouble since the players paid 2nd to 4th on the roster are not game changers, no matter what anybody wants to say about Finley. The one thing that keeps bugging me a little is that I constantly hear that the Packers cannot sign a FA since they have to extend #12 and the Claymaker, but at the same time, the Bears got Bushrod and the TE for less than 5 million in cap space for this coming season. And Bushrod is better than Newhouse, as well as Bennett could be better than Finley if you don't look at the name recognition but the actual production. Remember, Finley doesn't block a grandma on a walker. So I hope the draft will play out well, otherwise this team is what it should've been last season: 8-8 at best.

kennypayne's picture

Does anyone else find it a bit strange that the news that Hawk has agreed to a RESTRUCTURED contract has been out there for a day and we have no facts as to what this exactly means?

Did he just agree to move his bloated salary around?

Did he actually take a pay cut?

If so, was the cut a legitimate one?

He is scheduled to make $5.45M a year. I doubt he'd get $3M on the open market. So why the delay about the numbers when the whole story was about numbers? Very odd.

imma fubared's picture

They do not want to embarrass him by showing he agreed to less money. Not less money this year and making it up in the future but less money total.
Why would you take less money? Why would anyone agree to less money unless they were getting near retirement.
He took less money because he knew if he was cut, no one would want him or at the least no one would pay him much based on his play.

cow42's picture

NFL teams are either improving or regressing.
Does anyone think this team is in the process of trying to get better?

PackerAaron's picture

Jesus Christ - YES.

Just because they aren't spending an overabundance of money on mediocre players doesn't mean they aren't "in the process of trying to get better."

Stroh's picture

Money they don't have to spend, w/ Rodgers and Matthews needing contracts this offseason.

Thompson is always looking for ways to umprove! Its debatable FA would actually help anyway. They don't for the vast majority of teams!

zeke's picture

Don't feed the trolls...

cpheph1's picture

Thanks Aaron! Looking forward to seeing the final numbers for AJ Hawk.

cpheph1's picture

FWIW, here's a link to SpotRac's top 10 salary cap #'s for LB:

jim's picture

Do a lot of people forget about the cap? I will take a young player with a future ahead of him any day before i take a cap-heavy free-agent. Does anybody remember Manuel? A Reggie White comes along once in a great while, but, in this draft, there will be more Randall Cobbs, Clay Matthews, B.J. Rajis, Aaron Rodgers, and Jim Taylors.... and at a price that is a bargain for a team. If they don't pan out, it cost us a draft pick, and a relatively small salary, whereas a free agent (manuel) takes a super hit on cap space. What is the packer record over the last 5 to 7 years? And how does that compare to the rest of the league? A lot of players were on injured reserve last year, and they, too, will be coming back. I think this draft will help put the Pack in an awesome position.....but not if they mortgage their current stars for some overpaid fee-agemts/

hump's picture

anybody for richard seymour in green and gold? and TED please!!! a safety!!! 20 mil in cap room and he refuses to address. bottom 10 in "D" for 2013 if we dont sign someone. michael huff? cant win with m.d. NOWAY!

imma fubared's picture

Hawk took less money because he fully knows he has the coaches snow balled thinking he is actually ok when in fact he sucks. He also knows no one would want him based on his play so its not for the love of GB but the love for a paycheck.

Best linebacker in football at being the third person on the pile.

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