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Aaron Rodgers sucks according to Vikings fan

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Aaron Rodgers sucks according to Vikings fan

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packeraaron's picture

This is awesome.

Christopher Smith's picture

I hope he does this every week of the season.

DBH's picture


Rodgers was visibly nervous at the start of the game, and I don't think he settled down much. I'd bet he comes back with a vengance against a less talented Bills team and gets himself back on track again.

That said, some of this guys rant was just hilarious. If someone would post a video like this about #4's 'clutch' plays over the past decade, I'd be rolling on the floor. lololololol

Chad's picture

What a d-bag... Does this guy really think people will give him ANY shred of credibility after a rant like that?

Perhaps he's just venting his frustration at the Viking's first-game loss this season and their still-empty trophy case.

bogmon's picture

Ah ha ha....Week One...where every smart ass gets to over react and talk mad smack over one game.
Packers won. Vikings lost. Purple is bitter and have nothing better to talk about than OUR Quarterback...I love it!

FITZCORE1252's picture

That's actually kind of good. At least he did his homework. He lost me when he started talking "clutch" though... remember who you have back there buddy, the most 'non-clutchiest' QB EVER.

Shawn's picture

Clearly, this was filmed in his parent's basement. Plus, LOVE the framed Ric Flair photo in the background. Points for creativity, though.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Nice catch on the Ric Flair photo. Wooo!

PackersRS's picture

I, for one, am fixated with the Dennis Green mag.

I mean, really?

Dayne's picture

Amazing. I love it.

DAWG's picture

Hahaha- loved it, His angle was good, and Rodgers admitted it to, He played a poor game!
Just a Queen trying to stir the pot. As the sayin goes, it's not how you start, but how you finish-my bet is on A-Rod!

dilligaff's picture

I loved it. Very funny and well done. He does speak some truth, A-rod is still a young man that has been a safe and consistent QB so far with good stats, most of the preseason hype is based on his potential, he has yet to back that up to be rated above the Brady/Manning/Drew.

MVP talk and that performance against the Eagles leaves most fans confussed.

I think Mr. Nagler summed it up, confindence in the offensive line directly relates to A-rod's performance.

Deanna Stoker's picture

Fantastic!! Good Times... Maybe he should make a video about the vikings sweetheart Favre!! Yup Yup!

This gave me a laugh before bed!

Alex s's picture

I couldn't even make it through

foundinidaho's picture

Yeah, and guess what, Vikings fan? PACKERS WON. YOUR TEAM LOST. HAHAHAHAHA.

michaelcainlaw's picture

Very Well done. However, another great example of Minnesota's Wisconsin Inferiority Complex.

David's picture

That was hilarious.

packman's picture

I only wish someone would respond with all the media coverage Favre.

Start with the "staged trip" to pick him up in Mississippi and then all the passes he missed in the Saints game. Super bowl champs yes, but never confused with anything other than an average defense.

ACDC84's picture

LMAO. That was so great. I would LOVE it if this guy does a video every week, or at least every moderate-to-bad week Rodgers has, which probably will be three or four more videos, at most.

As much as I honestly loved it (and I will email this guy and tell him I, a huge Packer fan, loved it), I gotta rag on him a bit. Has he been working on this non-stop since the end of the first series of the game? WOW this must have taken some time. That's alot of video mixing hours just to rag on a guy that he's would kill for to have on his team.

Lastly, I couldn't agree more with him about Joe Buck. Go back to baseball Joe, where no one cares. In hindsight, I'm glad I had to go to a crowded sports bar to see the game, as I missed out on Joe's "enthusiastic" announcing.

Rich's picture

i kind of laughed at the entire thing, showing how well vick played in the rain because we didnt gameplan for him didnt know if he was going to run the ball or throw it or what. Also enjoyed his "never making a clutch play" rodgers week 1 vs the bear 2009. Also constantly throwing bad passes in a rainy game, yet where was his perfect throws to greg jennings for a TD between 2 defenders?

ACDC84's picture

LOL. Just read the comments after emailing this director/actor extraordinaire.

Ric Flair?? Awesome!! I didn't notice that myself the first viewing.

dilligaff's picture

I am a die hard Packer fan for over 30 years, I have watched that video 3 times and I am still laughing.

Its funny because theres a ting of truth.

Its only one game, A-rod will be fine.

God I love the NFL.

fish's picture

See what happens when you can't get a Girlfriend, You start talking all crazy...

Rodgers Has a Bad Day, But, The Packers still beat the Eagles for the first time in Philadelphia since 1962 While giving Green Bay three straight season opener Wins, making the Packers one of only five teams in the NFL to accomplish that feat.

The Vikings Lost because they SUCK!

seekr's picture

This video taught me that you can string together all the poor plays of any one QB and easily make the case that they suck.

Asshalo's picture

The guy makes clever points in pretty funny ways. And though it's hyperbolic, no many analysts really commented on how Rodgers played.

There was more than once on Saturday where I said out loud how much Rodgers sucked last Sunday. Granted, he was under a lot of pressure most of the game. And he's not really getting the roughing the passer calls an elite quarterback might get. I'm convinced referees have no sympathy for him.

Herb Kohl's picture

I think I saw this guy poolside at Prince's last bash in the Twin Cities. He has a cute ass.

Mel's picture

At least when Arod has a bad game the packers can still win.. I know with his qb when he has a bad game they LOSE!!!! SO he had a bad game never heard anyone say that Arod is mistake free.....

Anita's picture

Not even going to bother. Why should I? If #12 sucks, give me an entire team worth of that kind of sucking.

And I though inbreeding was only an issue down south.

aussiepacker's picture

That was pretty funny.

alfredomartinez's picture

is this guys name TODD FROM MINNESOTA?

foundinidaho's picture

Ha! No, he has way too good of a sense of humor to be Todd.

Will's picture


Lets celebrate 50 years of futility. :)

Jim BaDink's picture

It would be just too easy to rip apart the Vikings... this guy obviously spent hours editing footage together to make his rant-a-thon. Why? It's one-sided nonsense that reeks of jealousy.

Little tip though, best not to rag on a team thats 1-0 when your purple pussies are 0-1.

WoodyG's picture

I live a stone's throw from Minnesota .... I hear all the 'twisted logic' pretty much on a daily basis ...... Can't wait to see this dude's reaction when da Qweens start the season 2-5. (3-4 at best)

Ruppert's picture

This is great! It's hard to see because it's out of frame, but is that a referee voodoo doll on the wall behind him? Considering this guy is a Vikings fan, I'd bet a hundred bucks. Denny Green and Rick Flair!!!

Man, how much work did this idiot put into this? I love the fact that you can email to a University of Minnesota email address. Since I live in Minnesota, it's a great example of my tax dollars hard at work!

Dayne's picture

Don't get angry at this guy for pointing out some glaring issues with A-Rodge.

AR is the best QB in the league midway through the 1st quarter to midway through the 2nd as well as from midway through the 3rd to midway through the 4th.

Has AR ever led the offense to a TD on the opening drive yet? It drives me nuts every game when he comes out and needs time to settle down.

Those and other overthrows deep in clutch situations are maddening.

Jake's picture

He has led the team to touchdowns on opening drives. In the preseason.

packeraaron's picture

"Has AR ever led the offense to a TD on the opening drive yet?" - Yep. Down in Tampa the last two years. Both losses. Real important stat. ;)

Dayne's picture

That's right. JJ on the first play in Tampa.

Maybe coming out horrible on the first drive puts AR in the zone.

Are there stats on teams that score on the opening drive? Winning percentage?

PackersRS's picture

In 2009, the Packers were #2 in 1st quarter scores. #3 in 1st half scores. "Midway through the 1st to midway through the second". SHUT UP.

cole's picture

A-Rod played horrible and we still scored 27 points. Favre didn't play well, but wasn't horrible, and they scored 9. Vikings fans can shut the hell up.

I bet the guy who made this video couldn't get up from one of the 50 sacks A-rod took last year.

People who make videos trying to tear other people down will never amount to anything. They're to busy criticizing other people and venting their jealousy.

Jayme Snowden's picture

Wow. This is hysterical.

Just gonna throw it out, that its probably easier for this guy to pick apart a poor performance by A-rod than disect B Favre's throws so far.

bryce's picture

That was pretty clever. He was right. People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones though. Cuz, Favre had a great second half. He was clutch, for sure.

Cuphound's picture

I tried making a t-shirt, but they wouldn't put a Packers logo on it:

"But why do you even ponder passing? I mean, you can take a knee and try a 56-yard field goal! THIS IS NOT DETROIT, MAN! THIS IS THE SUPERBOWL!"
--Paul Allen, January 24, 2010

montanapackerfan's picture

thats funny shit!!!

Wiscokid's picture

It's always good to get an unbiased opinion from a Viking fan. Doncha know?

Ya sure Swen, tro da cow over da fense to me one time dere.

jerseypackfan's picture

What? No one commented on the girl showing us how to put on Green and Gold eye shadow? What is wrong with you people?

Alex W's picture

The fact that Aaron has yet "win" the game does scare me though

Terry Hanson's picture

He'll change his tune in 18 years (when the Vikings sign Aaron Rogers after his "retirement")

Cuphound's picture

LOL! They probably will try too, the losers.

GB_Guy's picture

Just watch another one of this douche's YouTube videos and you'll confirm this guy is a big nerd:

Seriously, it's laughable that he'd take the time to upload that POS video.

jerseypackfan's picture

The guys pretty funny for a Vikings fan. He does rip into his team pretty good. I thought his breakdown of the Queens/Saints game was hilarious.

Willis's picture

Kinda wish he was a Packer's Fan.

thepretzelhead's picture

Awesome work, sir. Give the devil his due it's very funny. Nice we can laugh about this...rather than agonize.

I think many can remember agonizing about Favre until about his 5th season as a starter. No agonizing with A- Rod.

thepretzelhead's picture

Here's his website..he does standup and is pretty funny. Also an awesome article in his blog about wrestling. Nice to have one intelligent Viking fan.

MLecl0001's picture

I dont get why every one is getting so defensive. I thought the video was freaking hilarious. I dont think Rodgers sucks, and I doubt he will have too many games like this. However he had a not so great game, said it himself, and I am sure if he saw this he would chuckle at it. At least I hope he could, its always an important trait when a person can laugh at oneself.

montanapackerfan's picture

typical viking fan.. absolute loser!!!

montanapackerfan's picture

viking fans used to hate favre. now hes the greatest thing that ever walked on the football field... now they hate a-rodge cuz he is now BETTER than favre...

Two Jet Winston's picture

The only thing Vikings Fan hates more than the Vikings is the Packers.

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